Wovenwar - All Rise Lyrics

Oh you feel the hunters gaze
A shadow even in the dark of night
Scheming your early grave

He's going to leave you dead or dying
Draining all the blood he craves
You never thought you'd be meat for the market
What'd you expect when you sold your name

You have the chance to rise again
To cast the light that hides within
You have the chance to be a man
To rise again [x2]
You have the chance to be a man
So cast the light that hides within

Oh when courage takes its hold
You face down all the would be masters
And break the ties that bind your goals

This is going to be the moment
Your blood wakes and fills your veins
Stand tall with your strength defy them
Become your own fate

You have the chance to rise again
To cast the light that hides within
You have the chance to be a man
To rise again [x2]
You have the chance to be a man
So cast the light that hides within

Who stands the storm and faces
The horrors that darkness breeds
Who will take the life they're given
And cast light for all to see

Who stands the storm if not the brave?
What's built from cowards that we praise?
Who stands the storm if not the brave? [x2]

You have the chance to rise again
And cast the light that hides
You have the chance to rise again
To cast the light that hides within
You have the chance to be a man
To rise again [x2]
You have the chance to be a man
So cast the light that hides within
So cast the light that hides within

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Wovenwar All Rise Comments
  1. go on your way

    this band didn't exist from the square one

  2. Josue Lopez

    They should tour with aild

  3. Christian Thornton

    Such a good song. Though I’m glad both Oh Sleeper and As I Lay Dying have made strong comebacks this year.

  4. Auren Reine

    Damn. How is it possible for me not knowing this band exist when AILD in on vacation.

  5. Scotymark93

    Is that Jean Reno singing?

  6. musicaroo22

    Count me in! Love it!


    Super =:*

  8. Nayibe Fandiño

    https://youtu.be/LXsMjcNZwoE Like and suscribe

  9. Bruce Wakeman

    - Isaiah 60:1 -   Arise, shine; for thy light (salvation of Christ Jesus) is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee.

    - Psalms 68:1 -   Let GOD arise, let HIS enemies be scattered: let them also that hate HIM flee before HIM.

  10. Bob Hope

    As I lay dying was better

  11. Dean Carter

    Having not heard AILD yet, I personally like this sound. Having heard "scream" singers, and liking some of them, it does leave them with less versatility in the song writing process. To me, there is a lack of uniqueness in the "screamer" bands. Avenged 7X started that way and has, in my opinion, grown to musical heights they would not have had they been limited with the screamer vocalizations. I'm 56 and have been into metal since I was 13, so I've been around the block a few times with all the changes in metal. I can't help but hear a certain stagnation in many of today's metallers. Just some thoughts.

  12. Stephen Summers

    This is gonna sound weird. Can't believe it's happening this way. Never got into these guys before. But now that as i lay dying is back... pretty much my favorite band... I feel weird. I feel like I can like these guys now. They always felt like the band we get instead of AILD to me. Like they dont have to be a replacement. I never knew I felt that way before. Before I was just always uninterested and bored when listening to them. But after listening to Oh Sleeper, shane's other band, I found myself wanting to check back into wovenwar. And I literally felt like it was okay to like them now. Which is a stupid way to think... but hey... here I am. :)

  13. Anthony Caldwell

    Idk but y'all, but I love Shane and Josh's vocals together.

  14. connor kinsman

    This is basically an American Exit Ten. I'll take it ❤️

  15. Gunterstryke

    RIP <\3

  16. Jesse Tate

    As I lay is back

  17. phenix returns

    ez drummer made of metal

  18. Josh Alicea

    Its funny because the singer of this band, (Shane Blay), was the lead guitarist and melodic singer for Oh, Sleeper, (a band with a screamer. So for all of you guys complaining... its worth checking out). In my opinion Shane blows this guitarost out of the water.

  19. Robert R

    This band is so good! Since this came out, I have played both albums weekly! Love it!

  20. jaq uemo

    Great song but they need the screams to complete the heavy power sound. The voice here almost makes it have hints of pop rock sound to it but with Tim is was straight up badass metal. Again this is a great song and the voice is very good, it's just not as good as aild in my opinion; it's not as powerful to my ears.

  21. Rayane Balduino Marques


  22. josue diaz

    I mean I don't like the singing but the band alone is amazing.
    They definitely need tim back man.
    I can't do this.
    I'm just gonna go on a As I lay Dying Marathon for the past three hours just to feel the origin in my system once again.
    Top three songs I'll rewind for the last hour:
    The sound of truth
    No lungs to breathe

  23. ZeldaLegacy

    Fuck yall, I like this shit

  24. Kukkii Bakemono

    this is not the same without Lambesis. I respect the members of the band, but man they used to sound much better as AILD. this sound almost like pop. sorry i may get a lot a hate, but i really miss the sound of AILD.

