Wright, Dizzy - Cypher Lyrics

[Dizzy Wright:]
This is not to be rewarded, killin' beats that wasn't mine
When all my vocals was distorted
See King Dizzy's no different than King James
Cause I live to learn, the world don't want another Michael Jordan
Look, even though I got it jumpin' like Larry Bird
With all these white girls screaming for me
Singing every fucking word (word)
I can tell that you the homeboy that ain't never riot
Me? Oh I just make fashion statements almost every night
I'm taking flights without no seatbelt on and landed
Headed to the top and I'm leaving all of these fuck niggas stranded
Nothing handed, we with that learning money management movement
Save it just to spend it, do a show and then I recoup it
Young boss man, fuck an off brand
Me? I'm fuckin' on this bad bitch with a big booty and soft hands
That wanna be my wifey when I'm off cam
But when I'm on cam, she already know the program
I'm pro-gram so I roll up more grams to slow jams
So we can vibe out, we the cadillac boys
She hop inside so we can ride out
She turn the music up and twist the weed
A real nigga baby, this trip's on me

[Mark Battles:]
Look, want the money and respect, you can keep the power
Plan to grab the whole world, it may take a hour
Bad hoes and bad fros when I take a shower
Pussy sweet as presidential, call it Eisenhower
My momma wit it, that honest livin' I gotta get it
The finest women, I try commitment, then I forget it
She ridin' in it but still in all it, I'm 'bout to hit it
We got a witness, I'm spittin' raw with no contradiction
Whoa, they hatin' on the daily
Used to freestyle for free but now you gotta pay me
Career goin' 80 and it's startin' to drive 'em crazy
Fly America, I'm a patriot, call me Tom Brady
Take it all and leave the rest with 'em
I'm done with the chatter, wanna be the next victim
Call Doctor Khaled, got the we the best syndrome
Undefeated, never lost like a GPS system
Get 'em, I bet you hate that we winnin'
Keep givin' your opinion, it ain't makin' a difference
If you can't take the heat, then stay away from the kitchen
Your album name is lemonade, could be made in a minute
Get it? Minute made, I'm a renegade
They been afraid, I tend to blaze when I'm center stage
Pitchin' game on my Clemen stain with a different name
Pad all the walls, it's 'bout to get insane, flame
You could tie me in a straitjacket
Proclaimed the nicest in my age bracket
I'm really bein' modest cause I hate braggin'
Study who I am, cram like my name backwards
Ha, it's too much for y'all
Hatin' on a nigga, so Ku Klux and all
The pain temporary dog, I grew up to ball
Think I'm visually impaired, I don't see them at all

[Chris Webby:]
On that cypher rap shit, I’m still the York with the sky
Then drop flows and serve cats with an order of fries
When my album’s in your whip, make sure the volume is high
‘Cause shit is fresh, they been calling me the Lord of the Fly
I’m part samurai, part Spartan, part ninja with a pirate’s hat
And to proceed with caution, you wish you kept it movin’
After you step into warriors who butt heads like pachycephalosauruses
You won’t be standing when the fucking death settles due
So now y’all know exactly what the fuck my pen’ll do
I’m close, I can feel it in my gut, call it seppuku
But ain’t no swords involved with all the shit I’m ‘bout to execute
So play it cool like ehhhh, yo his shit’s straight
Like I ain’t what you bumpin’ at the gym while you lift weights
I let these kids hate, then ask how my dick tastes
And write a whole mixtape on one fucking sync break
Bitch, name a kid who could rap that dope
Since high school, I held the pad and the backpack close
While them one hit wonders, they could stack that dough
They’ll be in gone in 24 like a snapchat post
I’m a ghost motherfucker, shit I need me a tan
A strong drink and a model on a beach in the sand
But that’ll come when I accomplish all the dreams that I’ve planned
And get more radio activity than seas in Japan
Every station in rotation, they’ll be playing my shit
Until then, I’ll be anywhere where they pay me to spit
You ain’t got shit on what I’m gonna do
So pump the brakes like a school bus and stop it right in front of you, bitch

[Emilio Rojas:]
Emilio, my name is synonymous with the truth
Like Chris Brown name is synonymous with abuse
(Fuck the system!)
It’s like it’s anonymous in this booth, I be riding uptown
With some mamis that’s in the coupe
And we don’t like nobody except the clique that we rollin’ with
You ain’t on the dick, I expected you to go and hold the shit
Buzz a little bit, I ain’t have a label promoting it
I never had a fucking co-sign, I been alone in this
My heart’s cold, my ribs are refrigeration
My lungs are like ventilation, don’t fuck with this Venezuelan
(Just the tip!)
Now y’all will get fucked with no penetration
I be rocking All Saints, they cuts have been venerated
Ah, our generation is drug addicted and lost
But I ain’t judging nothing man, Jesus carried the cross
And Mari bust it open, them Virgin Marys are gone
If Jesus was a carpenter, license seen, he has a saw
Street code of ethics, the code of silence
And I seen a fiend so co-dependent on dope we buyin’
They took his ass to court as a co-defendant on trial
And they lock him up for what they should treat for ‘cause they wylin’
Shit ain’t never change, it ain’t gonna
They should make my people legal before they do the marijuana
Instead INS will be rushing us to the border
‘Cause you can’t tax a person for wanting more for they daughter

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