Wyclef Jean - I Swear Lyrics

[Young Thug:]
I swear
Girl I swear

[Wyclef Jean:]
And I swear
Ain't nobody breakin' us up
I'm a stay with you forever, girl
And I swear
Know that you were here from the start
You ain't goin' nowhere
I don't care
What they wanna say about us
We gon' always be together, girl
And I swear
I swear

Girl, you got the key to the lock
You the reason that the playboy stop
You're the reason that I'm not on the corner
Selling di marijuana
You give me a reason to live
You the reason that I never did a bid
And even if they wanna judge
You the reason that I love

And I swear (I swear)
Ain't nobody breakin' us up
I'm a stay with you forever, girl
And I swear
Know that you were here from the start
You ain't goin' nowhere
I don't care (don't care)
What they wanna say about us
We gon' always be together, girl
And I swear
And I swear...
I swear

[Young Thug:]
Hey, honeymoon, sprinklin' flowers over you
Stand on the couch, baby, I'm wildin' over you
Take everything, bae, I'm a coward over you
Jewelry so wet, you need a towel over you
Take you out your mama house, baby smile
East coast, West coast, goin' shoppin'
Change the way that you dress, Thousand Island
Let you take over, I no longer need an accountant
Lord, you really really be wild
Private 'round the world, they can't over see us
She got water like a boat, nickname it Aaliyah
They can't see us, they can't be us, babygirl
I swear

[Wyclef Jean:]
And I swear
Ain't nobody breakin' us up
I'm a stay with you forever, girl
And I swear
Know that you were here from the start
You ain't goin' nowhere
I don't care
What they wanna say about us
We gon' always be together, girl
And I swear
I swear

[Young Thug:]
Gettin' top, no way ride, ride
Forth fifth homocide, ahh
Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt
Ride silver, ride it, ride it, try to feel the ride ay
Getting breakfast while she lyin' in bed
And I swear
Aw baby I swear

[Wyclef Jean (Young Thug):]
I don't care
What they say about us
We gon' be together, ayy
And I swear
[?] toujours étaient ensemble
And I swear
We gon' always be together, girl
I don't care
What they wanna say about us
We gon' be together girl
And I swear (Ayy)
And I swear (I swear)
(I swear, I swear)

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Wyclef Jean I Swear Comments
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    Wyclef i need to talk with you

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    Yeah The Hip Hop...




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    Gran artis Wyclef souple mwen se yon jè n artis haisye mwen bezwen supò w edem souple kont you tube mwen FERNANDO RAPHAEL

  13. Dee Fly

    Young thug have so much talents

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    Oh look young thug showing up for Wyclef Jean. That’s new.

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    If these dudes are actual musicians; one would think they would realize their guitars they are holding to look cool (that the studio lent them) arent plugged into anything.

  19. Octavian Popescu

    Much respect for Wyclef! Real artist, can sing any genere and he s doing good😍 always put a smile on my face♥️

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    This video deserves more views

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    2:05 Wyclef With The Moves 🐍🙏🏻

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    This video brought to you by: Musically. Musically, where fuckboys lipsync to songs and get famous for it.

  26. YSL Josho


  27. YSL Josho

    I Been Through So Much Last Year When I Wrote That Comment Fall In Love With Christ Its best for ALL OF US

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    Coming for you, love is knocking at the door.

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    who's the girl @ 1:42 ?? is she the one whos in Puff daddys I Need a Girl pt 2 ?

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    DOPE SONG EVER 2019♨

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  40. clotaire vilbrun


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    Young thug has now come full circle with his song wyclef jean

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    Young thugs song Wyclef Jean has 13 million views.

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    Reading these comments explains a lot. Half of the commenters are like 13.

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