Wulf, Xavier - SPACE PUNKS Lyrics


Cage Boy the Cave King, pull up to the scene
Smoking better than whoever the fuck you niggas mean
He mad as fuck, she turned her back to him but chiefing with my team
I'ma teach a bitch how to be a boss and cut the strings
Niggas falling off, I never cared, I scratch them off
I paid the cost, you niggas hella lost, I'd rather knock you off
Bitch boy, I'ma scream "Ahoy" as soon as we deploy
Whole squad full of humanoids, playing, you get toyed, huh
Cop a new pound and then I smoke it with the joint
Starfire kush, I'm smoking on this Beast Boy
You niggas ain't getting bread, my pockets full of yeast, boy
Catch it up, you niggas wack as fuck and don't amount to nothing
Ice castle magic, can I care to show you something?
I be bumping so good, they swear I thought that it was nothing, huh
Niggas false flexing, I see right through their facade
Oh my god, you suckers tryhards and still ain't getting far
I'm still twisting good, what he smoke ain't up to par
You a grown ass man that still ain't bought your first car
No room for no excuses, I wake up, I'm getting to it
You a loser, boy, I knew it, ask your bitch, she said you blew it, huh
Do not get me started, I shut down your whole party
Niggas think I'm slick retarded, I fuck up his whole profit
Who the fuck was who? Bitch, I'm the Wulf, you should've knew
Go get a clue, they said I made you and all of that is true, huh
I'm sick of the bullshit, I'm finna flip and fucking dip
Catch a grip to a nigga neck, and then I pull and rip
Off the hip goes the blade and then I swing it at your lips
Look at here, I say it every year, don't get left in tears
To my peers, I'm a pioneer, walking with no fear
In the clear like tequila, take a shot and scream, I'm here
Disappear, little sissy boy, you talk, we cover ears
I'ma put a sucker in his place and leave it how it is
You bitch

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Wulf, Xavier SPACE PUNKS Comments
  1. Monotone Shawty

    Gahhhhhhdamn 🔥🔥⬆️

  2. Michael soto

    Damn that's sick this guy
    Is my new favorite artist man. Hella barss..

  3. ClintBeastwood

    No talk of buss downs just pure emotion

  4. Lil Kakashi

    And russ thinks he’s good lmao could never compare to a true unsigned god.

  5. chef shit

    rip seshollowaterboyz

  6. Joshua Velis

    Good ass song I love it Xavier

  7. Alexei

    Fucking dirty shit playboy straight grosssss

  8. Monkey l

    Real rapper

  9. Spvce Cloud

    Check out my music on my youtube plz

  10. Gggg Llool

    The best investigation unit. This team should become president

  11. Scott Campbell

    Shout out to Honda Powersports. Gang.

  12. ribbudez ribbuden

    Why u make this damage pixels?

  13. Ya_BOi_ JUan

    I love Xavier wulf he’s my Favorite Memphis rapper with out a doubt 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. MusicBoy

    Click On Channel

  15. ssswrv

    you BITCH

  16. xd Divinium

    Fire song just don't like the beat

  17. Pointofview

    Project pat vibes

  18. jesse Valadez

    I have the same hondas hell ya

  19. MK64

    This went too hard , I was turning up like crazy to this

  20. Aaron Sorensen

    Xavier wulf concert tmo who's going In pamona California ❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗❗ it's the FUCKING MOVE

  21. Ultralight Player

    There should be a 21 savage remix


    no never

    Ultralight Player

    Skyloxd just a suggestion not for real

    Ultralight Player

    Skyloxd 👏👏✋✋😅

  22. Janku AVS

    He honestly cool af 😂

  23. Janku AVS

    Damn he go hard

  24. SILKYslim

    Off the hip goes the blade n then i swing it at your lips

  25. Alumatri

    Fortnite players have entered the chat

  26. itsyaboi_ lew-lew

    Im just convinced that Xavier is just a full blown weeb

  27. Rain Inferno


  28. Jr Ruiz

    25 minutes to midnight,on my last break,slappin this man, nothing better

  29. Marcos10800x

    Nice #Brazil

  30. TeamFb

    With love from Russia 🇷🇺

  31. Sho Nuff

    Ice castle magic , can I care to show you somethin?

