Wright, Dizzy - Let The Song Repeat Lyrics

My uncle Danny said he heard me on the radio
Surprisingly, I was angry with the phone call
Cause I don't understand what motherfuckers take me for
You never call, now you call when my song's on
I used to give a fuck but now I just expect it
I decide out of mind so your time is out of the question
Could take the time to rewind where you neglected
Your blood, we was homeless, you ain't even send a blessing
But we still moving, we still pushing
I told my mama act you on a real woman
So when she listen though, don't come knocking at the door
Cause I'm gonna answer that motherfucker
And slap you with a pole
Never let my mama know though
Photos, from memories, watch and smile
As she sips hennesey, the billy jean
I see the life in you, that's how it's posed to be
You were secret kept from Jehova's seed

Let the song repeat
Never stop that boy, you better let that song roll
Hey bro, let the song repeat
Lil mama, let the song repeat

And when I stop giving a fuck,
That's when you know it's over
And when they start giving it up
That's when you know you're closer
I listen to rappers nowadays and I can see the closure
She wanna give up the pussy and I don't even know her
Living the lavish life of a rap guy
Drink the same water that pass to use the baptism that guy
The lonely stoner that only wants to move forward
In search of finding a queen, but women don't have no morals
I'm, a bit confused, we looking for shit to do
Since I'm single when I'm I like my chicks in tubes
I like the and the chickens too
Not because I'm thirsty just some extra shit to listen to
Like an interview, I feel my heart racing, so well protected
This legendary segment shit answer all your questions
I have my own beliefs, so whenever I'm on the beat
I light the weed and have my own reliefs

Let the song repeat, lil nigga
You hating too hard, gotta let that song repeat
Hey, hey bro, let the song repeat
Come on lil mama, let it go
Let the song repeat, whoa.

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Wright, Dizzy Let The Song Repeat Comments
  1. Jacqueline Vandermark

    Love it

  2. Marc Strachan

    classic funk volume

  3. Dee Miguel

    Anyone know where the instrumental came from?

  4. LoxBeats

    https://soundcloud.com/loxbeats/lox-let-me-go i flipped the same sample and someone just told me about dizzys version. very nice

    saviel helsper

    Nice work , what's the name of the sample thou? O_o


    +saviel helsper Thank you, sample is by The Dramatics- Be My Girl. Amazing song

  5. #Smile Gaming

    Great track!

  6. UnKaring

    Ahaha just found the sample to this whilst diggin, dope dope!

  7. Joe

    Dj Hoppa is an amazing producer

  8. Angela H

    Hoppa, taking us back with this beat!!!

  9. Joey Brickz

    Dj hoppa is fire

  10. Young Prior


  11. itsomkedaweedman

    This beat wet af FV TURN UP !!

  12. Tanner Broadfoot

    Broadfoot - didnt ya know check it out support my movement


    DJ Hoppa should be on Master Of The Mix, this beat is amazing. Dizzy killed it too.

  14. quintin kolstad

    Love this song so much.

  15. Karma

    Me saul

  16. saul hernandez

    Like if u got this from @roadtohollywood

  17. Christian Miller

    and when i stop givin a fuck thats when you know its over

  18. FlaySkayCZE

    U are AWSOME!!!!!

  19. Riley MacDonald

    My poor repeat button haha

  20. nick pennington

    sounds like some college dropout shit haha i love it

  21. Anthony Medeiros

    beat is fucking bonkerss.....im not worthy o.o

  22. Vaughn Clark


  23. LoKi


  24. Evo Lutionz

    everyone like the video so it brings attention and they see that we want a video !!!

  25. LoKi

    Baby you know sometimes you make me wanna scream

  26. Cisco Kid

    i want to rapp to this beat just for fun u should get a instrumental for me please

  27. Lilli Trina

    Hey, Dizzy you got the words wrongs, yo uncle feed you when you waz a lil boy. The beatz are crazy but yo wordz are wack..... start over lil G.

  28. jesus ramirez

    Fuck jokerr. FUNK VOLUME

  29. gillrida

    Relativez money respect money beat

  30. Brian Mahadeo

    He use the best beats, like I dnt smoke but I feel good aszell listening to this

  31. Vsudha

    @OzaMusikTV Funk Volume Fans

  32. Vsudha

    wrong , here it is
    (1.) Hopsin , SwizZz , Dizzy , and Benton
    (2.) Funk Volumes Who Put them In Order
    (3.) Haters

  33. John Virgo

    check out my channel for dope songs

  34. C4LBHitmarkers

    You should listen to the lyrics.

  35. Zedthejoker

    damn the jokerrs right about this dude he sucks XD

  36. Trevor Martin


  37. Buurga123

    No you're all wrong
    1.) Funk Volume

  38. ElekTrikJ0k3r

    Bullshit. Jarren can't give a message like Hop and Dizzy.
    1.) Hopsin
    2.) Dizzy
    3.) SwizZz
    4.) Jarren

    NverDieEz 47

    ElekTrikJ0k3r hopsin is not on dizzys level. It takes some serious skill to rap and simultaneously teach lessons. Hopsin just hops on and kills it while complaining about everything, dude needs a hug and a life lesson if you ask me

  39. Dr Carter Music

    yo come check out the remix I produced on my page, let me know what you think

  40. Ang nkgga

    i let the song repeat a couple of timesxD badass song

  41. StrongLifter

    I was like on this comment nr.69 :D

  42. Shane Hunter

    LMFAO "Don't come knocking at her door cause imma answer that mofucka and slap you wit a pole" idk but that made me laugh my ass off. 0:53

  43. Jarod Johnson

    Love this nigga

  44. UNDERDOGkjv

    I fucking LOVE this beat, and the lyrics are dope<3

  45. wouzi


  46. Jodoroki

    Is there an instrumental??

