Wu-Tang Clan - America Lyrics

[Intro: Killah Priest, Raekwon]

"Yeah, youknowhatI'msayin?"
"Aiyyo aiyyo, come on yo yo yo I'ma shoot over here"
"On that AIDS thing"
"YouknowhatI'msayin? I'm gonna just slide in the studio quick"
"Yo, yo"
"And get this done"

[Verse One: Killah Priest]

When you're sexually frustrated, plus waiting for a long time
You both had strong minds
Combined with feelings, she seems appealing
for each other, discreet lover, no longer keeps brothers
Smothered under deep covers
Erotic programs, Moet and slow jams
Enough to make you hold hands
And plus you a bold man
You fall in a manhole, where the forbidden tree grow
And bullshit ego, of fly negro
Whole garden sour, polluted with a dead flower
Months later, he's layin on a respirator
Depending on a generator, to keep his heart moving
And start losing sight in his right eye
In weeks he might die

[Verse Two: Raekwon]

Yeah, uh-huh
I know this dope-fiend cat, word up, his name is Javier
Part-time shooter sharing needles in the stairs
Wise guys disguised as a fly guy
you gettin high right? Weeded up with red shit in your right eye
Youse a menace, your brain cells finished
Begging forgiveness, calling that up top shit syphillis
You know what you was gettin into
Try to guess on what I've been through
Fuck shorty raw then she scared you

[Chorus: Raekwon]

AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo
Coming from the Wu, it's real
AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo
Coming from my crew, it's real

[Verse Three: RZA]

My nigga Chuck, he loved to fuck
Everything exotic bitches down to ugly ducks
Like Nancy, who liked the fancy tickles
so he put popsicles on her nipples to make her sex passion
triple quadriple, until she bust
Overcome with passion, big ass want lust upon him
But nigga he forsake to grab the condom
Fuck it, he said AIDS, was government made
to keep niggaz afraid so they won't get laid no babies be made
And the black population will decrease within a decade
German warfare product against the dark shade


AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo
Coming from my crew, it's real
AIDS kills, word up respect this, yo
Coming from the Wu, it's real

[Verse Four: Master Killer, Inspector Deck]

Caught by the gravitation earth rotation
Six in the sex is deep, when you can't see clear
through the sheer brassiere, toke back
Smoking a spliff, sippin cognac, God
you know my two love songs, Bobby Womack tracks
Got her fat ass layin flat on her back

Yo, as she lay, she wore a silk gray neglige
Alehze pours, the radio play, Marvin Gaye
What's Going On? As she screams Sexual Healing
Couldn't fight the feeling her legs hit the ceiling
Hittin all positions dipped in for quick love
She's professional she does this shit in strip clubs
Flied in June until she Acquired Immune Deficiency
Now misery is the Syndrome

[Outro: Raekwon and others]

Oh shit, God that's wild
Damn, that's some cherry flavor shit going on though kid
For real, knowhatI'msayin?
What about the exotic type
Caskets is waitin for brothers
Word up slide on the joints baby
Before you go to sex take protection
Word up

AIDS kills, word up respect this
America Is Dying Slowly [4x]

Yeah, word yo, sliding up in this store right here
I ain't even playing that man, for real
Dig it
Respect how I'm living kid
Here forever, word up
Lubricated joints, ribbed joints is bangin
But they still playing the hotel door man
Word, you know how that be though, you know how that be
Yo, just gettin to be too old
Chick over there lookin like Sonny and Cher
Over there
America Is Dying Slowly
America Is Dying Slowly
America Is Dying Slowly
remember that! Syndrome, be the resident
America Is Dying Slowly
Wu-Tang, Syndrome, be the resident

Noodles, Bobby Steels, Lou Diamonds, Killer Priest
Rolly Rollie Fingers, Johnathan Blaze, Maximillion
Prodigal Sons, Anthony Starks, Hellrazor
Prodigal Son, and in the place, Sixty Second
Sunz of Man, Gambinos, forever...
Keep it safe!
Ol Dirt Schultz, word up baby
Protect yourself!
Keep it safe

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Wu-Tang Clan America Comments
  1. Kevin Vig

    Coronavirus America's dying slowly

  2. 蔵前鈍次郎

    It could have included one more verse.

  3. Kiko Drunk

    My nigga Chuck, he loved fuck.._

  4. Taxes

    caught by the gravitation earth rotation

  5. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    Ninja's are cool but not THAT ninja. Keep it safe and protected ppl.

  6. Los Boxing

    RZA... No kick drum.. Beat still knocks, legends

  7. GreaterGood510

    Music with a message.

    The entire 90's was my Golden Age for Hip Hop.

  8. 18th Dynasty

    Killah Priest is dope!

  9. Rigby Soto

    Something about this song 🔥

  10. ZeuSLocS36

    1997 I was 13 an I had a killa priest mix tap from nyc, an it only had 30 seconds of this track I was so mad as a little kid b/c I could only hear a small part of this song an back then we didn’t have YouTube google Shazam’s or an type of way to hear music you didn’t know the titles too ....... I can rest easy finally being able to hear this fire track an everyone’s verse Wu 4 life

  11. 2NIPP2

    blaaaaahhhh! from japaaaaan

  12. Smok Biggarton

    Yo Raekwon so detailed when he rhymes


    Deck too

  13. Ill El-Zorro

    RZA created this beat of fire.

    hoody hoo

    Don’t forget the original record.

