Wright, Dizzy - Can't Trust Em Remix Lyrics

[Verse 1: Jarren Benton]
Yeah, fuck these niggas, I don't trust these niggas
Pull the knife out the AK, and cut these niggas
Put the knife back on the AK, I throw the AK away, I get the nunchuck and nunck these niggas
I am, out of my mind, Jarren, you gon' really sniff all of those lines?
Where the fuck were you when I was out on my grind?
Stress bout to blow my brains out of my spine
Insane in the membrane, sick with the pen game, y'all niggas been lame
Frickin' faggot, gagged and fucked in the ass like the Gimp did Ving Rhames
Eastside tyrant, little bit of vibe when I flee from the sirens
I hit a nigga in the leg with a tire iron, and crack him in the fucking skull with a fire hydrant
I'm a beast, I'm a God, I'm a killer, I'm a pimp, and I walk with a limp
You're a geek, you're a lame, you're a bitch, you're a fag, bitch you talk with a lisp
Like "Hey Dizz, pull your dick out, all we wanna do is party"
Meanwhile, I'm with your fucking baby mom at the drive-thru at Hardy's
She say "Yeah, I thought you were ballin'", bitch you see the Hardy's at Arby's
Bougie ass trick still let a nigga hit, so I fucked her in the back of an RV
What up to my nigga named Dizzy, hoes throw the pussy at a nigga like a frisbee
Hatin' ass niggas gon' hate, better load up the guns, till the pussy ass niggas come kill me, feel me
Chop ya, body up, put it in my locker, freeze it, cook it, put it in my pasta
The chopper go 'brah' in your mouth like banaca, drop ya, call the fucking coroners and doctors
Duct tape and rape ya, As-Salāmu 'Alaykum, killers from Jamaica, they gon' let you meet your maker
Funk Volume bitch, we don't need a fucking major, Mr Benton sickest motherfucker from Decatur

I can't trust none of these niggas
Can't trust none of these hoes
I'm killing shit
So I'm chilling with a marijuana cloud and my bros
They talking shit but we talking goals
Gettin' money that's all I know
In this shit and I been the shit
And I did this shit all on my own

[Verse 2: Angel Haze]
Okay, they let me loose and I'm at it
Bitch I'm noose neckin' this rap shit
Got a gang of hoes on my matress
You a bitch nigga, you manson
Man I'm too much for you niggas
I could murder you on yo own song
Give my flow some turbo
End up breakin niggas like O-zone
Kill a nigga quicker than a mili to his temple
Drag his fuckin' body beneath the 2 cylinder
You too weak, and me I'm too villainous
Ain't shit safe bitch I ain't through killin' it
Bitch I'm hard as I do claim, bitch I'm harder than you claim
I get on anybody's song and make that shit part of my food chain
Boom, bang, bang, boom, bitch back, back better gimme some room
I got a wild mind, I'm on a million shrooms
Codeine cups look like a million prunes
I'm ill, and I want it, those two deadly components
Anything I'm in, I always win
Can't even picture havin' opponents


[Verse 3: Dizzy Wright]
They done fucked up, fetch the bong
Remix bitch I'm extra on
I'm rollin weed, overseas
Funk Volume bitch we finna set the tone
Can't trust 'em, fuck it, put em' in a bucket
Wanna see my dick so you could hug it?
Came a long way for niggas to fuck with me the long way
Independent on the motherfucking budget
Man I'm never putting this mic down, right now it's my lifestyle
Change your lives on a high cloud, I got marijuana all in my white owl
So the hoes wanna hit it, niggas get to witness the bitches that really groupie for a livin'
I'm at the show, she at the front, now she at the hotel trying to get the motherfuckin' business
Hold up, hold up, why everybody on my dick?
Is it cause I rip songs, hit bongs, with hit songs and niggas wonder how I'm getting on like this
Damn, find another lover
Can't trust 'em cause we tired of each other
Brother, Las Vegas will never have another
Tell XXL want the motherfuckin' cover

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Wright, Dizzy Can't Trust Em Remix Comments
  1. Pedro Ramirez

    Bro still with this

  2. Kaleb Gallauher


  3. firehihi1


  4. J. Lawson

    I crashed and was pronounced dead for 21 minutes on october 5. 2013 and this was the song i put on when i got in the drivers seat and attempted to drift around a little corner going 80 mph drunk.

  5. J Kudder

    2019 still here

  6. J. Stubbs

    "Where the fuck were you when I was out on my grind? stressed, bout to blow my brains out of my spine"

  7. Cory Thompson

    Shaq, no life calling u out, where's your reaction??????

