Xandria - Sacrificium Lyrics

In this dark cell
In this moment of life and death
On bloody fields of war
In a forsaken desert
Or an empty street
In a family's home
Every place where love, hate, greed, belief
Let men look into the barrel of a gun

You can take my life
But my vision lives on eternally

This is my legacy, now I will be forever
I am one with my fate, now I will see destiny
I give all of myself for all I love in this world
It will be my last wish, my ultimate Sacrifice

I give all for you

I see the white light so close
Today, there I'll be going
There are no questions no more
There's only knowing

My last hour, I have nothing to regret
Nothing left that I could give to you
I have gone, taken everything with me
Everything that I could hide from the pain
That takes away my body

Hold my hand wherever you are
My end now is just a new life for you all
This is my promise, my sacrifice

My life was once just like yours
But then it happened
All has changed in a minute, like a shot
All the world, it was nothing like before
I have run through the chaos in mind
All my life, but I never knew
What's lying deep inside of us all

How hard they ever will hit my face
Or even break every bone
No matter how long it takes for me
I will not fail

How far I have to go for my hope
Or have to step into fire
No one can anymore hold me from
Falling down now

My heart is beating on and on
It feels like falling down now

Hold my hand wherever you are now
Please hold my hand, keep me from falling down

My old life seems like centuries ago
I remember scenes from my childhood
Playing Robin Hood and Braveheart
But how do we know what we do
When the story is about us
Now I know

I will live on, my will lives on
Here I stand finally
With my life in my Hands
Let the sword fall down

Farewell to you all stars above
Goodbye to all the ones that I have loved
I miss you so much, but it's ok
I'll sleep well cause somewhere you are save
This I know when I take my last breath

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Xandria Sacrificium Comments
  1. Der Baum

    Thats gothic music

  2. Jacob Thomas

    No words can describe how I feel right now with this band holy shit

  3. -Katie- -Zelda-

    Xandria isn't gonn abe the same without Dianne

  4. darthapple87

    This reminds me a lot of something from Epica's Divine Conspiracy album, and I mean that as a compliment. I do see why people are comparing her to Tarja, too, but I think her voice sounds less ...thin? light? or something than Tarja's. I love the timbre of Dianne's voice.

  5. Matt DePuy

    I am convinced that the world in this song and A Theater of Dimensions are part of the same storyline, and only because of the lines, "let the sword fall" and "so the sword may never fall".

  6. Alucard Dracula

    This voice is just amazing...

  7. Bhavya Gautam

    this song reminds me of our soldiers who die for us so that we can live our lives peacefully.
    btw Dianne sang it so well.
    I am going to miss her a lot.😭😭😭😭

  8. Marcos Tardim

    Xandria is fantastic.

  9. Kelvin Bachiega Emma

    Essa música é usada na hora do horror do Hopi Hari 2018 que está maravilhosaaaa!Amo demaisss!!

  10. Daanava

    This album is perfect!

  11. Дмитрий Кабаков




  12. Daiane Silva

    6:26 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Jack Pandora

    audio isnt great but still a kickass song

  14. Said Said

    This is so emotional

  15. xena

    Man this song is intense. I love Xandria but my one complaint is they ravage my heart.

  16. Mad Moiselle

    All of a sudden.... addicted!

  17. Oscar Hernández

    joya del metal sinfónico. ¡que poder!

  18. Mark Francis

    only heard 'be my valentine' and 'nightfall' before today. liked both so why didn't I look further. This whole album is class, one to buy I think!


    Mark Francis Neverworlds End is great too

  19. MrGENMA


  20. Fabio Nogueira

    Na minha opinião qualquer elogio é pouco para essa formação da Xandria... até as músicas antigas ficaram perfeitas, além dessas novas!!! Me arrepio também cada vez que escuto!!!!

