Wright, Dizzy - Wake Up Lyrics

Talk to them
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, come up
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, come up

In the streets I was always running in and out
In the drought tryna find a way to stick it out
I was bout the money never really in the house
Quick learner and observer who had it figured out
Fuck it, I'm a get this world upon this dizzy shit
Smoke weed and teach niggas about the willie linch
I will never turn my game off
Annoyed and we brain washed
Mind getting fucked by a chainsaw
I seen the future in my home girl
Went into her own world and got a little nigga
2 years later, 18 with a baby and a baby on the way
And that nigga is out the picture
God damn I don't get ya
Settle as the victim, it ain't about abortion
It's about better decisions
Pretending to be happy, angry with the way you living
Got me tripping
I just pray to God the power in my motherfucker lyrics sing

Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, talk to them
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, come up

Ah, the whole world seems commercial
We all off, the whole world need rehearsal
Women getting verbal, getting more into women
Becoming distant, focus on independent
It ain't try to tell me, it ain't what it seem
My mama's vision seem to turn into my dream
And it's crazy cause bitches throwing they pussies
Not knowing I hate barbies, I've been searching for a queen
Black raised with panther soul, I got a voice but I ain't stupid
21 years and I finally met my daddy
Just to find out he a gangster like Frank Lucas
And I love it
And not so I can brag, but it's finally helping me understand
Who I'm becoming
I've been running from a lot
And I finally got my shot to be exposed
To enough to make them watch
I hope my music can motherfucking

Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, talk to them
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I know my voice, I know my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, come up

Ah, I know what you prolly thinking
This young nigga spit lyrics with the meaning
Waking up niggas while they sleeping
I'm rude, it's the wound of mine
That you hear speaking
Told them if I ever got the chance, I would
They ain't believe me until I showed them that I could
My mom good, I know you want me to stay safe
But I'm teaching my generation how to learn from all they mistakes
I found something I'm good at
And I'm proud of me, a young black man
That turned the planet into a prodigy
Our society fucked, but I don't mean to fuss
Or trying to start shit, but look at what they feeding us
But it's cool my nigga, cause you got swag, huh
And bitch you don't care, cause you just got that bag, huh
They killing us in this what we call living life
Seems like niggas left it up to dizzy right, so I'm a

Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, talk to them
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
I hope my voice, I hope my lyrics
Wake up everybody, wake up everybody
Man I hope that I, could, come up

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Wright, Dizzy Wake Up Comments
  1. Anthony Truman

    Remember listening when I was 13 life is weird

  2. Akachan No Tatsumaki

    The best artist out of Funk Volume to be honest.

  3. Houston Langley

    SwizZz too you know

  4. Siera Castonguay

    Wake tf up and listen to this song

  5. Morrison Davidson

    RIP FV.

    Can't even download this mixtape from their site no more 😢

  6. Derek Sippel

    How can you dis like this song!?! Must be smoking rocks!

  7. Anthony Rupe

    this was my alarm in highschool.. this shit was everything

    MC Smooth Rapper

    Anthony Rupe that's dope as fuck bro , my alarm was a song called"in the morning"by Dizzy, in high school

    Deion combs

    Same bro, this was my walking to school music, 925 by logic was my alarm. Dizzy is a legend, glad to see I wasn't the only 1 (this was in like 10th Grade I think)

    MC Smooth Rapper

    Deion combs your never alone brodie bro🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  8. Blacboygangga Mark

    classic dizzy song this used to be the alarm to wake me up every morning for high school

  9. OG LANI

    Best dizzy wright song next to solo dolo

  10. M Gary

    missing 2012 summer

  11. Nikora Varu

    this man is a true legend , see you at F.V concert  Auckland New Zealand.

  12. Jesse Miller

    this is the shit i would wake up to this everyday

    Dwayne Lewis

    no wait do u mean every night lol get it 😉😉😉😂😃😂

  13. J’son Pitts

    go listen to seen nigga yesterday by Nikegang and check out forever🔥 subscribe !!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Isaac Stephens

    needs more views, love the music

  15. Matthew

    It's artists like this that make me want to give up everything and focus on creating some beautiful music and words of poetry... Redefining rap for generations here, no more bullshit gansta talk and Wiz Khalifa telling you to blow money on bitches..

  16. Brandon Scott

    Dizzy is everything that has been missing in music. Intelligence and positivity.

  17. Enrique Perez

    Kinda sounds like Knowmads home. Still good though.

