Written By Wolves - Timebombs And Hurricanes Lyrics

It starts like a landmine
And it ends with me lying face down on the ground
There's safety in phone lines
And whispered "I love you"s that don't make a sound
See, we're like a landslide
You can run all you want but you won't get away
I can't say that I've tried
'Cause you pull like a magnet so I'm here to stay

You make me lose control
The time-bomb's ticking, so
Have mercy on our souls
Four, three, two
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow

It starts innocently
But somehow we know that it won't stay that way
See, I know the ending
I can see the hurricane is coming, baby, bring it on, I say
And scream that you want me
We'll turn the heat up to one hundred degrees
Sound out a warning
Tell them that hurricane is coming, better get out of the way

You make me lose control
The time-bomb's ticking, so
Have mercy on our souls
Four, three, two
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow

We are explosive, yeah, I know
But, baby, I can't take it when you go
This love is like a hurricane
And I can't take it, I can't walk away
This happens when the two of us combine
Oh, send reinforcements 'cause we'll cross the line
Our love is just so dangerous
I wouldn't have it any other way

(This place about to
This place about to
This place about to
This place about to)

You make me lose control
The time-bomb's ticking, so
Have mercy on our souls
Four, three, two
This place about to blow
This place about to blow
This place about to blow

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Written By Wolves Timebombs And Hurricanes Comments
  1. Damien n Diosa

    Too underrated! Simply put!

  2. Allan 3D Productions

    I love everything about this song !!!!

  3. Sami Karjunen

    what country this hurricanes is

  4. Tlaly Tovar

    The drummer more handsome on the world. hahah I love him.

  5. NobleHeart

    You guys need a joint video with One Ok Rock or Back-On your sound is phenomenal and that would be sick to see.

  6. margarita ramirez

    Who is listening this song in 2019?

  7. M Bogi

    O.o | o.O push it

  8. Nicole Smothers

    Just found y'all!! I love you guys!!! 💖💫💖🤘

  9. neknarf1973

    So good !!!!!!

  10. neknarf1973

    Love it.

  11. takdea tadashi

    Is this blow from Kesha?

  12. Daniel Rhoades

    this is almost dance music

  13. pal m

    432😁... 🤗

  14. sky phoenix

    I dont understand how Ive never heard of these guys Im posting them on my facebook I just discovered them and they have blown me away they are very artistic too in their videos and unique

  15. Mystic Flare

    Any way I can get an album or 2?

  16. Robin DeLucia

    Awesome song

  17. The Curious Mind

    Y'all should go talk to Johnny Hawkins from Nothing More about doing a concert together! 🤟🤟

  18. Exo YattaNai

    the fact that you're performing to an empty stage with that much stage presence and energy/synergy makes you totally badass. You guys deserve to sell out stadiums

  19. David Handy

    needs more cowbell

  20. Максим Григорьев

    Где просмотры? Это божественно!! Как эта музыка осталась без внимания?? Bravo!

  21. Judith Mendez

    Acabo de descubrir la banda y ya es de mis favoritas 😎

  22. Анна Пахно

    Лучшее , что я могла сегодня услышать! 🔥

  23. Fugitive Predator

    So underrated..i am seriously obsessed with this band now 👻💙

  24. Amira G.

    Still waiting for y'all to become celebrities just so you'll swing by France for a huge-ass show.

  25. Plush Hunter

    How does this video have so few views? Much love from Germany! Off to buy your EP!

  26. 3 7

    Вы прекрасны

  27. StormBringer 509

    so glad i found this band through youtube written by wolves is definitely my new favourite band

  28. AngryFauxGaming

    Fuck me I can't stop listening to this song everything from the lyrics to the vocals is just so goddamn awesome I wish you guys were more popular

  29. mir egal

    In a few years, this room will be filled with thousands of people ! Keep going, your songs are great :)

  30. Lynda Howard

    These guys are fantastic. I LOVE them. Awesome voices and great sound. They ROCK!

  31. Lisa Madden

    Your music is amazing! I’m in love.

  32. Chrysteen Crysis Technopath

    Does it say anywhere in my history I am self taught in many subjects? Soooooo, you all went by surface information. *grins and shakes my head*

  33. Jeffrey Kent

    50 years old and i like these guys ...wish you success i really do ....catchy pop rock ....awesome

  34. ewelina kaufmann


  35. Patryk Klimczak

    Sounds nice
    That mix of generes doing good work

  36. Lynda Howard

    You guys are amazing! Love all your music.


    Oh myyyyy.. I'm like really obsessed with you guys. You're just amazing.
    Greetings from Costa Rica. ✌

  38. Pizzagulper

    Everything about this video is freaking awesome!! Well done!!

  39. Ms. Trick

    Ughh... I wish i could like this more than once... Fucking amazing song.. x.x

  40. Даниил Веретенников

    Amazing band! Love all the songs! Hope you will come to Europe one day :) Greetings from Czech Republic!

  41. Kabz

    this band about to blow UP

  42. Loretta Tay

    this band is amazing. any album to purchase?

  43. Lisa

    GREAT band ! Amazing Talent !

  44. Something_Wrong

    You guys are probably the best band I have ever seen tied only with "Starset". Why don't they play this on the radio?