  21. carlos rozo aroca

    my favorite ,, beautiful my maid

  22. ramses setepenre

    I love it

  23. Jarrett Gornto

    flament. the. antacedent. ..: respond. appropreately. and. butn burn. sovergn. .. and. be right. completness

  24. Project Kronos

    Nice music

  25. luisito de paz

    wow me siento orgulloso de ser gothic

  26. timberwolfe338

    I once listened to this track for an entire day straight....
    I may do so again soon it was so memorable.

  27. Kristian Lysgaard

    WTF is up with you guys? No matter where you go in the comments people agree with each other OR they even have a little debate with polite exchange of viewpoints.. Guys this is Youtube.. you are supposed to flame, flame, flame! :)

    Pirvu Alexandru

    I totally agree with you!!

    yehonatan samocha

    the power of symphonic metal!


    If you want some symphonic metal salt, just go to a nightwish video and ask who's the better singer. I don't think that debate will ever end.

  28. NPC Stalker

    me compre la edicion especial de este album\m/

  29. Mikael Cardoso

    the intro is funking up

  30. Anita Jakulj

    OH MY !! This is undoubtely the best of Xandria ever <3

    Lucas Silva

    The Watcher is very good too. I personally, for while, prefer it.


    The best is Neverworld's End but this is really good too.

  31. Jul Rose

    Orgazmic. Musical ecstasy))))

  32. Inés Q.

    XANDRIAAA!!!!!!! YEAAH! <3

  33. Anunnaki Project


    Arturo Perez

    Anunnakipsy Nightwish never will die,and less with Floor Jansen,but Xandria rivals them very well,both are incredible,it's like decide what you left,if don't eat no more,or don't drink water,you need both

    maximliano echevarria

    Anunnakipsy puede ser pero...no creo

    Eryka Erin

    @ Anunnakipsy, I agree. For me Nighwish with Anette was different, but not bad. Now it's not the same band - it's maybe folk or something but not symphonic metal. Floor Jansen i very good singer, but new songs are boring...

    Marcos Tardim

    Nightwish was Tarja ...

  34. Rafael Prieto

    Great álbum xandria is better with time

    Leobardo Carvajal

    Mira con quien me encuentro Jaja soy Leo



  36. allis one

    For many years Ghost Love Score by Nightwish was my all-time favorite masterpiece. I was convinced there would never be another song that could match the awesomeness and the beauty of it.
    Well.... here it is, for me the impossible has happened... I  give you
                                            /////////    Sacrificium by Xandria  \\\\\\\\\

    William Julien Nkoghe Olympio

    @vermouth belmot which kingdom of heaven? There is the first one in Design your Universe and the one in Quantum Egnima.

    vermouth belmot

    William Julien Nkoghe Olympio well both are great but I recommend Kingdom of heaven pt1 in DYU album it's a pure perfection

    William Julien Nkoghe Olympio

    @vermouth belmot I prefer the second one. But yes, the first one is also on my playlist. All the songs mentioned in the comments above are in my playlist.

    Giuliano De Conti

    well.. it's true it's a good competitor to Ghost Love Score in the segment of epic long song........ however, also i love The Poet and the Pendulum, and Design the Universe, of The Quantum Enigma..

    Alesya Mill

    It reminds me more The Poet and The Pendulum because of its monologues and subsiding and tragic final.

  37. Lexie

    This album is full of masterpieces.

  38. Musicluffah

    I am so in love with this entire album.. Does anyone have suggestions for other music? I've gotten so picky since I discovered Xandria not too long ago.


    @Musicluffah Not too sure if I could recommend anything else, though I feel there's some similarities between Xandria and Yousei Teikoku - Rebellion Anthem. If you're not into J-rock though, it won't be worth your while.

    Patty M

    +Musicluffah of course Nightwish, then Epica, Therion


    +Musicluffah Nightwish, Leave's Eyes, Epica, Kamelot,

  39. The Howling Forge

    There are 2 songs on this album that are just ok, they're a little slow. But I have to buy the whole album to get this song on itunes >.< lol


    @Goretex Mal'Ganis why buy anything other than albums? I hate having individual songs. It's annoying, all or nothing lol

  40. Aussie Bastard

    my sound system will not ever play such epicness (is there such a word)
    there is now ;)

  41. exlibrisas

    This song is so good! It should be written in history of symphonic metal. It`s too incredible to discribe by words. Yah, words can be beautiful but they are mortal without music.


