Wulf, Xavier - SPIKE WULF Lyrics

Who, nigga?

Man, my trunk sound like this when me and my niggas ride through
Grandmama in your living room, thought that y'all was doomed
If a sucker hating on me, I'll take his shorty to the moon
And don't think that she ever coming back too soon
Don't think I won't sweep a sucker up with the broom
Yodaichi, keep me geeky, this no Kiki, that's my boo
Pull up with my niggas smoking more than him and you
I give no fuck about your purpose, nigga, I'ma hurt you
If you pull up moving crazy, I bet we reverse you
I'm from Memphis, Tennessee where they'd rather murk you
Mind your business, don't get in it, he might have to dirt you
I'ma only tell the truth, I got the mausoleum view
Nigga, who? And that could go for him or you
I tried to keep the peace, but they let the hate through
And the tears burn, I'm blowing anger out the roof
At one point in time, I didn't trust my own truth
I smoke a hundred blunts while I ponder on the truth
Now I understand why they never let me through
Now I understand why I'm nothing like you
Dragon Fang Gang, pull up to it, then it's through
Nigga, who? I put the sand in his boots
Space cowboy, platinum-plated on the coupe
I'ma slide through it just to pick up me a few
And then I slide off into the Himalayan view
Nigga, who?

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Wulf, Xavier SPIKE WULF Comments
  1. ارييلAriel de leon

    the beat and Xavier wulf .... Damn..... !! .... since guatemala ..

  2. Ash EL Khatib

    i think my car sub is already destroyed... i got it like 2 weeks ago smh

  3. Fastball Films

    This shit go!

  4. Jordan

    Xavier Wulf best track on this

  5. sfdeadhead712

    God bless xavier wulf

  6. Thicc Buu

    Yo you snapped

  7. Birthday Card

    Shit fuckin slams, love you man .

  8. Grim Reefer

    Dragon 🐉 Fang Gang
    Space Cowboy

  9. MrNickAch

    This is one of the hardest songs I’ve ever heard for real

  10. Ikari Complex

    Yodaichi, keep me geeky, this no Kiki, that's my boo.


    The way this man keep the flow on that part is unreal, shit's addictive just to say

  11. Shurado

    I’m thinking... gurren lagann 🔥🔥


    Got some footage when he played it live
    In LA

  13. Erik Hoffman

    This and space punks the only good songs no cap

  14. Distreet Pictures

    I love what you did with this song man. Straight fire bro. 🔥🔥🔥


    Cole bennet video soon to this!!👹


    Fucking siiiiiiiick


    Thank you for this WULF !

  18. Ends

    I bet we reverse you!


    Saw this live was fye

  20. Desolation Trees

    OG SHYT.

  21. Grayson Crawford


  22. djremixblackrose

    This space rap stuff, uh, you got to work on the beats a little more, try putting ghost in the shell in back ground or like listen to some cyber songs. Also, view that link, you kinda need some new rap logic.

  23. djremixblackrose

    Xavier Wulf, listen to Devil Tennessee Rap, I think you might need some new
    stuff to work with. Its a mix of 90s and Texas rap and dark thoughts.
    The logic is dark but you might need some logic to work with for your
    new rap songs. Your good but you need some upgrade. View link:


    thewriter197 my nigga shut the fuck up i got this i can do ME u annoying as fuck bcuz u THINK u know it all but u actually dont know SHIT.....people like u dont make it far in this game...u have zero intuition and u dont have a organic aura. bye.

  24. Spooky Poe

    Its funny when people post "xav should do this, he used to be, i dont lik-", because it means they aint really been listening to a god damn thing he's been saying

  25. Meowoofius

    who needs a BBQ when you got Xavier Wulf spitting all this fire :P

  26. HVSH BR1CK

    I'm a month late on this somehow and I'm kinda upset about that

  27. josh vendryes

    wow just wow we need this track on the radio holy fuck i rate it!!!

  28. Creature Fiendz

    No cap your the greatest rapper alive lyrics wise BIG FACTS

  29. Chief Ham

    xavier is jesus

  30. L W

    I'm a only tell the Truth

  31. Poca Mine


  32. Digital Danny


  33. redrideRVT1R


  34. Yahir G

    The ship from cowboy bebop

  35. Korrupted Worldz

    Ayeee this hoe slideee!!

