Wovenwar - Censorship Lyrics

What will we take?
What will we take?

Give a man more than his due he'll laud you all his days
But give him less than he mused oh god you're an idol waste
What will finally earn your grace?
Are you not entertained?

When your expectations ride on the back of promised lies
Knowing your worth is almost a curse that leaves you high and dry

What of ends long pursued scaled and weighed for praise
Heart regressed to follow suit the art has lost its way
What will finally earn your grace?
Are you not entertained?

When your expectations ride on the back of promised lies
Knowing your worth is almost a curse that leaves you high and dry
When your expectations ride on the back of promised lies
Knowing your worth is almost a curse that leaves you high and dry

Tell me what's the point of this?
(What's the point?
What's the point?)
I'm lost in censorship
(I'm lost in censorship)
Tell me what's the point of this?
(What's the point?
What's the point?)
I am lost
When your expectations ride on the back of promised lies
Knowing your worth is almost a curse that leaves you high and dry
When your expectations ride on the back of promised lies
Knowing your worth is almost a curse that leaves you high and dry

What will we take?
What will we take?
Are you not entertained?

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Wovenwar Censorship Comments
  1. Chris Schroeder

    I wish Shane could replicate what he did on record live. I've seen a few live clips now and while he's not bad he just doesn't quite have the same vocal strength (not that it's atypical to see singers do way better in studio or anything). But I LOVE Honor Is Dead all the way through and I hope that AILD doing some stuff together again doesn't take away from what this band has been putting out. They're very good and I think get a little underrated because they don't have the same name recognition despite coming from really good bands.

  2. squoofie periphery

    ***wow*** lol

  3. David Poole

    How am I just now finding this?! Their first album is one of my favorites.

  4. Amiantaaa

    putain censorship en mode le ça de Freud. Merci de me chauffer à psychanalyser lol ^^

  5. Amiantaaa

    love this song ! Living my best life of frontwoman while listening songs like this in my bathroom hehe

  6. Youboy64

    Let me say this right now: not sure about the rest of the song, but that intro is absolute killer! 😁

  7. MrFightstarter

    killer track, check out my vocal cover of this song in my channel!!! cheers

  8. Rayane Balduino Marques

    Viva o Rock n roll......😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  9. coffeeman

    Make America great again

  10. Haeon Kalkoz

    Not bad

  11. Shdwdip

    seya later wovenwar

  12. scrapy Cortez

    Exelente cancion espero verlos pronto en MEXICO lml

  13. Kenneth Ritacco

    I wish people would stop comparing them to AILD, they are different styles in their own ways. And if you don't like Shane because you can't stop imagining Tim's voice...dudes and chicas, chill...its a different writing style and different voice. Take the band as it is. Treat it like a new sound

  14. dakman slam

    just bring back as i lay dying..

  15. Bojan Lazarevic

    This reminds me of Doom 4.....

  16. Hansi Hansn

    wtf... goosebumps!!!

  17. Ryan Freeman

    Different Band... Different Style.... Different Name. Appreciate this for what it is...

  18. Princess Olmeca

    Tim's out of jail, but don't get excited for an AILD reformation anytime soon. Just saying.

  19. Silas Braun

    Like Wovenwar as well as AILD. Just a lot different. And that's fine.

  20. henrik karmuth

    it sounds like as i lay sleeping..sorry

  21. Brandon I

    nice song, love the chorus

  22. RotFace

    this f#%[email protected]*n song is awesome

  23. Christopher Wilder

    screaming isn't everything. a vocalists that can't sing is not a real vocalists! Tim couldn't do it. He was too busy breaking the law and pumping up.

  24. Christopher Wilder

    Shane is a way better vocalists! Tim was powerful but Shane has a better variety of vocals.

  25. Hubert Eichson

    End this crap, the whole wife murder thing is water under the bride, continue with as i lay dying, you will have a lot of free media coverage and free marketing and you can go back to making great music.

  26. Marek

    Tim is back !!

  27. Keith Beamish

    finally a song from them with enough heavy vocals that I like. they were Waaaay to soft for me. hopefully this is a sign they'll strike a great balance between screaming and singing instead of being to soft

  28. Daniel Jonasson

    Best guitar sound. Ever.