    @exlibrisas No they aren't... There are loads of quotes from dead people that people still have as mottos and such. Winston Churchill, Einstein... Shakespear didn't use music... He made up words that people still use today, the art is in the expression and interpretation.


    @exlibrisas poet and the pendulum still beats it.


    @ForeverOfTheStars To my taste, no. But Ghost Love Score can compete.

  42. Miguel Santellán

    Ojala Dianne van Giersbergen  se quede más tiempo que las otras vocalistas, su voz es increíble, tiene tinte oscuro y le da ambiente épico a la canción.

  43. Léa Stojanovic

    I want Lisa Middelhauve!

  44. Amethyst Midnight

    holy scheisse! this is awesome

    Kevin T

    Bist du Deutscher?

    Amethyst Midnight

    Nein, I just know a few words here and there from school

  45. Michael vick

    I have been listening to this album now for almost a week and I am still not sick of it. Xandria is quickly becoming one of my favourite bands. I love every song on this album as well as their other one, Neverworlds End.

    Silver Spike

    Xandria is great. check out their other albums like "India" & "Ravenheart"

    Michael vick

    @Silver Spike. I did listen to them and I was NOT disappointed. I especially liked "Ravenheart". Thanks.

    Pharuq Slm

    like months for me can i still can keep listening to them :)

    Matías Andrés Ramírez Porto

    @Michael vick 5 days since I found xandria, GREATEST THING THAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME

  46. Klára Jelínková

    Just love it

  47. TidgyToad

    Thank you for uploading all of these! :)

  48. Poison Empress

    haunting and sad yet very beautiful at the same time.

  49. bitburg40

    Most epic Symphonic metal song ever. Just saw Xandria twice in one week here in the states. INCREDIBLE!!!!!


    if it's about symphonic metal try Haggard. ...and thous shall trust the seer & awaing the centuries (or awaking the gods dvd which is a live dvd from both albums)

    Zestful Zeitgeist


    CB Salar

    +BlackSlumber 13 fuck yes. EPICA is amazing

    Patty M

    +Michael vick Xandria is ispirated by Nightwish, that's why their last 2 albums are so great ;) because their new style is so similar to NW! so you should really check them out!

  50. Kafurry

    the more i listen to this song, the more i cry. the lyrics is too sad and Dianne voice conveys the emotions so well

    Marek Fotr

    I guess that makes me a bad guy

    Jeremy Garcia

    @Kafurry Check out the Medea album from Ex Libris. You think Dianne's vocals are good here? Wait until you check out her other band. On Medea, the lyrical theme with Dianne's voice will take on an emotional roller coaster towards insanity.

  51. Nall Masaki

    This is my first time hearing Xandria and they kick ass!


    A shame that they ain't kickin' arse anymore.....

  52. Killew ZBlouf

    I'm discovering Xandria with this song and... Waaaa so beautiful all we need !

  53. Jordan Bush

    Wow, never paid attention to Xandria before until I heard that sacrificium was a good album. This is pretty freakin' sweet.

  54. F355

    I think we have found our second Floor Jansen from Holland: Dianne van Giersbergen (not related to Anneke van Giersbergen). She sounds like Tarja Trunen but Dianne's accent is better in my opinion.

    Patty M

    +F355 better than Tarja. Tarja sucked, esp live! :/

  55. Sándor Vas

    at 8:43 there se says my own sacred sacrifice, not just my sacrifice.

  56. ErA AnotherLife

    how is this kind of metal being called?


    Symphonic metal dude and it's awesome.

    ErA AnotherLife

    thx @spupydo
    yeah i listen to nightwish for years now but still dont know that "genre" xD


    Symphonic Metal

  57. georgina jade palmer

    thanx u sooo much for doing a lyrics vid thanx once again
    love this band and their music loved neverworlds end and this album too