Wulf, Xavier - In Case They Ain't Know Lyrics

You see me smoking out the weed jar
Plenty blunts inside my car
Police pulled me over just because he like the paint job
Pull out my 180 going crazy screaming "who is y'all?"
Pull off in my M-3
Now I don't remember her
Niggas can't keep up so now they mad as fuck
We don't give no fuck
See me smoking while I'm passing y'all
You don't need no lady boy you crazy she might damage ya
I've been through it all
I can only buy my own stuff
She say she like chocolate I'm Willy Wulf Wonka
I'm only 22 with three cars, I feel accomplished
Could'a had five but I ain't found the two I wanted
She hit me like, "Boy I'm lit, Xay I really want ya"
I reply like, "Who is this?" I didn't save the number
We chillin' every summer legit without the drama
Pull off with my niggas finna eat, we talkin' numbers
We plottin' for the whole year
They won't see it coming
Hollow Squad heading to the top like we need some air
I swear we don't care
We pull up like we live here
See me switching gears in the mirrors screaming "Who is this?"
Put 'em in a moshpit
Play with me, I take shit
He play slick on me, I pull back up, finna break a bitch
I care 'bout my own clique
It's Hollow Squad or death wish
I don't give no fuck
Let me show I ain't no punk trick
I think I better smoke a Backwood 'fore I flip shit
Komodo was tripping tryna use me for a quick lit
I say "Hell naw," took his money and his main chick
I don't give no fuck 'bout none of you boys or who you came with
I'm steady sayin' the same shit because you niggas ain't listening
You bitch

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Wulf, Xavier In Case They Ain't Know Comments
  1. NS Marcigoon

    Tht rick and morty sample


    Steady sayin' the shit, cuz u nigggas ain't listenin'

  3. Weed Wizard

    Underrated Wulf right here. Shit fucking bangs.

  4. Terk strategraffvandal

    How come i didnt listen to this then?

  5. germacam

    I’m only 22 with 3 cars i feel accomplished i coulda had 5 but i ain’t find the 2 i wanted 🥵🎯

  6. slowcoon

    Legend says the song still goes stupid to this day


    slowcoon I still here it everyday mobbing in my s14

    drool uck


    Trayjon Hatcher

    Shit still slaps in the bimmer

    Gianni Moran


    Takahashi Siul

    Yup I was at his concert last week and he performed this one 👌

  7. Indicasesh

    uuu see me smoking out the weed jarrrrr

  8. codemann 719

    tooooo good

  9. Amari