Wulf, Xavier - Wake Walker Lyrics

How the fuck is you a shooter?
Ayy, ayy no discipline in his movement
Ayy, ain't no thought in his execution
That's why you niggas out here losing
Ya whole squad full of snoozies
Yeah, I'm up early, he's still snoozing
How that's your shooter, and he snoozing
My niggas up here eating before the breakfast made
Yeah, hop out the shower my bitch got the bed made
I'm smoking good, she say his shit just make her head ache
Hold up bitch wait, does that mean I take the cake?
She said "Yeah, take it shake it anyway it your way, everywhere today's your birthday"
We at the strip club throwing up that fetti [?]
Let that confetti frey, we winnin' everyday
Bitch, when I pull up they declare the mayday
I pull up put my blunts in the air like a Nae Nae
She say "Where do we go from here?"
I say "That way"
She look back, face full of tears, but that don't faze me

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Wulf, Xavier Wake Walker Comments
  1. Nickle chambers

    if you dont got a woofer for this song you sleep

  2. djremixblackrose

    Upload the rest of your songs. Your lazy ass. Upload the rest of your songs to youtube shit. Upload to daily motion too. Its like youtube and you can make money on there. Sign up for freedom, youtube partnership program.


    Shut up bitch you ain't doing shit

  3. djremixblackrose

    I got to make a slow version of this

  4. djremixblackrose

    This is dope wulf. Make more shit with this flow.

  5. Reefer Films

    only 35k? ive been listening to this song over and over lol shits fire.

  6. Jonathan Terry

    Probably the most underrated song of the album

  7. Young Billard

    Fireeee prod by me!!!!

  8. Adolfo Resendiz

    Underrated ass song

  9. Meowoofius

    only a sociopath would dislike this smh

  10. Enlightenment

    All this destitution created by drug induced delusions, mean while this entire conclusion is fed by institutions.

  11. Enlightenment

    Old critical Zay the truth

  12. ËžRä Mike


  13. exrta smoke

    FACE FULL OF TEARS , that don't phase maaye ⚔️⚓🐺

  14. Matthew19002

    Wish it was longer, i love the bass line

  15. Al Snow


  16. Brandon Eiro Bays

    I need to buy some merch bruh. Been meaning to for a long time now

  17. jashik


  18. K Medina

    He found like g herbo and chief keef

  19. TimeBLOOM

    Ain’t no discipline in his movement , Ain’t no thought in his execution!!!

  20. Louis Chaumet

    This is my favorite song on the album. Whole squad full of snoozies lmao I've seen'm it's a real problem.

  21. Big Dawg Ent

    Letting this beat thru the kickers all day

  22. Forever Yours

    X putting his hawt breathe in the mic 💀😂💀💀💀💀💀💀💀


    thank you captain.

    this was the order we needed to hear

    hollowsquad:scarecrow regiment
    art house

  24. Amon Walston

    Can't be a snoozie

  25. Jose Alvarez

    Best song off this album. Based solely on xavier being solo and his flow

  26. g g

    ain't no thought in his execution

  27. sfdeadhead712

    Wulf definitely changed his sound on this album

  28. T Squared

    Captain can you drop some lame? Its all 🔥🔥

  29. djgiga

    Your whole crew full of snoozers.

  30. GarbageCanGabe

    Shit made her head ache....

  31. Mike Alexander

    whoooooo?????! ?

  32. Eion McCullough

    Chief, this is it.

  33. CountlessPWNZ

    Zel and Xavier dropping projects this close together, blessing.

  34. lost soul

    Tha homie wulf can switch them flows up, talent right there

  35. Dylan Jackson

    She got the bed made! Lit than a hoe🕯️🕯️🕯️

  36. Spending My Days

    Hypebeast aren’t allowed


    ur whole squad full of snoozies

  38. Kaleb Perkins

    Damnnn foooo

  39. Lil Spark

    Bumping this shit in my s13 smokin blunts n tires bitch

  40. Steven Johnson

    Fuck, always delivering that good shit though

  41. dewdrop589

    too flame

  42. trento rot

    who da fuck is any uh youuuu

  43. Not Active

    Niggas Snoozin on wulf no cap 🔥🔥🔥

  44. Brian Newlin

    Damn disappointed in wulfs new music this shit sound so boring and uninspiring

    Szkladányi Ábris

    Brian Newlin finnaly someone

    Afpak 710

    Nah y’all just some bitch ass niggas that can’t see wulf can do it all. This shit ain’t for y’all, obviously.


    alex sada the pain , he's a bitch ass nigga for having a opinion...... SMH

    Szkladányi Ábris

    alex sada obviously im shit, but fr listen to this then to blood shore season 2 or any earlier album this is hurting my ears besides request refused and check it out, anyways i like xavier still


    Xavier doesnt rap he just speaks the truth where have you been ? This whole track was truthful.

  45. Mel E


  46. lamont evans


  47. DBZ Dendai


  48. Vince Deede


  49. That 2000

    This the best one outta them all

  50. Marquise Allen

    Wowzers HollowSquad!

  51. Toby Gomez

    Storytelling ass

  52. SynusesTheGreat

    And he snoozin?

  53. andrelle Flemming

    Once again dropping dat heat blessed my ears yo


    No discipline in his movement, ain't no thought in his execution

    kyle smith

    Made me think and get hype with that one

  55. Yung Sight

    x wulf still pumpin bangers 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Dylan D

    This whole album straight fire haven’t even heard Em all I’m 3 deep rn🔥

  57. mortalkombat123abc




  59. Hasan Sakaji

    Yo rohit u see this shit

  60. Bone C


  61. Benn Dover

    Yes, thank you captain. Rise up SeshHallowWaterBoyz

  62. Sandra B


    henry Johnsonyt


  63. matthew andre

    Any1 wnna buys some crack?


    U got any booty pics

    henry Johnsonyt

    Lmao yeah

  64. Domingo Rios

    Speaking straight facts hell yea

  65. Mathias Stormo

    Xavier u tha best raper om my life

    Alexander Garcia

    Mathias Stormo hes a good rapper but his shows suck

    jim wolf

    Alexander Garcia I can’t agree, SHWB tour going on rn and it’s always a rowdy time.

    Alexander Garcia

    jim wolf well the show I went to in February was honestly shit. He didnt perform full songs just bits and pieces show started at 10:30 he didnt perform until 12 and his performance was only 45 minutes. I went to a $B show and Ghostmane and by far Ghosts was the best from the 3. By time before their performance and actual performance time

    Eion McCullough

    Y’all probably weren’t lit enough for em, seen him 6 times every event more lit than the last

  66. LyricalGenes




    Titan Beats

    We don't do that here

    Carlos Gutierrez

    LyricalGenes fucktard


    you worthless, always was, always will be.

    Marcus Antonius

    LyricalGenes stfu

  67. Joonvs

    we out here

  68. Clayton Bigsby

    Thankyou captain

  69. Victor Alvarez

    This is 🔥🔥🔥

  70. Victor Alvarez

    I love Xavier Wulf 🔥🔥🐺⚔️

  71. Robert Harris

    I love you nigga