Wright, Dizzy - Nuttin Bout Me Lyrics

Nigga you don't know nothing 'bout nothing
Nigga you don't know shit about me (you don't know shit about me)
Nigga you don't know nothing 'bout nothing
Nigga you don't know shit about me (you don't know shit about me)
Nigga you don't know nothing 'bout nothing
Nigga you don't know shit about me (you don't know shit about me)
Nigga you don't know nothing 'bout nothing (nothing 'bout nothing)
Nigga you don't know nothing 'bout nothing (nothing 'bout nothing)
Can't take shit personal so I don't take shit personal (take shit personal)
Can't take shit personal so I don't take shit personal (take shit personal)
Can't take shit personal so I don't take shit personal (take shit personal)
Can't take shit personal so I don't take shit personal (take shit personal)
Can't take shit personal so I don't take shit personal (take shit personal)
Cause you don't know nothing 'bout me

I came in this world on my own and I promise I'm probably gon' leave here alone
Xhaiden my only concern she gonna learn how daddy turn up to a song
She hate when I leave and I'm gone so I gotta make time to FaceTime on the phone
Keep them happy roots and I'm not acting cute do what I have to do to stay strong
So when they hate I just smile about it, keep the Mary Jane around
I go wild without it (that's right)
Look, fuck what you think about me
Ain't no reason walk around like I'm down about
Cause growing up I don't feel the same
And I don't know how everyone else deals with lames
I look at you while you reveal my name
Shout out to Big Will and Dame
We finna kill the game


My city depending on me
I don't talk that shit just to defend my beliefs
You create your conflicts for the streets
And I knock the nonsense cause we praying for keeps
Grab some weed, grab my engineer, hit the studio
And tell that nigga that we staying for weeks
My album on the way nigga get ready
I feel like the rap game waiting on me
Hustle hard is a run the distance
Praying for my little brother with a son that listen
My mind lives on more than one dimension
It's a problem not a issue, you gon' learn the difference
Whatever my nigga I'm solid
I'm kicking back kicking my knowledge
We bounce like hydraulics (bounce bounce bounce)
Give it to them while they knowledge
So they can accept and allow it
Everybody want to be on
Couldn't find another me with a drone
You can try all you want, fly in the sky all you want
Taking blunts to the dome
Paying four double O for an ounce with the bro
Making sure the family tree stay strong
Cause when them branches stop falling
These niggas start renting it and talking and acting like hoes
Don't act like these hoes
I ain't afraid of no man
That's not how I'm programmed
Can I get more grams?
Just marijuana, no Lindsay Lohan
But you don't know them
Look their I go passing judgement
I ain't perfect we can add adjustments
You mad for nothing
Bad for business, laughing at you, because you niggas making bad assumptions
But anyway


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Wright, Dizzy Nuttin Bout Me Comments
  1. Saul Sanchez

    Sledgren always killing it with the beats

  2. First-Team All Common Sense

    bruuh sledgren made a fucking anthem

  3. Syke Throne

    Sounds like he had tons of fun on this one haha.

  4. P. marie

    On more than one song hes on point !

  5. BlazedGorillaglue

    Hell yeah, Used to listen to this back in the day!


    +BlazedGorillaglue forrealllll haha damn i miss those days


    it's only been 3 years ago lmao

    Roseprince Si

    seth you act like 3 years isn't long lmao

  6. bryan najera

    Brings back memories of my life lol

  7. Ma x

    smoked so much to this song

  8. Deion Johnson

    zaden my only concern she gon learn how daddy turn a poem to a song.. #deep

  9. john simmons


  10. M'ster Lewis

    2nd Agreement ! well just a lil taste ! hahah .. LET EM KNOW NOW !!! 

  11. KingKel

    Yo feelin that shit lets collab Bruh!

  12. Alyssa Vann

    oohhhh :) in a good way

  13. Wesley Eddins

    smoothest dizzy song ever created

  14. Andrew Olsen


  15. Chronos Supa

    Absolutely the smoothest beat I have heard the entire year. Somebody tell me who was the producer?
    Waiting for Dizzy's next album
    Where's SwizZZ?

  16. DJ Keelow

    Yupp this shit fye.