  18. Roshawn Watson

    Wake uppp!

  19. king29

    My nigga!

  20. Gerald Reed

    Dizzy is deep my fav

  21. Mobbydp24

    Damn Dizzy this shit Deep

  22. Lanky Schnitzel a.k.a Big Shrimpin'

    Needs a film clip

  23. dmac meh

    Good morning

  24. GeeDaWizard98

    Sky's the limit right? I think dizzy is above that . Would u agree ?

    MC Smooth Rapper

    I absolutely agree good sir

  25. Danika White

    Dizzy Wright only spits real shit.. Nothing less

  26. kameron mcbride

    Do NOT bring mmg on to a dizzy wright song! kill ya self! Funk Volume as a whole is a blessing to the industry. You cant compare dizzy mothafuckin wright to all these money hungry hungry lazy ass rappers except that they both rap and we all know who got the best subject matter and voice. And shout out to DJ Hoppa on this beat man, beautiful music! Anyone with a closed mind need to mothafuckin wake up!

  27. Laurent Randall


  28. Cole J


  29. Sukuli100

    Swizzz is the co-founder of FV.

  30. woke_ryahmariee

    Wake Up.!! No Sleeping !

  31. andfok

    ur a special kind of stupid aren't you

  32. GyroSpinular

    i like kendrick in some of his songs...fuck the rest of them

  33. C lele

    You think he sucks only because you are brainwashed by that fake shit you listen to. Dizzy is telling his people to wake the fuck up in the mind, you obviously are not mature enough in the mind to understand what he is trying to say to "us" to his fans and loved ones. Dizzy is expressing real life, real love, "REAL EYES REALIZE REAL LIES" wake up! <33 people like you are the reason why we have so many ignorants on earth. shoot, i blame your parents lol not you actually.

  34. andre young

    He need a video to this song

  35. Frank Lozano

    R.i.p tupac,we

  36. Efreet and Leviathan

    Fv allllll frikkennnn dayyyy..

  37. sean dalrymple

    this definitly one of his best songz

  38. Brendan Too Crispy

    Wale, ross, kanye, kendrick is wack. the ONLY good mainstream is meek and TI


    Brendan Too Crispy T.I. okay but meek hell naw. Niggas like Dizzy Wright making some real shit. Niggas on Maybach dont talk about shit that's real

  39. Chance Ramil

    Imma Fucking Pac Fan, I Support This Guys Movement, Speaaaaaaak Tha Truuuuthhhhh

  40. DankHank22

    Dude u have a birds IQ, stop hating!

  41. DJ .Blone MaskMan

    dis shit needs more views!!!

  42. Tracy Guidry

    One of my favorite rap songs of all time...

  43. DropLul201

    swizzz is a dope lyrical mawfacka, but just his voice is such a pain

  44. Dana McKenney

    Ayeee my nigga!! Kilt it

  45. Austin Watson

    This wakes me up every morning

  46. Phillip Koski

    Frank you dudu.......

  47. Frank Vasquez

    Feel me?

  48. Frank Vasquez

    Now I ain't from Vegas. Young expansive mind coming hard from L.A. Put lyrics up like they were displays. In the end its all about who picked the right play. I came trashing the scene, now I polished it so we shine, shoot you harder then a nine. Just cause I'm feeling fine, don't mean I won't get out these lines. Keep coming with lies, its part of living in between these deep lines. I don't kno you, you don't kno me. We both grab the soul, and we use it to speak.

  49. Electric Kool-Aid

    Yes, because when dizzy sees this he will make a music video -___- no.

  50. Willie Brown

    I respect this dude so much.

  51. Mike Dimeo

    Las Vegas Stand Up! I can relate to Dizzy's songs so much!

  52. McKenna Paulsen

    I honestly love this song.

  53. Ryan Thompson

    DJ Hoppa needs to produce more of these guys beats.

  54. Alfonso III Macias

    dizzy b kill his shit niqqa speak the truth hopsin go hard swizz go hard as well it jus the adiuo tune

  55. firestalker65able

    Fuck you bro if you don't like him then don't watch the videos. Personally I think he sounds sick. I don't think 12 year old haters count soooooo. Fuck off nigga

  56. Oxy CodoneFML

    fuck swizz he sounds like a lil girl with a whiney voice but i agree other wise

  57. Eric Laraway

    God damn i dont get ya

  58. Olivier Clavel

    Hopsin and Dizzy yeah... but not swizz

  59. vanessa s

    I agree to Hopsin and Dizzy Only

  60. Ronnie Wong

    spittin real shit

  61. Greyson Strahan

    Better yet summer

  62. Greyson Strahan

    This shit got me through august yo

  63. Nose Lewis

    Drizzy? xD

  64. Damo 13

    i wish that everybody knew :(

  65. Brandon BasedGod

    your comment wont do shit.

