Xandria - Some Like It Cold Lyrics

Glamourous stars darken the day
The shadows of night lighten their way
The wisdom of fools is not easy to learn
So go one step ahead and two in return

I am the sense in all of your tears
I am the reason of all your fears

I am praised for my sadness
I am praised for my faults
I am praised for my madness
Cause some like it hot
And some like it cold

Evening calls the sunset to rise
I am a liar so take care of my advice
The wheel of fortune always goes round
Whatever goes up must always come down

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Xandria Some Like It Cold Comments
  1. InfinitArti InfinitArti

    Pure gothic

  2. Evolution Seven

    Thankful to my friend to have introduced me to Xandria many years back

  3. Alex Aga

    Old Gothic Xandria !!

  4. asianwhitenigger

    Sure did. I'm looking you up on facebook as we speak. Even though you're a bit of a birdbrain you seem hot and I would like to lick your clit and then be inside you. I won't lie, I'm not looking for romance. Don't worry about my profile pic, that's Jean Chretien. I'm a handsome 26 year old man

    Alex Aga

    Please write more.

  5. asianwhitenigger

    Because youtube isn't formal and you couldn't grasp what I was trying to say.

    Alex Aga

    Please write more.

  6. asianwhitenigger

    lololololol Fucking bitches. WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?

    No one gives a shit that I watched their uploaded videos. okay you fucking clown. It was a clever way of saying "I've seen who you are and know you're a loser." Do you understand that now? Jesus Christ you're fucking stupid

    Alex Aga

    Please write more.

  7. Artificial Ignorance

    but then the movie would have been "Some Like it Cold"



  8. Erik Crosby

    That comment is gold right there, I laughed so hard.

  9. Mike Mic-Rock

    that is the best you can come up with? really? as far as bullies go, that was not original, I have heard that one before

  10. asianwhitenigger

    Yeah, because they're as gay you

  11. Mike Mic-Rock

    really, cause I seen your channel with a bunch of comments from users that don't like you ;)

  12. asianwhitenigger

    Big mistake now bro. Your videos will be destroyed now. I have a youtube army

  13. Mike Mic-Rock

    Dude, you know that I don't care right? lollol

  14. asianwhitenigger

    Dude, you do know that I watched you're uploaded videos eh? lolol

  15. Mike Mic-Rock

    look who is talking lol

  16. asianwhitenigger

    You're a big fucking DORK lol

  17. Mike Mic-Rock

    Nah man - It was failed

  18. asianwhitenigger

    Nah man - It was accomplished

  19. Mike Mic-Rock

    more like Misson Failed

  20. asianwhitenigger

    I'm on a quest to find the some of the shittiest music on youtube.

    Mission Accomplished.

  21. Angelo Philides

    I cannot believe how beautiful her eyes are, i just can't! The more i look at her the more i love her!!!!!!!

  22. Nicolas Zergling rush!

    Omg yes, this is amazing

  23. Isandlwana

    This should have been the theme to Quantum of Solace.