  8. Jeff Selmon

    I use to know all the lyrics to Jarren's verse, here like 5 years later and struggling hard lol

  9. Jonah Clutchette

    Damn 7+ years

  10. Sean Moody

    Jarren goes hard

  11. Kev Cain

    #StillMovin Jarren Benton went in so did Dizzy pure fire still bumping this 2019

  12. Omar Jackson

    It's crazy that I only play this song for JB then I skip

  13. #1fan

    293 auto tune lovers hated this song

  14. Wasted Talentz

    2019? Jarren verse still 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  15. Zachary McLellan

    Jarren is flames

  16. John Doran

    Jarran is one of the greats

  17. Brandon Ohara

    Nicki Minaj ain't got nothing on this girl rapping in this song , I don't know who she is but she spits

  18. Noah Arthur

    2019 gangggggg

  19. beginning214

    2019 right here

  20. lixo sujera

    alguem do br escuta essa divindade?

  21. spartttan1337

    Unpopular opinion, angel could have been left out of this song and it still would’ve been 100% baller

  22. PuffThaStuff 727

    Anyone else hear “what up Disney”?

  23. Alexander Kvitrovn

    Bitch its either Hardee's or Arby's

  24. Ryan Manwarren

    Cant trust em I'm killin shit so I'm chilling with a marijuana cloud & Bros, They talking shit, We talking goalss!!

  25. cheapCHILL pills ASMR

    Jarren smoked some crack with Kevin bacon and SNAPPED on the mic

  26. Lit Mari17

    2018 who fucking wit it still ? 🤔

  27. James Davis

    he is good

  28. Walid Shabaab

    This track still goin hard 2018

  29. Arty Munoz

    Angel was out of order ! Lol

  30. Josh Tosh

    2 cylinder??? What the fuck you driving?

  31. Brent Pongyan

    Theeeze bruahs killd this zhit man...angel hayes is fire as fuhk ..I propose to her on thiz comment ..but snow day product is my truz Luz...jarren philthy with it my dude

  32. Alexander Canella

    Fuck Hopsin for fucking up this label. All of them were amazing in their own way but as a label they were better. Since FV, none of their music hasn't been near as good.

  33. Naji Da Star

    Jarren shat All over that beat. Dizzy and home girl was dope too but They really should have made jarren go last lol

  34. Qazu

    Jarrens hardest verse to date it’s hard to surpass

  35. asvp _plug

    2018? Anyone.

    Speak Vegan Change

    yuh I'm here lol

    austin brown

    I got you fam

    L3GiiT Rager

    To this day, Oct 1st.


    2k19 checkin in

  36. Brad Whitmer

    Had to type this from the computer bc Jarren just fried my phone

  37. Cam Mills

    They all went in

  38. nayel_TURBO TM

    copyright free?

  39. Koop_801

    who wouldn't want to be brutally slaughtered on their own track by Jarren

  40. Theo Caye

    The new good old days

  41. Alex Johnson

    June 2017 still banging

  42. J. Brower

    There goes Jarren Benton Fucking spitting straight dragon fire again...

  43. Ricardo Galindo

    fuck yall i still bump this

  44. Conner Marcheskie

    jarren goes so hard

  45. Chakma The Original

    those were the days

  46. Chakma The Original

    Jarren be fuckin' hungry!

  47. VICSKIM949

    Awesome ....until they let the girl rap.

    Chakma The Original

    are you serious?!, That girl fucking killed that shit!!


    Shouts to jarren for gassin the fuck outta this shit omg much love

  49. Brant Watkins

    Jarren shoulda went last, swizzz shoulda replace angel haze, and I feel like lil scrappy shoulda been on it!! OHHH KAY KAY KAY

  50. zach dixon

    Why wasn't Snow tha product on this track. Angel haze is ight but I feel like snow would've murdered it.

    jacob mclemore

    yea snow is deff better

    Hajile Taylor

    aight????? to each their own i guess. love Snow too though

    stevaughn williams

    zach dixon she would have murdered it TOOO

  51. Thugnificent 7

    I literately laughed throughout the whole Jarren Benton's verse 😂😂😂

  52. Emily Pesante

    hands down best song ever

  53. Mivhel Vollari

    this haze bitch sucks ass

    NightHawk moneybaggs

    ya and she's like "i could murder you on your own song." Do you realize how dope Dizzy and Mr. Benton are? Calm down lady

    Thugnificent 7

    How? She's good she got bars

    Zane Tsakiris

    I just had deja vu reading this comment but anyway Angel haze is meh Snow is the best female rapper and when she says I could murder you on your own song bruh Dizzy and Jarren made her look amateur

  54. ViLez

    angel haze spits fire but she aint the best female rapper. she cuses way to much! reverie is better

    jacob mclemore

    best female rapper is sno tha product


    she be dope as!

