Wyclef Jean - Baba Lyrics

And I just took my DNA test Don Dada
100% Nigerian Baba
When you gonna learner
Can't frame a earner
Came with the noose I freed myself like Nat Turner

Sucker free purge myself from parasites
Marcus Garveyites on my Instagram Garvey likes
Rebel tone born in the middle of a cyclone
Revelation talker that's the beast with the 10 horns

And I just took my DNA test Don Dada
100% Nigerian Baba
When you gonna learner
Can't frame a earner
Came with the noose I freed myself like Nat Turner

Though we rumble in the jungle
When we fightin dark forces
We Olympians like Ali when we lighting up the torches
Seen the projects turn haunted when I head the friends scream
Too much candy man, candy man, candy man he O.D'd
You would get tempted too if the devil came up to you
Tell you pick a boo, pick a boo here's a crib out in Malibu
P-p-Pilot is ready to take off the rocket is ready to lunch
The farmers ready to pick up
Gorilla's ready to stick up

And I just took my DNA test Don Dada
100% Nigerian Baba
When you gonna learner can't frame a earner
Came with the noose I freed myself like Nat Turner

Once upon a time in America (America)
This Jersey boy lived on Utica (Utica)
All my Zoes were down in Florida (Florida)
General like Toussaint Louverture (Louverture)
When Nancy Regan told the hood say no to drugs (no to drugs)
Aye, her hubby Ronald Regan was the plug (was the plug)
Patience is a virtue but not for consignment (nah)
You would think it's Vietnam the way they dying (yeah)
Only thing that remains is his remains (remains)
You the only nigga clean in this card game (game)
He got shot he ain't call the cops (cops)
Mystery like Alfred Hitchcock (yeah)
Boy back on the block (Ah ra ra ra)
Little John started screaming
Taking shots shots shots

I just took my DNA test Don Dada
100% Nigerian Baba
When you gonna learner
Can't frame a earner
Came with the noose I freed myself like Nat Turner

Just took my DNA test Don Dada
100% Nigerian Baba
When you gonna learner
Can't frame a earner
Came with the noose I freed myself like Nat Turner

Good morning class
Good morning class
Class, It's mourning time, good
Cuz in many hoods
What clavicle caress many hoods
Medal detectors greet us before are teachers do
Class it's mourning time
Because blood vessels burst more than gushes do
And sweet, be the taste of survival
When peace just tastes like denial
What I mean is
Every class must begin after 12
So there won't be any more mourning good
God wears a hood in this testament
Heaven be the hood in this testament
The first lesson is
Class, you don't need a cap and gown
To walk across the stage
All you need is a mind, a body, a pen, and a page

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Wyclef Jean Baba Comments
  1. Volma Elma.

    Siw se haitien .eske nou pa renmen tout bel efo wyclef ap fe yo nan lemond..

  2. Timmons Husseini

    Lauryn hill beef 🏝

  3. Babalanda James

    God damn!!!!!! this guy

  4. Wakeuptheblacknation


  5. KIR Caleb

    I’m here for yourfavafrican

  6. Maxine Kitto

    I love the end of the video. x

  7. sina isaac

    I just took my DNA test 100% nigeria

  8. tanner sharp

    All about water dripping, flexing and mumbling now

  9. tanner sharp

    Sad this rap just is dead now

  10. RyanEligio

    People lowkey schleep on this song, beat go hard af 🔥

  11. Jamber Inbentor

    Hi theres someone using your pic to connect with me. I hope you can notice my comment. I have the picture in my gallery. He said that you and sean kingston is his family. So i guess you know him well.

  12. Bobby Lewis jr

    Big ups Wycleff!!!!!! Fire!!

