Wulf, Xavier - MOON STAR Lyrics

Mmm, woah
Woah, oh, oh, oh
Woah, oh
Woah, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh

Girl, why you think you love me?
She looked up to me and said there never was a cause
Okay, cool, and same to you, baby, I fuck with you
And if you wasn't here, I’d be a little lost
I'm twisting up a hundred how I'm supposed to
And all my niggas do the same thing too
I don’t fuck with none of you niggas, I been through with you
I'ma stand tall until the sky fall (Until the sun blue)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

Girl, why you think you love me?
'Cause I really care a little more than what you thought
Okay, cool, and same to you, baby, I promise you
And if I fuck this up, this could be a bigger loss
I'm twisting up a hundred how I'm supposed to
And now my shorty do the same thing too
We don't fuck with none of you niggas, we been through with you
We gon' stand tall through the night fall (Let's let the sun through)

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh, oh

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Wulf, Xavier MOON STAR Comments
  1. Brazy

    hollowsquad !

  2. Jermaine Bradley

    The vibe is crazy!

  3. rest 666


  4. Legend Of Zed

    this so fire

  5. Charlie Lozoya

    skipped thru this song now i cant stop playin it 💯👌

  6. sxxp

    The soundtrack of my dreams

  7. yamaoka

    idk man , i think that xavier been going down lately , imo


    @Jonathan Rodriguez your ass

  8. Jordan

    household name in Dallas

  9. Lee-Roy Munemo

    My homie hooked me up with your music, been hooked ever since💜

  10. Los Mafioso


  11. mary 420


  12. Griffin Fuller

    This song deserves a video.

  13. b l i $ $

    This his best song, all his other songs trash

  14. The Foundation

    If I fuck this up it is gonna be a nigga lost

  15. Justis Nelson

    being an xavier wulf fan is never not rewarding lol

    2keys sela

    His music a reward enough tho 🤦🤦

  16. Garrett Woodard

    Xavier wulf boutta blow even tho he already blew then he gon act like he aint know no body

    یخ شاه

    Hya-hya-hya-hya-hya! *Fang grill smile*

  17. Desolation Trees

    Somehow this makes me feel sad for our planets condition


    Desolation Trees fuck outta here

    Jonathan Rodriguez

    somcop13 You’re talking shit because he feels sad for our planet? You fuck outta here

  18. EMAD ALI

    plz can you uplode the lyrics

  19. Geordie Chicken in the pen

    If u didn't cum in ur pants when listening to this song ur actually gay

  20. Aaron Enderle

    Wulf actually hella good with the singing shit I feel like hes trying to do the trap wiz vibe I fw it he had another song on that last joint that was singing too wake up in the morning smoke a blunt then I get some lunch that was fire af too days routine I believe it is called.

  21. Bianca Garcia


  22. 4nem

    gab3 needa get on the remix

  23. Erick Torres

    This is pure 🔥

  24. In Sync with the Infinite Tundra

    This beat got the Angels speaking to me.

  25. smile

    wulfs onto something here need more shit like this

  26. CROOK

    I need this for wallpaper engine

  27. Fatmanippo

    Damn who the fuck would've thought bruh could sing too shit fye af

  28. RedSkyOG

    Got some kinda peace or pieces vibe to it ❤

  29. Eduardo Esquivel


  30. The One That Killed U


  31. Reed Phelps


  32. isaiah diaz

    Truly amazing thank you wulf!🌌❄

  33. The_Ghetto_Otaku

    Master Flash Yen?

  34. Brian Giatti

    Hollow Squad taking over the cosmo's

  35. TheMW2informer

    Solid Is the squad

  36. thewriter197

    Im not feeling the space shit man. I think its more the beats then logic.

    Charlie Lozoya

    i do. Maybe its because im leaned out and when i smoke dabs i catch the vibe

  37. Welpa Quanita

    Where can I watch cowboy bebop

    Brian Giatti

    kissanime, 9anime aand other anime sites. those are my personal sites

  38. Julian Ortega

    Master flash yen vibe?✨

  39. Alex Lopez

    Everyone fastin up we goin outer space for this album

  40. Sahil A.

    Who drew and animated this? that Man needs credit too

    Khiry Ahmad

    NISHIO does alot of Wulf’s cover art if i’m not mistaken

  41. shotzsn3_tv

    Yo this is super wick I ain't listened to wulf Ina year or so what's happening he used be trill


    listen to space punks, this mix tape is very versatile


    Yea you right it's not that bad the spike tune decent there some wavy tracks in there it's abit soft tho Ethel wulf was hard this tape is ight tho but ain't nutting on project x bloodshore shut up n listen to be continued he used to be mad trill


