Wright, Dizzy - New Generation Lyrics

Independent, sold out shows, and I don't think that's changing!
My fans say they wanna see me turn it up, and I can't leave ya'll hangin'
Bout that life, who came to see me rock this crowd? Damn, I must be famous
Came so far and it feels so amazing, and now we dealing with a new generation

[Hook x2:]
(It's turn up season, turn up-turn up season, turn up-turn up season)
And I don't think that's changing!
(Turn up-turn up season, turn up-turn up season)
And I don't think that's changing!
(Turn up-turn up season, turn up-turn up season)
Came so far and it feels so amazing, and now we dealing with a new generation

Niggas getting live in the back
The left side of the map, got niggas tryna do rap
Been around the whole world once and I'm back
And I'm plottin' on how to do laps (yup)
Dropped and see how they react
Even though it's world peace until the whole world collapse
And now we dealing with a generation gap
No commercial, I'm a little too thug for that
But it's turnt up season to the max, straight out the trap
Get it jumping for show, pay ten racks for a show
Reminiscent on the days when I used to come for the low
Came up, now I'm finna blow
Shit, my feelings the fuel to my rocket
I won a million before you know I got it
She got a man but she gonna drop it, she so out of pocket!
I'm on my grind and I'm tired, they blaze with us to get higher
These Vegas niggas on fire, now these promoters throw us on flights
Was it make them tell, if you step to a king
Man, you brave as hell, who gon' try it?
You niggas late as hell
My bitch booty look like K. Michelle, and I'm feeling this fire!
That these


[Hook x2]

You niggas confused, and I noticed it
So I stay in my lane while I'm rolling it
It's a shame, you fuck with my older shit
Well, the world can't see who I been growing with
I've came so far, niggas can't even get over it
No way no one is ignoring it
So move it, my homies in foreign countries
Found the weed before we went exploring it
This talent is what I was born with
Took about twenty years before I was touring it
Do you like it? Cause it's the first time you done heard it
Just wait 'til you see me performing it
I'm so live on the stage cause I smoke and I rage
And I jump on the crowd like I'm Method Man
So I'm puffin and rapping my verse on they hands
So high I hope that I never land
See a lot of niggas that I'm better than
In my FV letterman, on a plane
Headed somewhere I ain't never been
Always on the move, I don't settle in
Coming for the mother fucking throne (Yiggity Yuhh)
In a crazy city known to let the devil in
Every time he knock knock knock, girls let him in
Gotta dumb it down to stay two steps ahead of them, call me competitive
But I still got what you was trying to be, a clone
Now I'm pulling up the-


[Hook x2]

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Wright, Dizzy New Generation Comments
  1. Preston Haley

    Its Trump season?

  2. EnzoMadeIt


  3. Rashid Ali

    this is. best song track,
    when i have been looking,
    4 record in east London.

  4. humbled

    This song live is crazy!

    Drake LaFata

    +Dan Pavlu this song is so much better live... was crazy last night

    Dan Pavlu

    +Drake LaFata he had the place rocking, that was so lit

    Dan Pavlu

    +Drake LaFata I posted a video of him performing it last night, check it out

  5. MG Media

    Dope ASF

  6. BamBam Spirits


  7. Juan

    Turnip season get your farmer gloves out

  8. SnipezZz for Money

    this my favorite song by him

  9. JayDiOh


  10. jontesinferno

    Drizzy wright ft Tyler the creator (yiggidyonkers)

  11. Ron Dominiq

    Kevin Durant!

  12. Gage ercanbrack

    This live was so fucking insane

    Brian Bogan

    420 in the streets? So live

    Gage ercanbrack

    hell yeah

    Brian Bogan

    Check out my video of it

    Luke MF-Knocks

    @Gage ercanbrack hell yeah bro, I have 1 cideo uploaded and its dizzy crowd surfing to this song

  13. aliens250

    LOURD ! #59#OKLM

  14. Dunban

    This beat's melody kinda jocked BMF... 😕

  15. Titan

    6ix the BEST producer!

  16. Caleb Williams

    The Offseason: Kevin Durant brought me here

  17. YungFuego25

    The Offseason: Kevin Durant! 

    facker gomez

    Yea fam

    michael williams

    yesss I just came after I watched

  18. Omar Guerrero

    Blazing music

  19. Alex Harris

    you justa man
    tryina get in on the plan,
    so you fan you dont fully understand.

  20. New Noise

    https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Noise/286690328189282?ref=hl go like my page

  21. fullwisewords

    Farmers be like,"Turnip season. Turnip, turnip season!"

  22. Christoph Oyarzabal

    dizzy go hard, so does the beat!

  23. Apollo Da God

    You all so ignorant rap isnt always being real you always gotta have fun with it every once in a while

  24. Tyler Silva

    Just leaving your show in SB you guys killed !! I had to come see you fuckinng Slo Brew kicked me out for sparking a jay to this !!! Fuck SLO!

