Wu-Tang Clan - Wu-Revolution Lyrics

These things just took over me
Just took over my whole body
So I can't even see no more
I'm calling my black woman a bitch
I'm calling my peoples all kinds of thing that they not
I'm lost brother, can you help me?
Can you help me brother, please?

You see what we did, we lost the love
I'm talking 'bout the love
The love of your own

But brother, but brother, but brother, check this out
I still don't understand man, I'm all high off this shit man

Well, what I'm trying to say my brother
Why, why do we kill each other
Look at our children, what kind of a future
This is the training thats gonna be given to you
By the Wu, brothers and sisters
(The revolution, the revolution)
It's time to rise, and take our place
Will be televised, televised
So we can inherit the universe
The planet earth belongs to God
This is ninety, ninety, ninety-seven
Every square inch of it
That he chose for himself
Is the best part
Yeah, the revolution should be, televised
By every strong woman
To the highest power
You'll find a strong man
And by every strong man
You'll find a strong woman
Won't you agree?
The universe is not completed
Without the sun, moon, and stars
Won't you be for real?
That's man, woman, and child
To the highest power
To all you fake ass niggas who
Think you gonna survive out here
Without your black woman, you're wrong
They have attraction powers on the planet
I wanna be free
We are original man, the Asiatic black man
The maker, the Arthur, the cream of the planet earth
Wanna be free, yeah
Father of civilization and daughter of the universe
Want to be free, oh yeah
The population was seventeen men
With the two man Indians
Making a total of nineteen men for all
Being, for all men, all over the planet earth
Mandela, Mandela, Mandela, Wu revolution king yeah
Arise you gods, 'cause the time for the revolutional war
That's the mental war
Malcolm X, Malcolm X, Malcolm X
That's the battle between God and Devil
Gonna be free
Take the devil off your plane
Take him off your mental mentality
Take him off your brain
Make a change, from my mind
Leave all the cigarettes and guns
The alcohol and everything
That's the mental Devil that exists within your body
Take this pain
That's destroying and decaying your mind
Take these chains, off my mind
The mind controls the body
Everything within must come out
Want to be free
Don't look towards the sky
'Cause there's no heaven above
Don't look down beneath your feet
There's no hell below
Want to be free
But heaven and hell exist within
Heaven is what you make it and
Hell is what you're going through
There is only one, god
There is a whole new one, faith
There is a holy one
World, revolution yeah
At one time it was told to me
That man came from monkeys, ha ha ha
That we was swinging from trees
I hardly can believe that unless
I'm dumb deaf and blind
Save the children
You ever heard about the ape man
Gonna be free
And the ape woman
Hey, want to be free
You have a mankind
That has a beginning to him
And its ending is about to come
Oooh, yeah
If you take one step
I will take one with you
Through the stormy vein
Swim the deepest sea, with you my brother
I know, you got to be strong
Gotta hold on
Now the story is about to close
It was a hundred percent of us
Save the children
That came on the slave ships
Eighty five percent of our future
They're our future
Was uncivilized
Poison animal eaters
They're slaves of the mental powers
Save the children
They don't know who the true living god is
And all the orchards in the world
Save the children
So they worship what they know not
And let evil lead them in the wrong direction
Far fewer men than right
Now you got the ten percent
Who are rich slave niggas of the poor
Who teach the poor lies
To make the people believe
That the old mighty true living god
Is a spook in the sky
Save the children
And you can't see him with the physical eyes
They're also known as blood suckers of the poor
Save the children
And then you got the five percent
Who are the poor righteous people who do not believe
The teachers of the ten percent
Save the children
Who is all wise and know that the true
And living god, and teach that the true
And living god is supreme being black
Man from within
Otherwise known as civilized people
Also Muslims, and Muslims sons
Peace we out

[Cut to Kung-Fu clip]

I have given it much thought
It seems, disaster must come
At best, only postponed
Shaolin Kung-Fu to survive
Must now be taught to more young men
We must expand, get more pupils
So that the knowledge will spreads

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Wu-Tang Clan Wu-Revolution Comments
  1. ra7 Sun

    Still playing this intro in 2020! #RIPPOPPAWUAKAFREEDUMALLAH

  2. El Wormy

    RIP Papa Wu

  3. Desiderio Gomes

    This is what Wu Tang is about

  4. Delmar Wilson

    RIP Papa Wu. In God body.

  5. Nelkon Nsamba

    Rest in peace Popa Wu. That intro on The Wu-Tang Forever album was Legendary. PEACE TO THE GODS🙌👐🙌👐🙌👐🙌👐

  6. Quavon Hall

    Rest easy Popa Wu!! Wu-Tang gonna hold you down forever 👐🏽!