  17. Mario Kovacic

    best dizzy yet

  18. mike walsh

    good raper

  19. What's Gucci

    but i had better expectations for state of mind

  20. What's Gucci

    in love with the beat

  21. Tyler Martin

    y'all also gotta think some of these songs are just to have fun at shows

  22. AlexSex TGOD

    Sledgren made this beat.
    Taylor Gang shit! Real shit! TGOD

  23. Brandon Bakin'

    best song on EP. hands down

  24. big kush

    I'd love to do a track with dizzy two stoners on the track tearing shit up dizzy is I'll no lie

    big kush

    Ill dam autocorrect

    Michael Collins

    On the real once I get my shot ima get @Dizzy Wright on my album and mix tapes. Boy got bars like a jail cell...... LOL

    big kush

    Hell ya man lmfao nice analogy

  25. Julian Navarro

    This song sounds like modern hip hop (which sucks in my opinion) but has the lyrics of a real song.

  26. Vanessa Marie

    caint wait to release one of my my songs im gone make but im trying to not be the type to be young and release a song too early because I want to take my time with school first but anyways this beat goes in and the point if this comments is I ment I want to be lowkey for now

  27. Purrp Cookiez

    nigga always looks so bummed, smile u fuckin stoned

  28. Nick Korte

    Dizzy Wrights like the best rapper ever him Hopsin, Tech n9ne, Mgk and Rittz be killin it they all need to make a song. like for real

    Julian Navarro

    I don't agree with you on MGK because he like long pink things that go in and out of his ears poking his brain and tricks him into spitting wack shit

  29. Sem Goedhart

    im from turkey i am illegal here

    Julian Navarro

    Not as illegal as weed so welcome.

  30. dNgR

    this is a masterpiece and the EP is great!!!! <3

  31. robert owuor

    This goes in!

  32. ThePeachRats

    this album bs.. he use to speak real shit. Now its all the same flow and he is a sellout. chillin with snoop dog, waka flaka . and more. he is bs. I watched him rise since 2006

  33. Joshua StoneKutta

    i can always relate to songs like this, and Tips You dont Know Me track, Dizzy is one of the west coast leaders of the new skool, comin outta Vegas

  34. TheTeetuber

    Fuckin dope

  35. Tyler Cik

    Seeing dizzy TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pre-gaming for that 4-20! @ Denver

  36. Insidious POE

    Love this EP

  37. D.O.C. Drome

    dizzy fuckin wit sledgren. gotta be dope

  38. Dr Agoneyes

    several of these songs r fire xd

  39. Corey Selden

     Is someone NUTTIN about you Dizzy. If so i dont see why cause u my friend are maggotcrust

    Nicholas Watts

    Yet you still feel the need to comment stop hating on youtube and get a life

  40. Megadondada

    I think if you guys give this EP a few listens it'll grow on you, if you don't already like it.  I usually go for runs and work out with an album and give it a few listens before I start popping my mouth on youtube.

    santi bouza

    REAL! i love this EP, idk why yall hatin

    Jay Aura

    yeah i wasnt feelin it at first, but it grew on me after a few listens, i love this ep super dope


    Yeah I see what you mean on that, good advice. I'm an Eminem fan, and sometimes when Eminem puts out some new music, I'm like eh, what the fuck is this, but after a few listens, I grow to like it and I'm bumping it 24/7. I personally havn't had to listen to Dizzy or Hopsin a few times to like them, I just liked them from the start.

    Filter Rims

    +Veronica Hansen not true. You can like the message but not like the ep for other reasons. Maybe you dont like the production aspect, because personally i like more hip hop, boom bap, type beats, and this is cool, but its not my thing. I like his lyrics and i love dizzy's flow and sound. The beats just arent my favorite and its hard to listen to it

    Syke Throne

    Stfu andjamthis🔥

  41. chekoblaster

    "NAAAAGH !!" (in the background)

  42. Lolvovolvo

    urf urf dis dat sheit rite now, much wow op wow combo wombo such op

  43. AshaCovie

    this reminds me of isaiah rashad with th ecalm melody and a bunch of screaming and shit in the background. love it. gets me crunk

  44. Aaron-Jamal Malcomb

    Dizzy is the peoples champ!

  45. Jake Gieling

    So far the only two songs I've hears have a almost identical beat super simple hooks so over all boo

  46. György Egri

    Titanic sampler? :D nice

  47. Krith Peters

    This beat is killer can't wait to download and bump in the car system.

  48. Maurice Swish

    Titanic Violins When Ship Was Sinking?

