Wright, Dizzy - Nobody's Teaching Game Lyrics

Dizzy Wright nigga

[Verse 1: Dizzy Wright]
I told my mama this is me until my dying day
I'mma educate roll this weed and I'mma fly away
I'm blunted keep it three hundred I don't found my place
This sound the fake is all around my way
But I just keep to myself that ain't no harm is it?
I'm about my business so I keep niggas at arms distance
These niggas iffy, money make a nigga move quickly
Couple dollars and now he want to go and hit this city
No way he strugglin but that money speed on getting bitches
Spending your gas money on different mission
This niggas fool these bitches pimpin niggas
Y'all got the game twisted, better decisions when I'm living
Get it my own I can't be sick
I'm testing my awesome ability surrounded by positive energy
My nigga the industry is fucking letting me down
I'm looking around like damn, these are idles
People faces with these titles ain't no point of sicking around
Nigga I'm out, nobody teaching game

[Hook: Dizzy Wright]
Ain't nobody teaching that's the game
So we had to learn the game on our own
Judging body teaching lesson bout nothing
I can't even tell my right from my wrong
Ain't nothing natural everything is in the back
One day if we speed it the last of time
So I'm working harder cause I did it god damn it
If I just let time just pass me by
Nobody teaching us nothing

[Verse 2: Capo Young]
Yeah we know too much to try to hole out
Holding on your flash it can't even let your soul out
I share sal and crasper, those who took the whole route
I wonder if you see some shit that day
Babies know what that about
But I ain't trying judge cause I din't do my dirt
But I'm just speaking up cause I I don't wanna see you hurt
Let me tell you bout my dreams
Cause I don't see the worst
From Malcom X murder too me inside the Hurst and
We just think we need a resolution
And salve a dick that we ain't solved a shit
Where we've been shooting
You want your chance and your whips shit
Get when you ride
But can't take none of the witch when you die
Gotta get back on my soul, gotta stay up on my mind
Gotta do me cause this niggas they pay a fee to see me be weak
I got my passion in my veins my God is all my soul blunt
Roll riding raps is our struggle

[Hook: Dizzy Wright]
Ain't nobody teaching that's the game
So we had to learn the game on our own
Judging body teaching lesson bout nothing
I can't even tell my right from my wrong
Ain't nothing natural everything is in the back
One day if we speed it the last of time
So I'm working harder cause I did it god damn it
If I just let time just pass me by
Nobody teaching us nothing

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Wright, Dizzy Nobody's Teaching Game Comments
  1. Eris Kajtazi

    this beat is just amazing, hip hop at its finest

  2. CameronHuddleston1337

    Still one of my favorite Dizzy Wright songs. Dude is preaching wisdom #onelove

  3. George Farfan

    Ain't nobody teaching us the matrix(3rdDimension) so we had to learn higher knowledge on our own. Enlightenment.
    Dizzy dope af

  4. magdellena martinez

    My nigga Dizzy aha

  5. k bridges

    Across 110 street sample?

    Dwayne Lewis

    k bridges thnks

  6. puertoricanguy6

    9 people are being taught the game

  7. Hakop Agazaryan

    some parts of this song remind me so much of bone thugs


    i thought the same

    Ryan Matson

    He's inspired by them. One of them is his uncles. I forgot which one. i think Krazie Bone

  8. DAN ZAN

    That beat Tho! <3 ;**

  9. Toasty

    Still love this song! 

  10. CrowsZero95

    I think the sample for the high note is Bobby Womack , Across 110th Street but the person talking at the beginning , i have no idea

  11. Update

    lil wayne and a few of his kids.

  12. alec pina

    does anyone really like the person in the bckground talking really fast?

  13. Stacie Cox

    ughhhhh <33333

  14. TheInsomniac96

    Ok for real who the fuck disliked this?

  15. mutznutzgamer

    How the fuck has this lengendary song not got over a million plays WTF

  16. Erick Montejano

    In an age where men no longer hold their own with women, the song hits the money shot

  17. Curtis Watson

    Capo Young went in on this song man what a duel ..

  18. Mark Curry

    Capo x Funk Volume

  19. TheSkate8joe

    Funk volume should sign capo young

  20. Ryan McGuckin


  21. ACGD #

    whats the bear called i like it !!¬

  22. Ryan McGuckin

    Big Krit beat :)

  23. Olivier Clavel

    Equal wit' hop!

  24. RainbowMKW

    listen to Dizzy Wright - Legendary. Dizzy Wright - Motivation. Dizzy Wright - Fuck Your Opinion

  25. Timo Ekhart

    that's bullshit.

  26. RainbowMKW

    Dizzy is better then Hop, SwizZz and Jarren benton

  27. PythClipz

    Everyone on FV is bro :)

  28. jbizz aah

    he straight dizzness.. no games

  29. Matt

    The beat is IlLL and dizzy kills it! FV!

  30. laytonT93

    i wouldnt say the best on FV but he is amazing at what he does! such a tune!

  31. FrivolousShara

    Waaaah how come nobody has remade this instrumental?? Lol I absolutely love this track though! Dizzy Wright nigga ^.^

  32. Jarod Johnson


  33. Issac Galindo

    dope track, dizzy wrights too raw, capo young came hard to wit real wisdom

  34. Pure Fact

    ever heard of Hop or SwizZz?