  36. Moises Lagunas

    hollowsquad gang or dont bang

  37. Nanashi OG

    At it again

  38. angelo rotolo


  39. aidan gant

    Xavier still go hard asf he needs more clout from this 😤

  40. Camiel P

    spiegel? as in mirror?

  41. Gianni Montero

    Space cowboy platinum plated on the coupe 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  42. shinyy ティム

    how does this even get 5 dislikes? smh

  43. djremixblackrose

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsGNrz0BdYo , Xavier Wulf Fort Woe, Listen to the Extra Loud Version, Wulf, turn the volume on these songs up higher. I cant listen to the base version of some of your songs. Turn your shit up before you upload the shit. Make sure the mp3 volume is turned all the way up. Add some reverb and bass to it as well. SOmetimes add extreme bass to your music.

  44. Aaron Morales

    MARCELO <3

  45. Winry Lain


  46. djremixblackrose

    I thought more people would comment on your stuff. Strange.

  47. djremixblackrose

    That smoke song you made, that was the shit that was good. Also the car songs you made. The pedal song was good.

  48. djremixblackrose

    I dont like this shit.

  49. LFT.FT.BRKN.

    Wulf takahashi! Is back!

  50. John Breuwet

    Don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this to drop.

  51. Rashid Ibrahim

    See you Space Cowboy..

  52. Deadboy Clique

    Listen to the whole album #HOLLOWSQUAD

  53. Nelson Diaz


  54. Abbey March

    Gonna go see him this weekend 😎

  55. Carcass

    This shit fantastic, cant wait to see the chief in auckland

  56. ***Shady Stunna***

    Damn all i listen to is seshhollowwaterboyz ⚡️🍇

  57. Gnarlie Padilla

    This track finna dissinegrate my subs

  58. Ishaiah Guyton

    To stay warm we sat around a speaker playing this fire

  59. unknown

    drank like 13 bud lights tonight at the bar.. i might fucking yak buddy. shit makes me bloated i needa stick to my 40 of oe.

  60. Guadalupe Ochoa

    this shit 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 melted the snow around me

  61. Cristóbal Soto Ramos

    Come to chile bro, with team sesh, lov u

  62. Arnoldo Diaz

    No dislikes ha , wonder we're they at

  63. HamSama

    I really hope wulf sama drops an anime series in the future 🤞🏻🙏🏻

  64. D BP

    Hiw does it come that he use the German word for mirror?

    Ben Wisk

    None Lol Its the name of the Protagonist from Cowboy Bebop “Spike Spiegel”

  65. Locedout Menace951

    2 dislikes y’all gay this shit fire

  66. G *59

    Ily [hs]

  67. Lil Heartbreaker

    This aong is 🔥 asf 💯



  69. AdRiAn WaVy

    Sick song

  70. Smoking Jays


  71. Domingo Rios

    Bars after bars keep up the grind big fan right here

  72. Snake Plisskin

    Yo wulf on some real shit fuck 100 blunts I got 2 hits that's two many!!!! Fuck with me. Come get at me I'll get u higher than a giraffes pussy. In two hits. U be drooling. All natural no synthetics. Come make me rich. I'll get u ur medicine to keep writing 🔥🔥✌️💟🤔😉😁😁

  73. Cameron

    Ice wizard cold

  74. Albatrox

    yo this shit is lit hollow

  75. Only Positive Thoughts

    fuck yes , MORE

  76. MrManiak

    That artwork is crazy

  77. Live Bait


  78. forgotiwashere

    unreal. thank you wulf.

  79. mecioLOL


  80. In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    The anime references on his songs kill me lol

  81. Instant Vanilla

    Who's the one dislike? Ima go off on a mf.

  82. Adam Lambert Lifts

    imma find that 1 pussy that disliked this shit an beat his ass son

  83. Simp Almighty

    Went beserk

  84. SunnyRacc

    This one proves it's a Cowboy Bebop Reference

  85. SunnyRacc

    One of my favorite artist making bangers with references to one of my favorite anime

  86. Big Red1

    I slept on this one fam I just woke to this 🔥🔥💨💨

  87. Potent47


  88. Mr Fujiwara

    Selling replay buttons for 1 Like

  89. A. Kolen


  90. Diego Mireles

    Who else watched the Jeffery Vlogs???