Written By Wolves - Pretty Lies Lyrics

I've been starting to accept that
Maybe this is all there is and
Dreams that I've held in my head should be forgotten
Just forget that you thought you were bound for greatness
Rock and roll could be a savior
Keep that to yourself
And just fit in

Don't stand out or they'll destroy you
Words are sharp and filled with poison
Every step that you take forward
They'll pull you back a thousand more
So give up your imagination
Take the pill, it's just sedation
Be a member of society

That's not worth living for
I won't be afraid anymore

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

You close your eyes and dreams start racing
Feels so real that you can taste it
See the crowd and all their faces
Hear them screaming out your name and
Wish this was more than a vision
You could break out of this prison
Taking back control

Feel the fear and let it guide you
Let the fire burn inside you
Think of all that they've denied you
Remember and use the drive
You've always had, but buried deeper
You give up, they get what they want
Don't let them win

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

I'm sick of all their pretty lies (woah, woah)
They sparkle like a blade (woah, woah)
But I will make damn sure
That I will not die wondering
What could have been
I'll take nothing to the grave

That's not worth living for
I won't be afraid anymore

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

Like a thief in the night
Armed with their pretty lies
They will haunt you
Consume you
But you can't let them win
Let the fear be your friend
Let it guide you
Fulfill you

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Written By Wolves Pretty Lies Comments
  1. Chris Me

    I don't know when WBW first got together but i thank the stars, Sun, and planets for aligning just right that day to bring us this amazing band!

  2. spicy lemon

    His energy is just so contagious

  3. EUnicorn

    Seriously, how has this band not gotten more attention

  4. Will B

    "Like a thief in the night"
    I love that section of the chorus Soooooooo much. But it sounds kinda familiar for some reason, does that section of music appear in some other song? Or is that voice up-and-down thing he does the thing tickling my deja vu?

    If theres a similar song I kinda really want to hear it. (Not accusing plagarism or anything, multiple musicians stumbling on the same sounds or having similar inspiration seems way more likely to me)

  5. pal m


  6. Jenny Barnett

    I love the jumping!

  7. neknarf1973

    This is one of my favourites.

  8. Otis Laurence

    holy fuuuuck the guitar bahador is using is the one i have at home aaaaa

  9. ockert fourie

    This rock's

  10. neknarf1973

    OMG.......I'm screaming !!!!
    What a revelation.

  11. Hungry cat boi

    Some time ago, this came in my spotify suffle. I am thankful that it did, because i love your songs and guys so fucking much!! Most of your musicis perfect for workout, like this

  12. Sub Edge

    Where the hell were this band all my life?!

  13. Shad3rEVO

    I was listening to this song one night when my neighbor's dogs started barking in perfect sync with the lyrics. XD

  14. Don't Catch Yumiva's B_itchorona

    This is a good band to obsess over

  15. ArveL JL

    Alguien k hable español :"v

  16. Miss Independent

    How awesome is this song?

  17. Soviet_Hedgehog

    Noticing a trend in these comments...

  18. Jessica Myslinski

    awesome song

  19. 長勢鋭児

    Damn these dudes sure jump a lot !

  20. SIO plus Gacha equals life

    This song is awesome, just like every other song by you guys and- OH MY GOD MY I JUST REALISED MY PHONE IS CRACKED AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

  21. Joshua Lakin

    "How do you stay fit?"
    "Oh i just jump a bit"

  22. Matea Omazić

    My teenage self would have loved you guys! Not to say my adult self doesn't, you're awesome! 😁😍

  23. Salah Monzoor

    Don't give up. You guys are gonna be up there. I know it. Keep it up

  24. RickyfiedGaming

    Why am I just discovering these guys now??

  25. Emily Bishop

    the music is so encouraging and makes me feel alive, well done Written by Wolves, love you guys <3

  26. Jeffrey Kent

    these guys are good ...i wish them success

  27. Alejandra Radioactivo

    Son geniales! 💖💖

  28. TheRealBambihooves

    Dudes, you are just one big bag of crack the whip badass, you know that?? 😙😘😚😍

    Written By Wolves

    Well shut the gate we didn't till now! We've been called a lot of things but 'crack the whip badass' is definitely our favourite! You are awesome!


