Wrekonize - Typical Lyrics

Sunrise waking up to some life
Bank balance is low but I ain't really stressing funds right
I'm just trying to have a little fun like
Soak it in and let my mind develop in all the sun light
It's natural to want right
So we just keep it low key everything copacetic
Called in to my office job
Cause when I'm there no one gets it
Blinded by the desk I'm shielded with no windows
See When they got us there we function on a different tempo
But it's cool I'll just skip today screw the rules
They been on me usual casual days are suitable for low attendance
Thou shall not work that's my amendment
Well not work yo shitty job for low pay and no pension
My environment is pristine been this way since sixteen
Drive and lean like Christine my cities like a big dream
And I'm just here sipping beers trying to stay conscious
Avoiding all the gossip and the high school nonsense
Get in the zone running on a little bit of limits and loans
Getting up the minute that I'm hearing the phone
Cause It's a Beautiful day and I'm a let it unfold
Cool breeze new schemes blue jeans and whole lotta loose teens
Who fiend to act all grown up when they still just true green
This is the place that has come to be really my true home
The city of sun and the humidity comes but It ain't nuttin to be really over-juiced on
Vibe with me this time has got it's limits and they do run out
So soak it in and let's begin appreciating what's it bout

What's it like to live in paradise
80 something man it's nice
Culture all around ya
All ya like and you just find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
What's it like to see the women walk the night
9's and 10's the type
Do everything you can to be polite
And still you find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical

In a land where the sun came up
An it never went back down
And the women we around
Are the front page rage and they never play background
Got my Corona and Patron in 2 solo cups
I've never given any so I guess I probably owe some fucks
I speed along through this new scheme I'm on
She said to leave em on
The nights can be deceiving huh
We hit the deuce, we hit up tootsies, and the KOD
Locals are pegged to be celebs
It feels like fame to me
And how this came to be
Is so amazing we
Jus up and played the scene
Get up and save your dream
If you ever wanna get up in the middle
Of an all star vacancy
This is your chance to live it up
So come and claim it slick
Or you could keep up with the dumb shit
And be called the plaintiff quick
Your honor I'm guilty cause I wanna
Stay out with the people on a
Bender booze and marijuana
Wanna wander with the champions
It comes with the worth
It's Typical to tip the scales
They call it heaven on earth
So if you thinking of relocating
This place is so gracious
The people fly no need to cry it's all an oasis
Hop on the bus and hear it every single night
I tell em where I'm coming from
And they all asking what's it's like
They like

What's it like to live in paradise
80 something man it's nice
Culture all around ya
All ya like and you just find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
What's it like to see the women walk the night
9's and 10's the type
Do everything you can to be polite
And still you find it all so typical
Find it all so typical
Find it all so typical

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Wrekonize Typical Comments
  1. Ashley McKnight

    Really good song

  2. Joe Momma

    March 2019 😍💕

  3. Jaël Tanalepy

    Thank you NCIS LA for letting me find this song!

  4. jona margo

    nice bruh

  5. stubbornchildftw -

    So underrated.

  6. Alexander Russell

    let's do it

  7. Lance Mobach

    This is sick! CDTVProductions brought me here.

  8. Joe Momma

    Still Jamming In 2017! 💖💖💋

  9. balysse08

    wrekonize is simply, my favorite.

  10. oracle86_ _

    Is a shame that 81 people didn't find it all so typical 😳

  11. Toolebox84

    Is this same mc who was on the rocafella mtv show a while back?

    Daniel Ion

    Yep he's the man

  12. xele fonte

    I can't stand the way Wrekonize talks in songs like these.. with that fakeass black vernacular. Just be yourself Wrekonize, you sound cooler that way.

    mark brown

    I'm sorry I don't agree.. I just feel that's just another variation of his style that he's really good at, the tempo with the beat is perfection!

  13. Jaydn W

    that one chick sunbathing with her tits out near the end of the video..

  14. KushyCrunch

    Livin' good! Cheers, everybody!

  15. D Kubala

    Im just here to say shout outs to my boys jose and stephon

  16. J Rodriguez

    I'm just posting this comment so my friend Stephon can see it

  17. Brenden Joey

    Look at all these "Canadians" Lol bitching about the weather... Lol

  18. Ryan Matson

    Cant get into this fool..

