Wrekonize - Anxiety Attacks Lyrics

Another sleepless night
My sister said my sad songs fuck with her psyche
It's tough to keep it light
Sometimes to even write
I gotta travel out far where the sunrise meets the beach at night
Just leak the secret twice
I know the odds are stacked against us in this laundromat
We drop coin we get it clean we live again we call 'em back see
This is not another tale of suicide
This is an anthem for the ones that know it's random when we do or die
I know I just sent ya the voicemail
Life's a bitch, so use your time while on the line to leave me some insightful shit
Cause it could be the last thing that you say, last thing I hear,
Hear hear today gone gone tomorrow so I'll just take my place and cheer
In this cash parade
I'll just relax and stay low cause the stray bullets fly high above the palisade
Another matinee
Another flashback to feelin' up girls on the bus and hopin' they don't back away
And I have to say
If my mother's sister never passed away I often think what other path we take
This life is hidden in the siren's song
If you can pick it out see you just might be lucky and survive it all

I'm tryna find the little kid in me
I know where he's hidin', I'm tryin' not to let him grow
Without becomin' my own enemy
I just wanted you to know
Can't you see this anxiety is killin' me
This anxiety is killin' me

Hello memories, I thought that was the end of me
Eventually, the tension ceasce, through our little centerpiece
And I'm upset it seems, even though I'm smilin' more than regularly
I never seem to lose my cool while enemies
Are tweetin' never squeak the leaks up out of they head
Bet they'd requote the note if they knew they was bout to be dead
This poisons got poison in it
And my drinking waters so acidic
I merely piss and pass a stone for critics
If you ain't tried it, then you've never lived it
Well I apologize but I'm a cynic
Could you be more specific?
I write these words that rhyme in lines for all my like of minds
And try to find the nicest time to prize this life of mine
What a beautiful day to lose our fucking heads
See it's been truly amazin' to be stuck in bed
This life is hidden in the siren's song
If you can pick it out see you just might be lucky and survive it all

I'm tryna find the little kid in me
I know where's hidin, I'm tryin' not to let him grow
Without becomin' my own enemy
I just wanted you to know
Can't you see this anxiety is killin' me
This anxiety is killin' me

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Wrekonize Anxiety Attacks Comments
  1. Nathan Zieminski

    Had this playing on repeat when my dad went missing and in the end he took 40cal to his head

  2. Misty Lynn

    This will forever be one of my favorites

  3. Loli's Gaming

    He does not get the recognition he deserves for sure. 🔥

  4. Misty Lynn

    2019 and forever

  5. Jsson Hicks

    Right on dog your jams r pretty fresh homi keep it goin u got me listening!

  6. sularetal987

    found you through a reactor named No Life Shaq , i wanted to hear what else you had and this is the first song that popped up. As someone who suffers from severe anxiety i had to hear it. I dig it , new sub

  7. Chris Br

    Cant believe this doesn't have a million views... I feel like I've put this on play a million times alone

  8. Misty Lynn

    Jammin still September 2019

  9. Dally Dee

    God this never fails 2 give me goosebumps. Fuckin soundtrack 2 my life

  10. Erik Espinoza

    How are there 73 dislikes? Guess people don't go through anxiety,or can't relate to this song

  11. J.H.G Music

    Still as good as when it came out!

  12. april mourning

    Thru all the years I will always come back to this song no matter what for whatever, such a genuine original. A fucking gem.

  13. Lyrick - Music Channel

    This anxiety is killing me

  14. Amanda Babyy

    Love the insightful shit

  15. Ryan Ashbee

    Still underrated

  16. Caleb Herbert

    Much love from Alaska Wrek

    P.S. a collab with K.A.A.N would be dope

  17. Rodallas Delgarito

    Idk now about y’all but my depression keeps bringing me back and making smile....I love this song...

  18. H.N.I.C

    The Crack keeps on calling me maaan🔥🔥🔥

  19. Sexual Chocolate

    Still bumpin' this shit into 2019. Wrek is a boss when it comes to these musical compositions...


    Holds up tuff. Good music rises above genre I think.

