Wovenwar - Death To Rights Lyrics

I watch the wonder creeping over all the walls we've made
A tragic sly cascade
And I watch it flood away the light from any candle's flame
With wick entwined of late

Can't keep a fire in rain

And the worst of it all is that you know me
And you know that I will fall for it every time
When we collide it's death to rights

Sooner or later we will find new winds to carry home
the hearts we've turned to stone
And I pray they're strong enough to weather gems from cindered coal
That you have left to smoke

Burned out before the stoke

And the worst of it all is that you know me
And you know that I will fall for it every time
When we collide it's death to rights

How many will we leave wondering? [x2]

It's starts we never finish
And ends we never start
How many lives will break upon our callous hearts?
Will break upon our callous hearts

And the worst of it all is that you know me
And you know that I will fall for it every time
When we collide
Fall for it every time
When we collide it's death to rights

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Wovenwar Death To Rights Comments
  1. regul8or

    Am I the only one that misses Wovenwar? I actually like them as much as AILD.

  2. Sam Ward

    I wonder if this band is still alive now with AILD back together

  3. The Wolf Den

    It's a sin this band is gone

  4. Scott Trempe

    Because I have to tell you this is all AILD content sub dude man from oh sleeper.....

  5. Scott Trempe

    Thank God Tim is back! Let's go AILD!!!

  6. Steve Yount

    As I lay dying was an amazing band. This is an amazing band. I still listen to As I Lay Dying but I can't get enough of this song! The explosion of sound: Melodic vocals, Some of the most powerful percussion I've ever heard, and explosive riffs. It just blows my mind! I'm not going to debate which band is better or what this band should or shouldn't do. I just wanted to give them a positive thumbs up, for what I believe is a pretty damn good song.

  7. jeff holman

    The lack of tim kind of sucks. But this song has exceeded my expectations. Way to make a comeback!

  8. Le Enny Face

    what is this song about anyway


  9. Haeon Kalkoz

    This kicks

  10. Scott Trempe

    Ok this song is rad! But my farts still stink!!

  11. Scott Trempe

    Thank God Tim is back!!! My farts stink!

  12. Vegas On Fire

    This album is way better than their second one. Honor Is Dead? More like Wovenwar is dead

  13. mcv2

    Love it. Digging this band so much. Very distinguishable from Tim. Ops my bad- very much different than, As I Lay Dying.

  14. D Lakland

    If my hard on could sing....

  15. Soundofsilence32

    153 people had their eyes open while listening to this song!

  16. Jacob Spreadbury

    Am I the only going to comment on how this song is more compressed than the entire Death Magnetic album? xD

  17. ChaosVision

    Came to this from the " Top Metal and Rock Songs 2017" Playlist, and there is not one Black Metal Song. Fuck this shit im out!

  18. Draw 3

    This whole album from start to finish is incredible. Inevitably, people compare this to AILD but really need to listen to this on its own. It’s an incredible rock record.

  19. Le Ralle

    Although I like as I lay dying with Tim this is pretty good to be honest.Stop with your fucking complaining

  20. xvegancorex 666

    Shane Blay is one of the best vocalists. I liked AILD but I like this more.

  21. Elgin Belalla

    The vocalist cleans are simmilar to Matt Tuck's cleans, i love it😃😃😃

  22. Rick Bomhof

    At first i thought this was on 240p but it's on full HD and the compression is just wrecking the quality?

    Le Enny Face

    yes, it's a shame. would be wonderful with crisp quality.

  23. Scott Trempe

    Tim's out of jail.....please go back to as I lay dying!!!!

  24. Awesome Me

    Is it a five peace band with four guitarists

  25. Shravan Kumar

    not complaining but
    as I lay dying-tim lambesis= a7x pt 2

  26. jmanny116


  27. skrew Gewgle

    The new instrumentals sound fucking incredible. The new band is just missing 1 thing....

  28. Shin Drad

    Sounds good thats all.....not awesome...good

  29. Александр Леонов

    This is fucking masterpiece

  30. tdwowza

    Loved AILD, and I love this band. The clean vocals round out the sound nicely.

  31. Aaron Villa

    What the fuck? Did Phil leave

  32. Cam

    I love As I Lay Dying, and I love Oh Sleeper. This band is solid!

  33. Prajwal Timsina

    these days so called alternative metal bands sound like metalcore bands 😏😏

  34. Cthulhu Johnson

    Honestly I don't see why we don't just euthanize the poor fools that live off of the blood of the innocent rather than torturing the innocent. Like that's not obvious...

  35. Cthulhu Johnson

    Hooray for Targeted Individuals, did you know that we are producing benefits for sick fucks that need other people to suffer in order to feel satiated? Just check me out, I have to listen to drunken bastards ramble about god knows what in warplane-like voices in the background 24/7! I'm pretty sure I only get three hours of sleep a night! Vengeance!

