Xandria - Forevermore Lyrics

Once there was a time of a never-ending dream
Of being free, of immortality
When a song was a mystery
And the stars so easy to reach
But something changed now the sand's trickling slow
The time of innocence is over now

I know the rivers won't be flowing on forevermore
The wind of time blows right into my eyes
My flower withers and so do they all
Nothing lasts forevermore

Why is my fate that I will never see
The story's end, the final truth to be
And to you lights that help me through the dark
My greatest fear is losing your spark

I know the rivers won't be flowing on forevermore
The wind of time blows right into my eyes
My flower withers and so do they all
Nothing lasts forevermore

I see the days go by and feel the snow is falling down
I've seen the end is waiting by my side
The dream is lost, once I was told
It's gone forevermore

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Xandria Forevermore Comments
  1. Tim Wilcox

    This song rings true

  2. Some Asshole

    What a hauntingly beautiful voice. It is impressive.

  3. Robin Nguyen

    I admired music fr Xandria like this Beautiful tune ! So drawn by it ! Cant wait to see them live ...hopefully they comes to OC

  4. James Mcnaught

    Her voice was made by the gods it's heavenly 💖💖💖😘😘💘💘 she forced me to buy the album

  5. Sandy Y.

    Left me speechless and spellbound... one of the most beautiful voices, ever !

    Rodrigo Rearte

    A FRAGMENT this from chorus remind me of son of the son of THERION

  6. Carla Aparecida Franco

    Xandria é sensacional!! Banda perfeita.😍😍

  7. The Mystic Euphoria Project

    Cool slide presentation for an outstanding tune !

  8. Maricar Artuz

    I like music of xandria, my heart is broken 😭 😢 💔

  9. Rancid Jane


  10. alexandre cesar

    a contaminação continua @8



  12. Belladonna Noir

    I love these guys. They have something hypnotic about them. Especially back when Manuela and Lisa where in the band.

  13. Sandy Y.

    Exquisite music and images... touches your soul!


    Por siempre xandria🤘👍💓☠☠☠❤💀💀💀🎃👹☠☠

  15. Mystery 2017

    Oh my God! It's a beautiful!!! 👏♥️


    Good voice

  17. Kyriacos Lambrianides


  18. jinks

    kocham te piosenke

  19. Іван Мигаль


  20. Phoenix Glory777

    Mantaaap....good job

  21. adriana grajdeanu

    Heard it,love it❤️

  22. anthony CDÑO

    La voz es similar a la de Tarja 😞

  23. Юрий Климашевский

    Классная исполнительница, сильный голос и красивая музыка.


    forevermore ulannn!!!!11!!!

  25. xXThe Baroness Annabelle LeeXx

    This album, and back are my favorites.

  26. Renben Patton

    Gothic and symphonic ....forever

  27. Jesus Brun

    it is amazing, what a voice!!!!!

  28. warren jim suyat

    its my favorite ^_^

  29. Llorenç Balsach

    Nothing lasts Forevermore, like the year 2017

  30. Legal Loli

    What the hell is this? This is oddly soothing

  31. Susan Waddle

    Neverworld’s End is the fifth studio album by German Symphonic Metal & Power Metal Band Xandria. The Album was released by Napalm Records on 24 February 2012. It is the only album to feature Manuela Kraller on vocals, and the last album to feature Nils Middlehauve on Bass. Their Producer is Marco Heubaum. The Member of Xandria for Neverworld’s End were: Vocalist Manuela Kraller, Guitarist & Keyboardist & Producer: Marco Heubaum, Guitarist Philip Restemeier, Bassist Nils Middelhauve, Drummer Gerit Lamm and Additional Musicians: Joost van den Broek- keyboards, programming, orchestral arrangements & sound design, Ben Mathot- Violin, McAlbi- Tin Whistle & Low Whistle, Johannes Schiefner- Uillean Pipes, Choir, Production: Corni Bartels- Co-producer & engineer and Jörg Umbreit- Engineer. “Forevermore” is Track #3 on the album, the music and lyrics were written completely by Marco Heubaum on the album too, except tracks 9, 10, 11 & 13. He is awesomely talented! Xandria always Rocks and they have great female vocalists always. After Manuela Kraller left in 2013, Dianne van Giersbergen took over for her until 2017. It looks like they have a session member Aeva Maurelle listed for vocals in 2017. I know it will be beautiful! Xandria is awesome! Enjoy “Forevermore” Like Love & Metal Music, They Are Both Forevermore! 🎸❤️🤘🏻💋-Moderator-💋🤘🏻❤️🎸

