Wright, Dizzy - Hold On Lyrics

[Chorus - Brittani Janae:]
And I know, I know
Things ain't the way that they used to be
And I know, I know
The way of the world made it hard to breathe
You gotta hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on
I'm asking you to hold on, hold on, hold on, hold on

[Verse 1 - Mark Battles:]
Being honest
My life wasn't a box of chocolates
Police sirens, Bullets flying
And a lot of gossip
Bout 5 6 side chicks
Who riding for the profit
But only keep them legs open
If you send them shopping
I ain't got it
Oh well, what's next
Too strong to weep
So I fall asleep and dream of success
What you think I'm upset?
My time ain't even come yet
So I gotta cut these niggas
Till they wanna cut checks
Why you so stressed?
You ain't gotta cry no more
I'ma be your super hero
This is what I'm here for
Hit my knees and pray to God
No disguise, Dear Lord
I hope I'm ready for the things you got in store
Bless your
But am I selfish cause I want more?
Only human but treated like a God when I'm on tour
Remaining humble through the struggles
It's obvious I'm unsure
Are we the one's you come for?
I need to know


[Verse 2 - Dizzy Wright:]
It's crazy
Cause now I'm dealing with these twenty-fifteen issues
Like when your homies see you
Gotta then work against you
And start milking the situation
Ever since that we stop paying
To keep blazing
For some reason
I'm feeling my kindness been mistaken
I don't know how you gone take this
I don't know how you gone take this
But I work so hard so why wouldn't I embrace it
We make mistakes
We learn it
Then we gon' solve the equation
Every problem can be answered
But every answer comes with truth
You gon' have to face it
I've been living man
On the road doing shows
And I swear I love this feeling man
I'm trying to hold on
God been swimming with the sharks
While you've been playing with the dolphins
Can't trust nobody
You know I don't fall in love often
Conversations sparking
And by the way you talking
And making all these faces
You got some crisis' or some confrontations
But I swear that shit you was on back then
The day made me feel I should've done more
Even though I'm unsure
I know what you come for


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Wright, Dizzy Hold On Comments
  1. bravosmavoohno

    love it

  2. MAK .S

    I love this album. Damn.

  3. T-Rav

    2018 Battles gonna blow

  4. Lou Charles

    I'm digging it... check out my channel when you get a chance

  5. Cas Vdm

    one of the best songs I've ever heard. from the beginning it's great: "Being honest, my life wasn't a box of chocolates"

  6. Darin Carter

    200th like

  7. HardworkRules

    This should have millions of views, one of the realest songs I have heard.

    Mick Carr

    +HardworkRules Amen brother!

  8. Mark Battles

    Mark Battles debut album "Numb" is available now http://t.co/KfkaeSUnR9

  9. Titan Harper

    only keep their legs open if i send them shopping

  10. Faraz Khan

    Tripiest shit ever

  11. J.F.M

    Keep going player

  12. Austin Khoury

    Can we get an instrumental to this song?

  13. TTT TTT

    Dizzy has like a bone thugs flow in this song 


    Layzie is his uncle.

  14. Bélanger Francis

    Ya this song is bom well this owl album whit dizzy is just fire

  15. Glowstone Gamer Girl #Glow

    Love this ! Lost count how many times i've listened to this last couple days! <3  @Glowstone_Girl 

    Seth George

    Its just that good

    Adam DboyXX

    +Seth George Mr. Jones!

  16. Adam

    This song goes up there with the best.

  17. thepimp9801

    Too chill