  36. ChrisKearns29

    there good but some screams would sound nice in there.

  37. Markho Nhen

    Love this song. The lyric's melody really grows on you I find with this band.

  38. Lopes de castro

    nunca chegará aos pés de as i lay dying sinto muito e esse vocal ai é até bom porém prefiro mas l vezes tim lambesis.

  39. Gypsy_lord

    it was an honour to hangout and meet As I Lay Dying in 2010. we erre all a bunch of goofs kicking around cardboard boxes lol tim was throwing them 😂😂 damn i miss this band. :(

  40. Hello.

    no screams makes me sad. so many opportunities to. instruments sound awsome tho.

  41. MrJ Pmosh

    damn kids and their SCREAMING ALL THE DAMN TIME , Jesus , get over it

  42. Scott Trempe

    glad I started a conversation. Still missing as I lay dying. only if we had the cookie monster vocal!!!!!

  43. vishnu raj

    c'mon people ...give it a rest...this aint as I lay dying.
    Besides that it it sounds pretty awesome,especially the instrumental

  44. Day Hatell

    as someone who is very picky i can say this is the first song in about 100 tonight that really caught my attention, good stuff

  45. Paulo Aloisio

    instrumental is sick, pop parts and vocals don`t seem to match - shuld focus on the heavyness

  46. Mando Padilla

    Favorite Wovenwar song!

  47. Danny O'Leary

    loving the vocals

  48. Teddie Prine

    Very awesome song, I am a new fan!!!!!

  49. Sam

    Great song, but Tim makes this guy seems weak, soft and pop. I miss Metal!

  50. Boogie 93650

    I recently got to see Jordan mancino play with Unearth.AWESOME.

  51. Melisa Delgado

    this gay ugh

  52. CJJJ


  53. Gino Simplicio

    Those leads are fucking badass. Sounds like a more developed As I Lay Dying. Minus the vocals.

  54. Carlos Lopez

    This shit's pussy.

  55. Philipp Oes

    I've heard about this band today, not beeing a metalhead, liking diffrent styles of music like hip hop, pop etc. AILD had some pretty good stuff. But I can not listen to them every time cuz sometimes just too they're just to hard for me. I'dont understand the hate.... wovenwar rocks, I also miss some screams in their song's, but all in all really good band. I always thought Metalheads listening to AILD would love something like this. I'm not much in to guitar-playing but I my opinion it has some pretty trickie stuff in this song like the short guitar solo that's just awsome. Wovenwar you rock! AILD you rock too but too hard sometimes. Me personally I don't like Pyrithion at all there's one good song. The rest I just to chaotic.

    Samuel Drahmoun

    Well, the hate is because of two simple reasons:
    - people don't like changes
    - people find the vocal way too soft, the same way you found AILD's too heavy...
    Personnaly, I think the vocal are way too soft, if at least he had a "metal voice" like Metallica's, Dream theater etc... (they don't need to scream to be metal)... But i feel like it's a pop rock singer in a metal band... Ain't hating tho...

  56. Alex Green

    This really should've been an As I Lay Dying song. Tim's vocals would have suited it better. Wovenwar are good but fuck me were AILD better

  57. Sm4sh3d H0p3s

    this band will never make it in the metal core scene. the lyrics don't match to the music. Tim would make this band 20 times better just by having a couple back up screams

  58. Pulpin De Manzana

    Sin Tim la banda no es igual :c

    Omar Rodriguez

    Tal vez porque esta es una banda diferente? :B

  59. jake reynolds

    a very awesome metal super group

  60. The Metal Worm

    Santa seems to be very mad, in this video...

  61. The Metal Worm


    Daniel Blinder

    the vocals are pretty off-putting so.....no

    Markho Nhen

    I agree, I love the style of this band. The singer is awesome, the boundaries are infinite with a guy like shane.

    Silver Foxzy

    +1 For this comment

    Crazy Monkey

    wow i am listening wage war, as i lay dying and just now i found this band....how??...it's so awesome

  62. Memento Mori

    aild went bfmv

  63. Vilehell

    Really miss As I Lay Dying but this band still sounds good. I know it doesn't have those brutal screams but come on. The singing is actually decent and the instrumentals sound great. I wish As I Lay Dying will come back after Tim is out but I doubt he's gonna continue which sucks...

    Tyler Dustrude

    You must be doing the same thing I've been doing tonight. I'm also going to miss AILD, just came to the realization that I haven't and will never see them live, and they've been a huge part of my musical journey. Like you said, this isn't bad at all, but it's just missing the vocals that really make it heavy.