  32. Shaun C

    The Transition and the Jump Kick at 0:32 is just so smooth and fire

  33. Bruh Oh

    This song is hard just like I am rn

  34. Zoaqs

    Watch in 1.25x speed

  35. BlinkkHD

    Where TF I get these fitss

  36. Jairo Melendez

    Space Punks one of my favorite outros

    Jairo Melendez

    This song dope Xa

  37. ribbudez ribbuden

    You know what remind me of Xavier wulf? "Brain hit candy, daughter Saturn wanna dare a dust road"

  38. ReaperBryce

    This is the best shit right here

  39. ribbudez ribbuden

    Bruh everything Xavier wulf says sounds like details branching off the base subjects from Tommy Wright iii meet you maker. Nd nigga Rick james - Mary Jane some secret of the older generations frfr

  40. taylorgang

    Y'all went to BIG BEAR?? i use to live there


    U a loser, boi..I knew it

  42. fr0sti

    been bumping this lately every sec

  43. Felipewpew

    Hollow be the squad 👽

  44. Nico Birk

    Why is this so underground

  45. jose rodriguez2019

    So dope ily wulf

  46. Robert Fey

    Wulf, I read your destiny (literally) your to listen to the song Tommy Wright III - meet your maker 25 times

  47. Rebekah Danielle Art


  48. kul3atik

    Yo the beat is🔥🔥💯💯

  49. DJW

    Still the king

  50. Jailene M

    Fucking sexyyyyy assssss omgggg 😍

  51. Brandon Thomas

    UFC 3 brought me here.

  52. Emilio Bejarano

    Star fire kush smokin on dat beast boy

  53. Oasis

    Bro I just realized something this was posted on my birthday 🤣 what a fuc*ing coincidence

  54. Eddie Okenica

    Xavier staying strapped with the tensa zangetsu bankai @1:30

  55. zazzarati

    The only reason why Im getting drivers licenses

  56. Jonah Green

    Best rapper ever

  57. Rico De La Cruz

    Can't wait till that new new🔥

  58. Kenny Powell


  59. Carter Wildes

    Bruh xavier wulf the best thing to happen to memphis ever since we had three six

  60. Максим Коновалов

    тащер бро!унижай все попущенок

  61. Voxterx

    damn them women were fine asf

  62. kidd jinxed


  63. Christian Lewis

    and then play some half life

  64. Christian Lewis

    i will listen to it a second time

  65. Christian Lewis

    this is like the best rap song of all time

  66. lord nut

    Xavier is a Savage

  67. Anferni Reyes

    Master flash yen 💥

  68. siena rea

    can we just appreciate that xwulf is wearing an ikon short

  69. Lil Peedee

    When he kicks the snow I lo$t it

  70. Juju

    the ikon sweater legendary af

  71. Vic Cruz


  72. Dilan Najera Hernández

    Está chingona chams.

  73. Shnics

    pls wulf keep goin ur shit is something else and mofos need to know that frfr

  74. Jordan

    X & his shows are getting better every damn day

  75. Mythic

    marcelo !!!

  76. Ty2Fye

    Sheesh wild went crazy with the bars


    Check yo dms ASAP

  78. aware

    he doesnt have one bad song

  79. HamSama

    My pockets full of yeast boi 🔥

  80. Koko

    Who came here from skyla

  81. kangaroo fat

    gotta love da hondas

  82. Booie

    bruh those overalls are fkn nice

  83. The_Man_On_The_Moon 420

    Make a song with $not

  84. Creature Fiendz

    Cage boy the cave King pull up to the scene smoking better than whoever the f*** you n***** mean

  85. MR. POOnGeez33

    why is this not blowing up

  86. Chris Dickerson

    Man chief this some heat💯

  87. Mr.ClankClank305

    Clank Clankkkk

  88. Mr.ClankClank305


  89. from the 46

    "whole squad full of humanoids"

  90. FTP 666

    That FTP DC snowboard drop was 🔥🔥

  91. MJ Applehead gang

    Ah ftp my shit bruh

  92. Maliki Daniels

    Hollow Squad where Yall At

  93. Nate P.

    so hard

  94. ammar m

    he stole king vons flow

  95. Ocean Veau

    the arp used in this beat is from my Sauceinator Vol.1 XP for ElectraX u can find it here oceanveau.net