  29. Aaron Schmidt

    You have one of the best drummers in the business at your disposal and he's stuck doing typical HxC metalcore bullshit. Even if he did write the drums himself this music doesn't lend itself to anything but the most banal of metal - the banality of metal.

  30. Nova 142

    new Oh Sleeper album is awesome

  31. Death

    Saw them live last week in Flint, MI at the Machine Shop. Killed it!

  32. Nick Abernathy

    They sound like Chevelle.. Can't wait until Tim is outta prison.

  33. NoxAurea


  34. Darkstar8473

    Um ... screaming all of a sudden IS AWESOME!!

  35. John Difu

    I'm starting to think Tim was the brains behind most of As i lay dying

  36. Nikki Vint

    Damn. First time hearing these guys and I'm hooked!!! Sick as fuuuuu*k!!

  37. ggc87

    singer is garbage

  38. Dr.Necro

    These guys are good if i look at them as a new band but when i consider the fact these are the same guys who played for As I Lay Dying they SUCK

  39. Lucas Garibaldi

    they are still making pussy metal

  40. Daeron Tasartir

    I miss AILD

  41. Jerry L.

    Just another cut and paste Metalcore band without Tim. Flash forward 4 years from now, Tim will be out of jail and this band will be floundering or disbanded. A reconciliation will ensue and AILD will be back together again. The writing is on the wall.

  42. Francisco Mota

    volta as i lay dying

  43. Daniel Allen

    and People keep acting like this needs to be another AILD. never going to happen folks.

  44. brian ellis

    had me for the first 30 seconds then lost interest... *free tim*

    יהוכנן לבי

    brian ellis

    Let justice be served

    He deserves a lot more than six years according to Torah!

  45. Dude Alton

    I really like the song musically speaking, I just can't seem to get into the vocalist.

  46. Daniel Plascencia

    Less Shane Blay more Josh Gilbert on vocals..... Best songs on first albums are the ones where Gilbert sings more...

  47. CH1PSET

    Every time I heard a new song from AILD, I always had this, "Idk, doesn't sound super amazing to me yet," feeling. The thing was, each pass through every song was like waking up and everything about your life is changed just enough for you to tell it's different. I always wound up hearing more to the music as I kept listening, over and over again. Of course, near the end they got kinda stale. Although I did feel like The Powerless Rise was their best album overall, the fact that I couldn't find a distinction between that album and Awakened made me feel like they weren't trying anymore.

    I like the direction Wovenwar is heading. This is different from their last album. That definitely reminds me of how different An Ocean Between Us was to listen to when it came out, coming from AILD. I think the comparisons are valid given that it's pretty much all the same people. It definitely feels like they're taking more artistic liberties in their music again. I want to hear more, I'm always interested in the music these guys create. I have to admit though, some of the vocal melodies I've heard in other popular songs. I just hope that's not reflective of the entire album, but I understand originality has nothing to do with using a similar or even the same melody as another artist. After all, there are only a finite amount of melodies and we tend to enjoy a very specific range of them.

  48. Joie M

    So many bands have great music than they throw this kind of vox. No clean vox it weakens it

  49. MetalGod 1990

    go to India and you can write about censorship all day long! lol

  50. Talos DOGGOD

    Lol is that blind kid Luke Holland?

  51. Victor Ruiz

    Fucking ridiculous, bring back TIM LAMBESIS.

  52. Aiden

    norma jean???

  53. That Concert Guy

    cant wait for the day as i lay dying comes back this band just doesn't do it for me

  54. Chris Posey

    This band is so awesome

  55. RedEye

    Cant Tim just escape from prison and join the band so it gets epic again? Miss AILD so fucking much... I mean this song is not bad but I cant really get into it.

  56. momo 53664

    so fuckin good.

  57. Brian

    I like it a lot more than most of their first record.

  58. Misha Misha

    This is incredibly reminiscent of uncensored by threat signal

  59. Wade Long

    At first, I wasn't a fan of this change. But it gets to you after you realize change is good. Sure, Tim has amazing growls and vocals. But he messed up. We all know it. So we have this. But this is still satisfying, to me at least.