  14. J Murph

    One of the best groups in history. Dope way to spread positivity

  15. Jack dog

    sepnu pues

  16. Jack dog

    well damn...

  17. The Jeneral J.U.-ICE

    🙏🏾😑This track here kept me aware of women, sex, and how not to get caught up to fuckin' every chick I saw or met as a youth when I was listening to it in highschool. That's the problem with the youth and today's music, ain't nobody kickin' message's like this in music today. 👐🏾u-Tang

  18. Zinskey

    Mmmm I can def dig this timelessly

  19. Lonewolf Bundy 1973

    Wu-Tang Forever.

  20. zonkldz LordamianZoN

    Amor Jesús ley hip hop God

  21. Enemy Killa

    Wu Tang Clan forever invincible muzik.

  22. Jack Trippin777

    Classic I remember getting this one off of the wake up show tape deck was lit with this gem shout out the message knowledge born education for my nation...peace black princes

  23. Jason Gold

    This track and Ice Cream are 2 and 1 for my favorite RZA tracks.

  24. Daniel Salazar

    combined with feelings
    The Rza wTF Dwelling i n the torture chamber niggas cant tell me shit

  25. Spaine Gray

    Beat knocking .. mixed well too. Raekwon versus was 🔥

  26. Trajanus LaRocque

    Killah Priest is awesome

  27. jamel eason

    German warfare pot against the Dark shade Damn SMH

  28. umar barka

    Legend of the wold

  29. D money

    20 yrs later still dying

  30. LEE MUNN

    this was my shit

  31. IrvNJ77

    Quiet in June until she accuried immune deficiency now misery is the syndrome

  32. Andy Donley

    Listening to this track I start off wondering how sick it would have been if Killah Priest had made the Wu, but then in comes the Masta and I remember why there was no space...


    Funny because the story is that Killah Priest fell asleep in the studio and Masta Killa took the opportunity to spit his verse in Da Mystery of Chessboxin

  33. Brian Tucker

    One of their best beats, period!

    Brett Rainville

    @Ness Lee tru

    All wight all wong

    @Ness Lee Say what you want the beat is still tight.

    Ness Lee

    @All wight all wong It's not a bea...nvm


    @Ness Lee almost nothing changed except for the spooky gravediggaz 1800 suicide poisonous remix type sound on the hook part

    Ness Lee

    @killabee4realg right

  34. maineventking

    I haven't heard this in ages! Classic song!

  35. Kellie Hickman


  36. BlackIsBeautiful

    I love how they let the beat rock at the end

    john wilson

    2up2down703 that's because music if this era had the full package you knew u just got some vital knowledge now it's time to vibe off the beat and rewind if you had to. 89-05 and coming back

  37. warnutztheloser

    I Still Bump Thiz shit!

    Eric Walker

    me too!!!!!

  38. Kenyada Carter

    from the sample of Lattimore let's straighten out

    Business Straight business

    Yeah real music . Thanks for sharing the sample


    LEGENDARY ! ! #r.i.p#ODB


    RZA spoke some real shit on this track!!


    +FOURBIGRIMS illuminati


    Overcome with passion Big Ass brought lust upon him butt naked he forsake to grab the condom smh Real Shit




    Deck killed it the most for me.

    Walter White

    Idk man Rza has some weird flow

  41. Big Steve In Charge of the Soul Cages.

    My friday night warm up track...... I became invincible. Protect yourself.

  42. ktfp

    How the fuck can you not like this song?

  43. SI- LINCE

    AmeriaKKKa's Iz Dying Slowly!!!

  44. Walter Mattera


  45. SuperSkaterKid991

    Lol the government probably hired them to make this.

    Kevin Vig

    who cares your dieing slow


    cheezrocka indeed. I'm posses at The fact that he has fin as his profile image. Adventure time is my fav cartoon. at the age of 25 😑😑😑

    grayson 311

    +Kevin Vig you're * dying*

    Suave Citygear

    SuperSkaterKid991 😂😂😂...got em!

    hoody hoo

    cheezrocka lol you right

  46. Afro Records


  47. Ant I. White

    Is that Taye Diggs on that cover? I never noticed that lol


    Last HIPHOP group since tlc to make a song bout aids! Minus the fact it's Wu ...but your favorite artist back then or now made a song like this!


    Hey bro you should check out The Scientist by Sabac Red. I think you'll really like it.

  49. Thrustymeer

    This is my favorite song Wu tang clan forever lives ol dirty bastard method man

  50. Akil Patterson

    rza killed this joint  AIDS is no joke keep it safe family

  51. Mario Ortiz

    I know this dope-fiend cat, word up, his name is Javier Part-time shooter sharing needles in the stairs Wise guys disguised as a fly guy you gettin high right? Weeded up with red shit in your right eye. "Not Harvey Yeah lol"


    Mario Ortiz 😂😂😂😂😂

  52. Akil patterson

    rza murderd this shit aids isn't a joke keep it safe fam

  53. sam hamdan


    Traski Traskola

    BadNewz Verb 🤔😂😂

  54. Derek Girouard

    I purchased this CD the day it came out.

  55. damestoir1234

    song is the truth people dont even talk bout aids no more

    ra7 Sun

    This compilation was done after Eazy -E passed away from AIDS. This was definitely a good way to spread awareness about AIDS getting the biggest rappers of the mid 90's to put the word out.

  56. FantomX1

    3rd view? :) wow i am the first after uploader to hear this gem :D