Wright, Dizzy - Assumptions Lyrics

Niggas talk that real shit
I don't even know what's real no more
These mothafuckas nowadays
Just be saying shit
A lot of shit going on in the world
And these niggas talkin' about they real niggas

[Verse 1]
Uh I never been the type to judge niggas
Fuck, niggas look at me like I lucked up nigga
But this shit is getting harder
Got a stomach full of liquor and I'm thinking about my daughter
I should be a-fucking-shamed of myself
Baby mama struggling, I put the fucking blame on myself
I should just grab my gat, and fucking aim at myself
I did this on my own, you niggas came with the help
So I dis-include and no I'm not dissing you
But in the interview, I clearly said I don't remember you, lil nigga
You ain't nothing but a lil nigga
Just me and my .45, is quite clear that you came full of niggas
Uh, I know that bullshit gangsta talk
But I don't ever get involved if I ain't involved
What you portraying dawg, blowing money
Fuck that, I'm trying to teach my child how to save it all

[Hook x2]
So if I vent to you, tell me can you see yourself making assumptions, making assumptions?
Contradicting my shit from the outside, making a judgment, making a judgment

[Verse 2]
I guess I'm just like everybody else, living in this world with no help
No guidance, no self-love, until I met drugs
Gangstas being imitated, by internet thugs, Shrugs
No hugs, just guns, just fun
He bust one, retaliate on my loved one
It ain't worth it, need a 9 to 5
It ain't working, not for me
So I'm doing it for a strange purpose
I ain't too focused on the "getting around,"
The pussy will come, I just can't be sitting around
Looking around, missed it when it could've been now
As good as they come, and got lost in the crowd
That's a sad story
See niggas just wanna hustle and rap
Rap music got bitch niggas in love with the trap
Me, I got that shit to make the government mad
Pussy nigga, how thuggin' is that?

[Hook x2]
So if I vent to you, tell me can you see yourself making assumptions, making assumptions?
Contradicting my shit from the outside, making a judgment, making a judgment

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Wright, Dizzy Assumptions Comments
  1. 73ravo92

    2019 and still bumping #keepitreal #stillmovin

  2. raney texas

    gawd damn. lookin for that vibe and : perfection

  3. Däeion Fuller

    “Until we can understand the assumptions in which we are drenched 💧🧠💧🧠💧🧠 we cannot know ourselves”

  4. Le-Roy Marbles

    2019 anyone?

  5. Dagny Raney

    Damn how did I just hear this song. So on point

  6. Jeff Reynolds

    Had to pick on some kids.

  7. Jeff Reynolds

    Try an throw that g shit on hop lol they got merked so they got salty 😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😄😁😁😂😂😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 🔥❄💨

  8. Jeff Reynolds

    Fuvk horshit gang!

  9. Jeff Reynolds

    I get involved in that bs gangsta talk.

  10. King Beamen

    2018 n beyond!

  11. Bookie Austin

    Dizzy dat nigga 😘😘😘😘

  12. Ziggy Reis

    2018 and this is a timeless peice of work, the whole project. TIMELESS.

    Bookie Austin

    Ziggy Reis this go hard

  13. 47most SOON

    This is one of the most realest and inspirational tracks I have ever endured in my short life of 19 Years. Dizzy Wright has absolutely changed my entire perspective on life for the positive, and made me a better person. I am thankful, but I want to do more.

    Brenda Ortiz

    47most SOON pp

  14. Ryan Matthews

    Baby wish me well

  15. Rene Valverde

    2018 represent

  16. Staci B

    Still here Son!!!

  17. Central Coast Climber

    Anybody bumping in 2017?

  18. Isaac Olson

    Ion never get involved if I ain't involved

  19. scheme

    I fw this son heavily



  20. El' Roacho

    Listening to your music makes me a better person





    Caleb Thomas

    ADRIAN ARMENTA sadly he doesn't make music like this anymore


    YES HE JUST STARTED TO AGAIN ! Listen to God Bless america and


    +World Peace Listen to False Reality , They know why, God Bless America and I need answers He back at It with that Shit that make the government mad lmao🔥🔥

  23. Ej Lea-Scandrett

    Take notes 🔥🔥🔥

  24. Queen Slaying

    you talk about the real shit. Like no lie every time I need to hear the real shit go to you

    Bookie Austin

    Queen Slaying facts

  25. Jay Rosado

    Dope shit Diz. Real G You had me at New History now i dug threw the mystery
    But looking ar my paintings
    Who is really listening
    Ill be silent
    Sun boiiis glistening
    Smoke out conversations
    Crashed to a symphony
    Its like you snagged some of my thoughts threw Akashic memories
    Enlightened i was when you flipped the dream line from its regular means
    Blessed to be
    One infinite spirit So fearless
    Love. Unite. n Peace

  26. Kike Vargas

    Am I the ONLY one who gets that warm sane feelin soon as the beat drop ? LMAO smh Hip Hop saved my life.

