Wulf, Xavier - Black Smoke Lyrics

[Xavier Wulf:]
Sitin on a sky
I am high up like things that fly
You could say I am that guy
But then that can get me night
I am chillin and getting by
We hustle then smoke out
I doubt if we run out
I am out swerving about
To street from to my house
My brother got me an ounce
She quiet but smokin loud
I like when she blow O's
I am cold [?]
That's where I left my soul
I am new because they old
My son do what they told
I kill before control
Its taking from a whole
My teeth forever gold
A man that has a go
I smoke along the road
Let truth by some be told
For dark connects you all
But then where would you go

[Chris Travis:]
Wavy ass flow
Wavy ass hoe
Wavy ass smoke
Wavy ass clothes
I keep it trill mane
[?] bitches feel me
Smokin Sour D to supply my energy
Come through and take your bitch by any means
Steezy ass niggas with their gold on their teeth
We don't give a fuck
Nigga that is how we breath
Rub a tassle with they sprite, that is how we lean
Rappers wearing all black, fuckin everythin'
With my nigga Ethelwulf
Blowing hella trees
Money on my mind, bitch I am talking hella green
90s niggas bitch we trill for life on everything
White bitches doing coke and ecstasy
Nose rings fat ass booty ebonies
Skateboard niggas, bitch we off the scene
Hardcore phonkstyle to the extreme

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Wulf, Xavier Black Smoke Comments
  1. blitzotic

    ima raider Klan fan Chris Travis spaceghostpurpe eddy baker exavier wulf

  2. blitzotic

    this fire

  3. trent uzumaki

    they let tha fangzZzz out on this one

  4. Will Inneed

    This bringin me back

  5. DS Inc

    Hands down best song out there🤟💨

  6. Squidward Tennisballs

    real ones still here

  7. Jaz Zamudio

    yea BITCH MY fav song to get FUUUCKED up to

  8. steve nunez

    Rip tp my brotha man we used to slap n smoke to this song all the time

  9. Devo Flexxx

    Where I began my dark journey 🌑

  10. Squidward Tennisballs

    Still kicking in 2018

  11. 0021

    FVCK BXXF 🚫🚫🚫🚫

  12. ryantylerMachete

    This is a legendary piece for real all the boys came out kray smurf wulf chris and then you get the master p ending god damn

  13. SouthFlorida’96

    Play this while youre zooted as fuck.

  14. AUX

    an honor to come across.

  15. Lifxzvb

    2012... wowwwwww. Euphoria

  16. Squidward Tennisballs

    Just saw them last night, really wish they'd play their old stuff. Realest of the real.

  17. Emilio Minjares

    All time favorite song to get faded to

  18. Cathy Witt

    FATASS BOOTY EBONY...SKATEBOARD ok you said everything i luv

  19. Brandon Dominic

    Video by black kray

  20. swamp

    w$vy ass vibes 😌✌️

  21. Icee

    Directed by black kray

  22. Jonathan Garza

    Smurf blessed this track fr. Hella wavey trill shit

  23. Deadeye

    dawg all these years i knew this smaple was familiar



    What is it


    @I_Love_You ANQUETTE I Will Always Be There For You

  24. Temisk

    goddaaaamn these artists participating on this track are legendary 0_0 I mean, Travis + X. Wulf Prod Smurf and Black Kray video!
    those are literally some of my very fav. rappers out there ~

  25. 100 blk

    Fucken gayass sheet

  26. LIZVRD

    Remember hearing this like 4 years ago.. shit changed

    Tristian Sanchez

    shit changin for me today, song hit me today

  27. ken f

    Forgot about this 💀

  28. Marius

    Always looked for that song, heard it a lot in compilations, nice prod

  29. Defy Gang

    Good shxt

  30. Brandon Stacy

    Still slaps to this day 🔥

  31. espinosayoung

    Cold Colorado 💙

  32. IN Pluto

    Dude I remember this years ago back in highschool! This was such a trippy banger, would replay it a billion times a day glad I came across this again 😈💯

  33. Cathy Witt

    this is tha perfect song for everything

  34. rosie

    memories like a muthafvcka

  35. LovenVIII

    🔥📼 2013!!

  36. Cathy Witt

    one of tha best songs ever created

  37. elliot57905

    raider klan for me is the crew very fresh and Real !

  38. Traer Oner

    420th Like, Biiitttccchhh.

  39. alex a

    black smurf made this? or just some dude with the same name kinda


    tripnolace / Yeah its Black Smurf back from the Raider Klan days

    alex a

    Scrappy m8 he was never in raider klan

    Savage Mugen

    @ Scrappy M8,he still fucked with 'em though go listen to his MortalKombat3 mixtape

    JV ck

    He technically was.

  40. Nedarb Nagrom

    my favorite song


    sup nedarb

    Pine Apple

    yo ned man big up to you man positive blessing aheaad

    Memes World Productions

    Hell yeah bother

  41. Lil wifi cal based

    old skool raider klan went crazy💯💯💯, now i dont know wtf is going on now

  42. Traer Oner

    Wulf and Kenshin, Murk every track.

  43. CassettePlaya1

    Fucking 275 classic

  44. Tyler Durtant

    Looks better in 144p

  45. Gabino Villalpando

    What song plays at the end the chopped nd screwed one

    Savage Mugen

    Master P-Bourbons & Lacs 

  46. Joel Dirt

    tyhis shit phonked out nicely

  47. Ben Kahaly

    this is dope af gotta lite up to this

  48. Jonathan Rex

    First thing I heard by wulf n Travis

  49. remi

    prod. Black Smurf

    Savage Mugen


  50. Sir Galahad

    sic but y 240p

    Dizzy Shake

    issa vibe

  51. candyfliip