  60. Luka Talic

    bring back As I Lay Dying!

  61. Luka Talic

    bring back As I Lay Dying!

  62. Captain Lithe

    It's amazing to me to see how many people still back Tim. Yes, he was a fantastic screamer. Yes, he helped found one of the best metalcore bands of the 2000's into the 2010's. And what did he do? He fucked it all up. He tried to have his wife murdered. I don't care who you are or what you've done, that shit doesn't fly. And then, he has the audacity to turn around and talk shit about his other bandmates? Fuck that, and fuck him. When Tim tried to murder his wife, he wasn't thinking about the band, he wasn't thinking about the music, and he sure as fuck wasn't thinking about you. He wasn't doing it then, he's not doing it now, and he never will, so neither should you.

    AILD is dead. Jordan Mancino himself stated that even if Tim were to be released, there was no chance they would want to reform AILD with him after the comments he made. That being said, it's time to move on. Wovenwar is a fantastic byproduct of AILD, but that's exactly what it is- a byproduct. It was never going to be an AILD clone. It only sounded that way in the self-title because they had yet to find new direction without Tim, while sticking to their original sound.

    They've finally found a new sound, one that helps them get away from the sound that has been tainted in their minds. People bitched, whined, moaned and complained about how the self-title was 'a rip off of AILD' and 'AILD with crappy vocals instead of screams', and now that they finally find their own direction, they finally manage to break free of the AILD moniker, you want them to go back to that?

    Fuck that, and fuck you. Wovenwar can do whatever they damn well please, and as far as I'm concerned, this shit is the tits, and as far as I'm concerned, one track does not an album make.

    'Are you not entertained?'

    Hell yeah, I'm entertained.

    Michael Fritts

    AJ Sacher Best comment I've ever seen on YouTube. No joke. Props.

    Gabriel Vilaça

    Damn, well said.


    I'm fully onboard with your message, brother

    Vaughn Blaylock

    Well said. As I said earlier, no one should get off light just because they failed to be able to murder someone when the intent was there. They should have fried that prick when they had the chance.

    Ryan Truax

    This whole sad paragraph means nothing now you waste of space😂

  63. Aaryn Lee

    I fell in love with their last album. The emotion felt raw. obviously the lack of growls is a little strange at first, but underneath is a great singer who can read the melody like a book.

    I don't think the death of AILD was anything close to being in vein.

  64. Paul Silva

    it getting pretty heavy

  65. Marco Guzman

    What is this, as I lay dying must come back.

  66. Austin Lininger

    its just the heavy vocals that sounds dumb for this band compared to there last album

  67. Austin Lininger

    sounds way heavier than there last album but just listening to this song I kinda think they sound better on there last album than this heaviness

  68. waphlesauce

    As an old bullet for my valentine fan this band is my thing for sure. The more metal there is the better the world is. I like it more than as I lay dying. (Which was still awesome)

  69. Bryan Nguyen

    I feel like I only like this band out of obligation and loyalty for AILD

  70. Gustav Gilbert

    eventhough i love Tim lambesis more, but i love this band too, the vibe of AILD is still there

    Tim please get out from jail ASAP!

    יהוכנן לבי

    Gustav Gilbert

    Unfortunately he was released in December.

    He needs to be put back in prison and deserves a lot more than 6 years. The intent to murder, according to Scripture, is the same as actually carrying through with murder and is punishable by death according to Yahweh (The Lord God). If the guy he hired was not an undercover cop that arrested him, his poor wife (ex) may well be dead by now.

    And please do not tell me he is sorry. He has record deals all lined up and has not once attempted to make restitution. Asking for an early release from prison is the exact opposite of what Tim should have done if he was truly repentant.

    Actions speak louder than words.


  71. Fernando Antunes


  72. Rusty In Flames

    Liking this, vocal chorus sounds very Deftones like (itself not a bad thing!)

  73. kloudkreeper

    Why does everyone expect this music to sound exactly as AILD did? This is a fresh start. They are musicians. They are allowed to follow their own direction and build a "sound" of their own. I loved the first album. Don't really care if others didn't.

