Wrekonize - Galil Lyrics

I been all alone and thinking you should know
That even if you go the world moves on
Pick yourself an alias it's alien to you but the world sings new songs
Catch a falling star I'll be by the bar working on my next two wrongs
Finding somebody that's gets me huh
Ready and spreading to sex too long
Turning to divorce I been falling off the course this year
Better develop a force to fear
I'm at the end of an awful era
Tired of the Playing nice guy why I'm Micheal Cera
In This here Spiteful Terra I need to be a rifle bearer

It's real
Feel my Galil
Feel my Galil
Feel my Galil
Feel my

3-4 get it 3-4 feel it moving up your spine need to see more
Losing all my minds here to steal yours
I'm a do fine see this c4
I'm a move chameleon
Underneath it all I'm a reptilian
With a middle man getting me really strung
Here to make me at least a million
I'm a cool collect character
Would you respect that of a
Two tone tech amateur
Firing back at ya upping the caliber
Check my calendar and you will see I'm Excalibur
Swat down all challengers I'm up the ladderer maddest of hatterers

It's real
Feel my Galil
Feel my Galil
Feel my Galil
Feel my

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Wrekonize Galil Comments
  1. eazyyduzt

    THR CRU2 viva la X

  2. grant legg

    Still bumping

  3. Pillow Frisbee

    These bars are like hot butter, you just cut'em

    Pillow Frisbee


    It's not the same flow but I feel the same energy from these songs. Idk what mood you were in with these two songs but they vibe.

  4. Alfonso Fabián

    Es la base de "hachis de realidad" de THR cru2

  5. Mellowcannabis 420

    This song makes me feel alive!!!

  6. Lj Larson

    Does this have almost the same beat as fragile by tech?

  7. MisterTbone

    I fucking LOVE this album, we need more Wrek!

  8. Lyrick - Music Channel

    I listened to it a few more times and now I understand the lyrics.

  9. Lyrick - Music Channel

    I’m not sure what it means to feel my galil but I love this song

    billy james

    "fill my galil" not feel....

  10. Manuel Chavez

    cool Collective character

  11. Manuel Chavez

    Love life be life stop selft thoughts

  12. xele fonte

    Is this Wrekonize and Strange Music finally coming to terms that "Galil" was clearly the best song on the War Within and they just finally realized it in December 2017? Well better late than never I guess... Galil is another poorly managed song by Wrekonize. It's a great song with a great concept, well-mixed, just about flawless but it was a gem that even Wrekonize could not see so he heavily underpromoted it. Then, he noticed it got the most views on a generic fan-uploaded channel and became his most popular track. Only "Fugitive" by Wrekonize has been more poorly managed and underpromoted than "Galil."

  13. Dennis Michael MC


  14. Jeffrey

    Deze beat is keihard en wrekonize rijd m als of het Sarah Jean Underwoord is. Keihard

  15. josh lithuania

    Man I would sure love to sit in a circle and blow down with the strange family. Can't wait for the planet Earth Tour T9

  16. Austin Will Allen Raney

    Hey its austin from Twitter love the song homie! I thought id stop by and hit the thumbs up button! ;)

  17. Dame Diaz

    Crazy how rappers like xxxtentacion can talk about being better then 2pac cause he expands out of the rap genre,like nah fool your outclassed by real artists like the strange music artists who have been doin it for wayyy longer pfft lol.

  18. Mike Hall

    this is one of thee dopest tracks out there for sure

  19. MKUltraRap

    Wrekonize is a huge inspiration in my music! This song in particular has helped me through some hard times - S.A.M of MKUltra

  20. Gabriel Soto

    Dope song dope album didnt know what to expect when i bought it i love it wrek come do a show in san anto tx

  21. Nair

    Bought a Galil yesterday, Asked Google for a breakdown video and returned this song. So sick

  22. Bryton Asapace


  23. Malik Pedersen

    Realy Niice (:

  24. TriceriCops

    why the upload now?

    Daniel Ramos

    TriceriCops wrek said he chose to upload this for a throw back

  25. BaseliO RaW Music

    like no. 1000 ;) awesome music Wrek always !

  26. 1RouGhL1

    Who tf dislikes this :S

  27. daichai

    perfect soundtrack for a mass shooting haha

  28. Lorenzo Billy Begay

    👌 U betta Wrekonize like ¡MAYDAY! 😎

  29. Buzzard the arms enthusiast

    Out of all the guns you could have chose to rap about... the galil is a very interesting choice.

  30. Linda Johnson

    Good Vibes 😈🎧🎶👍

  31. Andrew Que

    Can It Beilive It Has Been Since 2013.......

  32. Daniel Page

    I think i'd take the .308...good luck getting though armor with your 5.56

    Cruz Estrada

    The velocity of 5.56 can pierce low level armor quite easily level 3 ar500 armor would stop. 308 and 7.62 just as easily as it would 5.56 I have shot an ar500 plate with an ar 10 from within 50 yards that plate ate that fucken round I'd imagine it could have took one or two more shots even

    Cruz Estrada

    Ar 10's are Chambered in .308 btw if u need clarification

  33. Rage rex

    😊 🤘 🤙 be blessed be life

  34. Yoshi Scanlon

    Wish he had upped the volume on the lyrics for the first 30 seconds hard to understand the intro..


