Xandria - Nightfall Lyrics

Here it comes, the story of mankind's final glory
Into the nightfall
The showdown now has come, this will be the last curtain
Before the Night falls

In a desert burning children's faces turning
Into another enemy in war
Icy winds are blowing over bodies piling high
There's no place left for more

Oh save me from sharing this hell
Oh save me from my blame

We are worshipping the gods
That keep twisting our thoughts
Everyday a new sensation
While a million creatures
See their soil turning to dust
Hrimata Eleison

Forever and ever
You hear them crying
Forever and ever
This world is dying
We had time enough to understand

We are rising higher, closer to the fire
Let the final dance begin

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Xandria Nightfall Comments
  1. David Cool

    So where's the ten hour version?

  2. Daanava

    Так багато росіян під відео, а ви хоч ці три строчки почули?
    In a desert burning,
    Children's faces turning,
    Into another enemy in war.
    Так-так це про тих сирійських дітей, яких ви так радісно разом бомбили.

    Hrimata Eleison.

  3. carlos julio arango pelaez

    No entiendo con una voz tan hermosa y excelente como la de esta chica como tienen problemas con las vocalistas es excelente no me canso de escuchar este grupo

  4. Brantrart

    Creo que se me han estallado los ovarios y ni tengo

  5. Victor Palma

    its likel nightwish

  6. Victor Palma

    amazing voice

  7. megan steyn

    Came for the outfit stayed for her vocals

  8. Иван Михневич

    You beautiful. Like from Lithuania.

  9. cocos momo

    I'm here for the legs and the little movement she does with her brows when she says "sensation" and when they start singing latin

    Golden Lion pride

    She knows how to. Attract with her voice 1:50 and give a sexy stare after 1:56
    Im starting to think
    She got the power of the mermaids
    That attract sailors with their beauty and
    Awesome sound of their voices.

  10. Георгий Ujif

    Эти позы, эти глаза и эмоции! Щукинское, точно вам говорю!))

  11. fred arick

    НЕ Звездись звезда. не буди лешего. спела ок

  12. Sol Dat

    И сердце замерло в груди

  13. metallmad77

    Nightwish much ?

  14. ShinZankuro

    Major Symphonic Metal Bands have a common thing which is a pure and blessed coincidence:

    Imponent, supernaturally beautiful and master talented woman singers :D

    They're not humans, they're F*CKING ANGELS, and Dianne is one proof of that XD


    And almost all symphonic metal great singers are Dutch...

  15. Rafael Martinelli

    Canal Memória sobrenatural 🤟🤟

  16. DRaG0 Mejia

    Ay algún español???

  17. Smalls2672

    Solo was whack AF

  18. Preston Karm

    She is basicly a Female Powerwolf , at least thats what it reminds me of while listening to her.

  19. Paloma Oliveira

    Brazilian?? 🇧🇷 👏🏻👩🏻‍🎤🎶❤️

    Christian Nunes

    Sim e que pernas em!

    Rafael Martinelli

    Vim pelo Canal memória sobrenatural

    Mel Sales

    Vim pelo memória sobrenatural 😂

    Paloma Oliveira

    Kkkkkkkk, hehehe 😁

  20. eener nanis

    Why does she look like she's about to tell me about raid: shadow legends?

  21. Стас Вин

    Женский воккал с металлом это крутяк

  22. Magda Abouzar

    Hug From Poland Amazing bit love it😆All the best in 2020 for everyone

  23. Luis Lopez

    Gorgeous women voice,greetings to you from Netzahualcoyotl Mex

  24. Evgeny Validor

    Диана - атас, а ножки просто отпалд!

  25. Evgeny Validor

    бесподбная женщина!

  26. arjunaz puteraz

    She very talented..but too bad..she just left the band..


    Hello, can you help me please ?
    You know, what'is the insert song at 4:11 ?
    At the end in the recommended video, under the title : "more videos on our channel".

    Maiara N. de Oliveira

    @Ghufrāna Delain - Stardust


    @Maiara N. de Oliveira You save me tthanksss. 😊


    3:28 my face, when I found out she'd left the band

  27. Christopher Rhodes

    Holy shit, I just found this band, and this Dianne gives Tarja a run for her money in the vocals department!