  49. WolfManTX-93 TX-93VsZerker11

    Gahdamn Dizzy you on it bro

  50. nickceville

    This is crazy, i wanted to listen to this high so i went to the cornerstore to get a dutch and i ended up getting hit by a car :/ now im in the hospital!

    Nicholas Watts

    Talk about a bad day

  51. LeGitGooN420

    Its dope Wiz uses Sledgren too.

  52. Anthony Cunanan

    This the type of music that is keeping me alive. Love what dizzy is doing for the world

  53. BostonsFine5t

    this ep is pretty good, as expected from anyone in FV. Although I would've liked to have heard some of the FV members on it. Hopsin has been touring, Jarren was making an album and possibly even touring, not sure where Swizzz has been though. can't wait til he drops some new music

  54. Squager

    dope as tits


    And tits are pretty dope! :)

  55. Essence C

    Hell ye! King Dizzy!

  56. Donta Wright

    sounds like a schoolboy Q type of song. still nice tho 

  57. Valley Boy 509

    He fell off these beats suck

  58. Alex Woods

    Dizzy raps about real shit he's not copying mainstream puppet sell puts like wiz. Wiz says what he's told to say you dumb fucks # independent

  59. iLove2splurge

    Lol dude, this shit bangs.!!

  60. R3LZ

    So close to Wiz and Dizzy on a track 🙏

  61. Roll4Eternity

    seems like he rushed to drop another album

  62. Benny Aguilar

    This is his dopest shit. Ever

  63. Keegan McCallum

    Wiz got the best beats and these sound like wiz beats. Thanks sledren! And Dizzy! And wiz too lol


    There not wiz beats, they are sledgren's beats

  64. Zackary McComb

    this is hella sick keep up the good songs 

  65. GodLovesCheese


  66. Apperition

    this and reunite for the night good shit mayne

  67. Peter Malacky

    That flow switching ...

  68. Ace ofAquarius

    dizzy also gets beats from cardo which wiz uses too

  69. Tags Gang

    Good vibes

  70. WestCoasterBoy

    stop copying wiz

    Indigo Swank

    The ignorance!


    if he copied wiz he would suck

    Courtney Champagne

    You way off


    this sounds nothing like wiz ... lets be honest 

    Keonna Salas

    He says he aint tryna be a new wiz, he just tryna do it like snoop did, too clever whenever

  71. Zachary Zavala

    Keep puttin in that work!

  72. Hunter Spiker

    Smoke music

  73. Grimz

    you doing good dizzy, stay true

  74. jaylin jacobs

    dopppeeeee dizzy wright

  75. Sleazy Montana

    Wiz And Diz Collab Soon Watch ! 👌

  76. Anthony Johnson

    Wtf!!! Sledgren and dizzy 2014 wtf. !!!! This goes in !!! Get the fuck out this niggas way !! Pus ass mainstream rappers!' #FunkVolume 2014 !

  77. GodzillaRL

    i only like this new generation and everywhere i go and calm down tbh..

    Psychedelic Visionary

    So like every song on the ep?

  78. UnlicensedBeats

    if dizzy is getting beats from sledgren its only a matter of time before he dizzy colabs with wiz!

  79. SMiLEpompita


  80. ED RaZz

    Cant even watch one of dizzys videos in germany -.-

    Noah Clark

    try going on the Funk Volume site idk if that will work but its worth a try

  81. StatsReset

    how is this cunt more popular than hopsin.. hip hop is a joke these days

  82. Ismael Ruelas

    diggin thiis

  83. Ryan Ray

    Dope shit keep it up Dizzy!!#Fv

  84. Fatal_Desire

    That beat tho!!! Need someone who can flow really good...

    Nicholas Watts

    Just do what your picture is portraying

  85. santiago otero


  86. Josh H

    Sledgren is always kickin out the dopest beats

  87. jesus ramirez

    Whoever dislikes this is a lame

  88. PatrickE39

    All that needs to happen is swizZz drops his album

  89. Wicha329

    I can't find out how to get it on myfunkvolume.com


    @Dylan Johnson In the description it says, "Download at myfunkvolume.com"


    @Wicha329 when on the website, click on the side where it says available now, it will take you to were you can buy it 

  90. Badmeets3VIL7


  91. JEMS 96

    Sledgroo! I see a wiz and diz collab soon!

  92. Mumbles206

    definetly one of the illest on the EP

  93. Thomas Middleton

    Never let's down!!! Dizzyhippy!!

  94. Alonso Purdue