  19. ChiRaq WildHundos

    So you hip hop heads from the Midwest... I got some Indiana hip hop for ya. It's legit... that UPSHOTTHIPHOP got a video "Go Hard" that is some top notch ish. U all better peep that out!

  20. Real Talk Gaming

    Florida livin.  Hialeah, FL represent!

    The good life right chea!

  21. Eddy Cutz

    Lega I agree. I just don't get why this video doesn't have more views. It's #dope

  22. Lega-C

    Wrek... This is the shit we want. Make an album like this.

    Andy Miller

    Lega-C A-men. . Strange music is not the same. . Can you say Main stream?

  23. JulesCasablancas

    Such a chill track. Good to just sit and listen.

  24. Gavin James

    wats ya album called im after it

  25. Y. Burak Çakmak


  26. محمد جمال

    This makes drake and lil Wayne look like shit!

  27. VisTV

    This is a chill track right here. Nice job Wrek.

  28. benito420kamela

    Hella dope!!!!!

  29. Michael Fleming

    It fuckin sucks I need to learn to sing rap

  30. CheddaCheeseMusic

    Awwyeeeahhh this my jam right here

    Gilbert Grape

    +CheddaCheeseOfficial Sup Chedda, i see we share our good taste for music. Hey who you battling at BlackOut 6? LOL.

  31. Alex Lopez

    Are we doing our job sharing this cus this should have way more views and likes.

  32. mercury'svision

    3:39 Holy ass...

  33. Jason

    I totally feel this. I was already plaNning on moving somewhere warmer than Ohio. This video just reinforces it. STRAAANNGE!!!

  34. Randy Lowe

    Not a fan of this song. . Love maydays music tho

  35. PsychedelicCure

    Where did they shoot this the waters beautiful

  36. Garrett Dalton

    Nice song. Love wreckonize music

  37. Alex Rogers

    Damn look at that girls ass! 1:50 

  38. apache endfield

    keep it strange ^S^

  39. Gilbert Grape

    Sucks to be living up north here in Montréal...only thing typical in MTL is a shit load of snow and the cold 9 months a year!
    Good fucking song Wrek!


    I know your feeling bro im from MTL too hahah we need more sun

  40. Mark Reeder

    great song and video...feel this real hard...when is wavy comin???

  41. Patrick Kuba

    Super mellow track, awesome video! Keep it up Wrek!!! ^S^

  42. Michael Cassel

    I've never given any so I guess I probably owe some fucks...  FIRE as always

  43. King BloodSurge

    As much as I want Galil music video, I think Haunted would be better idea. ^S^ 

  44. christopher Diaz

    I'm so sad I missed that bbq u threw after ur pax show. What a shame. But let em know where we from ..... So typical!

  45. Doeboy Fresh

    HOLY SHIT... This is the first time I've ever heard a song of yours and you rap a bit similar to me!



    Diggin this cut, Wreck N Burnz get it!

  47. Jhonny Garcia

    I usually can't stop playing his songs but this sounds off......

  48. Zack Olsen

    Wisconsin is a cool place

  49. Jake Ard

    goddamn i miss florida :'( now im just stuck in toledo ohio  where its cold and depressing haha

  50. OMEGA

    Makes me want to go to the beach haha I'm glad I live in CA

  51. Jay Ryze

    thats a perfect chilled track, I love it!

    Jeremy Strickling


  52. Dadrian Reeves

    This artist is too underrated!!!! Straaaaange music!!!

  53. AJ Jordan

    This is why I like Wrek and got the album.  The beat is F-U-N-K-Y!  :)

  54. xéno anass

    (y) Typical 

  55. Gillah Ville

    From the beat to the flow it's all good. It's hella laybacked wrek as usual displayed his flow of the century. You can allmost see MIA listening to the song. This goes Up.

  56. Ryathor Games

    Bitch was chewin that sandwich like a fiend..... please help her

  57. ciabobia12

    This that feel good music ;)

  58. TCM MTT

    Man this shits dope makes ya enjoy life, yay yey another good vid wrek keep it up

  59. Kathleen Higdon

    I love this music !!!   Tech9ne all day his peeps !!