    Written By Wolves No. YOU are awesome. I know awesome talent when I hear it and you guys have it in spades! 😘

  29. Djan Maury YouTube Channel

    Greetings from Brazil 👏🇧🇷👏🇧🇷👏
    Good song!!! Muy bueno!!! Dahora demais!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  30. Shad3rEVO

    Am I the only one who thinks that the lead singer almost looks like DanTDM?

  31. satellites1

    Burner Track


    What guitars were used?

  33. Innocent but cursed

    To see how much fun y'all obviously had makes me so happy omg

  34. Vanda Gilbert

    You guys seriously need to do an album. Awesome awesome awesome stuff guys

  35. Carley Lawson

    I really like yalls songs. it's cool and sounds amazing.

  36. tiya fello

    im obsessed with the guitarist with long hair like damn he is attractive. also love their songs.

  37. Krystian Cygnarowicz


  38. Lilith Baphomet

    Love it ♥

  39. Djalil Benadis

    2018 !?

  40. Radek Bielak

    After watching some of your videos, it looks like you really like jumping xD

  41. Robert Crouch

    Awesome... love the Harvards in the background.

  42. Just Me

    The most underrated song and band ever!

  43. Tuke Lee

    They think they're bunnies

  44. Alpha Wolfie

    I just discovered you guys, I really enjoy your music, I hope that your other songs are same good as this one ^^

  45. Reina Aqua


  46. Natan Rechia nunes

    Banda topPP

  47. Katja Snygg

    I just can't stop listening to this song. Simply amazing job you guys, it's such a motivational kick-ass song! Love the lyrics! ❤
    Keep up the good work you guys!
    Hopefully I'll get to see you guys live at some point. :)
    Lots of love from a fangirl in Finland 😉❤

  48. Jennifer Earabino

    New fan....damn

  49. Jennifer Scott

    Try x1,25 speed - Thank me later

    Fatih Göktuğ OKAN

    thank you :D <3

    NitrousVx Revamped

    Thanks 😁🤘

  50. Bruni 브루니 Song

    2:38 is fabulous

  51. M-J Carbonneau

    Best song from this band by far.

  52. Mijail Merino


  53. Roberto Mejía

    What guitar is the Black one?

  54. Adam Walker


  55. Purple Genesis

    this was the second song i found from you guys, my first was "Not afraid to die", now i'm hooked on "To tell you the truth" Tbh i don't know which i like more. Keep up the good work guys!

  56. Dominique Strydom


  57. Lisa

    Wow..... i Love this song and seeing you in video ! You Rock ! AMAZING Written By Wolves much Love Always ! Lisa from Twitter ;'


    this band is addicting

  59. Shelby Taylor

    2 videos in and i notice that they like to jump...lmao and ive been laughing for like 5 now about it But i makes it even better~~

  60. Rahaf

    i guess it's not normal to replay the same song for 24 hours...but who cares ! it's a fantastic song

  61. ChildOfThe Ivy

    You guys sure are having a blast.

  62. Henna Maria

    I was listening to Andy Black on Spotify, this came on and I was like "How have I never heard of them before?" 'cause this song is fucking amazing! Now I'm gonna check out rest of their stuff, hoping it's just as goooood 👌This song is the bomb!

    Henna Maria

    Aaah, so I went on a mission, listened to bits of some of your other songs and I'm loving it! Not a single one that I don't like in there, so that says something. Too bad my friends aren't that into rock, I'd totally recommend you guys... Oh well, I'll try anyway! Basically you just got a new fan from Finland, that's all I'm saying! 💪💙

  63. Chance Hamilton

    Dude these guys are on par with Three Days Grace Breaking Benjamin is so much more I hope they go to all the way up the charts

  64. wwuzup


  65. Kona Gilbertson

    Absolutely not my usual "style" of music BUT ... WOW! ! Amazing band and look forward to more !

  66. Sandra Sculls

    This is now my all nighter energy song! I love your work!!!

  67. Alex Reallyreallygoodname

    I'm starting to think that YouTube just puts on a random amount of dislikes on every video. That's my only explanation for why this video has any dislikes.