    Nigga x has one of the most versatile catalogs in hip hop, he’s been singing and doing different shit like this

  42. lizz marie

    wish you made music with sbe/gtb again 😞

  43. Chargers Love

    Didn’t expect this shit but damn everything go 🔥

  44. Marcel Hayes

    X really thee pioneer in the underground


    woooooow u snapped, thank u

  46. Rashid Ibrahim

    I'm on Neptune bumpin this rn

  47. Fuck

    Much LOVE from puerto rico, salute captain. Hollow squad FOREVER


    Fuck pensé que era el único en PR que escuchaba a wulf :v

  48. Stancematic Media

    WHO NI**GA

  49. fuqr

    I need this video on wallpaper engine

  50. FonchCakes

    Ecco2k type intro

  51. Prod. S.A

    Ain't gonna lie bro you don't sound right with auto tune lmao but still heat 🤙

  52. BrandonV

    My favorite song from this mixtape hands down

  53. Tyler

    drain wulf

  54. Andy Cisneros

    Master Flash Yen

  55. Straw hat Luis

    Tho shall not fear thy hollow squad is here to break the rap galaxy

  56. IcySwavey Hernandez

    💨✌🏼 wulf never fails to impress me

  57. Amir Mustafaa

    Flash Yen Vibes

  58. Steven


  59. Brian Mohabir

    Ecco2k vibes #GTB

    lizz marie

    Brian Mohabir ecco2k yes ❤️

  60. Big Red1

    I see you Wulf.

  61. Purp Robnsum

    I love you brotha @Xavier from Tucson Az. I rememeber when you pulled up to the scene. This a gem

  62. Slickk Rickk

    I’m smokin on space dust

  63. Marjorie C

    Wulf really out of this world ~

  64. Daniel Reyes

    This aint it captain

  65. Joel The troubled boy

    Ive been for this banger

  66. Robin Tanner

    This fucking visual is gorgeous, omg

  67. Eddie Rico


  68. keven b

    New project fire🔥

  69. TUNER

    Thank you captain

  70. Devin Ex.

    Free Beats on my channel 🔥🦇💎

  71. Mathias Stormo

    Damn IT so fucking good bruh low🔑🔥🔥🔥🔥☄️

  72. Lucas Romero

    Yes!!! 😍

  73. Sizzler

    Thank you captain. The whole tape is amazing

  74. drippz123

    Im glad he dropping new music past 2-3 yrs he been quiet. Hope theres more

  75. Lavaun W

    X with another flow??? Bro stop killin’ em!

  76. mrpockets

    project x vibes damn

  77. Illusion Cruising

    Out in the solars

  78. cameron

    did anyone else shed a tear to this song or nah..

  79. A N T O N I O F

    Man Xavier been killin Marcelos beats this and Star Dust are both bangers🔥💯💪

  80. tooken kms

    Lowked in my city steady bumpin this 🔥🔥

  81. Polar Guap

    Xavier don't do this to me 😭

  82. Joker



    *The hollowness of the squad has increased*

  84. prod veno

    Blessed af 🙏

  85. joey

    Thx Wulf 🐺

  86. Gerson

    coffin fleet.

  87. ben 152

    This is a on the way to work type of track #frozenfang #hollowsquad

    Deno B

    ben 152 was just thinking that! E way 7am

    Zaraki Kenpachi

    ben 152 heading to work rn! ⚔️💞

    ben 152

    @Zaraki Kenpachi let's gooo!!!!!!!!

  88. Blaculaa_420

    Xavier X Marcello is a recipe for a banger always!

  89. Aaaa

    Flash yen

    Melvin Sandoval

    Aaaa he’s coming back very slowly


    Hopefully we see chapter ten soon the snippet was hard af

  90. Bloodyken

    Ok cowboy bebop inspired i see it

    Harry Litzler

    Bloodyken I think it’s based on harlock space pirates

  91. Owen Shmartin

    Xavier Wulf with the fireeee

  92. MoRgu3

    Never disappoints.

  93. Zoot ed


  94. Hugh Mathews

    good work

  95. Jose Landa


  96. Your Brother021