Wulf, Xavier - 100s And Hope Lyrics

[*cough*] Shit
Yeah nigga last call for alcohol motherfucka
Tip the motherfuckin bartender nigga I don't give a fuck you get her ass some water nigga
Y'all niggas man y'all ain't quit all that motherfuckin' mosh pittin' shit man I'm tryna pull me a bitch man
Y'all nigga pushing all the hoes
Yeah yeah
I know my hoes on the poles got goals too
I'm throwing hundreds on that bitch like I suppose to
And you know a nigga always on the road boo
So it's safe to say that I can not control you
I'm sipping Segrams gin gin with no juice
Them niggas hating on the kid got no juice
But meanwhile I'm the child with them hoes on the road
I got five fuckin' hoes in a four fucking door'
Uh, riding with them sluts
Riding with them sluts nigga
I'm riding with them motherfuckin' sluts fuck nigga
My hoes fuck hoes they don't fuck even fuck niggas
And damn sure ain't fucking with no brokes

I'm throwing hundreds on these hoes giving em hope
I'm jamming powder up her nose keeping her woke
Lets go
Riding with them sluts
Riding with them sluts ridin
I know my hoes on the poles got goals too

[Xavier Wulf:]
You know I still keep it hotter than any summer there ever was
I don't give no fuck bout none of these hoes knowing rappers
Getcha isha till it quicka then ya hit the clicka
You twitter tickled ass nigga softer than my pillow
I pull up with three bitches vanilla, cocoa and churro
Her baby daddy mad cause she wanna see other people
I pull off in the wind and it faster than Genevois
Then I pull up to the scene smoking plenty with all my people
I used to be a zero now commas sit in the middle
I used to hunt for quarters just to get me a McGriddle
I told her call me back bitch I'm busy matter of fact
Don't even hit me back
I do business you back track
I'm East Memphis walking you talking I'm ready to jack
Don't you make us pull up on ya with a little this and some that
Boy with my shit I ain't had me a problem yet
They done messed up my check and put damage to my respect

I'm throwing hundreds on these hoes giving them hope
I'm jamming powder up her nose keeping her woke uh let's go
Riding with them sluts
Riding with them sluts ridin
I know my hoes on the poles got goals too [x2]

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Wulf, Xavier 100s And Hope Comments
  1. 7th Ward Lord

    this shit is too hard goddamn

  2. MostSleptOn Ent.


  3. Paramoral

    crazy good team

  4. Claudiu Munteanu


  5. Ricky Johnston

    Wulf killed it on this track 🔥

  6. Israel Mckenzie

    You fucking suck Brody 😂😂😂😂

    Yeates Ethan

    Israel Mckenzie what? You irrelevant as fuck 💯

  7. Claudia Claudia

    Pushing all the hoes

  8. Alfred Hugecock

    I’m high as shit rn

  9. Nicholai Senchuk


  10. Face Manspeak

    These two kill it together. Got that greeeeeeeezy sound

  11. methew loaf

    im jammin powder up her nose keepin her woke

  12. Lil CapGun

    hollloooowwwwwwsquuaaaaddddd niggaaaa fuck the bullshit WHOnigga

  13. Ethan Semain

    Last call x hit me I'm here now the one u never knew you needed let's safe what's only safe to say ride with those slugs for my boys let me thro some 100s with u that I made u I trust u will find me busy using my trigger finger to catch ur attention East Memphis walking like my trainer now let me walk with u I'm ready

  14. Katie Harper


  15. Handful Of Rag Tags

    best wulf verse in a while

    Luke Groat

    fr jeffery killed it too.

  16. DJ Ditty

    Wulf is fire. who niggaaaaa

  17. DJ Ditty

    wulf goes in on the verse in this song

  18. Aiden

    stay woke

  19. Keety

    Gives me that classic memphis feel. Like some Project Pat.

  20. Big Daddy KyKy

    Bruh when he says tip the mf bartender and get ya ass some water im dummy weak every time 😂💯💎🔥

  21. Kyle Havlik

    damn this shit go so hard

  22. 1579

    this is hard

  23. RoyalSounds


    HB O

    right? why the fuck did Wulf do a song with this trash ass dude.. Wulf's verse was dope though

    Daniel Holland

    Theyre on tour rn

  24. Philandis Pearson

    Yeeee Yeee 👍👍

  25. gexaaklg vyjkreh

    my hoes fuck hoes

  26. death mess

    delete this

    Ricky Martinez

    Taco Two's Day Delete yourself.

  27. Hawk Hugo

    "i know my hoes on the poles got goals too" !!!

  28. Smoke Purpp

    The people dat hate is jus dont care bout dem

  29. frylock

    hotter than every summa there ever was

  30. Irving Salas

    My face literally.



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    Three 6 Mafia and $UICIDE??? my fkin ass prob another sample they stole

    Elena Aguilera

    lil ugly mane x Xavier Wulf!! 💯


    #4 and #8 the rest can suck a dick

    A tribe called Lämon



    smh lying ass nigga

  32. crackhead savage

    idk Jeffery is too fucking hard

    Robert Davidson

    BingestSweetz I saw him and wolf two nights ago shit was crazy

  33. Silicxne Seasxn

    -.- back to suicideboys i go


    David Saucedo it's not being a hipster. if you not a real supporter then don't come back

    Kyle Mooney

    Video Games I can smell the gayness through my computer screen coming off of you

    6yuxng6 6snow

    $uicideboy$ go hard but Xavier is the underground king

    Lil CapGun

    Project Savage panda agreed

    Ricky Johnston

    Suicide boys are weak tho 💀 buncha repetitive ass mfs

  34. hewhomustnotbenamed

    crazy that i was thinking today that this needed to be a thing

  35. josephpa05

    1000 view crew

  36. Space Potato

    jammin powder into her nose keeping her WOKE

  37. Zooted

    this shit is so hard 🔥

  38. Barracuda619x


  39. Hectorstaysgold


  40. Dolo Lolo

    Idkjeffery got next

  41. David Lucht

    This is amazing holy shit, idkjeffrey is fire

  42. salame boi

    salame boi

  43. Clayton Bigsby

    Wulf and Jeffrey snapping, when tf the tape coming out.


    When all the white mans air is gone

  44. funtourhawk

    Holy shit this sucks, guy sounds like he just woke up

    crackhead savage

    Smoove AJ' damn thats crazy lol

    Kyle Mooney

    Suicidal Łung only 1 king of the unederground. have you ever heard of the man, the skinny white pimp? the skeleton man? the blunt gut god? Lord of the under world with the gold chains? His name is Bones, he is the king and has yet to be dethroned and I don't foresee him being dethroned anytime soon

    Suicidal Łung

    Bay Area Killa i really liked his teenwitch mixtape


    Xavier > Bones

    Anthony Tamez

    Suicidal Łung lol xxx king of underground??? Hahahahaha you must be new.

  45. Goerner Kid

    last call 4 alchohol

  46. Nuggy

    Always quick wit it.

  47. Sadboy Christ


  48. Lxrd Knws

    Notification squad

  49. Noah Hartsten

    first in this bitch and it's lit!!!

    rx neddek

    Noah Hartsten no

  50. Dylan King