Wovenwar - World On Fire Lyrics

The world has lost its mind
There are liars leading legions of the blind
And no one seems to see the cliff in sight
Are we too far gone to save our lives?

Our house of sand is sinking
How are we surprised?
Senselessness is now a virtue to live by

Fools we are
Drawing from a well run dry
Fools we are
Defending truths we know are lies

Is there more than just performance in their show?
Either back the hand you hold or learn to fold
Are we too far gone to change our minds?

Our house on sand is sinking
How are we surprised?
Senselessness is now a virtue to live by

Fools we are
Drawing from a well run dry
Fools we are
Defending truths we know are lies

Self destruction in the name of progress
Oh, I see the end, I see it
Where do we go from here?
Because faith is running thin

Just look around, the world is on fire
On fire
Just look around, the world is on fire

Fools we are
Drawing from a well run dry
Fools we are
Defending truths we know are lies
Fools we are
Drawing from a well run dry
Fools we are
Defending truths we know are lies

Just look around, the world is on fire
On fire

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Wovenwar World On Fire Comments
  1. Greg Bradshaw

    Drummers who don’t play ghost notes annoy me

  2. RcK DrUmm3R

    Very underrated drummer and band

  3. Occifer FigPucker

    Sorry but As I Lay Dying is generic compared to Wovenwar.

  4. Scotty Jones

    Fantastic percussion

  5. MEXICO Group

    Ебтвоюмать, нихуя себе!

  6. andrew barrington


  7. Niknarg

    Gimmli on drums

  8. jgrajeda0585

    I didn’t know Zakk Wilde played drums! 🤪

  9. pshay1990

    Chris Stapleton can slay on drums too? What can't this guy do?

  10. mcv2

    This song resonates

  11. Rob M

    That my friend is how you play the fucking drums!!!! LEGEND!

  12. Ozzy Z. 3778

    Miss As I lay dying so much! Not feeling this band that much.. :/


    their back

    Ozzy Z. 3778

    sebaswildboy thank god! I’m so glad metalcore is alive again!

  13. Luiz Junior

    this kind of instrumental will never fit with only clean vocals.... you can note the lack of power

  14. TheDirtyGoatee

    I really want to see a play through for Archers or Sight of Shore. Those are my two favorite WW songs.

  15. Lucas Schroer

    Anybody else mad that is not hardly any good videos of Jordan playing anywhere?! Good as in not good quality, studio, HD, etc?! Or is it just me?

  16. LostOne

    Fuck AILD coming back....I was a long time fan, but Tim is a piece of shit....you can hate me....a normal guy, or you can hate a would be mother killing murderer. Im probably the bad guy for wanting to move forward from a lie...I justify possibly standing among the few because...... "The world has lost its mind"

  17. St1gmatic

    seems like sth went wrong a 2:39

  18. Dim Sum

    I don't like this band AT ALL, but ... Jordan does his job so professionally and tasty. I love this dude and his drumming!! Peace.

  19. Joe Lackey

    This is child's play compared to what he did with As I Lay Dying. This is actually quite boring. It's too generic.

  20. Micah

    I never understood how he can have his toms up so high. I do that and all I do is hit the rims hahah

    Attila M

    KillerBoots I was just thinking that thought myself! “Damn his toms are high as fuck.” Lol

  21. Спартак


  22. Gandolf Schrottenbach

    Jason dines with beard

  23. Punk Rocky


  24. Caio Wanderson

    O monstro da bateria !!!!!!!

  25. Yoshiki G

    The beard ftw!

  26. TheDirtyGoatee

    All the folks saying "Man this isn't AILD...." and shit like that... really? You'd think reading Wovenwar you'd know this going into this video and others they have. Think of it this way, if they'd kept the AILD name but sounded like this, how pissed would you REALLY be? Like when bands do that (looking at Blink 182's 'return') and then it sounds like ass. Accept this is a different band, different sound. Like when Creed turned into Alter Bridge with Miles Kennedy. It happens. Dude tried to murder his wife. Face facts that he wasn't a big enough star to live through something like that in the limelight. Not a popular opinion but it's just cold hard honest truth.

    I personally love these guy's sound. I love Jordan's mustache equally.

    Ludovic Lambert

    Agreed. The fact that they keep spewing out hateful shit like that, even though Tim stated that Nick, Josh, Phil and Jordan won't be part of the AILD reunion and that they have nothing to do with the band anymore, is infuriating.

