Wulf, Xavier - Dark Moon Fang Style Lyrics

This a freestyle bruh, straight from my brain
This is straight from my powers you feel me? (uh)

Now how can a nigga like me just keep it cool
When fools all around the way, try to act rude
Try to act like they the toughest
Because they don't want nobody to know that they got flaws and they weak at heart
But see me I'm so strong I just move along
I don't say shit to nobody I got a hobby
Swinging my blade across bodies it's nothing if a nigga try me or disturb my peace I'm coming
It's nothing I'm working for my money
Because I got to eat, and I got to smoke
That's just real talk I'm drinking bottles of water because soda ain't good for you
And a lot of juice will give you diabetes
I ain't trying to go down that road like the old people do
I gotta stay healthy my powers is so true
That I gotta just maintain and stay in the mindframe of an insane genius scientist type shit
But I ain't mad I'm just, glad that I'm waking up every morning
Jewels different colors chilling, on the dresser waiting for me to pick them up I just put them on and move along
I got waves outside on the back, just incase I want to go surf
I'm with my nigga Black Kray and we just take over turf
Shout out to my nigga Yung God I know what's up fool
I know you the hardest young nigga out here and these niggas sleep on you
But it's all good I'mma do it like this
Real fuckin' talk, I'mma tell these niggas what the fuck the deal is
And I ain't finna walk away, I ain't never been the type of nigga to walk away from shit
If a nigga got a problem he better confront me or he a bitch!

You feel me? Let me tell you something else to bruh
Let me tell you something else when we in these streets bruh
And you gotta problem with me bruh get the motherfucking hands up bruh
You feel me y'all niggas out here shooting and shit
That shootin shit weak let me tell you about that shooting shit
(Ichigo move! Kenpachi move!) Okay Okay
Hey, if you out here shooting you a BITCH
I said if you out here shooting you a BITCH
If you can't beat a nigga ass with your hands you a BITCH
If you can't beat a nigga ass with your hands you a BITCH, BITCH!
(Gohan move, Trunks move! I'll take it from here, everything's all right now.)

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