Wrekonize - Freak Lyrics

She said some crazy shit, and I was like, you're a freak
Ha, freak, you heard me? You're a freak!

And I truly wanna come and see what make you tick
Thick hips and a pierced lip, let me dip quick
Shit, get this dick I'm gonna give
My mind, that's one hell of a grip
For a woman looking semi-innocent
You been waiting for the minute you could live
And get me all up in your liver and your ribs
This is not for the women talking bout a little romance
I mean the women not afraid to get both hands
Close and, down on a grown man
She got toys and the wax
All down to her back and her outfit - latex
But it's feeling quite dangerous
This ain't never really felt like safe sex
But we do it anyway, with a bit of Henny
Get a medic ready for the blade, you're an outcast
I'm vinny on the case
Would never diss on a Marisa Tomei
Get down, like I know you wanna wrassle
I'm livin' out my life never bashful
Give it to me with the lace and the tassles
And let 'em hate, tight lippin' assholes
Give me a safe word, it's picnic
Tie you up and give me the jailbird, my hitlist
Needs you to get this, sick shit
Right up from the gutter bring another for the L-word
Take a breath, and I'm gonna accept
Your best bet is to blow my mind
Could put your back out, but I'm sick of that route
I'm a have you tryin' to get up with a broken spine

And everywhere that we go
You're never fittin' in with all the regular folks
You're a freak, you're a freak, you're a
You got your bad habits, but I ain't mad at it
Some people don't feel right being that average
You're a freak, you're a freak, you're a
You're a freak

[Tech N9ne:]
Hella pale like Twilight, had to get her up
Into my room and give her my bite
When the sky's bright, she never deny pipe
But we get really horny lovin' and fly by night
She so like a freakshow, other people
Speak no, peace show full of ego
She so, like a d-bro, with her V though
That'll have a nigga weak in the peephole
Everywhere we go people spot us
They yelling (You're a freak)
But I love it, she's beautiful
Rough and rugged, you're a keep
And when I put it up inside of her
She say to me (You're a freak)
Cause when I'm bangin' inside her
Ways, I'll be in it ballsdeep
If you want this thing and
You ain't trippin' it, you bloody (You're a freak)
If you like to put yourself
Where she be muddy, you're a creep
If you want me to stick in between your boobies
When you're lickin' it (You're a freak)
If you want me to be normal
Stiff and formal, then you're a geek
Invite them all, and I pipe with all, of my might
I'm a be a fight to y'all, cause I bite the broads
And I knife them all in my sight
Never be ordinary, stick the more the merry
Go that far, we stay cray
Everyone look at you stupid when you're an F-R-E-A-K

And everywhere that we go
You're never fittin' in with all the regular folks
You're a freak, you're a freak, you're a
You got your bad habits, but I ain't mad at it
Some people don't feel right being that average
You're a freak, you're a freak, you're a
You're a freak

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Wrekonize Freak Comments
  1. Heather

    🎶🎶 Get down like you wanna wrastle 🎶

    Steven Vialpando

    I read your comment exactly when rapped it damn🤟🤟🤟

  2. Angie Angel

    Your a freak. . . .!

  3. Snyda 50cal.

    the world hasn't wrekonized yet, but they will

  4. Mike Yantes

    Yo this track is 🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯 more people need to hear your tracks bro!!

  5. Russell Grass

    this song wouldn't be as good if tech nine wasn't on it with him

  6. Russell Grass

    I told my wife's best friend that this song reminded me of her and My mother in law

  7. Shannan Davis

    Tech is a fucking master boss he knows what he's doing and he's doing it

  8. Shannan Davis

    Omg I'm totally in love with this man

  9. Sir Red

    Is there a version of this song that doesn't keep fluxuating?

  10. MISFIT 100

    Love this song, wish it was longer wrek needed another verse


    C.H.K & C Mac There's an extended version with an extra verse by Rittz.

  11. Jonas Halling Nielsen

    wrekonize is the best one in this rap - tech is a beast but this one goes to wrekonize

    TheReal BDS

    Jon Nielsen tech makes sure he doesn't go harder on other peoples songs so they have a fair chance,tech couldn't have taken over this song if he simply wanted to

  12. Slim Snap

    Omg when Tech is coming song going to another level

  13. Ricky aka Tav

    this songs is dope to all do is listen to stange music

  14. Jonas Halling Nielsen


  15. Andrew Godfrey

    I'm happy strange got them

  16. J.R. Chuxx

    this dude is so dope, I don't understand why he hasn't blown up.

    Jonas Halling Nielsen

    Junior Chuxx have you heard about mayday ?? but you are rigth if he got a divores from bernz he could get some where couse he got it

    J.R. Chuxx

    Jon Nielsen indeed, he's sicckkk!

    Jonas Halling Nielsen

    he's freak ;)


    hes starting to.

  17. Sarah Petty

    Dayum good shit ❤

  18. Paul-Junior Black

    mayday's chorus?

  19. Buttermilk Pancakes

    Took me a freaking week to get Wrek's verse down. I don't think I'll be able to get Tech or Rittz down. lol

  20. Travis Anderson

    Sounds like a typical Tech N9ne song.

  21. abhishek mishra

    Dope tha cool

  22. Justin Hatcher

    Where the views?
    the people need to pay attention.

    Dylan Sommer

    +Justin Hatcher This is the vevo. go to the stangemusic page

    Justin Hatcher

    +Dylan Sommer Ah okay. I lost faith in humanity for a minute there.

  23. Curtis

    tech n9ne creates careers... tech n9ne = best ever...

  24. Curtis


  25. Faetmix 2900

    Is that a shemale grinding up/down on wrekonize?.

    Faetmix 2900

    I mean, that face is so fake its insane. Looks like a man, with a ton of makeup

    Justin Hatcher

    or a strong woman who wants to wrastle.

    games games

    Justin Hatcher WTF WHAT

    Annie Colson

    She's a freak!

  26. Cardinal Shinee

    This song is nice!!

  27. Wr3tch3d

    I need some mayday and chardonnay mane!!

  28. BozalBub !

    Yeah...what Pennywise said. I'd like to see some of your featuring songs here too. Like the ones with Llamabeats for sure!

  29. Pennywise Chutoy

    Wrek, add some of your old shit, too! <3

  30. Black & White

    Turn up tech