  27. pastaboy12

    im happy to see a drummer with two bass drums....and actually use both drums \m/

  28. Dim Sum

    Shoosh, the whole new moustache level. Way too much :)) Besides, Jordan rocks!!

  29. Fr3akymet4l

    Say what you want but the Lorax is fuckin' good at playing the drums.

  30. Mark Holmes

    Way to go, Tim.

  31. Michael Parenti

    2:21, had to tighten the handlebar real quick.

  32. Vince Gedeon

    i hate to bash but this is SHIT WITHOUT TIM YUP it is what it is

    Jordan Maze

    Vince Gedeon You're entitled to your opinion dude and I agree with you, good drumming, but Tims vocals are so much better

  33. Soporte Harvbest

    The jordan mancino of before is over...................................
    theres nothing left of AILD


    wovenwar + gutural voice = AILD
    AILD=best band in the history of the metalcore.

  35. Michael Parenti

    Fools we are, Phil just walked right out the door...

  36. Vince Gedeon


  37. Vince Gedeon

    hopefully someday tim will be forgiven i think theres still alot bad feelings on tims bad decisions hes made only time will tell! and by the way tim is free he was released cple mnths ago

  38. Léo Ribeiro

    Brazucas por aqui?

  39. Brock LaLonde

    Anyone notice the Starbucks sponsorship at the beginning?

  40. Michael Parenti

    Adam D. produced that mustache! 🤘💪🤘

  41. Martin The Collector

    Good band... but AILD was legendary.

    CheddaFace Boiii


  42. Vince Gedeon

    yea bring as i lay dying back this is crap

    Blake Little

    Tim lambesis is a little too behind bars for that sorry

    Vince Gedeon

    Blake Little he got released man early release yup look it up hes just laying way low

  43. dark motherboard

    jordan once indirectly said, Wovenwar BPM is too slow for him. lolz. look up Wovenwar's interviews, ure welcome. he's a fucking talented player btw

  44. mkfly91

    Sounds like a Mix between Thrice and Sent By Ravens.
    So that's good!

    Jandro Chaves

    mkfly91 nice point of view

  45. Red Zirkus

    great song!

  46. Blottskie

    Such a good drummer

  47. Jacob Williams

    Is that a Evans hybrid snare head?

  48. MRhodes93

    Okay, here's an idea. Wovenwar is meh at best but the guys are super talented. Sooo, how about Jordan goes and drums for Trivium

    Patrick Music

    spirit animal

    Ben Thomas

    Or they go back to playing as 'As I Lay Dying!'

  49. sir tuti

    I wish his mustache was my dad

  50. Badjeber Official

    the skill comes from his facial hair

  51. Jester PCMR

    Jordan Mancino..... DONT YOU EVER FUCKING STOP DRUMMING GODDAMN SON FUCKING WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was so GUD!

  52. getdrunkandrock

    what the fuck is going to happen when tim comes back?! im very excited for that moment

    Shayne MacGregor

    getdrunkandrock nothing he's a piece of shit.

  53. Thaddeus

    Bo Burnham: "Thing song is called 'World on Fire'.... AAAAH!!! AAAAAAH!!!!."

  54. Michael Daniel

    Great band, great people, great venue. Solid dude.

  55. Nataly Khara

    are those points of airsoft BB`s on his right leg?

  56. EL _Wilder88

    Believe me when I say that ive given this band multiple listens and thought maybe theyd grow on me over time because sometimes I dislike a band and dont feel them at first but then they slowly grow on me lol but for some reason I can not get into this band and im not a fan of the clean vocals. Dont get me wrong I like clean vocals im not one of those narrow minded oh i only like screaming vocals type of guy... but Im just not digging this guys vox in general. I feel like that if As I lay dying never had to go thru that whole BS w/Tim they woulda eventually went to singing w clean vox but I dont think Tim would have been down w it. So in a way I feel like they were glad that a situation came up and used it as an excuse to move on and make music that they always wanted to make w clean vocals.

  57. 2307roman


  58. Kurt Peeters

    I wonder who will be picking up Phill's spot..
    Love the new album though!