  45. Wendy White

    I love this song!!! It is the first song I heard by Written By Wolves.

  46. Wauhya Goshen

    One might not believe a band could have all this bass-beat w/o a bass player but you have it guys. Dogs Rule !! Kinda, just kinda feels like the energy from a band called "Moments in Grace." the song was "stratus." Just went to listen to "Stratus" and wow the singer sounds a lot like you guys and even the sound is close. "Not afraid to die" is still my fav.

  47. Chris Ortiz

    This song sounds amazing, though I can't figure out exactly what sound the guitarist are making. They seem to be strumming a lot and not actually contributing to the sound at all, are they just there to look cool? Im confused.

  48. Kenneth Gulbranson

    This is sick! So new!!! AHHHH

  49. Виталия Макушевская

    Can't stop listen to your songs since I found you on Youtube because they are so amazing! That tune makes goosebumps! Hello from Ukraine!

  50. Elizabeth Gonzalez

    I was listening to rock Christian music and you guys pooped up. BEST FUCKING DISCOVERY EVER!! My 3 Beautiful Daughters and i genuinely love your music!! Much love from Los Angeles .CA 💖💖💖💖

  51. Lital

    I love your music videos, it's trully an art! :)

  52. Canal Migrado

    I love you guys <3


    What makes me smile about this song is that it's very upbeat and you guys just look like your having a blast just performing it :D

  54. Ethan Wonderly

    I look forward to y'alls record release

  55. Danny _C

    I can't leave without listen you once a day

  56. Danny Chatzi

    I listen to you every moment of the day!!!!😍😍😍😍

  57. Roshan Ghosh

    Awesome work again!!!!!........ Keep the views coming!!!

  58. Julia Kathmann

    I thank YouTube so much for recommending me your band. You guys are amazing!

  59. Andrew Albright

    when is the album!!!!!

  60. Digital Distractions

    You can’t judge a band by the first song you here from them so I looked you guys up only to find a bunch of singles! I’ve noticed more & more bands doing that these days... How about you stop being a Vaginasaurus-Rex & release a full album

  61. Katie Coleman

    A couple songs in and I'm craving more. Y'all are AMAZING!

  62. SoulKiller7Eternal

    That drummer is having to much fun lol

  63. Zadrox Dark

    Toparse con esto es maravilloso

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    This song is sooooo amazing I love it so thank you, Written By Wolves I have only just started to listen to this song recently and I just think its a moving song without a doubt :)

  65. adtr

    I just can't understand why you guys have so little attention...! You are incredible! Keep this up please 😍

  66. Liquid


  67. Antrider Z

    God, I love ALL their songs, but this one holds a special place in my heart <3 Is or will there be an album? I need to get my hands on a CD!

  68. Ronnie Allen

    If I had a time machine I would go to the 1960's and show the people this song and their minds would be blown like if their brain was the time bomb

  69. Hasie

    Damn this my jam now :P

  70. WarriorCatsLover

    You guys are so damn awesome! You are somewhere in my top 3 along with Starset and No Resolve. Love you guy and keep it up!

  71. Mercè Álvarez Castellà

    I recently discovered you... I'm addicted!! AMAZED is the word. Greetings from Barcelona ;)

  72. Sport Horses

    This Should Be #1 On The radio!!!

  73. Linda Thetford


  74. Bubble gum Tube

    So awsome love it!

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    Athena loves ur offering! Did u like my hurricaines 2 answer ur prayer ♡

  76. Lucifer Morningstar

    Found you guys on due to luck via recommended list, first ever song was Not Afraid To Die and you guys are epic, how your youtube only has 21k subs is just beyond me.

  77. Presleyy7

    You guys are amazing, I found out about you last night and I'm already in love with you're music. I don't know how you're not bigger, you guys are great.

  78. Macarena Aragón

    Love your music!

  79. Shelby Taylor

    Oddly enough i found this reading a story about werewolves O.o But now i cant seem to leave~~ Kudos ^.^

  80. junheescake

    A M A Z I NG ! I'm a new fan from Hungary ;) 💕

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    Were any of the members in Shotgun Alley? Sounds so similar at times, just wondering!

  82. Rahaf

    I'm sooo in love with this song 😭😭💚 you guys are the best

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    You guys are so underrated:( you should have millions of views wtf

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    Is there anywhere I can find the music for this?

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    Best thing to come out of NZ since Dan carter

  86. Pitch Adder

    Best band I've stumbled upon in a while!! Adding you guys on Spotify as soon as I can!!

  87. Bishop of ben

    Seems like every song of yours always gets me pumped up and ready for pretty much anything. Usually that tend to be me singing (very poorly) to your songs. Keep up the good work lads!

  88. Edenka

    I love you so muchhhhh!! Your songs are awesome! ❤👽

  89. Jamie Forsyth

    That has to be the greatest sound ive heard all year!

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    You are the best. I love your music

  91. Christian Agudilla


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    <3 i love it

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    Where have you been before :'D

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  95. Wolfskralle 123

    Hey, I wanted to know when you release your new songs on Youtube, because I can't wait to listen to them, but I haven't got Spotify or something else

    Written By Wolves

    Wolfskralle 123 they are coming very soon! Just in editing stages now!!

  96. Lydia Luminia

    Damn there is an amazing energy in this I love that!