Written By Wolves - Not Afraid To Die Lyrics

I see you coming, but I won't step back
We don't take kindly, being under attack
I hear the fear in every word that you say
I love the danger, let the wolves come out to play
The crowd, they gather on the street, and they want blood
I'm not a hero but the fight is like a drug
You've only got 10 more paces to live
Enjoy your last moments, they're my gift to give

And then the moment, it hit's you
Adrenaline to the heart
Never let anyone beat you
Not about to start

I'll be the loaded gun
The only one
That I will ever need
And when my time is done
The battle's won
Will you remember me?

We'll write it cross the sky
Won't look back and say goodbye
This is a battle cry-y-y
I'm not afraid to die

I count the final seconds, 3, 2, 1
My fingers twitch around the handle of the gun
I turn and shoot and as the smoke clears away
Your problem's gone, I live to fight another day
My job is done so now I'll ride out of town
I'm sorry honey, but I'll just let you down
You'll be addicted the moment you kiss me
But I only do love when it's soaked in whiskey
And then the moment, it hit's you
Adrenaline to the heart
Never let anyone beat you
Not about to start

I'll be the loaded gun
The only one
That I will ever need
And when my time is done
The battle's won
Will you remember me?

We'll write it cross the sky
Won't look back and say goodbye
This is a battle cry-y-y
I'm not afraid to die

I'm not afraid to die

We'll write it cross the sky
Won't look back and say goodbye
This is a battle cry-y-y
I'm not afraid to die

I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to die
I'm not afraid to die
This is a battle cry-y-y
I'm not afraid to die

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  1. BIBLE STUDY 101

    Heads up! Last days warning! JESUS is coming... That means judgement day is coming! Repent from sin and turn to JESUS while there is time!

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    I'm not afraid to die..

    I just walk it off.

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    vid was posted on my bday nice!

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    I was just reading one of my journals from when I was like 7 and I said this was my favourite song WHY WAS I SO EMO I WAS LIKE 7 SMFHHHHH

  7. Moon Shadow

    I just noticed this is basically a western in song form

  8. Thomas Walker

    A mercenary that loves the thrill of battle.

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    unXpected always picks a good song like this

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    Quiet kid:pulling out an ak47:I'll be the loaded gun

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    This is the song you play before going on a murderous rampage.

  29. Tammy Conner

    Such an awesome song👊👊👊

  30. TB 3300

    The start reminds me of DOOM.

  31. Vladimír Petija

    This song is huge. It helped me coping with some addictions I have.

  32. Pidtada No R. Zoro

    You remind me to Clint Eastwood.

  33. Nina _Dark

    'Cause is the end, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid to die-
    Ah, sorry.

  34. Jess Baker1116

    "You'll be addicted the moment you kiss me. But I only do love when it's soaked in whiskey"

  35. Android 21 Ozaru

    I love this song 🖤🤘😈🤘🖤

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    Only discovering them now.
    Was I living under a rock ?

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    V-vash is that you?...Vash the stampede? So you did have theme of your own you bandido

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    This sounds like straight out of ace combat

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    Great song. I've been focusing on finding unknown and underrated rock music. This song has been added to the playlist.

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    Great tune!

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  42. Bella Rayne

    It reminds me of accepting the death of a dream and creating a new path from it's ashes.

  43. DarkenNightmares

    When someone pushes you to the edge then you listen to this song and it relates to your life

  44. Peter Major

    Love this song... but i like the secret sessions version more

  45. Myria83

    "You’ve only got 10 more paces to live,
    Enjoy your last moments, they’re my gift to give." That's some really cool stuff...

  46. xxblazingninjaking

    Omg found another song today I already love in like the second it start

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    I finally found it again!

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    u really would kill for me for real?

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    when the channel is for heavy metal but the song isnt heavy metal

    ignore me i still love lyrics and this channel

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    God knows.

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    This song saved my life

  52. I'm Watching You Sleep

    I feel like Lionblaze from warriors represents this song

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    This would have been perfect theme music for Borderlands 3.

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    Can I get a witness

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    Need help f8nding lyrics in video whetes the, sorry honey just gonne let you down

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    I love this song

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    I found this accidentally and ended up loving it! How does that work...??? Whatever. I'm happy it did!

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    Good songs/jams
    Blends well 😏

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    Love from Quebec xxx

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    i love my friends for sharing amazing music like this to me when i'm feeling down

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    I didn't know wolves could write 😅

    silverwolf steve

    Turns out they can sing too lol

    Buttercup Kitty Penguin Wolf

    Lol to both

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    This song would be a good song for a milatary vid

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    It looks like 842 people are afraid to die.

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    it.s my honor to u

  70. LALAJI Little

    awasome singer

  71. Aquamic Does All

    this song is in need of a hard asf beat drop... i think it'd have been much cooler with a out of nowhere beat burst..

  72. Avv Washington

    Not Afraid To Die

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    yea keep em coming

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    Mind blown.... Brain dead.

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    So crazy to think that wolves actually wrote this. Such amazing creatures!

    silverwolf steve

    Ikr? lol
    And sang it too :-)

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    When you come in 10th place in solo on fortnite

  77. bleachbleachBLEACHER

    1.25 speed.

    You're welcome.

  78. DragonFruit Chan

    I love how 90% of the commenters haven't even heard of Written by Wolves before now lol

    If your looking for other stuff by them I would recommend 'Follow me' or 'Apathy is a hell of a drug', they're my favourites. ^-^

    silverwolf steve

    Or "explode"

  79. Rei the Otaku

    Welp thanks to clicking on this video I think I just discovered my new favourite band!

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    This is amazing, never hear of this before but Damn 😁

  81. Golden FanGirl

    "And they want blood"
    Me: Gallons of the stuff?

    I'm sorry

  82. Ashley Soto

    Not afraid to die? I constantly seek out and invite my own ending to this bullshit daily battle of giving everything for nothing!

    silverwolf steve

    Well,this actually means the same
    If you want to die,then you're definitely not afraid to die
    Btw,i know the feeling

  83. Collin Deal

    ME: but I AM ALREADY A WOLF!!!

    silverwolf steve

    Favourite line in the song,hello my fellow wolf

  84. Azuris Gaming

    This song reminds me of the band All Good Things.

  85. sergio rodriguez

    I use this for my gaming montage music when i have to clutch a game

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    trying to be skillet much

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    There needs to be a one punch man music video using this. Its just so perfect.

  88. Cheyenne H

    I can relate to this so much. I love it.

  89. TsukiAquaMoonCat

    You know what I just noticed? The red background looks like a real heart.

    silverwolf steve

    Kinda yes

  90. Stevie Lynn

    This song would go AMAZINGLY with the tv show Jericho.

  91. HT82 Smash

    I guess I should thank my brother for introducing me to this song. He played it during a game of Call of Duty we were playing

  92. Lillian Swan

    I'm blessed that I've found this band.

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    if you work a third shift with hot molten fiberglass presses and then work days digging holes and straightiening stones?...awsome tune!!!

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    wtfffffffffffffffff what a song thats fucking rocking man love ya
    and your channel you deserves more subscribes and likesssssssssssss!!!!


    So 754 people are afraid to die.