  32. William Sousa

    Coisa mais linda essa música,, e o vídeo ficou muito bonito, parabéns.

  33. DiamondDustVIII

    Can you give us links to these images? I love some of the pictures here, they're fantastic.

  34. Gordon Todd

    Every now and then you hear a band and you think , not bad not great but not bad and then suddenly they throw up a song that just blows you away.This is one of those songs

  35. Jonah Simmons

    I love the deep lyrics

  36. max mustermann

    I love Manuelas voice.

  37. pimpis0980

    Manoella Kreller and Tarja Turunnen the best Voices of metal

    Marios Aristodimou

    Manoella Kreller and Tarja Turunnen the best Voices in history

  38. Властелин Вселенной Вася

    Класс, мне нравится ! Шикарно !

  39. Lucas Miquelette


  40. danny driver

    just fuckin epic \m/

  41. Blank Planet

    Intro reminds me of Xavier from Dead Can Dance.


    the imagine song... but i like it this genre

  43. Lucas Mendes

    muito bom

  44. Matarama Suko


  45. Cursos Online

    1° Tarja 2° Manuela 💗

    anthony CDÑO

    And Floor Janse Is my think

  46. MatyKapoSU

    Hermosa instrumental, letra super vfjaljdbkans me encanta

  47. Patry Harket

    Bellisima canción y muy hermosas imágenes !!!...

  48. Sandy Y.

    This is just so beautiful and emotional !

  49. Sarah Queen

    nothing last forevermore :(

  50. Erika Rebeca Mazzocchi Ortiz

    hermosa cancion

  51. Jaqlinny

    the xandria song that i like the most!thx manuela for your amazing soprano!

  52. Firstname Lastname

    does anyone have the source of the picture at 1:24. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT


    Found it. Lol maybe you found it already, in any event here ya go.

  53. Mônica Angel

    essa musica é linda

    line de tudo

    concordo ♡


    Duas palavras QUE SOPRANO!

  54. Grzegorz Podlesny



    it's time for her to set out on her dream, stars shine, river flows, make time for love, when your flower withers love
    will sustain you, when the dream is ending, river slows,
    star is not bright. Love

  56. douglas miguel ribeiro

    nossa que sensação incrível ouvir pela primeira vez , aquele sorriso que vem incontrolável pela emoção ,que música de mais

  57. Jenna Marie

    Love this Song:)Love is your Beating Heartbeat Forevermore No matter the Struggle,All times=(Spirit of Jeffery)With me always and Forever in any Kind of Weather So damn Thankful and Grateful Life goes On:)

  58. mestizos indios truchos bolivianos :v

    magnific 😀😀😀👍👏👆😏😻🙌🌞

  59. Calipso Battista

    I Love this Music ... ♡

  60. Harrison Hatton

    just discovered this band after looking for the song "Fire of Universe"

  61. ユノが最後

    this reminds me of hatsune mikus love is war, at least the main tune. IDK why. This song is Amazing

  62. Samsul Maarif

    sadis guys

  63. Sadik Abdollahizad

    This song get my hear to raise up.



  65. Tim Wilcox

    Wow just amazing lyrics vocals and music what an amazing song come to australia xandria

  66. Chevy Van G30 Big Block


  67. Árpád Szabó

    nagyon király

  68. Johannes Gerardus Alphonsus Wolbert

    This is a good music .Reaches places I did not know existed.