  47. Young Killah

    fuckin dope!

  48. Brandon Anderson

    I have, he's my second favorite.

  49. Tyler H

    One dope ass beat.

  50. Bret

    favorite song when im high..

  51. Jared Davis

    No, Hip-Hop saw fake niggas comming, then and removed itself from the system, moved underground, and announced itself deceased... :)

  52. Vince013093

    You should listen to Hopsin

  53. beniswow

    DJ Hoppa is doing great!

  54. Brandon Anderson

    Real hip hop never left, it just went underground because stupid mutherfuckers think this mainstream bullshit on the radio is the new hip hop, when it really... just sucks cock.
    Dizzy Wright is the fuckin truth. Best rapper in my eyes.

  55. Jimmy Lopone

    I love DJ Hoppa's beats

  56. Trey Hammy

    Like This Damn Comment So We Can Get A Video!!!!!!

  57. kyle king

    i was high bumpin 2 this damn to 3tirll

  58. Capo High-See

    Damn this shit is real, Good shit Dizzy

  59. Angela Alexander

    i swear i repeated this like 5 time(s)

  60. RichmondsIllest Klan

    this that 90's feel bbq in the backyard type song

  61. Trey Hammy

    If replaying this song counted as another view, this would have a couple million!

  62. Blunt Smoker

    I feel bad for the people who haven't even heard of Dizzy or any other of the REAL Music.

  63. Skyler Fowler

    You're right in all points, actually. I thought he meant "though" because it is popular in new slang to add "though" at the end of statements for no reason, but "dogg" would make more sense. I thought he was saying 'flip' like "that person excel at making beats", instead of 'excels', which is common. Anyway, you're right. There's no reason for me to be hateful. It just annoys me so incredibly badly to hear people talk like that.

  64. Danny Brown

    you were kind of wrong in your first comment, when he wrote 'dough' he meant 'dogg'. And no theres no 's' after flip cause he meant ''dj hoppa flip that joint dogg''. But what he wrote was corny, and dont be such a bitch and get a life no need for that shit just enjoy the music :)

  65. Skyler Fowler

    I'm plenty busy. It just annoys the hell out of me that people talk like that and it's not only acceptable, but "cool" in today's society. Honestly, how does it make you feel to sound like that? Have some self-respect man.

  66. kris brown

    i love the first verse so much. you never call now you call when my songs on. damn! you know when is real good rap music when you dont even have to rhyme to soud real as fuck

  67. krugster03

    Dizzy Wright = Head-boppin Euphoria Music.

  68. AshinKusher2

    i love this beat but its my 2nd favorite. i love that bone thugz feel on playa play on

  69. Danny Brown

    this one, independent living and building this life for you are in my opinion the best :)

  70. Daniel Lopez

    Thank you For Your Music.
    We Gonna Smoke One Day Bro.

  71. genekoenen

    Am I the only one who thinks this is the best song on the mixtape?!

  72. Tyler Newlands

    Dizzy Wright ladies & gentlemen


    u really sit on YouTube correcting ppl your a fool

  74. Skyler Fowler

    That was the least intelligent-sounding statement I've ever read. First of all, "flip" should have an 's' at the end of it. Secondly, the word "joint" is so ubiquitous and vague that it is used to describe absolutely anything, and makes you sound like an idiot. The word "Though" does not have a 'd' in it, and doesn't even belong in that sentence. Please learn to speak english at least a little bit. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to people with brains for us to have to listen to that?


    DJ hoppa flip that joint dough


    dizzy holla at me if u need beats

  77. Danny Brown

    Anyone else want a music video for this song?

  78. Danny Brown

    btw he didnt diss hiphop if thats what you tought

  79. SilentHittasMusic

    Just like your life!

  80. Lefthook00

    Real hip hop never went anywhere.

  81. B1GxAL

    hoppa you crazyy son!

  82. Octavio Monzon

    Letting the song repeat...

  83. Jewlia Ryan

    I cant enjoy this song because my gf is bitching about dj hoppa.. Smh

  84. bigballa8881

    Nothing fake comes out dizzy's mouth. Finnaly a rapper i can sit back & feel real too

  85. Keverninz

    Solid comment bruh. Thumbs up.

  86. Jimmy Lopone

    Let the song repeat 0:00

  87. lokalonez11

    This is a sick song!!! Easy listening music too! DAMN FV KILLIN IT!!!! Keep moving!

  88. Fadi Zuabi

    Great Beat with great rapper=Great Music;)

  89. Charley A

    ! Best Song YUP!!

  90. ChadGMusic

    One M0:00re Time!

  91. Injigo Montoya

    It never went away.

  92. Yeah Buddy

    Best song on the mixtape.

  93. Jeffery Naim

    0:00 free repeat button

  94. Noah Clark

    I'm just gunna let this repeat :D

  95. eastcoastkevo

    i like this

  96. Ben Perryman

    Best song on the mixtape!