Xandria - Betrayer Lyrics

This is goodbye

Once, before ancient times, a circle of knights
Were sworn to the queen of magic arts
An oath to usher her daughter to where
She’d just tear them all apart

Betrayer, promise breaker, beautiful liar
In your innocent blue-eyed blindness
Selfish princess, go be unbound
But you'll burn your wings and hit the ground

See her beauty so pure
She seems like the cure
To all been deluded by her light
But behind her spell
We know her so well
She spoils all for what we fight

"I only want to go where the wind leads me
And just pick the sweet fruits wherever I go
So see me now, as I am going to spread my wings!"

"But it was us who gathered the feathers for you
It was our promise and you gave yours!
Remember: Your deeds make you what you are, not your intentions"

Don't dare to think we're the ones to be blamed
Just to feel better in your own betrayal

We have gone through hell's fire
Our fate in our hands
We all claimed this story will not end
When we heard you say
you could have hit us even harder

Go to burn your wings and hit the ground
Go to hell!

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