Wulf, Xavier - Pedals To The Metal (Road Heart) Lyrics

His technique is so advanced
Even driving the speed limit is an experience
And yet he's still in complete command of the road
If there's such a thing as perfect technique
This might be it

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit
Pistons pushing heavy underneath the full moon
Drippin paint off of a spoon, into the crack and grooves inside her mind
Then I'm off, I pull up, then pull off
I'm pushin pedals in the dark
I'm ridin fast real far, yeah
I don't know, where to even go but I'm still goin there
Gas on E but that don't matter I'm still rollin' man
To you niggas hatin you need to know you're not an element
Bitch we walk like elephants, steppin on whoever them
They say I'm a beast, I need to find a way to chill myself
I pull up with no ones help
Ryosuke Takahashi can't stop me or even copy this
Now he mad as fuck cause I keep comin up with better shit
Mr. Fujiwara told me keep away the friendliness
Cause niggas plot on killin shit from now until inifity
So I smoke with just my boys and me
We pulled up to the mountain peak
Because that's where were supposed to be
You see the sea, and you see ocean amenities
Come up to me to cover me
I pull up, see me hovering over everythang
She pulled off in her tears and I pulled off on my wheels
And disappeared in the hills, into the mountain range
Girl I know what you want, and I know what I want
Just know I'm not whatchu want
So stay away from me

Isn't okay if I just watch you drive?
That's why I'm here, I want to see you behind the wheel again

You don't get it, I told you I didn't want you here
Yet here you are pushing yourself on me
If I really hated you like you said
I'd just ignore you and walk off
But I can't do that which is why you'll only get in my way

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit

Is it sinking in?
You'll screw me up if you hang around here
So that's it
I don't wanna see you here anymore

I pull up with no hood attached, and a Backwood lit

What the hell else can I do?

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Wulf, Xavier Pedals To The Metal (Road Heart) Comments
  1. Mercurio

    this track is legendary

  2. Gustavo Sunsin

    Good song

  3. Steve

    Fronto > backwoods tho

  4. Ruby Kisner

    Hert be like i pull up wit no hood attached backwood lit rotars pushin heavy

  5. Benzo Banks

    Holy hell I can’t believe it’s been this long since this tape dropped...

  6. Chris Martinez

    Bruh how tf i miss this 😭 intial d and a fire track dayum 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  7. Yung Perc pimp

    Wulf got me turnt like I’m listening to korn I love dis track 🤘🏽💯🔥

  8. Aikuran

    This song takes me out of this world..

  9. chantel m

    This and then the cost... damn

  10. Raeggie Nable

    I pull up with no hood attached and a backwood liit

  11. AllEyezOnMe

    Whippin the Bimmer late night drivez 2 tha beach dis one right here hits hard af

  12. bignv _919


  13. Yahermiah Israel

    Xavier wulf is a new generation Lord Imfamous

  14. Bloody Pablo

    This the song you play racing random people on the highway

  15. Christian Franco

    Bro I need a s14 wide body ASAP after this album

  16. smallfry92

    Just discovered xavier wulf.
    Im under some kind of trance.
    Because I've Had this shit on repeat ever since.
    "I pull up with no hood attached and a backwood lit!"

  17. Wack_ Jam

    Called Kakashi by name

  18. Doug the Pug

    im so late man

  19. Jorge Masvidal

    Xavier Wulf takes me back to when I was 18 and took acid and listened to this whole album, that shit right there had my hands see through and shit it was spooky 😂

  20. Kassandra Samaniego

    I needed this music in highschool bruuuh

  21. Chris Gomez

    Listened to this driving thru my canyons in my fc. Needing to forget my past relationship

  22. AFTR DRK


  23. Sosa Otto

    We pull up to the mountain peak because that’s where we’re supposed to be 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  24. Son' Zai OSRS

    Vibe is right

  25. Fat Branden

    Bro this song my video relates to hard, kicks too hard, I feel like that’s why I’m suffering now, but still smoking the best and playing too.

  26. Andrew Gonzalez

    My extra bass Sony headphones couldn’t handle this heat 🔥

  27. Jonathan Bonilla

    Tbh this the only nigga I know that done did a whole damn reference to this anime and that it self is hard respect wulf

  28. Spasm

    Is this copyright ?

  29. JJS

    This is Xavier’s best song don’t @ me

  30. fabian ballesteros


  31. okae 5683

    This songs 5years old it feels like some future shit

  32. Tre Johnson

    Fuckin bangs 😈

  33. Adrian Ortega

    Love it he haves that suicide boys flow

  34. Jose Dreamz

    I love Xavier Wulf.

  35. Edgard Jauregui

    Bumping this in my 92 slammed s10

  36. Myrrh Curie

    Her techniques too advance, that even driving the speed max is hyper dimensional 🦄💜☝️

  37. SalvadorSlayz

    Gas on E But I’m still rollin man!

  38. Alaric .W.Pasecho

    The background voices the guy and girl just ruins the song

  39. Corey Washington-Sain

    This is my theme song right now lol

  40. PoetryInMotion TV

    I miss you girl

  41. Yung Tragedy

    What does this song even mean? Is it about Depression? A girl?

