Wright, Dizzy - Remembered Lyrics

Let your soul accept it, so unexpected

[Verse 1:]
What if I told you I was lost
My vision bad but I could see me in the future being a boss
Given orders and order to holla at my supporters
I need somebody to give me a call, shit
Tell me I'm loved, tell me you proud of me
Cause shits changed
It's taking a whole lot outta me
My daddy don't love me
Or maybe he do, but he ain't around
I hope you know I ain't just laying around, shit
I got off my ass and I chose to get it in
I turned my homies into buisness men
So I just gotta sin
Put on the city of sin with my friends
Now me and all of my niggas pitchin in
I hope you understand, this ain't a sob story
I did this by myself
No one did the job for me
I took a different route
Right road into discussion
Took a minute to bubble
Now we on the finishing touches
Now I'm all in public
And I love it
Not cause I'm buzzin
In God we trust
I'm asking God can you guide me love
So much to believe, too much to retrieve
I just hope I get it out before I leave

Man I gotta be remembered [x2]
Yeah cause when it's all said and done
And they take me off this earth
I just hope you realize what I was worth
Putin in words
So I can be remembered

[Verse 2:]
It's cool cause my momma's a little more involved
When she gives me problems I just smoke it off
She said she loves my message so she's quick to show me off
I know enough but I don't know it all
I listen it all my big hommies
To get advice as a man
I grew up trifling but tried to advance
Even when I was six
I got a pick with a mic in my hand
I'm proud of myself I like where I am
See I just want to be heard
Respected and comfortable
Even when I'm away say daddy still lovin you
Typical tho, you into your toys I'm into my flows
But baby girl it takes a minute to blow
So I swallow my product
Spit the truth and now they follow my ride
I make visuals for my visions
And now they follow my rhymes
Thank God for my blessings
I grew up unprotected
Not neglected, stressed a little, seen a talent and perfect it
So when you let them know about me
Let them know I gotta be remembered

Yeah cause when it's all said and done
And they take me off this earth
I just hope you realize what I was worth
Putin in words
So I can be remembered

[Verse 3:]
Ain't no shame in the way I act
It's a way of life
You way out the facts
You livin a lie, we live and we die
Who gives a fuck
They only judging cause we live it up
And barely gettin by
But I still keep a smile on my face
I learned how to set my negatives to the side
And just smile thru the day
Some times it gets overwhelming
Coming down off my high
Getting depressed with all this shit I dealt with
I feel selfish but let me make that shit a little clearer
I ain't rude I just need to work on the man in the mirror
Starting from where I lack
Back to were I was at
So I can see the growth
You can even hear it in my raps
Potential green
May half of these niggas disintegrate
You limit yourself you've been a fake
Me, I've been around
You know me from my beginner stage
And now I'm in this bitch to leave you in a maze

Dizzy Wright
So tell em mother fuckers I gotta be remembered
Dizzy Wright
Cause when it's all said and done
And they take me off this earth
I just hope you realize what I was worth
Putin in words
So I can be remembered

Hey, hey
Man I gotta be remembered
Don't speak upon me unless you got somethin positive to say nigga
If anything negative about me
You heard it, you seen it, fuck it don't even believe it
I'm fighting off my demons tryna make it to the top motha fucka
Fuck what your doin and fuck what you got
I'm on my own shit

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Wright, Dizzy Remembered Comments
  1. Brandon DIVINE Ngwenya

    who still vibin it 2020 FWM!!!! TTS THE REAL HIPHOP

  2. John Doe

    I feel like I'm back in the early 90s again

  3. Isaac Nogales

    How did this not get a million plus views?!

  4. Andrew W

    Still burn em down to thhis gold

  5. Aaron How

    One Love Dizzy!!!

  6. Lucid Themad

    Damn man this is one my favorites I remember when it first came out helped me get through alot of Shit . thanks dizzy for some of the most realist Shit I could slap even now.✌✌

  7. Anthony Truman

    It feels like I first found this song a whole lifetime ago

  8. 50shotmontana

    “don’t speak upon me unless you got something positive to say nigga, if anything negative about me, you heard it, you seen it, fuck it don’t even believe it, I’m fighting off my demons tryna make it to the top mf, fuck what you doing and fuck what you got I’m on my own shit”

  9. Christian Carr

    Who bumpin 2019

    Anthony Truman

    For sure



  11. Emillio Resendez

    I love the way these song hit the soul really makes you reminisce on some shit

  12. The Supathug

    2019 still slapping the real dizzy hippy music

  13. Daniel Lugo

    Forever my favorite song 💯

  14. Anthony Truman

    Much love Dizzy Wright

  15. 04 Till Infinity

    Trago humo y empiezo a contar
    Mi hierba huele rica como ella apunto de follar
    Somos la nueva escuela bienvenido a escuchar
    Veo todo comentario pero criticas van al final
    Amo lo mio pero busco mas
    Gracias mama porque esto no lo hago por necesidad
    Ellos transmitiendo odio despues estaran buscando paz
    Pa esas mierdas Llamar la atencion es mas que una necesidad

  16. 04 Till Infinity

    Amo lo mio pero juro que busco mas

  17. Indigo47


  18. Drew Price

    Funk volume fucked up his wave man .

