Written By Wolves - Lights Lyrics

Darkness falls in a place you once called home
With each fleeting ray of sunlight
You find you're feeling more alone
You're left searching for
The sparkle in your eye
The faintest flicker of a flame
To remind you you're alive

Don't let the light burn out inside of you
I won't let the light burn out inside of you
The darkest days and the longest nights
Light up with just a spark
I won't let the light burn out inside of you

Remembering back
To a time not long ago
But all that's left is ashes
Blackened memories turned to coal
But embers glow
And if you blow
You can make fire out of dust
And we'll be there
To stoke the flames
And watch the night light up

Don't let the light burn out inside of you
I won't let the light burn out inside of you
The darkest days and the longest nights
Light up with just a spark
I won't let the light burn out inside of you

But if you lose the light
And you can't fight
The feeling all is lost
And the whispers in your head
They turn to screams
And just won't stop
Just know that we'll be here
To help the fire inside break through
I won't give up
I won't give up
On you

I won't let the light burn out inside of you
The darkest days and the longest nights
Light up with just a spark
I won't let the light burn out inside of you

Don't let the light burn out inside of you
I won't let the light burn out inside of you
The darkest days and the longest nights
Light up with just a spark
I won't let the light burn out inside of you

Don't let the light burn out inside of you
I won't let the light burn out inside of you
The darkest days and the longest nights
Light up with just a spark
I won't let the light burn out inside of you

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Written By Wolves Lights Comments
  1. Евгений Погребняк

    к сожалению не стрельнула группа... а так ничего даже)

  2. Jessica Smith


  3. Tasty Not tasty

    You should list a hoverboard listing on Amazon and place the link into the description here under the video. That way you guys can make extra cash.

  4. Alessandro Castillo

    I really love it this video because I can see that this boys are really friends enjoy stay together make jokes between they for example the kick that one give other and other crazy things , congratulations boys

  5. Finley Hearon

    What the fuck
    It's a good song, but I'm just so confused

  6. juliet sayre

    Not a single song from these guys has disappointed. And what an adorable video!😚

  7. Onyx Fenrir

    These guys are embodiment of true friendships

  8. Kitty Kat

    I love this band. The first song that was suggested to me was Not Afraid to Die and I absolutely loved it.

  9. Noxz

    Take away the bären hunger!

  10. TheRealBambihooves



    By watching this video I can tell you all love each other and hold each other close. Great message guys. Keep it up :)

  12. Sounds in Projects

    Wow !!!!!!!✌🖒

  13. Tofiam

    It sounds really deffrent than other songs I am used to by WbW. I don't like it and I am not sure why.

  14. Frost Soul

    Make more music like this

  15. Anime Wolf

    love this music video

  16. Tuke Lee

    Wonder how much they got paid to promote the boards.

  17. Steve Pierre

    I just discover you guys, I hope tremendous success will come because you guys are awesome. Love from Malaysia!! 😘

  18. American Patriot

    Came here because of my mate Borna, 100/10 would listen in a loop

  19. FeatherWalker


  20. James Aldrich

    Awesome song guys as always! To my favorites you go!!!!! Cheers 👊🍺

  21. 连苏Liansu


  22. Christina Blakeborough

    Just discovered you guys about a month ago and you're music is definitely playing on repeat throughout the day. Come up to Vancouver, Canada! If not I'll have to try and see a show when I'm in Auckland next time.

  23. Shelley Hernandez

    Athena loves ur diamond offering! U remembered me & i will accept ur fire as mine 4 its the most precious offering ever <3

  24. Frost Soul

    A question that will go through time for ages. FOB vs. WBW


    I vote for WBW lmao

  25. Hannah Hales

    I feel like I'm breaking goth rules by acting like a goof and singing along to this 🙊🖤

  26. Vini Lourenço

    Me and some friends needed to hear a message like this song. Thanks, guys, you're awesome! We'll all be the brighest flame in the darkest night.

    Written By Wolves

    Seasky that is awesome to hear, we are so glad we could help! Don't let the light burn out! 👊🐺

  27. Farena Khan

    I'm here from the Elastic Heart cover. Loving all of your songs! Glad of my new discovery. Keep it up guys! 😍😍😍

  28. vipergirl 420

    I fucking love your band you guys are amazing

  29. Stefan Branescu

    Well, i think that I just became gay...

    Written By Wolves

    Maiev Steelsong we'd date ya 😂😝🐺

  30. mel /

    Have you all had to learn how to move with these just for the video? that would be so funny

    Written By Wolves

    meli :3 haha we totally learnt how to ride these just for the vid! There are some pretty funny out takes - we were so bad to start with haha

  31. Dust

    I really have to say guys... Your music cheers me up so much! You guys sound very unique! I love the fact hearing your music and know directly who is playin'. Even if it sometimes comes hard and maybe will be not that easy. Keep going. Cheers from Germany and much love!!!!