  25. RVZN

    People comparing AILD with Wovenwar is absolutely pointless, they’re completely different, and I think they make great use of their talent, adding phenomenal lead guitar to a hardcore rhythm that suite Shane’s vocals EXTREMELY well

  26. TheGreenKnight

    All these metal nubs in the comments think this is metal


    TheGreenKnight lol

  27. Brendan Parsons

    Anyone else feel let down after the build up at 2:25?

  28. Haeon Kalkoz

    Well now that As I Lay Dying is back, no more Wovenwar and they were not bad

  29. RyanMantis

    I’m SO GODDAMN HAPPY that AILD is back. The entire band was an incredible item! They all played a crucial role in making incredible music. One missing ingredient throws off the entire recipe. And this song is a prime example. I know the tried, they really did. But this song just doesn’t do it for men. It feels like if TIM were in this, it’d be awesome. But just pure clean vocals alone, it doesn’t work

  30. David Pokorný

    Kinda wondering whats gonna happen to Wowen war now when AILD is back

  31. Sammy Evans

    I enjoy them, but probably wouldve been a million times better with harsh vocals

  32. That's Right

    As I Lay Dying rose again.

  33. Jim Bo

    Tim I will never miss he deserves to be in prison love both the bands but seriously he tried to kill his wife

  34. Jim Bo

    This is awesome As I Lay Dying whooo

  35. marcocaceres97

    Goodbye Wovenwar! As I Lay Dying are back!

  36. Alice Un Chained02

    Never heard this band before I looked them up because of Tim’s condition. This is shit they needed a singer I’m so glad Tim’s back on his feet AILD FTW!!!

  37. Milind Gurung

    Nick and phil you guys are badass

  38. Rodolfo Gonzalez

    tim regresó chuchaesumares

  39. Hardhome Rescue


  40. Miraak Oficial


  41. Ashton McAlpin

    I love this song

  42. Armaghan Ali

    The vocalist is not bad but he’a definitely not Tim. I miss that idiot

  43. mscolwell1984

    For the love of metal get TIM BACK ALREADY! Is this the same new singer for 3 days grace?? Ctfu..guys just stop. You will never fill Tim's spot. PERIOD

  44. mcv2

    I dig these guys so much. Almost as if they wanted to separate themselves from AILD?! Whodda though?!

  45. Wemerson Lacerda

    Porra nenhum br

  46. Dustin Varner

    Am I the only one who doesn't give a fuck if metal has screaming or not? If it works, fucking roll with it. This is amazing.

  47. mcv2

    I’m digging it

  48. RVZN

    People keep comparing them to As I Lay Dying, I get that the band is comprised of members from AILD but this is a differently band entirely. I personally love their sound. It adds a very unique touch to the metalcore scene. Almost bridging the gap between metalcore and hard rock

  49. Wahyexxx


  50. Jeremy Freeman

    Screw the screaming hit, gets old. I love both of the albums from these guys. And on the second one he does scream, just ENOUGH. :D

  51. shaun simms

    Greatest disappointment thus-far

  52. Khorn Demon

    What a disgusting piece of shit. This is not metal , its a pop shit with crying boys, who playing guitars. Shame shit after As i lay Dying.

  53. Anthony Kester

    Lol ya as i lay dying without balls true statement

  54. usuarioclip

    I mean its cool but the one thing this guys had was brutallity. I see no brutallity on this, this is post hardcore and that sucks, for me

  55. Vilmos Teller

    Its cool.....for 12year old school girls.

  56. RamDi3sel

    Jordan Mancino and Nick Hipa are beastly but this singer SUCKS.

  57. Ronnald Santos

    vocalista n é ruim, mas 75% da musica quem canta é o baixista com aquela voz melodica, tinha no aild? tinha mas pelo amor de Deus mesma banda, continua no mesmo seguimento. pq esse vocal restart ai a galera ta odiando kkk

  58. itherevenant

    So lame. Please just stop. AILD > you. This is beyond a step back, generic lack luster poo.

  59. Tyler Gamache

    Is this Sixx A.M.?

  60. charlie von arawn

    This has to be one of the best metalcore songs ever

  61. royhobbs30

    Christian Rock? Is this Winger re-invented ?

    Metal Blade Records

    This is not christian rock.

  62. Vivian the Ice Princess

    tim, where are you?