    Yoshi Scanlon He sampled an intro to a Golani video if you want the verbiage .


  35. Paraphraze615

    This is my favorite song from "The War Within."


    Yeah, this, Haunted, Paper Trails, and In the Morning. So many great songs for just one album

  36. xtechn9cianx

    Don’t let this distract you from net neutrality

  37. E.I.P

    One of the best songs I’ve ever heard and a strong reason why Wrekonize and K.A.A.N are my favorite rappers

  38. Tony Prince

    Great tune guys! Much love strange, keep it real. Hey sorry off topic but one day Stevie Stone should do a song with Young Jeezy, or Tech N9ne and prozak should do more stuff with Bizarre & King Gordy, they are doing thier own thing called L.A.R.S now, signed to MNE.

  39. Nerd Squad Extras

    Dope ass music

  40. dizocb

    On Playlist already

  41. jacob owen

    Fuckin classic

  42. The Rubber Pickel

    Wrekonize always sounds full of emotion. Easily my favorite artist.

  43. Nathaniel Rimpson IV

    Lol I feel his galil💯😎👍🏽

  44. stealtbadge

    This is totally unrelated but I wish murs 3:16 and murs for president were on this label then people would not attack murs for his songs.

  45. Rosie

    New strange video...must stop everything & listen lol

  46. Gerami

    Never really listened to wreckonize before but this song is great. Deff gonna listen to more of his shit

  47. sunshinethor420

    That intro felt a little Unneeded.


    sunshinethor420 yeah takes off the vibe of the song

    Daniel Ramos

    It's describing the Galil tho

    Cruz Estrada

    How is it unneeded it sets the mood it sounds a bit melancholy with the beat I love it and I love how accurate it is

  48. Kyle Olson

    Already listen to this daily, thanks for the reupload :)

  49. joshy josh

    Sounds like nas when he raps.

  50. Enoelroc

    ill shot em in head with my galil who dislikes this art.

  51. BlueKush Blaze

    God Damn This Shit Is Dope ASf Son !!!! #Word

  52. Dillon Pinkerton

    Everytime I pulled this gun in Bo2 Zombies I was so happy!

    Aurora Passenger #00FU

    Dillon Pinkerton
    👆This fuckin Guy.. Lol😂


    I clicked on this video because of my love for the BO1 zombies galil! Haha ye bois and Wrek of course

  53. mohothedestoyer

    This is one of the most under-appreciated Strange albums.

    Daniel Susral

    mohothedestoyer this album is what got me listening to strange

  54. Evil Tracy Queen

    Everyone needs to " Wrekonize " ...
    always got Much Love ~

  55. We Infinite Productions

    Loved it when came out and still do. Waiting on another solo from Wreckonize

    niall payne

    We Infinite Productions there is one Into The Further came out this year!

    We Infinite Productions

    niall payne really? I heard he was dropping that but i could never find it. Thanks alot bruh

  56. Silver Surfer

    I was ere

  57. MrXxcrazy91xx

    Fuck terorrist israhell !!!


    fuck em all.

    Aurora Passenger #00FU

    Fuck em..

    josh lithuania

    Fuck government idealogy. The idea that we must have a government in order to be civil is asinine. Nothing more than a means of control over those they have no control over. Marginalizing the people inside of the country that may not agree with the government's that they're under is morally wrong. Though there are a good portion of the populations that believe these governments are essential they were deceived into believing they needed these institutions. Educate yourselves a little bit more instead of being crass

  58. Stoney ghozt

    yella soundz....??

  59. Justin Worrell

    Love This Song!

  60. Troll TV

    Бит четкий

  61. word2yermutha

    Needs more cowbell

    Tim g star

    word2yermutha needs more guns

    Captain Wreckdum

    Needs more Galil fire

    Isaac Tillman

    Needs a triangle solo.
    How did carlos eden not beat me to this? I'm hella late, lol.

  62. Brawny Mystic27

    This song is fucking rad

  63. mistertoasti

    Nice one dude , Keep It Up

  64. Geo Neither


  65. ZaareerEchos

    However Fuck israel

  66. Joe Humphry

    I like the sound of the beat.

  67. Stainfxce

    Who's here before 100

    Daniel Ramos

    Uniidentified fam your a few years too late this cAme out in 2013

  68. Ryan Herstad

    This deserved the Re-upload 🎧 good shit Wrek 🤘🏻


    Reupload , did i miss anything? :D

  69. Hektik T9x

    ninja approved!!

  70. Tremayne Hill

    This song go hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  71. spacepanda retro

    I love the beat man 👌👌👌💯

  72. Rebelz

    Love this song!!!

  73. Jesus Costilla

    My favorite jam from this album!!

  74. Tyler REEVES

    Second like baby let’s go but keep it up brotha