Wynette, Tammy - I Still Dream About You Lyrics

I wonder if you wonder
How I'm doin' now from time to time
And when you're sleepin' do I ever
Quietly walk through the shadows of your mind

And I still dream about you
Nights seem to go on without end
But when they end I wake up cryin'
And I still dream about you now and then

All of the nights we spent together
Come ridin' through my mind on memories
And it's so hard so hard to forget you
When my mind thinks you've spent the night with me

And I still dream about you
Nights seem to go on without end
But when they end I wake up cryin'
And I still dream about you now and then

And I still dream about you
Nights seem to go on without end
But when they end I wake up cryin'
And I still dream about you now and then
Yes I still dream about you now and then

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Wynette, Tammy I Still Dream About You Comments
  1. Jason Stone

    Wow I love older country ladies ❤️ Tammy best ever don't mean the rest ain't good

  2. David Maclennan

    This song sums up why this lady will always be the greatest voice in world music

  3. Joice Thwala

    My favorite lady

  4. Joann Brown

    Ty tammy for leaving us your music i really love this song 💔

  5. CountryBoy Williams


  6. Eileen Bennett

    I lost the love of my life nearly 5 years ago and i still dream about him i.ll always love you Terry

  7. CountryBoy Williams


  8. Eileen Bennett

    I still do dream about you Terry and wake up crying i miss you so very much darling -

  9. CountryBoy Williams


  10. Lena Andersson

    Tammy & George ❤❤❤🌹🌹🌹🍃

  11. tubeabuse

    Does anyone know where I can get these songs by Tammy on CD or even cassette?

    Geoff Rae

    Several CDs out now - each with 2 of her LPs on - look on Amazon.

  12. Marjorie Boyle

    N. Nob.

  13. Betty Price

    I lost my daughter and my husband and I still dream about them till we can be together forever

  14. mark sears

    The reason I love country music, my first Favorite when in my teens and now 62

  15. Martyn Richards

    this woman got the best female voice ever

  16. Lorraine Leach

    reminds me of my one true love ,won't say who .

  17. wandaalvarez55

    Does anyone know when Tammy recorded this song?

    Owen Allee

    Around 1980 or 1983

  18. Karen Lindsay

    Lovely song🎤

  19. Lori Pyle

    when I heard this I still dream about you now and then I think she's talking about George Jones I don't know why I could be wrong but what a beautiful voice and match the song

  20. desert3347

    Tammy's Golden, Crying Voice...
    I will Always Miss Her.

  21. kywoman1950

    I have always loved Tammy's songs no one can come close to this classic lady of today's so called country music..

  22. Allan Robinson

    so true, Tammy sure could sing

  23. julie brtek

    Cute song truly love it so much. Thank you. God bless Tammy in Heaven. Wonderful lady.

  24. Lois Ross

    this song is so true i do dream about this person

  25. Vanda Blackburn

    lost my husband when l was 44 l am 77 now still think about him every day never found anyone who came any where near him hope hes waiting for me

    Mac Attach

    +Vanda Blackburn  If he is with Jesus he will be waiting for you...  :0)  Keep the faith..

    Juli Maynor

    Vanda Blackburn
    Lost mine too...never be another one like him....

    Eileen Bennett

    I.m sure he will be i lost my Terry i never ever stop thinkig of him -

  26. M Primrose

    Will always miss you Tammy R.I.P. So sorry I never saw you in person but thanks to pottsking and you Tube I can sit and listen.

  27. Kelly Bedell

    Tammy wynette,
    Still the Queen of country music.

  28. TheMaria19684

    give up or carry on?

  29. lois ross

    i still dream about you some time i would wake up crying .i wish you were here for me .the dream are so beautiful and real .

  30. magtrvx3

    Reminds me of the love of my life...Shhhhhhhhhh we won't say who.....

  31. susan smith

    beautiful!! oh my goodness!!!

  32. MsMarylyn0514

    A so wonderful song....

  33. Caroline Meech

    Simply stunning and forever true x

  34. charlotte met

    First Lady Of Country Music is so very true. Such a lady period with a od given voice for singing..

  35. Allan Robinson

    Another great song by the best singer there has ever been. I lost my partner to Cancer and this song makes me cry. God bless!

  36. ursula rechenbach

    Beautiful and very sentimental song .. love it very much.. *****

  37. Karn Kimuchi

    Every of her song is soundtrack of my life. Love you by first lady of country music.

  38. ozziebenson48

    Amazing lady, god bless her.

  39. Pauline Mulhern

    Beautiful Tammy she sure loved George Jones the two greatest country singers ever.

  40. hiroyasu4

    I was very moved.
    Tammy is a great singer to console us.
    I respect her!


    greatest lady country singer ever no one will ever be as great as tammy the rest are just wanabes

  42. joseph gurganus

    This is such a great song that is sung by a women who lived through everything she sing

  43. Phillip Rinaca

    I still love you Tammy.

  44. Phillip Rinaca

    Just listen to her voice. So lovely as she was.

  45. tammarnie

    what a lovely song, I still dream about someone i loved and still do 20 years later and the dreams are wonderful then i wake up and the hurt starts all over again cos he isn't with me

  46. Martin Ward

    @shamila83 you can use the youtube downloader, you put in the url and it makes an mp3 of the video, I use it all the time.

  47. ernst810

    First time I heard this 5***** song. Thanks so much for posting. Ernst

  48. Giorgio Armato

    Her singing BLOWS ME AWAY !!!!!!

  49. John Robert

    Voices like Tammy was once in a lifetime stuff !!....George and Tammy had "True" country voices...

  50. MLT

    Such a great song I have never heard of until now. She was a beautiful woman and died too soon...God Bless You Tammy.

  51. Marie Carouthers

    Such a beautiful song by a beautiful lady..