  60. Pargolife23

    Everything I'm seeing here is quite typical. It's easiest to reach the place of beauty and appreciation in your subconscious mind first. It takes a much more focus mind to go down a level, into the realm of lust, rejection, and alienation. We must go deeper, we have much more to explore.

    Only few will know.

    Bobby Byers

    It doesn't feel right without that at the end hey? Always pumping that album :)


    I know bro though life once u hit peace. Everyone wants a peace after that lol

  61. Isaiah G

    Video came out cool. Thanks for having us in the video & the BBQ. It was a typical chill day.

  62. TheShotmeisterP

    why is pepole stalking strange with dislikes?...Fucking mainstream bitches

  63. Monto

    I fucks wit Strange and MAYDAY, too sick!

  64. FrontLinerzMusic

    Dope!! For more hot music visit @MusicMare1

  65. Paul Slaughter

    Very chill song

  66. Jackin Jaws

    I like the song when I dont focus on the lyrics. This song just doesnt feel like wrek it feels like he is trying wayyyy to hard to use big words and force them in there. Love the rest of his shit though. He needs to just slow his roll down a tad.

    xBE4N z

    This song is the shit I don't see how it seems to be forced I think this ain't for you and move on stop being a hater


    @Jackin Jaws I dig what you're saying fam, these people here are just idiots. You're not dissing the track at all, I can tell, I feel you on that fact, he does speed it up and kinda work to get everything he's trying to say in the short period of time, just don't sound right. The rest of the song is solid tho, love wrekonize.


    @Jackin Jaws That's how wrekonize fuckin raps

    Jackin Jaws

    @Austin Not normally your a shitty fan.


    @Jackin Jaws Talk to me half a year from now

  67. OsKarMike1306

    Thank you Wrek for reminding me that I still live in fucking Canada...where we still have snow right about now -_-

  68. scott keeping

    Keep'em coming , i can Wreckonize!!!!

  69. 420MARES420

    this shit dope as fuck

  70. GamsterFails

    Great !

  71. Sould4ncer

    gooooooood!! :)

  72. santa6688

    This is a damn good song

  73. Smok3 Shack Productions

    Nice track

  74. Eddie FIn

    Dang why did I move to NYC. Wrek is making me miss my home

  75. King BloodSurge

    Great song and video. ^S^

  76. TheMrChurbro

    this jam is so chill

  77. mrbigkingcole

    hell yea this jammin right here

  78. LadyLowEyez

    Hell yea once again...wrek kills it....im finding that so typical for him ;p!! mayday hell yea!!!!!!

  79. Damian Black


  80. vladhero1

    Is this reuploaded so the titties are now blurred at 3:56 ?

  81. Ben Powell

    This makes me want to move to Miami...

  82. Alex Torres

    Crandon park beach sunday BBQs! Takes me back to when I was a kid! And to be able to see it's transformation. Thanks for the great video and song Wrek. People down here do find this "paradise" "Typical" lol by far in many ways...but I wouldn't trade it for the world!

  83. Jerett Franklin

    I'll have to play this once i settle in on my vacation spot this year, chea! 

  84. Valmir Rosa

    Biutiful! ..^.^..

  85. constanzia santistevan

    Like it ..
    Just seen him at the black sheep colorado springs.


    sweet im goin to see tech at the black sheep, june 12

  86. constanzia santistevan

    Like it ..
    Just seen him at the black sheep colorado springs.

  87. Catsicle12

    How bout a can't be alone music video


    plus one for 'modern man'

  88. Król Julian.


  89. antonhbp

    oh yes! Was just listening to this song and was like: This song need a video

  90. tonigiovanni

    Great music video! Exactly how I pictured it would be!

  91. 805SANTA


  92. Walter White

    This is absolutely fantastic.

  93. King War

    Replay all day ever day

  94. dmx1650

    i love this hole cd . i hope his next cd is just as good

  95. PhonePhreak3z

    Hell yeah Wrek GET EM!!!

  96. NehalemUnleashed

    ... That... That weather just isn't fair! - Canada


    The netherlands aka holland...

    Len VDL

    @mok beatz
     well..we can't complain bout 2014 so far...barely had snow and the weather is hella good right now!

    Justin Collette

    canadian weather update: still shit in 2018

  97. Collector Clout

    This song is chillin