  28. Dark Free Fire

    2020 ❤😍

  29. Dawid Wojacki

    Damn, she is sexy

  30. M A R I A

    She reminds me of white diamond

    na queen

    Like how 🤨

  31. Alex Spencer

    essas bandas de metal com vocal feminino encheram o saco, todas iguais, vocais todos muito chatos, acho que a única que eu gosto é o Therion, isso porque tem vários vocalistas

  32. Nohtarno BR

    2020, yes, there is some legs thee thou wont forget.

    T3lliks Games

    Happy New year!

    I'am from the Brazil

    Feliz Ano novo!
    Sou do Brasil

    Джо Грант

    @T3lliks Games I am from Russia:)
    Я из России:)

    Zuzana Gaz

    @T3lliks Games r6

    Stopper Frye


  33. нерелевантная информация


  34. Artha Zylev

    2020 anyone?!

  35. Anime Freak

    2:14-2:58 such beautiful voice

  36. Salem Saberhagen

    Am I the only one who thinks she sings like Amy Lee combined with Tarja Turunen.


    Actually, in my vision I can see Dianne as a result of a fusion between Tarja Turunen and Sharon Den Adel XD [Her face has a incredible resemblance of both singers]

  37. Ruben Garcia


  38. tony lock

    Omg those eyes sexy as fuck and love the song o great legs too

  39. Radovan Prljic

    uhhfff hmm i love ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol this is so cooll

  40. MrZevv

    The legs are the best of this song :D

  41. Isaac The Last N7

    Daymn! She's attractive

  42. zai mah


  43. jorgecunha gloriadasoliveiras

    channel "memoria sobrenatural" <3

  44. Pavlo Osieniev

    try to sing the verse part of "Big In Japan" from 00:33

  45. Владимир Королев


  46. Antonio Grafista

    look that, that awesome music, very perfect in each vocal and instruments. the best music of xandria. Dianne is the one... her voice, her theatrics, her face and grace,is everthing that a singer must be to facinate the world. here in Brazil we love you Diane.

  47. _MiF_

    Yeah right.... Nice Mozart cover.


  48. james mitchell

    Beautiful with eyes closed or open. 70 yo grandpa is rockin'

  49. Victor Jaguaco

    Dianne la amo

  50. Randy Tempelaar

    I remember seeing these guys open for Kamelot once I think, maybe Sonata Arctica, and I hadn't heard of them before then. I fell in love when this song was played. I remember the crowd losing their fucking minds during the chorus! It was so cool!

  51. Vinicius Reis

    Quem aí lembrou de alphaville??

  52. Circular Gates

    Her voice has a very soft quality to it, definitely not powerful and assertive like Tarja Turunen or Floor. She would have worked out great in a band like Theater of Tragedy. I don't like the fake choirs shit...She should have done her own choirs instead of plugins...

  53. Александр Васильевич


  54. random dude with no name

    Good symphonic metal doesn't exi-

    Wait that's good

    Macaco, The

    Listen to Angra. I recommend the album "Temple of Shadows". I'd say the styles are similar, but one with male vocals and the other with female.

    random dude with no name

    Macaco, The aye..thanks mate🌚i'll give it an ear fr sure

  55. Stig Jensen

    never heard of this band, but is sure sound really nice!!! new fan here

    X ATY

    Stig Jensen ; youre a bit late....

    Need Healing

    @X ATY, 7 years too late

    X ATY

    Need Healing ; its not Nightwish...

    Need Healing

    @X ATY I mean Manuela left the band in 2013. Neverworld's End is
    masterpiece. The next albums not so great.
    And the singer not so great too. In my opinion

  56. José Luis

    Que mejor que ver esas hermosas piernas

  57. StreLOL MYDULA

    Невозможно слушать песню когда на экране такая женщина....)

  58. Franco Argiolas

    -- 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  59. Marie Ortiz

    Que musica mas expectacular la amee🖤💋🙌

    José Luis

    Esta buena va

  60. Oli-Destroyer

    when you walk into a huge empty room with no enemy's
    and you hear this 0:06

    Lecherous Lizard

    And then a huge HP bar appears on top of your vision.