  42. Slayze T.u.k.

    This albums lit

  43. James Herrera


  44. Blitz McCarthy

    break hips

  45. Blitz McCarthy

    sink ships

  46. Lady Luck

    I hope u blow up cause u not like them

  47. fidelio

    not crying

  48. Sexual Touch

    Xavier wulf makes my whole life flash before me

  49. Fofis Andre

    HUE BR 2018

  50. Silas V

    My fav..

  51. Cathy Witt

    this song reminds me of my last day of high school dropping out nd walking away from everyone nd not looking back🌊🦊🌊

  52. Hari Kumar

    this song is so awesome but it hurts so bad for some reason.

  53. tony1572

    thums up if you found this because of naruto

  54. izzy SZN

    Xavier is slept on

  55. Lenbert Joco

    LEGEND 🔥🔥🔥

  56. Peter Galindo

    Nothing greater than listening to wulf on a long light.

  57. jonathan sandoval

    That shit brazy asf!!! I was a sophomore when this album came out

  58. RockSo GVO

    Brandochiesa From Instagram is the reason I'm here

  59. touchme sama

    Every song are fire on that album im glad i found this 🔥 🔥

    Mr. E

    Right!. Beats are fire asf! Plus the lyricism!!.

  60. DFK


  61. Matthew Kaai

    This is Hertlifes song. "I pull up with no hood attached"

  62. Edubbs

    Where are those audio quotes from

    Anthony Ladner

    It's Yeetster show called initial D

  63. Weed Man

    2017 bumpin this shit all day everyday 2018 i will be doing the same shit 🔥🔥

  64. Ray Salazar

    "Pistons pushing heavy underneath tha full moon" this is fucking straight FIRE 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  65. Broken Bolt Garage

    "Isn't OK if I just watch u drive? that's why I'm here I wanna see u behind the wheel again" "You don't get it, I told u I didn't what u here and here u are pushing yourself on me, If I really hated u like I said I'd just ignore u and walk off, but I can't do that which is why you'll only get in my way. so that's it, I don't wanna see u here anymore"

  66. Jarrick Williams

    This Shit almost got me in tears Bruh. 😭😭😭

  67. Christian Mondragon

    This girl won't date me because i don't have a jdm project car.

  68. Lionce Prince

    Just went through a breakup. This song speaks to me. Makes me want to focus on my goals and not let distractions such as women get in the way of what I really want in life.

    Michael S

    Lionce Prince stronger man than i

    Christian Gonzales

    Facts my G same thangs happen to me , Hollow squad 🏁🏁❌🚦

    Ryan Brown

    Lionce Prince needed this 💯

  69. Cole Wolfsson


  70. マリノキリアン

    U like intial D ? U got a s13? (Or other japanese) u smoke weed ?so like me u find ur god wulf know bunta man

  71. Cole Wolfsson

    lonely people need love too

  72. Robert Mcclellan

    Real shot this song kills it

  73. RedRamOfTheLeaf


  74. RedRamOfTheLeaf

    Den I'm Off ! 🔥😎

  75. thakid760

    G35 in diss bitch no coupe that's for my bitch 4 doe only big boy shit

  76. treegang z

    he needa make more shit like dengen

  77. Carlos Fuentes

    Bumpin this shit on the cta bus, sitting next to an old lady

  78. Alex Gomez

    This shits fire man!!

  79. bgakjldvs

    what anime is this from?

    Gold Carrot

    bgakjldvs initial D

  80. Charles Clark

    lol hes referencing initial D like shit! luv it :P

  81. BlackInside

    damn... i need that instrumental

  82. almostRyanMacleod

    what is the car in the pic? looks kinda like a honda integra but i dunno


    almostRyanMacleod S13...or possibly a 200sx...it looks nothing like a Honda


    I know nothing about cars haha thanks man

  83. KriPtiC KloWn

    I know this whole song🔥

  84. moon bunny

    my eyes are watering from how beautiful this is

  85. LIL B Changed The Rap Game #BasedGod

    YO that laugh sound like the bear in zombies when you die lmfaooo

  86. [Ażurë Crįmsøn]

    anyone know what anime the quotes are from ?

    Christopher Perrier

    Shinigami Crimson initials d

    [Ażurë Crįmsøn]

    Christopher Perrier. thanks 🔥💯🔥💯

  87. Luis Fajardo

    r56 turbo spooling! banging!

  88. E46boyz

    we need a Project X 2, love all the fucling initial d references


    damn *fucking

    Erick Torres

    More like project X :second stage

  89. Dylan Mathew

    Xavier really likes to pull up.

    Julia Terry

    I pull up with no hood attached


    and pull off

    Josh Joshson

    Legend has it Xavier is still pulling up to this day

  90. Ethan Semain

    U a beast you need to find a way to chill yourself

  91. EvilX

    cruisin to this alone hits you hard.


    alone music 😀

    Billy Mays

    For real tho

    No Mercy Garage


    Smarter Thanyou

    Evo Pang and high as fuck

    Matthew Perez

    Fuck yea

  92. nonny bomb

    this go hard asf

  93. Thee Parris Hill

    Cruising lovely in the 2014 Eight6.

  94. Billy Mays

    This is beautiful