    Ej Lea-Scandrett

    sebastian schikorra Couldn't have said it better! I definitely get the same feeling every time ✊🔥

  27. Casey Petrus

    dope as fuck! got that shit to make the govt. mad... keep up that positive flow!!!

  28. He-Ay TM

    Dope as fuck, repeat

  29. Keirh Mcdonald

    Real!!! that is all

  30. Krayyyyzie-- Is Here!

    I should just grab my gat and aim at my fucking self

  31. TheCmogrind


  32. Dan Ruthven

    the new tupac

  33. Accuzations

    This is my shit

  34. Luis Vargas

    This guy talks about real shit unlike bs money over bitches

  35. Alexander Richard

    So if i vent can you see yo self making assumptions? 💯

  36. Alfredo Garcia

    Dizzy's so underrated man how the fuck does this not have at least a million views?


    straight up


    He is way too good for a million views!! Like he says he's music isn't meant for everyone, because not everyone can understand the concept.

    john miguel

    +gregorygonzalez25 word

  37. rosa rodriguez

    On point .

  38. J.F.M

    i should just grab the gun and aim at my damn self ha

  39. dmari castellano

    Dizzy Wright Always Go Hard On Every Song Nobody What

  40. Alex Daniel

    Sick af.

  41. Pedro Chavez

    Shit goes hard.. erry word he says actually got true meaning.. dizzy is the best outta FV

  42. Joseph Guzman

    Man....dizzy wright changed my views on life. He's the realist rapper out. Fuck these main stream rappers with thier bullshit. This is real shit. Props to DIZZY AND FV! Keep it G

  43. rare_NDividual

    @Jamal Sealy can't believe anyone else listens to Los

  44. intellectual conqueror

    This is one of the best rap/hiphop songs ever produced come on people lets get these braging fagot rappers out of here put dizzy on the top its his time. its time for a change.

  45. ArticruciA Williams

    another day ring any bells?

  46. beni zubi


  47. sean dalrymple

    Like i looked up nigga

  48. CALCICUM46

    Jay E Beats

  49. Ballabwoy09

    I know this beat from somewhere ... but shit I cant remember where ...

  50. Introvert

    die right now

  51. Jamal Sealy

    Los is so slept on imo... hes lyrically a fukkin beast

  52. TannerLewis

    Man, FV, king los, jcole and a couple others are really doing their thing

  53. Jesse Sanchez

    @Kush King. 519 he clearly states in fuck your opinion he aint a weed rapper shit head

  54. dsipler420

    based on the fact Nas dissed the FUCK out of JayZ, i dont quite understand why u place them in the same category....Nas is being held down BECAUSE JayZ is a shotcaller in the hiphop world...he couldnt destroy Nas on a track, so he did it to his pocket..

  55. ChaosTheoryRelevance

    Nas Jay-Z and Kanye are straight Trash now those morons are destroying hip hop and holding down one of the best rappers in the game currently J. Cole

  56. ChaosTheoryRelevance

    First of all 2Pac is great ... the msg he promoted compared to others and the power in his voice and the influence he had... he died as a legend of rap

  57. Pittmane

    stomach full of liquor and im thinkin about my daughter..

  58. dsipler420

    lol nightm00n doesnt even know wtf hes talking about..Nas a one hit wonder? lol what a moron.

  59. Derek Ortiz

    Fuck lil gayne

  60. tubedude9311

    fuck no, wayne was never had a msg like dizzy

  61. K-STheWise

    Nigga is too dope for his own good lol

  62. boabbyrocks

    the GOAT cant be a one hit wonder its impossible

  63. ohshucks30

    Dizzy reminds me of the young lil wayne like the lil wayme on tha Carter 3

  64. Nico Ferenczy

    makin assumptions

  65. morelliSS

    i agree 100%

  66. Tony Sauvageau

    Dizzy on point.