  13. Garvey G

    baba kiswahili tho if he nigerian why he speaking a east african dialect. ifw the song tho

  14. michmich 23

    Jean 3 verset 16 dit, Dieu a tant aimé le monde, qu'il a donné son fils unique Jésus afin que quiconque croit en lui ne périsse point en enfer, mais qu,il ait la vie éternelle au paradis . Jésus t, aime Wyclef , il veut te sauver , il attend ton retour

  15. Thuthukile Mkhize

    South Africa here too 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  16. Wendy Bella


  17. Louis Lark


  18. Univ the beardie

    ive been bumping this a lot after i heard it on my local hip hop station a few weeks ago

  19. Max Armani


  20. Max Armani


  21. F0o0dstampzz 7God

    trash. wheres Hill

  22. lykinson terville


  23. FT TV


  24. Prime solution Marketing & Multimedia

    Back to the roots.. Haiti 🇭🇹


    Respè bro Ayisyen natif natal

  26. Godwin Okoduwa

    I love the music oooh, but how you're just realizing it now?
    Just like footballers, you've played already for Haiti.

  27. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    No worries

  28. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    They lose

  29. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    It's the future wy ten nation's... Things will decrease then they will wage war

  30. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Sorry about the thread jack beat goes hard! Well done!

  31. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Some in Brazil as well

  32. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Where u think that punta catracha comes from that's Garafuna tribe!

  33. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    History El Caribe, Marroons, Garafuna! In the Islands, all throughout Central South America

  34. Marcus Dwayne Gonzalez

    Nigerian see

  35. Chéri Yielle



    Nija for life

  37. Ash Steel

    Where can I get that sweatshirt?

  38. Born Hungry

    damn the video production could have been better i swear.

  39. MrOneZion

    I love you

  40. MrOneZion

    I love you

  41. Haitian Kòkòy


  42. Manaro YT

    I’m here cause of hips don’t lie

  43. Arona NIASSE

    Safafet baba


    YALL are the best,,

    Please enjoy,

  45. osamede asawata

    bomb shell allways on point. clef man

  46. Geofrey John

    yes yes yes crfffffff jeaaasn

  47. Loving Life32

    Wyclef is always on his game. This beat was 🔥🔥🔥. 🇭🇹❤🇭🇹

  48. keith Jones

    Dam clef needed young thug on there he hatian too

  49. pius williams

    Welcome home bro

  50. Brunomaxwell Okocha

    This jam is sick 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾

  51. Million Names

    You better help me bro someone needs to get him

  52. Million Names

    So do it

  53. Million Names

    Yall out nunber max and murdochs

  54. Million Names

    Max and murdocks did this they devalue artists to murder them and rob their graves its the label you know the procedure

  55. Stanley simeon

    Wyclef one love ou se fyète Haïti

  56. Kyzer Batiste

    So this explains it all..Im Naija

  57. Junior Petion


  58. Geronimo Heavy Shadow

    I am from Cameroon
    But I'm now Haitian because of Wyclef

    Wïžźÿ Ñãšťÿ

    My brother😂💓💪💪

    Geronimo Heavy Shadow

    @Wïžźÿ Ñãšťÿ yo

    Wïžźÿ Ñãšťÿ

    @Geronimo Heavy Shadow brother💪💓💓

    Barbara Lanoix

    💖💖💖🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 Welcome

  59. David Gaston

    Haïti &Africa what's up????

  60. Blaise JP

    We need to support the album .

  61. Nadua Dauphin


  62. Osamwonyi Ayere

    Bro yho are welcome

  63. Elissosar Dickson

    I have these feelings on me ever since, that this guy is a Nigerian, finally, it came to be true, wow I love ya man. ( u no urself to found out where u coming from) Naija blood is in you.

  64. Michael Lasekan

    Everybody claiming Nigerian all of a sudden.. first it was big sean and then wilder.

  65. The Real Species Unknown

    Slept On !!!
    Like Temperpedic !!!

  66. Good morning Africa

    Omo 9ja I hail o!!!!

  67. Romario Pierre

    Men wyclef

  68. wilken antoine

    I like it ,

  69. Moutcho Ouattara

    The Berlin conference divided Africans but the time will unite us. Keep it up.