  32. That Singer Elias

    Only heard 3 originals and a cover but this is my new current favourite band oh my damn

    Written By Wolves

    That is awesome!! Thanks so much dude!

    That Singer Elias

    You guys are amazing. Would absolutely love to come see you do a show if you ever end up anywhere in Ontario :)

    Kendra commons

    Written By Wolves you guys are one of my favorite bands ever when u do a tour please come to Arizona us pretty please u guys are the best ever omg i just wanna meet you guys one day and can't wait for next april

  33. Kayleigh Sharland

    Where are you guys based? Would love to see you live!!

    Written By Wolves

    Auckland, New Zealand. Hoping to tour soon though! Where would like us to come??

    Kayleigh Sharland

    If you could come to the UK that would be wicked!

    alexia Turner

    Kayleigh Sharland the us would be fantastic too!!! do a world tour please?

    Asher Frost

    If you guys came to different parts of the east of the United Sates, that would be awesome!

  34. Ashleigh D.J. Cutler

    You've earned the subscription. Thank for sharing your music.

    Written By Wolves

    Right on! Thanks so much!

    Ashleigh D.J. Cutler

    You're very welcome.

  35. Raewyn Murray

    Love this - vibrant and fun. And of course the music is great.

  36. Lennart Grether

    guys this absolutly my favourit song !!!!! This song saved my day

    Written By Wolves

    Right on! Glad you like it! And stoked we could help in some way :)

  37. x Jojootje

    I found you on spotify, i instantly liked the song from the beginning. Nice job

    Written By Wolves

    That is so cool! Spotify for the win!

  38. Felisa Skov

    Found this on spotify too and it takes me to a happy place when I'm down. Video is soo good too! Makes me feel strangely carefree and not alone. Love it!! Thanks guys :)

    Written By Wolves

    That is awesome!! So glad you dig it!

  39. Nighthawk7x20

    Found this song through spotify suggestions. It's very catchy, and the vocals are excellent. the lyrics are very encouraging, as well.

    Written By Wolves

    Awesome! Stoked that you dig it!

  40. Rory Vining

    Great sound, glad I found this.

    Written By Wolves

    That's awesome! Thanks for letting us know!

  41. Murtaza Ahmed

    In a couple of years you guys are gonna be really famous

    Written By Wolves

    Thanks heaps! As long as people like you dig what we do we will keep pumping out the tunes!

    Murtaza Ahmed

    Yeah keep up the good work guys.Best of luck to you

  42. Ben Khabazan

    Damn. Time went by sooo fast.
    I can still remember when this song was released!! Its still as good.

  43. Anonymous Bug

    You guys have such an awesome range for the songs. . . all the different styles and moods! Can't wait to see what you all can come up with next. (and for you to get on the radio) You got a fan in this one.

    Written By Wolves

    Awesome!! Thanks so much!

  44. Nyxx Mikaelis

    I liked this band before it was cool.....

    jk I found it when you guys did, but WBW is def one if my newest fav bands!!! Always a catchy tune, lyrics are memorable and deep, and always puts a smile on my face when I listen! Keep it up, WOLVES!!! I hope to hear you on the radio one day soon!!

    Written By Wolves

    So stoked you dig it man!

    Asher Frost

    You guys just became one of my favorites, no joke!! You guys are just so awesome!!

  45. onijirayama

    Clash Royale Invitational brought me here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  46. Sean Burn

    Another TUNE!! Good job WBW, still a massive fan.

  47. Raewyn Murray

    Imagine riding them in Christchurch - so many bumps would keep falling off LOL - Love the vid.

  48. Joka4Kiss

    Am I the only one that thinks they sound a little like 30 Seconds to Mars? Anyway, amazing song guys!!!

  49. MissWinkle131

    Love it! Well done guys x

  50. ugly mari

    damn this shit is good as f

  51. A J

    just discovered this song, this band. I love it, so so so much!!!

  52. Elliee

    I love this so much omg

  53. J Sutton

    Honestly one of my favourite bands. And one from my country too!!

  54. Barnett Motorsports

    rip the 5 hoverboards that probs caught on fire in this video

    Written By Wolves

    +B1u Haha these ones are still going strong - we kinda hoped one would catch on fire while we were filming for a bit of drama! But no these ones are workhorses!


    ikr I was waiting for one of them to start sparking XD

  55. The Devil

    Great guys , warm and bright song clip , all you need for happiness .. I love you guys !!

  56. Knim Behlnoghts

    has quite an impact should do well


    loving the vibe bro

  58. Ethan Judd

    Already bought it on iTunes too 😂

  59. Ethan Judd

    And the Wolves are back!!! 🤘🏻🐺🤘🏻
    Damn great tune boys

  60. NZSnipesGaming

    Shot team!