  19. damperaura

    I’ve been sleeping on this man for too long and I’m glad it’s over. Thanks Dizzy

  20. Zane Winn

    🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 this is exactly how I feel from way back then till now. 90% of his story is true to me.

  21. Sterling Kyle

    its 2019 and im still slapping this like it just dropped

  22. cN Jumper

    Dizzy isnt a copy/paste thats for sure

  23. Anthony Truman

    Remember bumping this wayyy back

  24. starlight muse

    August 12, 2018 im still here!!! My Anthem!

  25. øver game

    men i gotta be remembered !

  26. øver game

    and 7 years later i just find that .... i don't have words , but i always would remembered.

  27. Abi Baskoro

    Still 🔥🔥🔥

  28. Tg111 Fore

    Isaiah Jeremiah Lucipher Satanic Joseph Jah Cryheist Satan Alabai Luke Satomic Satonic Devil Jesus Pherial Mary Buddha Jehovah Abba Googolplex.

  29. Tg111 Fore

    Christ & Lucas - Messiah

  30. Tg111 Fore

    Isaiah Jeremiah Lucipher Satanic Jah Cryheist Satan Alabai Luke Satomic Satonic Devil Jesus Pherial Mary Joseph Buddha Jehovah Abba Googolplex

  31. Noah S3LPHm4d3.806

    Still bump this everyday had 2 make a new account about 2 start my hippy flows... I love you dizzy, when I make i promises you'll he remember omm!!!

  32. travon Winston

    Thx dizzy for this song

  33. Kelvin Moore

    7 years later

  34. Brian Davis’s ghost

    Still listen to this track on the regular.

  35. MC Smooth Rapper

    Please check me out . Im trying to do it like dizzy

  36. Tre Johnson

    I love this song but imo...I'm doin it is better.

  37. Fly Ty

    Dizzy one off the goats real shit

  38. ap1redlineat9 s2killin


  39. MedicatedBro

    Your doing it dizzy. Getting healthy and they want to throw you around. Your good.

    Keep up the good choices.

  40. Martin Reyes

    6 years later, this song still hits me..

    ap1redlineat9 s2killin

    Martin Reyes I know

    B K

    Shit.. same

  41. Limbos Finest

    so many memories playing this song

  42. Amy Johnson

    hands down my favorite

  43. joyner lucas fan guillen

    dizzy Wright is like the next 2pac

    Eric Curtis

    joyner lucas fan guillen No No No.. don't even go there. Dizzy is n his own realm. He's repping my hometown. Old women's hospital 79 baby were I still reside. In fact I was in the strip when PAC was shot following him. Dizzy deserves his own. No disrespect. I appreciate the thought as a person from the PAC generation though.

  44. skytron deepfreeze

    I will always remember dizzy, seen him in concert a week ago, stage diving and hanging from the ceiling, while still raping, not to mention there was so much smoke that the fire alarms went off, i would highly recommend seeing him live. Michigan represent, still movin.


    lol we have pics from this exact day! he stood on my boys shoulders to hang from that ceiling!!! crazy but its true!

  45. z16

    real shit right here, something about the music he was making around this time really makes him sound like a legend

    Thomas Pereira

    Beat sounds pretty old school, got scratching sounds like a record

    Kazkhuiewoppo9 B

    Frfr wish he would make music like this. Music wit a message positive old skool vibes


    Yep, straight from the heart. his new music does not touch this deep, I think. It's transparent, straight from the soul. These lyrics are forever, may you find this again Dizzy. Much love

    Javion Bullocks

    Thats facts... The Dizzy is like the original GBZ. Legendary.

  46. Jackie Vandermark

    Love this jam

  47. Andres Chilton

    this has to be one of my favorite songs by Dizzy

  48. Najee Sledd

    if u dis like Dizzy u must b filled with hate. know that.

  49. Mitch Lewis

    so is it just me or does his finger look bent backwards in the thumbnail?

  50. wesley Lucas

    I want this song played at my funeral, as they lay the coffin down into the ground. i want this bumping in the background. no better way to go out.

    D TM

    facts same

  51. Jmcerlain 4517

    Why is everyone bringing hate to dizzy now? He's growing and experimenting with new music.

  52. Jesus Ramirez

    Dizzy only speaks the truth..