  74. Kenney Calluy

    To be honest I see a lot of stupid comments here like "THIS IS NOT AS I LAY DYING GTFO" what a lot of people seem to forget is that this band was formed from the "leftovers" from AILD. And me, for one, love the fact that they're returning to their somewhat previous "Roots", with a rhythm to headbang to, lyrics to relate to, and a scream now and then to make the message all the more powerful, yes, they are a new band, they're not AILD, they're Wovenwar, but AILD was a great band, and I'm glad they decided to learn from what they did in the past.

  75. The Grappler

    This is wovenwar people, not as I lay dying.. get over it and go listen to an ocean between us. With that being said Shane should head back to Oh Sleeper. Much better band

    B Vaught

    Nobody gives a shit about Oh Sleeper, hints why they never tour with anyone beside shit bands and they blow live.


    Pretty sure lots of people like Oh, Sleeper. You're just salty for some reason.


    I prefer Shadows Are Security.

  76. Donavanfelix

    Without Tim is not the same. I can't listen this band and don't expect that power.

  77. Rakyan Caraka R M

    wow drop A, amazing dude \m/

  78. Rakant

    Jesus people, stop comparing them to As I lay Dying. That band is dead, gone.. get over it. I loved them too, but Wovenwar isn't As I lay Dying. I don't compare Times of Grace to Killswitch engage, nor will I do that here. I am for one hyped for this new album, because it's more than we already got. If you don't like this one, don't buy it. I'm sure you will just stream it anyway. You can be critical, as that's important to any artist but the senseless 'vocals aren't like Tim's' and 'Powered down As I lay Dying' is stupid as shit. If you can dislike them without comparison then more power to you, everyone has their taste. But if all you can do is criticism by comparing them to someone else or another group than it's weak criticism.

  79. Hassan Siddiqui

    2 years on and the bitching continues. Like it then great. Don't like it then fuck off.

  80. MrZz108

    This is very 'okay'. Their first album had so many great songs, it must be hard to live up to expectations. I hope the rest of the album delivers what this did not.

  81. Bradley Forsyth

    Reminiscent of Heart of a Coward. Not a bad thing

  82. SuperSJ

    I dig it, but the rest of the album needs to be better.

  83. Michael Barbour

    This is what I was waiting for keep it up guys

  84. TheHobbyGuy


  85. xKyrad

    They should do a collab with Micah

  86. Kenny Graves

    Well that was was fucking awesome!

  87. Evan Gaudet

    I'm actually pretty impressed by this track. I wasn't a fan of their first album.

  88. Pistol Pete

    the lack of a solo really bums me out.

  89. Reza Pribadi

    why does so many band sounded like the other djent these day?

  90. daniel cumiford

    these guys (including when they were aild) are always innovativing you never know what to expect. And they're getting heavier!

    Jacob Ferron

    as i lay dying was darker than this. this was slow and boring. i hope this was the worst song on the album...

  91. Derry Parmanto

    nicee! what a beautiful song

  92. JPence14

    There have been many bands where, when they released a single as a precursor to an upcoming album, it got me hyped as heck... But Wovenwar... This didn't really do the trick, to be honest. Every single song on their debut album was better than this.

    Not to say it's bad, but I'm already 99% sure the rest of the upcoming album will be better than this. At least I surely hope so. It's not a bad song, but it failed to get me excited.

    Pistol Pete

    couldnt have said better man!

  93. GoatLord Death

    Sounds like the 90's

  94. guitar nerd

    like it! definitely looking forward to hearing the album!

  95. Matt Goulet

    As I Lay Dying made you wait for that sweet chorus...but I saw WW live not too long ago and I wish this had been written

  96. Link García

    Well.... honestly... it sounds.... hmm.... weak. I LOVE As I Lay Dying, and I LOOOOOVED Wovenwar's first album, because it really looked like they were all "recycled" songs from AILD. This doesn't even sound like the same band. It sounds like the typical generic band you find playing metalcore on garages now. I'm really sorry for saying this, but please, DON'T SCREAM, Shane. PLEASE, don't try to replace Tim. No one will ever do it so please, don't scream because you suck at it.

    Also, sorry for spam, but I have a Wovenwar vocal cover on my channel. Enjoy :3