  66. Brandon BasedGod

    fuck off jage deal with it they're all on the same label and hopsin found dizzy so stop hatin.

  67. Day Jageh

    fuck you sayin hopsin and swizzz you right bout my nigga drizzy but fuck da other niggas doe

  68. Timo Ekhart

    swizZz is the greatest rapper in funk volume.. (to me) meek mill, wale and ross are just plain douchebags... not bad rappers, nor bad songs... but wayyy too commercial... kanye is great i admit (not counting niggaz in paris haha)

  69. sunny sandhu

    yur hella dumb ppl like yu are the ones that got everything fuked upp!!! Lames

  70. Kiir Raymond Akok

    Who the hell is swizzz??? I mean Hopsin (talented), have u heard of Kendrick Lamar.. Meek Millz, Wale, Ross, Kanye West??? what world are u living in. most importantly are u black or white? so I can judge ur taste of music. and YES AM BASING this upon ur skin tone... But am not shallow.

  71. Kotuh Lane Music

    That is why Hopsin signed him to Funk Volume. Also signed Jarren Benton who is a phenom in the rap game :) THUMBS UP IF YOU ROCK WITH ALL OF FV!!!!!!

  72. MidwesternAnglers

    that is why hosin signed him o fuk volume

  73. Denise Ahedo

    Man I love his music!!! Makes Vegas super proud!

  74. ReJay YT

    How convinient, theyre all bundled together in one label of AWESOME SAUCE

  75. Jr Perez

    I want this instrumental mann! Great song!

  76. DonSklz123

    Oh shit, Dizzy you are the truth.

  77. Isho Zaia

    I like the FunkVolume Family.

  78. rtljmc

    dj hoppa beats are ill

  79. Dominic Rangel

    it shouldnt matter what he sounds like the only thing that should matter is the lyrics, i can tell that you like music because it sounds cool not because it means something to you fake ass people these days

  80. raggle flaggle

    Hoppa wih a good production.
    Funk Volume has the lyracism.
    f**k ofwgkta and taylor gang its FUNK Volume all day!

  81. tommy espinosa

    FunkVolume and TopDog

  82. Esh340

    This song is so damn good. One of my favorites from Dizzy.

  83. ChillinWitMyHomiesyo

    All the way man, check out Black Hippy with Ab Soul, Kendrick, Jay Rock and SchooLboy Q shits dope bruh they be speakin it to, dizzy's nice as fuck to

  84. FRATZ_Official

    the album was dropped around 4/20 and the mixtape in june

  85. Parth

    I put this as my alarm, and suddenly it's not so bad waking up anymore =)

  86. whereswaldo5

    i think the mixtape was released 4/21 and the actual album released 4/20

  87. iBlovinhiphop

    can anybody tell me when this mixtape was released?

  88. bosefus james

    the whole world needs rehersal

  89. Kahleel Shykee

    A true Pac fan wouldn't diss on my boy Dizzy Wright TF? Dizzy Is doing more than you will EVER do. Quit hating.

  90. Vance Fewell

    sounds like he was tired of being cut out

  91. dillion bohaker

    @ositobear551 big sean its really good listen to all of his sit and yea hes good

  92. JayJacobs.

    fav song
    right now

  93. David Cee

    @Brandon Anderson Lol wtf Big Sean sucks dick! Dizzy is on another level than him!

  94. mark little

    It Would Be Cool If They Did A Cypher

  95. Brandon Anderson

    Dizzy Wright, Hopsin, J cole, Kendrick Lamar, Big Krit, Big Sean, Los, and Tech n9ne should start making music together and just say fuck everyone else and just go off.
    Hip hop would be back to the same, with just a little change with Big Sean and Tech in it.
    And them two can colab with anyone and kill the song, it'd be pretty dope honestly.

  96. Jesse De Alba

    first song ever heard from dizzy was a year ago. Legendary, still goes hard as fuck. Fuck being a legend, leave your legacy Dizzy! Hard as fuck