  70. Dj marc sound

    You can’t sing friend not your time

    Legar Nonso

    He's sold hundred million records world wide, incase u don't know!

  71. MERIZIER Jean Base

    Bon bagay

  72. ogunfowora olumuyiwa

    I guess I have to take my DNA 🧬 test too..
    It better tell me I'm from UK 🇬🇧

    La Priere Avec Frere Pouchon

    Ogun, lots of people in the North of Haiti look Yoruba. In fact, they have not been mixed with any other races. They eat fufu and worship Ogun, the loa. Haiti is the most African of the African diaspora.

  73. Strange Planets

    Ok 100% Nigerian =100% West African = 100% African! Go Africa!!

  74. Gods own Son

    As a naija man,I really don’t give a fuck if he is from the Igbo,yoruba or Hausa tribe,as long as he is Nigerian like he claims,he got my love 100 percent🙏🙏.So all the dumb Nigerians fighting each other in the comment section over what tribe he belongs to,should shut the fuck up and just enjoy the music.

    Legar Nonso

    Nice one bro👍

  75. Gods own Son

    Naija always stays winning🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  76. alona love

    Yo ghana in the house kofi

  77. Michael T

    Calm down Jussie Smollett.. 🤣😅😂🤣😅.. I watch like 12 secs.

  78. Iv Ama

    I just did DNA Test & Wyclef is my blood brother... Don Baba 9ja 4 life.

  79. brivght alex

    Thumps up to u bro, we are from one mother land, omo naija blood....

  80. lukas andrew

    So dope!


    Viva congo kinshasa

  82. Rap Creole12 HD

    El tienes k tirar con los Dominicano porque los Dominicano son muy racista

    Onasis Mata Del Rosario

    Porque somos racistas?

    Onasis Mata Del Rosario

    Haaa ya se es solo por negarnos a entregar nuestra soberania ya que nuestra constitucion no se debe modificar en detrimrento de nuestra poblacion para favorecer a extranjeros

  83. Cosmic Soul


  84. closnew360

    God bless your talent bro...Awesome song so is BA BA

  85. christopher mena

    Garbage raps

  86. mizzpoetrics

    Nice! Took mine recently too, almost split in half between my 2 biggest sections - Congolese & Nigerian!
    I always felt a strong pull to Nigeria before I knew.
    Long live Mother Africa & my beautiful Haiti! 😍

    Samson Sani

    1love 9ja

  87. corylog corylog

    Nice msg to Nigerians. Godbless

  88. Rezzy Romain

    Black history month 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

  89. Kwabena Fosu

    Haitians are from Benin in West Africa and Benineses are part of Nigerian tribe.

  90. Ifeanyi Victory

    Naija 🇳🇬 blood 💪💗 👑

  91. Jahfesty

    Im from Ghana. I’m here to read comments from Nigerians.🤣

  92. D Jagaba of schengen

    Pls clef come down to nigeria we needs d youths to take over nigeria fr those old useless leaders so together we can make nigeria great again so dat our hero's past will nt be in vine...

  93. Abena Sarpong

    Representing Ghana 🇬🇭

  94. ayodeji sanumi

    Thanks Wyclef..it is necessary to know your ancestral heritage, I know you have been in Nigeria couple of times, another thing is finding where the gene came out from, which I know is possible, then come back home to fraternalise , Welcome Kaabo. Omowale Wyclef Jean...

  95. natureboyinyourface

    Our father, welcome back Baba!

  96. yegga price

    Great jam

  97. henry best

    I will need a special bad jingle from you bro, so all latest song can be jamming in club and mixtape also bro..... I AM VDJ EMMYBEST 042 REPRESENTING NIGERIAN IN INDIA IN ALL AFRICAN MUSIC AND ALL ISLAND MUSIC

  98. Onyeani Leslie Lekwuwa

    I'm very happy to have a legend like wyclef originate from my Naija..beautiful people..He looks like Timaya..