Wu-Tang Clan - One Rhyme (Skit) Lyrics

The remedy for stress is a day and a rest
A bag of sess, playing chess, yes
My thoughts be sneaky like a crook from Brooklyn
When you ain't looking, I take the queen with the rook then
I get vexed, laying phat tracks on Ampex

[Masta Killa:]
I was basically leaving the hustle life. You know, going to night school striving to get a diploma and transitioning to a legitimate lifestyle. That's what my life was like at that point when I met GZA. He mentioned he had family and brothers in Staten Island that were putting this movement together, this Wu-Tang thing. So one day he invites me to go to the studio with him. I didn't go because I had to go to night school that evening. So the next day he had a tape of what they did the night before. And that tape was an unfinished version of "Protect Yo Neck." When I heard that, everything just became crystal clear now. I never missed another studio session after that. Whenever he told me he was going somewhere I was there. It inspired me to sit down. Let me just see if I can write something. I've never written a rhyme before this. So that's what I did. I basically rehearsed that one rhyme, that one rhyme until I mastered it

"You remember the rhyme?"

It was the "Mystery of Chessboxin'" one

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Wu-Tang Clan One Rhyme (Skit) Comments
  1. Freedive Noob

    Voice reminds me of charlie murphy... r.i.p.

  2. Frick Matic

    Wtf is this dumb shit

    Rupert Plum

    Best beat on the whole thing!

  3. Andre Young


    Andre Young

    This is #POWERFUL

  4. Ahk

    Imagine if the first rhyme you ever wrote was the body Master Killa caught in Mystery of da Chessboxin...😮