Xandria - Snow-White Lyrics

Once upon an ancient time
Beauty was born in a someone
She was the Snow-White of mine
And if you're not a copy, my darling, become one

Snow-White skin, ebony hair
And lips as red as blood

Bite my apple, choke my kiss
Gasp for breath in my embrace
Vanity is a bliss of amazing grace
Snow-White, untouchable
Innocent whore, you're the best of them all

You are the best, yes I adore
My bloodred, snow-white, ebony whore
Your innocence moves me to tears
I want to protect you and hurt you my dear

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Xandria Snow-White Comments
  1. InfinitArti InfinitArti

    MAMMA MIA! Pazzesca!!

  2. Snow_White_ Queen

    2019 😍

  3. Classified

    2018 Anybody ?

  4. Anita Zniniewicz


  5. Gabriela Rocio Zenteno Vito

    Lisa por siempre 😍😍

  6. Emily Kearns

    If you wish to start at 0:16

  7. Star Marine

    Makes me giggle.. Everyone calls me Snow White.. So everyone plays this when I'm around... Lol

    John Milanesi

    (X) Doubt

  8. Xandria Hill

    My name is Xandria

  9. Ayumu Yuto

    Estan bien pajas he----

  10. iowa406

    Jazda? Przy Lisie to jest dopiero wstęp w stylu Hiczkoka. Najpierw trzęsienie ziemi ( Lisa), a potem napięcie tylko rośnie ( Manuela), A jak dołożymy stary Nightwish z Tarją i Arkonę z Maszą mamy pełen pakiet.Na koniec impry można dla rozluźnienia wrzucić Tristanie z Vibeke i Epikę z Simone.

  11. Aiyumi2

    Zespół jest wspaniały, więc czego tu więcej chcieć? O.o Na imprezach nie musi lecieć cały czas disco polo;)

  12. Christopher Garron

    będzie jazda przy takiej muzyce na imprezie

  13. Genadi Rusev

    да ви клецам тъпотиите

  14. Genadi Rusev

    пълен боклук олигофрени

    Александр Серебряков

    Genadi Rusev Сгинь нечистый:)

    Alex Aga

    Нужно быть внимательным в нашем ебществе, может это чуждо нам.

  15. aagiannnis

    very good

  16. Cerolline333

    Where can I download this? I really love this song!

  17. Jess Rujano

    What a voice..

  18. mc23243

    my favourite song by Xandria

  19. Me12456789

    GREAT SONG !!!!!
    I've known xandria since my guitar teacher gave me this song to play... And I've loved xandria since that moment ! And I'll love them as long as they'll keep on making awesome music !

    XANDRIA !!!!!

  20. HiveMistress

    Blimey! The lrics sound like the original Snow White story! Where The Queen was her MOTHER not her stepmother! Love the song! :)

  21. Fenris pro

    cool wiki lists the songs on their albums, since i listened to Ravenheart i've been hooked :)) we dun get it in my country.

  22. Phoenix Finelune

    Nice Track ;)

  23. Jovana Turunen-Nightwish

    The best Xandria`s song ^^ Beautiful Snow White ^^

  24. lasertramp

    Thanks for the tip.I will start trying to track them down now in the order you suggested

  25. liz knuth

    @lasertramp same here i found them to 2day and like i love them already

  26. lasertramp

    Ok now that my mind is blown,all I can say is Holy Smokes what a band.I just found them today and I'm already hooked!

  27. NawtyDawg

    choke on her kiss and gasp for breath in her embrace....O.K.!! i'll do it!!!

  28. freminick123

    The girl is too sexy... scuse me for the no connection comment, but it's true

  29. Jean Gonzalez

    very good song!

  30. Jean Gonzalez

    very good song!!

  31. Portia Green

    this band ROCK!!!

  32. yhnbgtujm

    don't get too excited.. this song is good, but they have made a heap of crappy pop also

  33. stiga888

    lol who the heck cares...

  34. Nightwish13Ruin

    awesome! i love xandria... and SnowWhiteQueen29 is your username from the evanescence song by any chance?

  35. please be nice

    Ha People think my username is from this song,but it's not...But I do love this song verrry much.

  36. Tserus

    Nice Song! =)

  37. Liz Ellyn Moore

    My favourite Xandria song ever :)