  25. Taylor South

    What happened to you dizzy your becoming. The rappers you raped about this aint you go back to the laid back stuff that spoke to and reached out to people
    Then again life for you has changed and this is what you know. Oh well we will see were you go. If I had to guess.. your going up

  26. Lucca Ignacio

    DOPE $$$$$

  27. derek patterson

    Wiz need to b on this


    the only thing i can think of when he says turn up season is turnip season. its probably cause he says season behind it

  29. darklotusryder

    Kinda mellow for my taste but its still pretty good. Just heard of this dude when I saw he was going to be at the GOJ this year. Interested to hear the rest of his work.

  30. dbz4everman

    Discuss hip hop, rate verses, and interact on Yahoo! Answers. All you need is a yahoo account. The Rap & Hip Hop section got good users but we need more

  31. dbz4everman

    Discuss hip hop, rate verses, and interact on Yahoo! Answers. All you need is a yahoo account. The Rap & Hip Hop section got good users but we need more

  32. Marshall L

    Turnip, turnip, turnip season. Somebody turnip the beets.

  33. Jay Gee

    Dope verses Dizzy but your repetitive ass chorus takes away from the song big time bruhbruh!

  34. Vanessa Marie

    u would never catch me at a dizzy wright concert when this song come on because im the type to loose my mind if this kind of song come on fr I woule be jumping around everyone and on everyone excited asf  yelling screaming loud as hell

  35. Vanessa Marie

    to me every year is a new generation people comes out with new catch phrases and new stuff every year and it been that way along time now but in government words it has still not been a new generation for them but there trying.

  36. Vanessa Marie

    this song is hot and turnt up like the song is saying itself but the other song I listen to calm down was a little bit off compared to this though its hard asf and the beat is to!

  37. Sol Teo

    cmon now. this shit mad dooky

  38. Amadeus Toney

    The whole ep good af to me, big fan keep doing you.

  39. Andrew McCalla

    Dizzy you should link up Logic & Jerreau from Fly Union & make a hit!!! Y'all got so much talent... Make it happen!

  40. JRatedR

    Idk what ya'll talking about, But this shid bang .

  41. Ricks Wrecked

    pick your turnips on turnip turnip seasson

  42. iMarsBars


  43. 2pacsprojectCODBO2

    Seriously what the fuck are you guys talkn bout this is good think of it this way a trash rapper try's hard af on dis and its turns out to be shit yet dizzy killed it so yea seriously stop bitchin he just trying new shit

  44. Tiffany Moore

    Hay you got to be coding me

    Tiffany Moore

    I don't have that number anymore

    Tiffany Moore

    So what you trying to say?? You miss the kid. Lol

    Tiffany Moore

    Lol yes sir..

  45. Tiffany Moore

    I love my family because we always have fun. Love you have fun good - bye

  46. Tiffany Moore

    I love my family because we always have fun. Love you have fun good - bye

    Tiffany Moore

    Hey hun

  47. Skateboarding art

    These comments!? I'm loving this whole album! So good! DIZZZZYY!

  48. CaMoKaY

    The only way you could dislike this beat is if you despise trap beats. This is yet another DOPE beat from 6ix. That's the cool thing about 6ix he has many different styles, and they all sound good.

  49. AKA Trae

    This would be great for a Spring Break Vine tho. lol

    Well, You Can Eat My Anus You Ugly Feminist

    @Matteo Fontes kiss my ass

  50. VasH

    I like the song but this beat sounds too much like a young chop beat

  51. Lil Brim

    Sounds like a remix for independent living

  52. Kenny Aphane


  53. ArmyStrongGangflu

    TURNIP SEASON TURNIP TURNIP SEASON. I didnt know Ralf was on this track.

  54. Gainsville PDX

    turnip season

  55. tile

    This is meant for a hype song. It's not like this is all he puts out. Smh

  56. Erik Enriquez

    Dizzy be killing shit.

  57. jamal Massey

    Where is that FunkVolume2014?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!

  58. King of The Fall

    Don't listen to the people saying you're a "sell out" dizzy. At least you know those are the same ones who won't be buying your album or coming to your shows. Keep it up with the electronic shit cuz that's where the $$$ at

  59. Mitchell Lee

    Someone please post this instrumental!!!!!!!!!!

  60. LogicTV

    Dizzy wright fell off forealss smh

  61. Forever Vision

    I'm a young an rising influential artist coming straight out of Atlanta
    "If u rockin with dizzy wright" you will be able to vibe to my music :: let my music speak to your soul

    Please subscribe

  62. erik jay

    WTF!!! This shit is fucking good haha

  63. lorenzo rosales

    Turnip season tho ;p

  64. CDaBoSS96

    if dizzy stays on this path right here hes just gonna be another tyga stick to the flow that got you here bro

  65. Huey Freeman

    Dizzy Been going hard since he began.