  20. nick barnes

    Who listening to this in 2018 and this 🔥

  21. Shayne Pittman

    I deal with anxiety all the time this song really helps me out

  22. Dakota Jensen

    2018 why hasn't he blown up yet!?!? 🤔

  23. Flan Batt

    I listen to this album on a daily love you're vibes bro you're lyrics are on point ❤❤❤

  24. moeinski

    One of my favorite joints off the album! Keep killin it fam

  25. Anonymous Believer Centre Displays Education ABCDE

    Imma big hopsin fan....
    But here, I think this man deserves more recognition.. maybe hop can help

    Mike H

    Wrek has exposure from Strange. He's Eons above Hop and deserves to be on level with Tech. Straight up best artist to come out of the underground in a very long time

  26. KodRaiN

    Who else came here because they thought this was the chick from that tech n9ne so dope video? damn thought this was a chick rapper name

    StrangerOf The206

    Lol snow the product

  27. RealehCinema

    Appreciate the real music Wrek, keep at it 👌

  28. Haz keen

    So many secrets Hiden within this song that are so crystal clear what a beautiful day too loose our fuckn heads

  29. The End

    Underrated song

  30. Madison Bennett

    Umm.. why does this *LEGEND* have only 3.3k subs? Plz Share this he deserves so much more attention. (plus other people are missing out bc they don't know he exists)

  31. Ty Augustine

    Pure soulful artwork

  32. Daniel O.

    This life is hidden in this siren song if you can pick it out see you might be lucky and survive it all.

  33. Q Horton

    This one really resonates with me

  34. Brandon Griffey

    Such a dope song.


    I smoke to this dope shit 💯

  36. Chondo A

    Im glad to be one of the 1000 to hear this

  37. Benjamin Argyle

    How doesn't this track have a million view?? it blows my mind.....

  38. J0WNZ33

    Dislike every ad

  39. Lyrick - Music Channel

    Can’t you see this anxiety is killing me

  40. Nicole Logan



    Cool lol 👋👋👋👋👋👋

    Niko Smith

    Nicole Logan its an analogy about reminiscing on teenage crushes in high school, and overthinking things before they happened

    AnXious Official


  41. Brandon Johnston

    Literally, a thousand of the views are from me. This dude relates duuudee

  42. Tom Ebbs

    wtf this song actually captures exctly how I am feeling and have been acting all along a grand period of 18 years, I'm 22 born in 1995 london to 2 irish parents, never got to meet my grndad, grandmama died in 2005 so only got to know her for 8 years of my life, a lot of my world I aim to be apart of seems to be all around e collapsing

    Michael Richard

    Tom Ebbs keep your head up brother.

  43. Jonathan Goolsby


  44. TheVarietyBros

    I know this song helping people with anxiety, but it ain't doing anything for me. It's just doing nothing. It talks about it being random when we die, but this is exactly what I have anxiety about. Death. And don't say I shouldn't be afraid and anxious of death, I am and there's nothing that can change that. Yet, I still love Wrekonize's music and this song.

    Grim Q

    TheVarietyBros i look forward to death im afraid of living to long

  45. X-Phaze

    still listen to this all the time. deserves 1m!!!

  46. Meko Doyle

    Who's listening ?#2017

  47. Craze' 8

    this beat was from something else and I can't figure it out. any help?

  48. Frankie C.

    Only 100k views wtf is wrong with the world

  49. Lisa Tascon

    Fucking Amazing - God Bless - Wrekonize

  50. Xentricityy88

    I absolutely love this song.

  51. Brett Truax

    fr... Dude I dig for my shit real deep cuz today's music sucks rhino dick but i still didn't see this till today. saw "Clones"

  52. BCundergroundHIPHOP

    I keep coming back


    The Crack keeps on calling me maaan🔥🔥🔥

  53. Gilbert Grape

    Still bumping it, still my shit.
    Best joint on the album along with Easy Money

  54. Justin Collette

    wheres in the morning

  55. Jenplayz _animelover

    this is so cool!!!!😎😎

  56. Rodney Greasham

    Our song in luvin memory of wat we used ta be. Willwe ever know??

  57. Anon B Easy

    Been listening to tech and strange for a Long time. Not sure how I missed this song?? Possibly my favorite by Wreck. Also it has a feel to it that reminds me of an old track that I can't put my finger on. Anyone have an idea of a similar instrumental?