  35. Young King

    Dizzy Wright nigga

  36. Tokin Bro

    fuck obama

  37. Frank Lopz

    You forgot PRO ERA

  38. Michael Cruse

    IKR? This beat is just sick af.

  39. Jarod Johnson

    Dizzy is the best on FV

  40. KiloBraun

    Im learning the game on my own..

  41. Fxntasy Edits

    and they actually deserve it..

  42. Andrew Hawthorn

    lol wiz dont have any rights to sign anyone hes a doll in the game

  43. Expwosion

    He's doing good he don't need a deal.

  44. nSkillpa

    No.....just no you're fucking stupid


    AYE!!!! Check out my page ill have you fucking bitches in no time : D !!!

  46. Chuck Palumbo

    Don't be a critic. Hip on or hop out. Go listen to your mainstream

  47. Jay Aura

    This needs a instrumental, beats so hard! (Lyrics as well) Dizzy Motherfuckin' Wright Nigga

  48. MrGOOZ3

    Hopsin only raps over his own beats. Only times he hasn't was on FV2012 and Travis Barker Collab. Obviously in the few songs he featured in he did too

  49. Braddah E

    because dame is the one in charge of all that stuff

  50. Tyler H

    He ain't no weed rapper either, expand yo mind.

  51. Braddah E

    I would think it was dame who signed him.

  52. ProtaJ From New breed

    Nah Hopsin Signed Him That Was The Best Move

  53. Syetactic

    I just touched down!

  54. Jay Aura

    Went too far, definitely desperate for top comment.

  55. Paul Terry

    I had sex with my mom to this song...twice

  56. romeocornell69

    Naw they be messing up his songs sometimes

  57. romeocornell69

    Lol dizzy my nigga but he be needin help on his choruses

  58. john jump

    petar i believe he was talking to ppl like you in hit me when you coming i believe the lyrics were my music isn't for everyone maybe someday you wont be childish minded and like it but till then go jump off a cliff

  59. trubrahbull

    this deserves more views

  60. usmcSNEAD0331

    Hopsin, Dizzy, SwizZz & Gambino need to form a group!

  61. Jared Davis

    Before you conclude your observation, Google the word "Hopsin" XD

  62. chris hunt

    stfu and dont listen to it. damn

  63. Austin Nale

    Amazing beat. Too bad Hopsin or someone else didn't get it.

  64. MrGOOZ3

    only 10.000 views? one of the most underrated songs on the mixtape

  65. Jose Rodriguez

    thats k rino but dizzy is really good to :)

  66. rapfan1986

    Dizzy = Best rapper in USA!

  67. JL0183

    fuc u and conye

  68. kyle king

    my manz is 2 real

  69. iTzJoJoBro

    Dizzy Wright >>

    Pac Would Be Proud Of Him.

  70. ststama

    Fuck Kanye? Man you tripping lol

  71. Taner Yildiz


  72. Piecesrestonthabed

    Just Touched Down - KRIT.... nice ass beat. love these guys. Jarren, Dizzy, SwizZz, Hop... need more people!

  73. harris harry

    homie is so real... Slappin ur shit all dat, reppin west coast my niiiiiigggah

  74. Andrew Hawthorn

    fuck kanye....

  75. Gold Pump

    Dizzy wright!

  76. Jose Guerrero

    realist nigga out , right now ..

  77. andre young

    real shit

  78. Slagle0216

    My girlfriend called dizzy wright bad. i made up my own joke on youtube jk i stole one from another video.

  79. Lopes819

    You Want Your Chains &| Your Whips, Chip Dipped, When You Ride
    But Can't Take None Of It With You When You Die ! - Real Shyt !!!!

  80. Danny Brown

    its not only you...

  81. suckthatnoise

    yeah they all bring something unique and that MAKES FUNK VOLUME!

  82. jerkface245

    Dizzy D is sweet for sampling Across 11oth street by bobby womack

  83. Anthony Mazurek

    Its just you. They're all amazing in their own ways.

  84. hemi chevy

    idk if its me or what but is dizzy wright at the top of FV........

  85. wesswitted

    I fuccs wit it cuhz...

  86. Original1912savage

    Hate to say he gone pass up the whole fv roster they all gone come up doe

  87. YouHaveMono

    I love this old school feel

  88. Malik McDaniel

    Bobby Womack sample. Beasty AF

  89. Timo Ekhart

    ... too old.

  90. trapMCA010

    this sound like big krit song.. it would be kool af if they both could get on a song

  91. Spongel3ol3

    They should put more tags on this shit so it's easier to find, well that's my opinion xD

  92. Tyler Brock

    look at my videos tryna start out let me know what you think!nd good shit dizzy

  93. Etab Erin Bolin

    available at hotnewhiphop as well.

  94. William Garrison

    yaaa i finally was 1 0f the first 100 people to listen to his whole mixtape! dizzy foreva

  95. Adrian Soto

    This my favorite of the whole tape

  96. LayzieBeazt

    Dis shit go ham!

  97. GwallCity

    amazing stuff! (: dizzy will always be right yo. r.e.s.p.e.c.t