  66. Insidious POE

    Ep lol not episode

  67. Insidious POE

    I fucking love this episode doe

  68. Ben Becic

    Dizzy and 6ix what else could you ask for ? 

  69. khmer riceeaters

    This goes hard yo

  70. dbzwayne

    If y'all can't see that Dizzy just being diverse n tryna get everyone to listen him then get the fuck out of here ya fuckin haters

  71. Gantz Room

    I'm a 15 yr old emcee and I have music that I feel fans of conceptual and meaningful hip hop would appreciate. Pls give me a chance and tell me what you think :)

  72. Gaston Wilcox

    I feel like everyone is being way to fucking critical over this ep .. It's seven fucking songs ! He did this so you guys would stop bitching during the delay between golden age and his next album .. Obviously he will have another ep called "the 2nd agreement" like he said in the song state of mind and if y'all are as critical over that shit as you are this that is really sad .this dudes a great artist and when the album drops you all will be all over his dick again smh -_-

  73. L Da God

    Good shit dizzy keep it up, ima see you at da top one day. We gone collab in due time my dude.

  74. Anthony Cunanan

    This Ep goes hard af but Some people are just so hard to please

  75. Robert Coon

    This shit is a fuckin banger! goes too hard!

  76. SevenTimeWinner

    this shit right here and state of mind are the shit man go this way

  77. swishersweetz209

    All the lyrics go in just the beats sometimes good EP though stay up dizzy

  78. max paul

    can't wait for the 2nd agreement ! and when is SwizZz dropping his album Rock Paper SwizZzors?


    I looked it up, 2nd Agreement is an EP

  79. TheInsaneAtrain

    All you new fans criticizing this EP is hilarious. Dizzy is versatile and if you're a real fan you need to respect him for trying new things. New generation, state of mind, and calm down are my favorites on this project

  80. Devone Kersey

    People gone hate its just the way it is Dizzy is a young musician doing his thing you hate you proves how lame and fake you are just because your not in his position

  81. King Eli

    best song on here.

  82. Jade Stone


  83. Angel of Aces

    Turn Up season!

  84. HuSkErS4WiN

    Thought Golden Age was his best work and there is litterateur 1 or 2 songs that I don't really enjoy on that album, but this EP was a little disappointing. I really enjoyed about 2 songs and like another 2 but it may just be the fact that they are a little different style of his. I'm actually liking how he is evolving as a rapper and am really looking foreword to his upcoming work.

  85. Chris

    turnip season!

    Nowu of the North

    @Kirandeep S.S You can't hate on 6ix, it just doesn't work that way.

    Kirandeep S.S

    I don't hate 6ix, just this beat in particular.
    I like coke but I don't like cherry coke.

    Alex B

    @Kirandeep S.S Your opinion... 6ix made this beat for the style this song was meant to have, & I think its dope af

    Blazed Mage

    Fuck, I was gonna comment that until you said that



  86. Flavio Barrera

    Ma Nigga.

  87. Badmeets3VIL7

    Obviously this was meant for live shows, seriously people gonna turn the fuck up when this hits


    +futurewwediva2017 shit was dope AF

    Hector Suarez

    +Badmeets3VIL7 shit was turnt live!!


    +Badmeets3VIL7 just did last night :D

    Skyler Holstad

    i saw this live. definitely turn up season. meet and greet in eugene oregon

  88. Chacarron91

    Sorry but Golden Age was better!

  89. Mike Pomkoski

    this is where dizzy murders beats, id like to see him on some mustard beats

  90. Fatality

    If you a Dizzy Wright fan you support him all the way


    @Dylan Johnson You said it! That's right bro, we don't got to support every shit artists drop, even if we are fans.

    TT SouthSide

    @Jesus Christ eminem is the best example

  91. Spanky Sanchez

    This track fucking bumps. I love both his conscious tracks and club bangers. Dizzy is talented. If this track isn't for you, then go listen to one that is. Simple as that. No need to waste your time on hate.

  92. Peter Garcia

    Dizzy ft kid cudi would be dope!

  93. Gabriel Vidales

    I mean you can't expect him to be deep all the time cus that shit would be boring

    Inigo Montoya

    you should listen to Eyedea

    Inigo Montoya

    Yes, and since you didn't list them - you *need* to listen to GENELEC & Memphis Reigns. Their album Scorpion Circles is the most underrated underground album of all time imho

  94. xjohnafinex


  95. Vern Emcee

    Guys guys guys chiiiilllllll!
    He clearly isnt rapping about partying n getting drunk.
    He is saying its turnip season, he is clearly farming turnips now.

  96. TheArtofLivingHisDream

    What the fuck is up with this beat I ain't feelin this shit though 
    Need more of that NEW HISTORY shit 
    No offense just my opinion HECTORISM