Wu-Tang Clan - Of Mics And Men Lyrics

Ten G mics and shit

Mics and men, books and pen
Decent rhymes, hooks and lines
One time, where do we begin?
The gritty rugged lands of Shaolin
Where proud men went from moving crack rocks to moving mountains
Moving crowds and making mothers proud now
Walk out of places where our people wasn't allowed in
I took a high-hat, a snare, and a kick drum
A bass, a G-note, turned it into hit songs
Now every we make forty G’s, nigga please, Killa Bees
Pay a quarter mill for the emcees at night, aight?
I kick it like a Nike flight
25 years later, who thought that we could be greater?
The name of Wu-Tang gets spread on both sides of the equator
The RZArector grew to be a movie director
Still smoke blunts with the Meth and rock mics with Inspectah
Still crash bars with Shallah
And my brother Devon, he still push the flyest cars
But he added a yacht to his repertoire
And they marvel how the Jugger still caked with Tony Starks
While The RZA and U-God still shake the féru d'arts
Cappadonna try to put a hole inside your heart
Jamal Ari push that chess piece across the board
With the sound of a sword bein' released from its sheath
And Ol’ Dirty Shimmy Shimmy Ya from beneath
And Power still got that rugged gear in the streets
It's Wu-Tangs, mics and men, we killer bees
Mathematics stay craft-matic on the beats

I'm in the MKX with the opposite sex
Trying to take her from the suburb back to the projects
Money, chicks, fast cars, that's my obsess
I ain't obligated to nothing except contracts
Honey do you do dirty, niggas is still contacts
Lovin' the babes daily, feedin' 'em blowback
Can’t let nothing walk by but a bubble ass
Get money, pop bottles, then we double the cash
Slip by the shop, other niggas’ll fall back
See Divine on the ocean in the yacht
Flip money bags when our Hulu shit pop
Ferragamo belt with the Gucci bought
Yo, you can't tell me nothing bout the Coogi, hah
When I was the one out there making the shit hot
When you was in the spot, you was just a young snot
I was in the ball game pitching the rock
Wu-Tang forever, we always on grind
Like Diddy told you, we ain’t never gon' stop

Man, have you not heard that one word given will have you missing
Listen to the fly piano, Wu-Gambino soprano
Deck and Dino, owners of their own casino
RZA keynote, Stoudemire, young Amar'e
Flow hotter than the Kalahari
Skipping off the rim of the snare
Every rhyme line rich without the line combined
With the power refined
See my mind shine brighter than Einstein
Shallah pen bleed then the dawn is my time
So run, tell a friend, you can check it on Showtime
It's Wu, Mics and Men

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Wu-Tang Clan Of Mics And Men Comments
  1. Tony Walker

    R. E. A. L. af

    Nothing will compare....
    How do you form a group with members who shot-up they mums crib?


  2. Mark Arandjus

    The main thing that I got from this documentary series is that they're still together. And that make me so happy. 👐
    All these hip-hop media outlets are always pushing wu-tang drama and asking sharp questions to make it sound like they're at each other's throats because it gets clicks, but in reality their bonds ultimately overcome any disagreement they have. They're big personalities, so of course they'll clash sometimes. Superheroes do it too, why not the Wu.
    Just saddens me that they're apparently not that cool with Divine anymore. I understand how it must've been frustrating for Divine, because he is clearly business savvy and probably had a better understanding of finances and contracts and what not, but still it's a shame that got in the way of friendship.

  3. Peanutology Institute

    I had a hard time watching episode 3. RIP ODB.

  4. Justin England

    Canot wait for this, late to the party I know. I'm caught up on 'Wu Tang: An American Saga', saw this and I am ALL over it for tonight. I remember being introduced to an album '36 chambers' because I liked Kung-Fu films, I loved 'Gravediggaz'... So, with this friend we had a 'chill' and I had this album on repeat ALL night. I then went out the next day and got as much 'Wu Tang' as I possibly could. #WuTangForever

  5. Tom Martin

    Wu Tang Forever!


    Absolute Chills

  7. Tai Mclauchlan

    Wu Tang Clan vs N.W.A

  8. CSG Works

    Donde se puede ver subtitulado en español???

  9. tims

    Just watched all this amazing
    R.i.p odb wu forever

  10. Alluviale Daempfer

    The counting down of the names in the end was the wrong order! That's the first thing you learn when you listen to the Wu-Tang Clan. Smh. Can't wait for this, I consider 36 Chambers to be the greatest group album of all-time in rap history. Up there with Nas - Illmatic as a solo act.

    EDIT: Watched the doc and am highly disappointed. Unfortunately it more feels like a 1993 VHS self-promotion.

  11. Hannah Etherington

    Yess love wu tang

  12. Liam Corey

    How and were can I watch the full documentary

  13. Super Unknown

    Just finished watchin this doc and man i got so much more love for wu tang and respect.One thing is when i seen havoc from.mobb deep in it sayin his peice it made me wonder would have been awesome.if.mobb deep were part.of wu tang they would have fit perfectly in the clan no doubt!

  14. HighDude

    What's the song at 1:32?

  15. Kully Virdee

    I wil never forget the first time I heard 36 Chambers, was after school getting high and a kid dropped it... Live changing! #wutangforever

  16. Dave Mills

    Such a powerfull story to tell

  17. Charles De castro


  18. Harls Lee

    This made my day. Peace To The Gods...