  55. Mend

    Jarren went off on this holy shit


    holy shit dizzy got killed by angel

    SiNiSTERR oBv

    Angel isnt even that good tbh.. shes the best female rapper out their imho but she dont compare to dizzy wright or jarren

    Chris Kowaleski

    +ElIxR_SiNiSTERR snow tha product kills it pretty hard to it's a toss up for me between them, but dizzy and jarren are on some other shit

  57. El Patron614

    This never gets old. Jarren Benton murdered it. #stillmovin

    Clinton Dove

    Angel haze kills him

  58. Jeffery Bickham

    angel haze killed it ain't gonna lie bruah

  59. Briana Howard

    Yall bitches are fucking mental. Haze been fire please peep her old shit. Ain't nobody write shit for her, but her. That's 100

  60. WickedXombieBoi

    Oh also dizzy i. Like you im just catious bro i have analyze you work before i can truely say im a fan alas im broke and i believe in supporting a artist so.when i can.afford it ill deffinately check out you material son :)

  61. WickedXombieBoi

    Sorry using a touxh phone anyways angel haze.was blowing up way before dizzy also she IS THE BEST FEMALE RAPPER out there

    Hunter Campbell

    Um have you heard snow tha product? She gasses harder than angel

  62. Patrick Mullaney

    Fuck bro. Jarren murders every song he's on 🔥🔥🔥

  63. The LeonaT

    Jarren benton snapped on this!

  64. Brandon Darling

    Angel Haze goes in. I dont care why you all hatin dont see you out there

  65. Joaquin Garcia

    Anyone else call Benton ak-Benton or 47-benton?

  66. Alton Ithier

    Dizzy it good

  67. Alton Ithier

    It good

  68. iAaronHD

    You all remember when they dropped this the day before the announced that they signed Jarren to the label? 

  69. Ryan Turner

    Why isn't angel haze on the iTunes version


    cuz shes trash


    +Mobang no she aint

    SiNiSTERR oBv

    shes gud but kinda turned off the feeling of the song thats why she aint in that version

  70. Ivan Antunović

    They killed it

  71. Jack Schwanke

    sounds like swizzz

  72. noah thomas

    Fuckin genious

  73. Jenny L

    I remember listening to this and immediately searching Angel Haze. Was so disappointed that she didn't have a lot of stuff out.

  74. Anthony De La Rosa

    jarren and dizzy \m/ every time they fucking wreck it!

    tristan lavigne

    The one other metal head lmao?

  75. Cooldown Redux

    i don't know this chick, but her verse honestly sounds like it was written by jarren or swizz or maybe dizzy. not hating, and i'm not saying she's bad, its a tight verse. but her style and flow just sounds so similar to them..

    Cooldown Redux

    @Stephan Persaud you can have similar styles, but each verse should have its own unique qualities. her verse doesn't have anything unique to my ears. just my opinion 

    Brown Bomber

    @Cooldown Redux Fair enough, I get what you're saying.

    Mane La Flame

    its like she studied FV albums before she wrote her verse lol

    Jeffery Bickham

    nahh the thing is she went In with the sound plus she's versatile she can rap different ways I never been a fan but for a female she has talent

    Gage Burckhard

    listen to her on Tim Westwood. she just kills it

  76. Joeologist

    YOO to you pure FV Fans, i cut out Angel Haze's (the girls) verse and i uploaded it on my channel with a download link

  77. TaelorMade

    This song is the first time I ever heard Angel Haze and I'll never forget it!

    Oren Gondal

    She has great songs

    Cole Hopkins

    Listen to the xxl cypher with her and dizzy.

  78. tony p

    Snow the product sucks nothing new about her she's just like the 99 % of the rest of the rappers but this remix is way better then the original song

    Nathan Jensen

    first off, snow the product aint even in the song  learn your shit


    you do realize that girl isnt snow right?


    you look real stupid thank god its the internet though or this would be awkward...


    It clearly says Angel Haze, not Snow Tha Product

  79. julian Brooks

    Jarren goes in on every song ... Never fails


    madddd at the start

  81. raziel mack

    the shit

  82. Cushan

    I like the first version better but this aint bad either thoo

  83. colby g

    Jarren Murdered this.

  84. Daniel Witt

    Merked It Jarren!

  85. Azion

    is this copyright?


    Yea bruh

  86. GBA Posh God

    Jarren went off. Haze doesn't get a pass for being female and having a half-ill verse. Dizzy was good but it was the remix so a long verse from him wasnt expected

  87. Texas Bass Slayerz

    Hard af

  88. Luis Jimenez

    wow breakin like ozone haha....not bad. how is she? ozone is in the breakin movie for u lost ass tards.

  89. DubTrickerRoss

    Angel haze was dope but snow tha product would have murdered it here!


    +DubTrickerRoss true but i dont think she would fit on this track

    Brayan Meza

    She would, she's made music with tech , wreck , twisted insane in a song and also one with kris's Kaliko in a song , plus another with futuristic and logic

    josh petersen

    Yea snow would be nice on this.

  90. Damion McLaughlin

    jarren fucking benton ! Just just destroyed this

  91. jguzman01jr

    Not guna lie they fucking ruined this song

    Tyler Park

    whattttt they the remix is so much more better 

    Ron Lott

    Fuck no

  92. Swavey G

    Jarren ate food!!!!!!!