    _[Chuckles] I'm in danger._


    Wow, this actually made me laugh. Not bad. Not bad at all.

    "I have a bad feeling about this".



  61. Lucio Ferreira Gomes

    The best XANDRIA

  62. Aido g

    This band has become a joke

    Tobymax Max

    Their loss Ex Libris gain. Her Ann Trilogy is fantastic. Has Xandria even got a new singer?

    Aido g

    @Tobymax Max is this singer now with ex libris? I heard some of Ann trilogy on Spotify, sounds pretty cool.
    .. I think Xandria just have a singer filling in at the moment.
    Whoever is left in that band should probably just drop the name and start anew 🤔

  63. Al Faixal

    🤘🇧🇩 16 dec

  64. Daniel Huff

    Dam her voice is insane

  65. Golden Lion pride

    No matter how many times i see her
    I always fall in love
    Her eyes,
    Her sex appeal
    and her voice
    Merged with metal
    My type of girl
    The woman of my dreams.

    Nadine Gildenhuys

    Oh my god indeed... she is absolutely trancendental..S.O.M.F

  66. Charles Roberts

    Amazing band. I'm from USA and music here sucks. Awesome music and singing

  67. Daniel Ferreira santos


  68. Bruno Roeher

    Big in Japan metal version

  69. Carmine Tarantino

    Bellissimo brano,l'ho riascoltato 100 volte di seguito, voce sublime.

  70. Jurij Kratz

    That would be a awesome waifu right there. What a Voice !

  71. Eduardo Pérez


  72. Billie Ledger

    ginger tail?

  73. REAL STEAMYGothgirl

    Verry Nice Song 🖤

  74. qwerty5 asdfgh5


  75. Denis Bratchuk

    Есть кто из наших?

  76. denny puspa susandha

    I love this song... Gave me spirit....

  77. Eduardo Mejia

    listening December 2019 in México

    Phantom 617

    Bosnia (South Europe)


    Listening in Germany ^^ .\n/

    Ronnie Denmon

    Louisiana USA

  78. nickel

    wait so is this symphonic metal or gothic rock?? what even are genres???

    Rose Goi

    Symphonic metal, thou.

    Tobymax Max

    I tend to define symphonic as one having a classical trained female singer.

  79. Марат Ахтямов

    История о том, как ведьма случайно освободила заключенного под алтарем брошенной церкви василиска

  80. Александр Вальтер


  81. NiceRatDevil

    You like Nightwish.. All in one

  82. cacieli silva costa


  83. cacieli silva costa

    Essa musica ta como toque de chamada no meu celular 📱

  84. cacieli silva costa

    Lindaaaaaassa musica é a melhor que tem ❤

  85. Markosevhas

    Que canción es la que anuncian en el minuto 4:11? No me permite ingresar al enlace.

    A David

    Delain Stardust

  86. Андрей Рыбалкин

    Неее...Вещь конечно👍,но старые "крылья" лучше

  87. Андрей Рыбалкин

    А где предыдущая солистка? С ней лучше было!

  88. Rick Storm

    Is this about climate change?

  89. Schattenheim

    Good musicans - but for me too mutch „musical“ - to soft and to clean...

    Mikhail Leskov

    and too flat)) It's like soundtracks was choped and blended. Sound Gazpacho.

  90. Evgeny Validor

    Diana the BEST!

  91. X ATY

    today 23.11.2019 there are 22,600,000 views for this song and there are some great songs more ! What this band WITH Dianna could have become !

    X ATY

    and YES i bought the ANN trilogy bij Ex Libris (Dianne van Giersbergen) to continue listening tot her !

  92. Łukasz Buńka

    taki styl nawet nie wiem jaki to gatunek muzyki aż chcę poznać ciebie na żywo. Wszystko inne nie liczy się. Może napisz do mnie ...

  93. Alliny Ferrari

    Não sei pq, mais me lembra Nightwish

  94. hunterkiller1984

    I like the drummers bald head. Don't judge me.

  95. Erick Marques

    Da vontade de tocar guitarra

  96. Virtus

    Amazing legs!

  97. Денис И

    Девчуля симпотишная!!!

  98. DraCc ShouHei

    All the females are hotter than hell