  59. Dr.Necro

    Tim i miss you

  60. Liam Bryce-Belgrove

    wovenwar are like breaking Benjamin

    Michael Parenti

    false.. Breaking Benjamin 👌Wovenwar🤘🤘🤘

  61. Kyle Thomas

    I'm gonna love this album.

  62. Johnny Metalcore

    Love dual peddling 🤘🏼

  63. Colin Mold

    seriously can't wait for the new album to come out

  64. Pitwulf

    There's something about his playing that makes this incredibly satisfying to watch. I think it's that he plays it with so much confidence and ease.

  65. KS CNDF

    Me chupan la pija los que le dieron no me gusta. Aguante Wovenwar, As I Lay Dying remains


    KS CNDF puto

    Jorge Alberto

    Así es AILD está de vuelta carajo /,,/

  66. BManchego

    Their first album was killer and these new songs seem kick ass as well!

  67. Marco Guzman

    Wow Jesus, this is raw gold. I'm finally moving on from the whole as I lay dying break down

  68. Jeremy Freeman

    They used Jordans beard for Tim's Prison CELL!! ;p)

  69. LillianGardner0214

    He isn't enjoying this.

  70. Adam Wiley

    man when the Lorax said he spoke for the trees i never imagined this

    Random Album

    Lmao x'D

  71. Sd Ny

    Great musicianship too much bad singing his heavy voice is good his melodies sound too popish too me. Band is very talented.

  72. Aiden

    norma jean.

  73. Dramma Official

    I love Wovenwar but in this playtrough some hit on the ride in the pre Chorus are missing...
    Seems like the original drum track of the song has been raised up only in volume and the tutorial is completely in playback.
    Maybe only my opinion!
    Very good song anyway, i'll be wait for the album

  74. Chris Piselli

    Fuck yeah!

  75. RottedDollFace

    glad to see him and his chops so lovely and still going hard

  76. Observer0620 -

    I'm bummed Phil left, but stoked for the album!

  77. Alexander McYates

    god damn i miss AILD

    Yoshiki G

    Alexander McYates we all do :(.....

    Joseph Bastidas

    Alexander McYates No need. They're back!

    Jorge Alberto

    AILD is back /,,/

    Occifer FigPucker

    They're back.. And they still make generic bullshit. Have fun supporting a criminal.

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    They back

  78. Metalworker14

    Man I want to meet this dude

  79. Sergi Rigau

    I LOVE THIS SNARE! Can somebody tell me which is?

    Chad M

    Its the one between his knees

    Steven Mertz

    Looks like a 6x14 or 7x14 DW Top Edge in Maple.

  80. bce5150

    Jordan looks like a bad guy from Pirates of the Caribbean

    Alexander Flores

    Davey Jones

  81. Ray Villaflor

    I feel Deftones here

  82. César AR

    Muy buena canción, ya quiero escuchar las demás!

  83. Isan Simpson

    that mustache is fucking incredible


    Isan Simpson The same is given for each copy of this album you buy.


    Dat Beard dough

  84. mrbtapir

    i did not expect Wovenwar to sound like a mix of Finch and later Killswitch. I thought they'd be black metal or Doom or something.

  85. thejamesonproject


  86. MetalGod 1990

    I'm buying this album \M/

  87. Deadline9

    That beard has a seriously talented man attached to it.

  88. Angela Bordack

    I can get down with this, nice.

  89. Dayne

    What a WHAAAAACK tune!

  90. Robert Targaryen

    It would be nice to hear the actual sound of the drums

  91. Horváth Bence


  92. lévi gaziaux

    The beard is on fire


    More like a really long handlebar mustache

    Papa Sears

    at least something is, this band is bleh..... do urselfs a favor and get back with tim =/

    Occifer FigPucker

    Papa Sears

    Dude Honor Is Dead smashes anything AILD ever did. Only one that comes close is The Powerless Rise. Shane is a better musician and person. He fits better with these guys.

    Papa Sears

    eh to each his own, the singing is to soft for me. Tim did some soft stuff as well. But maybe its just me i cant stand the winey vocals /shrug

  93. Timothy Howard

    Damn good song! Jordan looks bored though

    Steven Copice

    Tim Howard yeah this new stuff is nothing compared to what he used to play, it sounds boring and he looks bored


    this is baby stuff to him

  94. Ben Sunny Isaac


  95. Dario Rivers

    hell yeah!!!

  96. enboomer

    Dat beard! :o