  7. william wright

    Rest in Power Papa Wu!!!! Thanks for your teaching while you was in the physical

  8. Bout Dat Online

    RIP 7 Papa WU

  9. Anderson dos Santos


  10. MJ Laws

    Fly high Popa Wu 🕊

  11. Lonnie Bandy aka Elbeezy

    Rest in paradise beloved

  12. ra7 Sun

    #RIPPoppaWuAKAFreedumAllah #PeaceGod7

  13. Grind4Yokes

    Rest in peace papa wu

  14. J Conan Smith


  15. Rashida D

    You are all fruit of thy women's womb. Cherish HER🙌

  16. Tayyab26

    ..Muslims and Muslims sons. anyone who reads this comment ponder over this. Islam. study Islam. consider Islam for yourselves as a way of life to live by. Islam is your only salvation from this life and the next.

  17. Garvin Garsdale

    2k19 this track is still garbage. Was garbage in 1997, will be garbage in 2197. Poppa Wu is trash. typical, spoutin "knowledge" that only ignant mf follow. Wu is still bangin tho

    El Wormy

    U a government agent....

  18. maniscalcane

    Based and redpilled, cheers from 2019 Italy

  19. Jesse Goodwin

    As Above: So Below: Here & Now: In the moment we Sew.5%’s here We Go...

  20. Riz Baksh

    2019 fire

  21. Zfleiss er schau wieder

    this song help on the street there i life 15 yoear long & help me friend are frieds but i will bef ree

  22. Peeping Whitey

    2019 type shit

  23. Peeping Whitey

    2019 type shit

  24. Peeping Whitey

    2019 type shit

  25. NYGz

    Best hip hop intro ever

  26. JZA

    Supreme being black man from Asia

    stefan x

    Papua new gineau?

  27. Ghost

    Wu Forever!

  28. Dristan Quant

    Where the fuck did we come from exactly then were we apes then upgraded to humans by reptilians or did humans magically manifest on earth thru Elohim consciousness I know everything derived straight from source but I want to know how exactly humans physically arrived on earth?????? Did sirians from sirius B make us????? How exactly did specifically Asiatic Black man arrive on earth you should of talked about in this song if you truly truly know???? I mean did Annunaki create us or what the fukkkkkkkk???????????? There's a huge gap between the evolution timeline between apes and Man we just appeared mysteriously out of nowhere hhhhooowwww???? Or were we all simply one with creator and one day the Nommos physically created humans thru mixing ape Dna with their DNA i think they did it so Humans/ Apes can once again to be self aware of creator in a higher level????

    Amar Fikri

    Dear soul. We all come from Allah. Ask Him, and He will lead you to the answers for all your questions. Believe and have faith. Peace 💙

  29. ed mack

    Been a long time. #dope

  30. XOXO

    first time hearing this and it touches my soul

    2018 bitches

  31. AdamsFamily78

    You control heaven and hell, in your mind.

  32. johndohio

    Along with NWA's Niggaz4life intro this is in my top 3 intro's for a rap album ! The beat and speech is a cold balance ! So it beats NWA's intro by a long shot

  33. Victor Fekete

    gives such good vibes

  34. Shotta Zulu


  35. No1BRC

    This is nineteen-ninety-ninety-seven!

    ra7 Sun

    Knowledge(1) Born(9) Born(9)God(7)

  36. Razeck Chapaflow

    Wu Forever

  37. Huztle Mane

    I get teared up every time I hear this man the first time I got this on cassette tape very inspiring man Orginal Black Man. Peace 5% die dropping the knowledge to be born Knowledge Of Self .

    Zodiac Trigga

    Huztle Mane I was 13 in 1997 the first time I heard this! I relate bro 💯!!!

  38. Trak Smiff

    2k18 this still fire, I teach my children this same ideology...first exposed to me at 17 yrs old. Wu tang 4ever ril odb

  39. Mohamed Osama

    true facts

  40. Scrunch od


    Huztle Mane

    Scrunch od Word

    Kuro Kun

    Scrunch od u was cavemens nd shiET while WE ARE KINGS.


    ..we still are, but we need to step up and condition our mind like our ancestors had

    Dodger Raider

    All you fools are weird. 8 am white asf I am bumping the shit out of this fire ass shit race only matters as much as you want it to...

    ra7 Sun

    You were in caves

  41. Čamo

    This is pure shit. I cant believe I was listening it in the past.

  42. the click

    B u t we are ancient Egyptians

  43. Sweet With Two Ps Jack

    Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

  44. cincin

    ol skoo real talk

  45. Virtuoso

    The Hotep Anthem

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    real shit

  47. Keith Brown

    New York , strong roots from South Carolina, stay strong.

  48. Karima Cabbell

    evolution is real.

  49. ToroidalVortexLove

    Five Percent Nation teachings

  50. press_keys

    real talk