    Written By Wolves

    Alex Reallyreallygoodname haha we like that theory!! 👊🐺

  68. MrJuniorer

    Wtf?!!!! Where has this band been all my life!! They're freakin' awesome!! :)

    Written By Wolves

    MrJuniorer what matters is you have found us now 👊🐺


    Written By Wolves That is all that matters! 😊

  69. Samar Dev

    Guys your music and energy is awesome! I just discovered you guys and I'm totally hooked to your songs. Try to make your video more enticing with some props :) best of luck

  70. Evelin Patrícia Bartha

    Amazing *.* nice job guys

  71. Rahul Ray

    These Wolves are motivation!! Awesome Guys 😍😍😍

  72. Shalom Antony

    Why does the starting sound like Genius

  73. Unigamer derp

    man this song is awesome!! (can believe it's underrated though)

  74. Negative Assassin

    You guys are quickly becoming one of my favorite bands, and I think that it is incredible that, even about 2.5 years later you are still replying to comments.

  75. JamcraftHeretoPlay


  76. JamcraftHeretoPlay


  77. DR. Ashti Lightwood-Kuran

    Guys you are amazing keep up the amazing work! Your music along with my support is what keeps me going so strong right now, you should get a lot more subscribers than you have right now.... Become famous and well known! #WBWpack

    Written By Wolves

    DR. Ashti Lightwood-Kuran right on!!! We are so stoked that you are digging what we do! Thank you so much for all of the support - you are awesome! 👊🐺

    DR. Ashti Lightwood-Kuran

    No problem guys-- you guys are awesome too!

  78. Lea Stein

    Well now it's official... I am a fan !!! Your music is awesome #_#b

    Written By Wolves

    Lea Stein it's also official that we think you are awesome! Thanks for the support! 👊🐺

  79. Wolfskralle 123

    This song is just amazing. I found you just a few days ago and i like the music since the first time I heard it

    Written By Wolves

    Wolfskralle 123 that is awesome! Thanks so much for letting us know!! 👊🐺

  80. Sleepy Bread

    This song speaks to me and I love it! Can't get enough

    Written By Wolves

    Luna Miki right on! We are stoked you dig it! ❤️👊🐺

  81. Lynne Njoroge

    Newly Subscribed!! Loving your music, I missed this sound from bands.

    Written By Wolves

    Lynne Njoroge that's awesome! Thanks so much!!

  82. Moi Moi

    discovering you today , love you forever

    Written By Wolves

    Moi Moi and we will love you right back! You are awesome!

  83. Class X fied

    Just found these guys, and my gosh. New band to obsess over! This is great!

    Written By Wolves

    Class X fied that is awesome! Stoked you dig it!

  84. Nikola Sheb



  85. Kisa Kurosawa

    We need more music like this now days. It actually has meaning and the lyrics are amazing. I love this song!!!

  86. kaydee

    i downloaded this song on itunes, you're so good! i'm planning on downloading more songs of you

  87. แค่เด็กรัฐศาสตร์ ที่ผ่านทางมา

    i like this chanel

  88. trashjmf

    OKAY. You really should consider coming to Greece. I just HAVE to hear you live.

  89. Jenna l

    holey fuck you guys are amazing You have to tour Canada when you are huge! I would LOVE to see you guys live.

  90. Connor

    Song's great, but why do they keep bouncing XD

  91. Ashley Sebei

    Eek! i know my knew favorite band, plus i think the main singer is kinda hot XD

    cAndLe wAx rusty

    Kinda? Pretty sure it's very...

  92. Logan Semones

    You guys are awesome.

  93. Rōnin Samurai

    I will never get tired of this song! I love it!

  94. Marie DB

    You've got "it"......perseverance!

  95. Fletcher Wharton Stone

    I never thought you could watch a song so many times and get bored until now. great song

    Written By Wolves

    Oh man that is awesome! So pumped you dig it! Thanks heaps for letting us know!

  96. sara beckhouse

    you guys are amazing live i cant wait for more gigs and jumping around like a lunatic :) :) :) please like my comment Michael, Karl, Davie and Bahador