    Nati የጨርቆሱ

    @Tyler Dustrude well my friend
    I just saw them last Friday! It was my first show and what a spectacular night it was

  64. IsleofMAN

    no tim/???? ahhhh FUCK THIS

  65. Ter Tem

    This is not like them at all. Phil,Nick,Jordan and Josh

  66. :BULLET:

    What Shane lacks on vocals Jordan makes up in beard awesomeness!


    lacks? the vocals are decent enough

    Ab De

    Don't care about a stupid beard ... it does NOT, in any way, make a band's music or performance any better. And this Shane guy's vocals are soft, and borderline feminine. Tim fucked up ... by getting married in the first place. But true fans would be out in legion if he returned to the scene. If the true AILD reunited, I'd get tickets to EVERY show I could! Besides, the man's voice is well-rested and READY to Impress!!

  67. Panayiotis Chrysou

    124 dislike that?!?!?!?FFS PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Samuel SG

    Ohhh hell yeaaahh baby!

  69. Ceruliver

    I fucking love it

  70. mia hagan

    as I lay dying is way better, lyrics are too soft for me, but Jordan's drumming helps them a lot. free Tim

  71. Terry Smith

    Never really listened to As I Lay Dying...so coming into this band with a clear "lack-of-fanboi" mentality...i think it sounds pretty damn sweet. Singer reminds me of Thrice at times.

    Markus vd Merwe

    So glad I'm not the only guy hearing some Dustin Kensrue vibes :)


    I’m a little late to the convo but could you imagine AILD with Dustin singing? Jesus that would be one sweet band

  72. Disheartened6

    getting better!

  73. Matthew Pietsch

    Thanks Tim! This rubbish is your "legacy", hope it was worth it. F*ck roid heads.

  74. Triggered SJW

    i wish micah was involved with this group

  75. Amanda & Randy Vanhoy

    I absolutely love this song

  76. OGbrundle

    This is so boring

  77. ZacSam16

    So much talent but need better vocalist with male vocals.

    Joel Ward

    Might as well have made Josh the lead singer!! Vocals are weak compared to Tim's! Josh's backing vocals were a great accent to Tim's voice now there's two Joshs' in the band, doesn't make sense to me


    @Joel Ward I agree

  78. Aa Bbb

    Jesus shattered my chains and returned my rights to me.

  79. intactGB

    free my nigga Tim Lambesis brah


    Fuck off, he deserve to do his time first, he fucked up big time.

  80. Scott Trempe

    still wish this was as I lay dying!!!

  81. Faisal Hammad

    3 guitarists ??


    +Faisal Hammad Actually the guitarists are two but the singer sometimes "help" them adding him on guitar too


    +Faisal Hammad He just wanted to be popular :P

  82. 86jenjuan

    trash..... the world needs aild back

  83. Tom K

    great band!

  84. Tasha Graham

    hate is stupidity among the masses learn to love all that metal gives.

  85. Scott Trempe

    I wish this was as I lay dying!

  86. Steve Marston

    I may prefer As I Lay Dying's sound, but I dig that they have three guitarists. It's too bad they don't utilize that more, though. They could have some really nice counterpoint-based dual lead guitar melodies

  87. Boogie 93650

    wovenwar is ok.jordan mancino's drumming is the only reason I listen to them.I prefer As I Lay Dying & Oh sleeper honestly but I guess this is what I get.


    +Boogie Baeza I agree.

    Mitchell Fisher

    +Boogie Baeza New Oh Sleeper coming in 2016 according to wiki :D

  88. Baby With a 6 Pack

    That mustache... :O THE EPICNESS!!!

  89. Kewkky

    I like it, but I don't love it, not even close. It's acceptable by my standards though, and I'm sure there's people who love it, so good for them. Guess it's time to pull the blanket over AILD's corpse then.

  90. Edson Martínez Salazar


  91. Сергей Савченко

    good job

  92. emotioncide

    if they had some screaming I could get into it the music is so powerful and the vocals come up short for me

  93. Clint Eastwood

    I'm not digging the vocals but Tim plans on releasing an album from prison that's supposedly being recorded through the visitation phone. I guess we'll see how that turns out

  94. INGSOC

    I hope we get a second album, asap!!! This song is amazing !!

  95. Sean Krekel

    I like it but can't he even scream like just a little bit. just would add the edge of aggression and passion that I craved from as I lay dying.


    The singer is a very capable screamer, they just chose not to go in that direction. Check out his band oh sleeper

  96. Dalton Bennett

    So this is As I Lay Dying without Tim (obviously) and Shane from Oh, Sleeper? Or is Micah in Wovenwar too?


    +Dalton Bennett (Gaming And Vlogging) It's only Shane

  97. Cross Daily

    don't care to compare, and while I support what they're doing, I don't agree with the direction they're going. if this is what happens when an amazing band loses their front man and everyone's okay with that then so be it, but they've dumbed down their talents to introduce this project. the instrumentals, which I felt was the face of them, are generic and uninspiring.

  98. Cory Sennett

    Lead singer sucks so bad. What the fuck! The band can do way better