    Benjamin Argyle

    Anon B Easy could it maybe be "one foot in the grave"???


    I think it's Last of ever by Keith Sweat

  58. Daniel Geenen

    FREE THC https://soundcloud.com/chefandthc


    Got a Kendrick Lamar feel to it

    Antonio Alanis

    SMELL YA MAMMA g eazy to me



  60. Austin Foster

    sorry AGAGE foster 89

  61. Austin Foster

    hey wrek 08180

  62. Juan Garcia

    It's such a pity that talent like shit is shunned in mainstream music... Sad to see his rap career didn't take off cause it should have.


    What are you talking about he's signed to Strange Music now, his rap career is going great!


    I mean he was signed to strange when this song came out as well but still, he still rocking shows and mics with Mayday

    Ibrahim Audu

    @MKUltraRap I wonder if Garcia was talking about how Wrekonize was meant to be signed to Jay Z?

  63. J0WNZ33

    cause I'm living my life but this anixety is killing me, stop the world an let me off, wish I could party the pain away, feel like I'm unstable, life is just one big hello and goodbye, but until then, let's start over a million miles from here, before we say goodbye. ^S^

  64. mark brown

    damn i remember listening to this shit during wrestling season in high school while cutting weight.
    Always gives me inspiration again

  65. josh hartley

    i love wrekonize and mayday shout out strange music

  66. Wandering Woman

    This is real talent

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  68. Charles Reedman

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    Charles Reedman

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  69. abhishek mishra


  70. Zach Meyer

    Throwback... I still rock this album and sunny winter one & two

  71. Ana Radosevic

    anxiety .....again!!!!

  72. Q Horton

    the beat says it all

  73. Donald Gartin

    I cant get enough of his music. Wish I could see you live wreckonize

  74. Donald Gartin

    I cant get enough of his music. Wish I could see you live wreckonize!!!

  75. Donald Gartin

    I cant get enough of his music. Wish I could see you live wreckonize!!!

  76. vijaytv

    I read lots of good reviews on the internet about how exactly Zomopanic Eraser (do a google search) will help you stop your panic attacks. Has any one tried using this popular anxiety treatment?

  77. Gilbert Grape

    When is the new Wrek album?
    Best artist/rapper these days,my ears thank you!

    ray 213

    lol indeed


    3 weeks

    Gilbert Grape

    Took 3 years to get an awnser. Thanks to you.

  78. Sao Offlight

    You could treat anxiety disorder your self, by using an unconventional tips and enjoy your comfortable life

    Sao Offlight

    You can discover more in the website below

    Dane Morrell

    I use my environment stay away from people that bring you away from your self and go for what makes you zone out and happy. Views, Beaches and good wine

    Remy LeBeau

    Sao Offlight Naw, I've tried other methods, none work because my attacks are so severe. It took over every aspect in my life

  79. Misty Lynn

    hey. hope all is well

  80. nancy messner

    love love  love this.......

  81. GsQ Gaming

    how the fuck does it only have 1000?

  82. thepalmetto

    It's wack as fuck that this video has less than 1k views... the realest music in this pathetic world of blind sheep gets lost in the rough.

    Wendy Pauley

    I love this song, it's about how real feelings we all have or have felt in this life

    Wendy Pauley

    wrekonize real shit that's what it's about keep in it real!

  83. C Lisk

    thumbs up if you came here to see who this cat was after hearing him sing the hook on twiztids new joint..

  84. Jade McKenzie


  85. victoria rising

    And this song explains so much about my mind that people just can't understand. So easy to relate to. I love it.

  86. victoria rising

    I love everything you do Wreko.

  87. Cardinal Shinee

    wrek.. is so talented! on of my favorite vids..

  88. ShadowBeaw

    Thank you for giving me this feeling in my chest. I never get tired of it. And thank you for the words and music that touch me in ways music should. <3 <3 <3

  89. BozalBub !

    Strange Music!

  90. Kristi Brooks

    Wrekonize you are one of the best rappers/singers I've ever heard and when you add the guys from ¡MAYDAY! it just gets better thanks for making amazing music

  91. Eddie FIn

    Wrek is the man

  92. Mitchel Beach

    Wrekonize is...Astounding, Amazing, and a Genius. The way he creates such epic rhymes is truly mind blowing.