  53. Natfm

    I get sad when I listen to this and then hear a song like East Side


    +Chris Colbert I know he is still dizzy wright his latest song "they know why" is the proof in the pudding but his whole ep was turn up songs not one song just made me sit and think. I like turn up music too but whole ep is too much for my taste. To each his own!

    Denu Ca

    you sound stupid. dizzy said he made 702 for Vegas to have to turn up shit for the summer and any other fans that fuck with it. dizzy dropped wisdom and good vibes not to long before that, listen to the last track and tell me that's not the same old dizzy. he hasn't changed he's always made turn up shit too

    Jared Manhertz

    Natfm real shit, dizzy that dude fuck the haters

    Rob Valenzuela

    Don't get sad friend enjoy the contrast

    Super J Fly

    He would have blew up more if there was a video for this track

  54. Antoine

    this song's got a kinda kendrick vibe to it in the beat and flow, plus he references "wanna be heard" at one point, fucking love it!

  55. Headie Music

    love this right here like going back to the old music and comparing to new here he was just rapping about himself
    not much others can relate to but thats the fucked up again about the rap game you got to give the people what they wanna hear

  56. Zion Sky


  57. Orbae

    top 5 fingers in the game

    1: thumb
    2: pointer finger
    3: middle finger
    4: ring finger
    5: pinky

  58. Mike Lewis

    high school music...


    Highschool music... You mean hip hop?

    Mike Lewis

    +RemDox The Ninja I played this in school, music was way more chill

    Javion Bullocks

    Real talk bro walking back and forth to school kept me on good vibes.

  59. MaryJanePissInUrFaceFunTime

    Fuck oath!

  60. Tyson Gilbert

    +1 Deer

  61. Evan Getty

    I love this shit

  62. cartier.fresh

    Bring this back hell yeah

  63. Funny idk

    gotta be remembered

  64. Funny idk

    fr this is the shit

  65. Edwin Kingston

    An now im in this bitch to leave u in a maze dizzy wright *

  66. Jaysnows2442

    Bring this shit back

  67. Christopher Walker

    They sleepin on this song, best song to me

  68. BeatzByBlaze !

    I remember counting days till the album and this was my fav track. Gives me feels everytime i bump in whip goddamn. Dizzy really grinded by himself and made it

  69. tru breeze

    nothing just a smile for you...

  70. Its JoelG

    Can y'all check out my cover ? It's worth your time 💯👌🎧.

  71. Mike

    #Flintstone  all day

  72. Jackie Vandermark

    Love it!

  73. Ogbe Chiemeka Joseph

    Diizy ma Sheezy

  74. Dwight Colbert

    I can relate to this whole entire song, Dizzy your the man! i love your music, its so motivational. 

  75. IAlways StayTrue

    god bless you nigga, i like your shit.

    keep rappin, dizzy you got that talent 

  76. colecarter

    this is the fucking shit

    omar maher

    cuz he is black

    Devon Koch

    You on that 47 shit huh 😂😂 #longliveSTEELO

  77. Zee Dot

    dope!!! thumbs up

  78. GuRu187904

    My shitt. I relate

  79. Justin Jones


  80. James Murray

    god damn great message, sound ,and beat bro

  81. Lolvovolvo

    Good Shit man,

  82. Shane Dawson


  83. Emzee A

    let ur soul accept it

  84. poizon //

    Light the spliff, and let this play. Let your mind fade, into a better place.

  85. Ms. Raine


  86. Justin Ruberio

    Good shit dizzy for staying consistent. From the hylyfe days to the Golden Age. You gonna be remembered. Vegas reppin ✌️

  87. FrostedRaps


  88. Jade Russell

    I admire dizzy wright

  89. Victor Sancho

    Wrk for you ,but for me ama do it like you in get college fukkin popin, dizzy to tell you the truth thats not were am stopin, you help me see , that i need a better degree inorder for me to make it rain chedder and cheese all over my loved ones i call family , even myboys who should me loyalty , prove to them that we dont have to alwayhs be stressing , and wen i get my PHD ama give my team a option either you rolling wit me or you jumping out the car cuhz i aint stoping to pee, smashing on peddl

  90. Victor Sancho

    Lyrical geniuse , dizzy wright , owns the right to hold the mic, cuhz his word can change a life,and help the world understand that they have to take charge and show whos in demand,oh yeah dizzy i forgot to mention am a fan,and your lyrics help me realize that i need to be a better man, but not by changing me but by changing the plan, and thats me accepting that i deserve better and so does my mother, thats why u help me decide that suicide and stupid fights isnt the only option, skool didnt wr


    Stay up my dude dont let life beat u down it fights everyone

  91. Lane Thompson

    Not sure if I like the beat behind the song.... 

  92. ReJay YT

    my fav song from him

  93. Francisco Uriostegui

    Check out my remix! 

  94. rickydinger

    This Is the realist song I've heard in a really long time!