  69. Khair Khalid

    The progression is very good as if the melody tells a story. Definitely one of Xandria's best piece.

  70. Mary Roe

    Manuela is a fabulous talent. I'll be watching for where she appears next. The skies the limit for her kind of talent.

  71. Malay Dashora

    She actually have potential to be a new face in nightwish.....

    John Korn

    I do agree and don't get me wrong I like nightwish but I feel like the guys would just use her up and throw her away like they've been doing. :-/

  72. Sandy Koenig

    she has a dam good voice

  73. Rose Glez Correa

    me encanta esta canción xandria es genial!

  74. Dicky Kida kida

    lake this...👍👍👍👍

  75. Furkan Yılmazoğlu

    Ever dream ?

  76. Madamme Hannover

    Love iiiiiit!



  78. Karloz Höffer

    This is amazing!!! 
    Dianne is great too... i am very ancienty to hear they new EP... Fire & Ashes...
    I hope that will be great!

  79. lee curtis

    This song is awesome

  80. Nerea Hervas

    this song is beautiful, when I hear reminds me very good times, but also sad, (please return manuela

  81. vanatiadassia

    So epic, wonderfull !!

  82. Frank Curtis

    Great song and video. Thanks for sharing

  83. Nightykk

    She would have been absolutely amazing, fantastic, in Nightwish.


    No thanks, I like Floor very much, very original. If Manuella was on Nightwish it would be like Tarja 2.0 the members of the band don't want that. Also, Floor can give lyrical vocals and also metal vocals and anything you ask, so I think she gives versatility to the songs and the band, they don't have to stick to certain style...

    lizzy Q

    Nope! All hail the almighty FLOOR!

    Arthur Oliveira

    There are a good variety of art expressions that we would like, that's why true art entusiasts won't listen to only one band

    Dana Horton

    No. She would have brought a completely different dynamic to the band that wouldn't have made Nightwish, Nightwish anymore. They made the right decision by taking the path that they did, and respectively hiring the other two women, Annette and Floor, during the times that they did.

    Belladonna Noir

    Is think she didn’t want to continue singing after Xandria.

  84. lee curtis

    An opera voice and rock 'n' roll -- what a great idea!

  85. IcedEarth426

    Just found out about this band recently. This was the song that really captured my attention and I knew I had to hear more from them. They are fantastic.

    Timbo Will

    awesome sound love it and she's amazing

  86. Aleix Tugas


  87. JOR G S

    Esa voz hubiera sido la ideal para reemplazar a Tarja en Nightwish. Pero Floor es muy buena.

  88. Las Crónicas de FJ

    Seven of the most stupid people of the whole world voted here.

  89. EV Fan!!!!

    VERY COOL BAND!!!!!!!!!! 

  90. Herbert Bobrowsky

    one of the most beautiful songs of xandria.such an emotion and the words are true.wonderful band


    This Xandria song is just awesome! Please, check my piano cover of this song here: watch?v=0L29ff-dsqA Thanks! \m/

  92. Begum Lincoln

    nothing lasts forevermore ...

  93. The Mystic Euphoria Project

    One of my favourite symphonic metal tunes and band, of course ! This video is also a beautiful creation ! Congrats !

  94. Michael vick

    One of my many favourites by Xandria.

  95. Joseph Ballew

    Holy crap, this sounds just like Everdream by Nightwish

    Bailey Ebk

    i 2nd that

    GamerDares Wins

    Haha everything this band does sounds exactly like nightwish!

    I'd be willing to bet Tuomos is writing for them ;)


    i bet ur deaf


    Joseph Ballew they are one in the same band that's why

    David McLeod

    More like "Away" IMO

  96. Beatriz Gonçalves


  97. Julio Martinez

    is Beethoven and Mozart were alive they would call her the goddess of song