  67. jacob hale

    its cause he went against the illuminati oath

  68. jacob hale

    thats not what its about dumbass he broke the oath of the baphomet look it up un youtube learn something

  69. MobbVillain

    lol you went from saying Nas as a one hit wonder to saying you dont care to saying that Dizzy is a soul singer. The fuck are you talking about.

  70. Joya Bangz

    This is my song.. swear it never gets old !

  71. Thirteen Cross

    I think if Nas got killed in the 90's he'd be treated like Biggie and Pac are, since he lived he got overlooked like everyone else who tried to give you numbskulls something to learn from.

  72. Tim Wood

    I like both Nas and this song you have got my comment mixed up

  73. k. Johnny


  74. trojanlinebacker

    everything about this statement is true cept for that bullshit bout nas, nas is the streets radio aint got shit to do with bein real

  75. Eddie Varonni

    pacgot big when he died god forbit if dizzy dies hes also gonna make a big ass impact

  76. 03Bulletfan

    Because Pac had a bigger impact and influence with the people, not saying that Nas didn't also have that, just saying that Pac was bigger.

  77. Tim Wood

    ... i was replying to someone who said nas was a one hit wonder i like this song too.

  78. toomuchforyaaa44

    this is a good song, thumbs up is a good thing!

  79. JHutch

    I mean how can you honestly in your heart not like this song.. smh at the 14 haters...

  80. Isaac Stephens

    Blowing money fuck that I am trying to teach my kid how to save it all -Dizzy wright-

  81. techboy556

    the problem with this generation is that they have no history... ignorant motherfuckers...

  82. Mundocaso

    Nas is one of the best rappers of all time. The only reason you don't hear much from him is cuz MTV and the radio don't really play his music much, because he doesn't really make songs meant for the club or anything. He makes songs that reflect the reality and his emotions on life. You best listen to his albums again. Illmatic, Stillmatic, God's Son and his 2012 album Life Is Good. Best he ever made.

  83. brysen yo

    im sorry dumbass, but this must be your first dizzy wright video

  84. Electric Kool-Aid

    because tupac actually did shit about the government, not just rapped/talked about it.

  85. xGraphiiK

    ya that's why he is a multi-platinum selling artist still going strong 20 years later and considered to be the master poet of hip-hop


    Anyone know what sample that is?

  87. BowditchXD

    And there's another brainwashed smart ass.
    Dude, I'm not part of the Illuminati! It's not around anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. BowditchXD

    So being part of the gang life isn't a real life situation? Doing drugs isn't something that goes on in real life? Liking women's bodies isn't something that men deal with?
    I bet that you liked the movie "Friday".
    In other words, Hip Hop is just like any other form of art. If you don't like a certain kind of writing style, then fine. But don't be calling an artist like Lil Wayne talentless.

  89. BowditchXD

    I'm glad to see a Hip Hop fan thinking straight. INTERNET HIGH FIVE FOR THAT!
    There are a lot of brainwashed teens on the internet, forced to believe in the Illuminati. I mean, the Illuminati did exist. But not anymore. It was something that was around over 200 years ago in Europe. It died a long time ago. It was meant to be a super secret organization. Not an organization with a website.
    People like Hopsin really scare a lot of teens into not liking music. Which is actually dangerous.

  90. idontcare0261

    Radio play means absolutely nothing. I assume you a troll because you sir, are an idiot.

  91. TheInfiniteAssasin

    Your basing stuff off how many songs he got on the radio? So your saying lil wayne and the rest of ymcmb are a legendary group lol this guy talking about the radio. Smfh

  92. TheAcrbennthe

    Like A boss

  93. sahandjelix

    a soul singer?
    nigga u gay..

    and you ever hear illmatic? every track on that bitch is a hit. and he old as fuck still just dropped life is good i heard a couple dope tracks on that shit. nas - daughters thats real shit bro wtf you talkin bout you dont know music lol

  94. 4LoveUfight

    ughhh dont ever wannna hear or see someone say "Nas was a one hit wonder"
    smh people dont know nothing.

  95. Terrez Dawson-Holland

    I am a little boy raper

  96. Killuminati RoguePvP

    You are a fucking moron.

  97. Seshkii

    Nas released 8 platinum albums in a row. One hit wonder my ass.

  98. XxDAVID305

    yes thats because he wasnt rich as fuck yet to the point where he could just sit back and not do shit for the rest of his life. with the bussiness deals rappers are making now a days, definately wouldve sold out. but yea i guess im assuming. i still think he isnt the best tho. far from. best in his time tho