  63. John Gonzalez

    I mean the vocalist is good but in my opinion it doesn't fit these dudes instrumental, they need a deathcore vocalist to wake this the fuck up

  64. Louis Rodrigo

    AILD is mi eggs

  65. Mephisto pholis

    Piece of Shit

  66. Dominic Williams

    thought this was bullet for my valentine at first o.O

  67. Pedro Juan

    AILD is rules.

  68. Bogusz Zawisza

    Please grow balls again... That stuff cant even clean shoes of AILD...

  69. Dannie 27

    Simply no balls in this band.

  70. Dave McCollum

    Wtf is this booo hoooing garbage

  71. Tiago Cussate

    Top Gear inspired instrumental at the chorus?

  72. WeMx salavanzi

    Faltan los gritos de Tim Lambessis

  73. Tony Burnett

    You guys need tim

  74. Aaron Arellano

    While this is my least favorite song of theirs, (I'm new to this band, so I don't know about Tim) I still like it. the music itself kicks ass. i don't need screaming to like my metal, but a little more aggression couldn't hurt.

  75. Josh Mcbee

    I think we all listen to this band to keep the AILD fever going hot!

  76. Octavio carrera HSB

    Please as i lay dying come back without tim lambesis !!

  77. henrik karmuth

    its really good phil, nick, josh and jordan composition, cant deny it but u guys are fuckin lack in vocal parts, sorry to say

  78. xTERRORx

    hahahahahaha what the actual fuck is this.... I had a massive expectation for this band, and this is what I got? this dude is the guy in pornos that pays people to fuck his wife because he's to pussy to..

  79. I.Games (off)

    Just epic!

    PS: Good metal is not just growling.

  80. Will Disharoon

    Normally I don't like this louder music but this is great

  81. Patrizio Zurzolo

    Love this band, as I love AILD

  82. Tiago Neves

    After a few wovenwar songs.. I really have to get back to AILD, for more than a decade I've listen to AILD at least 4 or 5 days a week. Where can I get a ticket to a a parallel dimension where they never disbanded...

  83. Markus vd Merwe

    Absolute class!

  84. Dee

    amazing encouraging song bros, and great guitar playing

  85. Onur Keklik

    gay vocals

  86. Dante Clyse


  87. plasmat-800 burning


  88. Yasmin G

    You like harsh vocals...SO? LISTEN TO A DIFFERENT BAND!! Or better yet just listen to AILD since you love it so much. Don't go looking for something that's not here.

    You don't see people bitching on AILD's videos saying "They need need more of the clean vocals" or "Get rid of harsh vocals".

  89. Hunter Craig

    I dig this!

  90. Jz Khan


  91. Sara Fudge

    I feel like this would be better with a screamer I agree with most people... his vocals are a little light for the heaviness of the beats...However... they're tons of metal bands that do not have any screamers and are just as good... nightwish, in this moment, within temptation... granted they are mostly opera metal, but still good! They just need to find their sound...

  92. mcv2

    I dig it.

  93. Miguel Chavez

    You fucking traitors

  94. Harley Alvez

    AWESOME song. But This vocals seems a little bit too much like James Hetfield. Anyway, it is great. VIBRANT. The band was A LOT inspired. Playing better than ever. Liked a Lot. Can't stop listenning and singing #ClapClap

  95. For The Last Time

    Yes, I'm a AILD fan. They're my favorite band in fact, and yes, I'm disappointed in some of what Wovenwar has offered, but I'd just like for you to bare with me. I understand that this band consists of band members of AILD with just a different singer, but I also understand that these people are going through a different name. WOAH!! NO WAAAY!!! (ahem, sarcasm). So let me ask you one more thing, if they are essentially the same band, why aren't they producing the same music? I don't know, maybe try because they're trying to avoid being associated with AILD?! I mean, if they didn't care, they would've just continued the band with a different lead singer like many other bands do, but no, they went Through Struggle to create a second profile. Of course they don't sound the same. They don't want to sound the same. So why the fuck are you guys comparing them to AILD?! Besides, if you ask me, the instrumentals sound pretty AILD-ish to me, without mentioning it sounds beasts too. The choruses, although poppy, are really good. I, like many others, dislike the band for using vocals similar to those that would be associated with alternative rock and the absence of unclean vocals, but at the very least I acknowledge that they are a VERY talented band, and that means VERY. Now that I've said what I wanted to say, thank you for calling Microsoft.

  96. Mr420QuIcKsCoPs

    Fucking retarded teammates on Battlefield 4 just watch the enemies kill you, fuck off idiots

  97. David Hayter

    what the fuck is this. they needa break Tim outa jail.

  98. alex jungers

    Singing does not match the style of music. Instrumentally speaking this kicks ass