  19. Vinyl Monkey

    liked after the first few second. Im proud to say ive seen them all apart from ODB and it was one of the best gigs ever. Rap shows are normally quite shit but this one at Brixton about 6 years ago was amazing!!!! i was doing the W with my hands all night, bobbin along. Cant wait for this!!

  20. Dave Simpson

    Which MF gave a thumbs down?? 🙄

  21. Derek Eklund

    Anyone know the remix instrumental for Protect Ya Neck that they use in this documentary?

  22. HASH

    For anyone that has seen the first episode, what is the track being played during the end credits?? Can't find it anywhere

    Kamal Bouali

    HASH it’s : C.R.E.A.M - Wu Tang Clan

    Chris Sposito

    Lol really?

  23. Christopher Cadima

    where can I see it? Fuck im from spain and I dont know how :///

  24. BlockBoy

    👐 Wu tang forever 👐

  25. Fender Jaguar

    To celebrate Method Man has yet again pulled out of a fucking tour. Unlucky for the thousands and thousands of hardworking loyal fans...... again. Fucking disgrace man.

  26. RoffaboyS

    Wu Tang foreva.

  27. That Boy M

    Hell fuccn Yeah

  28. Sole Stash87

    Wu tang Is for everyone young & old especially for the CHILDREN!!!!! 👐🏻🐝

  29. WuTang- DAVIS

    dude when the f does this Shiznit come out


    What idjut bwoy down voted this!!

  31. Rostafar Hepburn

    whats the songs in this trailer ?? 0:59

    No Bad

    Rostafar Hepburn Triumph instrumental by Wu Tang

  32. arpxdagoodone

    And don't forget: Wu-Tang is for the children.

  33. ethan whipp

    Fuck that brought a tear to my eye

  34. Rihad Jc 11

    What is the exact date someone know? Wu tang is forever! Love from Bosnia!!!

    Nostra De Filmkijker

    This Friday 9PM on Showtime in the US.

    Chris Mclaren

    So what about the rest of the world?

  35. OG McLiddik

    Wu- Tang unites!

  36. kris b

    1 person needs to protect their neck because they didnt know Wu was nothing to Fuck with..

  37. Matthew Thompson


  38. Pekuster

    wu-tang is for the children's!

  39. Lebogang Radebe

    When is this coming out

  40. derka181

    I'm a white 40 year old father from Canada and I got Goosebumps watching that. Took my back to my childhood

    Dave Mills

    40 year old dad from South africa. 👌


    Peace God


    33 year old dad from Germany. Same here.

    DrO 8ighty6iX

    @Dave Mills I'm from Cape Town Bro ' South Africa Respect 👊💯🌍

    Hekima Asilia

    I am 86 year old Tanzanian man and I wud just like to say, 'WU TANG CLAN AIN NUTTIN TO FUCK WIT'!

  41. Niko Dino

    When does it come out

  42. Inscrições Trocando Ideia


  43. 181cameron

    For the Children

  44. wunderlich catt

    very proud

    Premiere Productions

    its going to be great!

  45. Paul Peart-Smith

    Gotsta have it.

    Premiere Productions

    yes can't wait!

  46. Lukazo!


    Premiere Productions


  47. dirtydrunkenmaster


  48. GodzillaXAbudAwwal

    "I could SEE it, rap was just like... oh shit" Ghostface is hilarious without trying lmfao

    Premiere Productions

    Much different now than back in the days!!!

  49. bigel7

    Can you imagine when they start making documentaries about mumble rappers? No? That's because they never will.

    six x

    todays rappers careers dont last more than 2 years so... there is nothing you can make documentary about

    D. A.

    There's a documentary about Justin Bieber and 6ix9ine

    Marley C

    Imagine a doc about lil baby how shite would that be 😂


    There is a Travis Scott documentary out now on Netflix.

  50. bigel7

    I got chills

    Premiere Productions

    can't wait until it come out!

  51. Chris James

    M.E.T.H.O.D. MAAAAAN...

    Premiere Productions


  52. amorbavian

    Will they talk about how they left ODB in prison with barely a visit?

    Premiere Productions

    lets see...that would be dope content to put in there!

  53. Skit Van Darken

    cant wait damn!!! .. realease it !!!

    Premiere Productions

    Highly Anticipated!!!!🤙

  54. ZakiToure

    been waiting on this!!!

    Premiere Productions

    It's going to be a classic!

    Premiere Productions

    same here my friend!!!


    Premiere Productions Can you imagine when/if the movie like nwa

  55. Lia `

    Dude, yes!

    Premiere Productions

    yes!!! 🤙

  56. Tieun Venlo

    Can't wait! much love from Holland <3

    Premiere Productions

    Yes, I'm patiently waiting as well!!! all love here from the US!

    Matthew Thompson

    Canada checking in. Much love to all 4 corners of the earth

    Tim van Bijnen

    Hey Tieun I also live in the Netherlands but Showtime says it's only avaiable in the States.. Do you have information on how to watch this docu?

  57. JeezyKay21

    Finally! They need a movie too! 🙌

    Premiere Productions

    Absolutely! I'll be waiting for that movie too!!!

    To Kai

    here it is: