World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The - I'll Make Everything Lyrics

It's been everything
Not to get a scrape
On my knee, on my elbow, on my face
Where I go to hurt
Slow down in every way
Speed up a grip on time
When everything looks bad
It's just a time to start
I'll make everything look like it's happy
I'll make everything look like it's rad
I'll make everything
A story of love
A story of love (finally, finally)
A warning, a hug (finally, finally)
Slip and tell 'em (finally, finally)
A story of love

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World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The I'll Make Everything Comments
  1. GUIZMO190207

    God.... what the fuck happened to epitaph? Brett is a cool guy, i like him, but... in the last years he turned epitaph in a fucking indie bands label... FUCK COME ON, GET OVER THIS SHIT AND BRING THE HARDCORE!! I can't imagine him listening this and say "hey guys, you got it! Heres your contrat"....

  2. Sauron's Daughter

    I love your guys music, it got me through some stuff and thinking on alote of things. Keep it up.

  3. Keith Smith

    Holy Fuck!

  4. Nope No

    You have to get relly drunk then it sounds good

  5. Taelor Barrett

    What the hell is that whistling sound?

  6. Joey Woodpieces

    I...I don't know. I'm left... confused. Was that a full song? Did it have enough parts? I coulda missed something, I did go grab a beer somewhere in there. Like the one kid said, the name is nice :)

  7. mikenally101

    nice monolouge !

  8. John Hughes

    You guys should book a tour with the brass section and strings! Playing concert halls and what not, I would pay an obscene amount of money to see that!


    They're on tour right now with the brass

    John Hughes

    Really!?! They weren't in Orlando.


    They might have brought them only for the June tour. That sucks

  9. Luis Racero


  10. Anita Roth

    I love this, except for a synth sound coming from the keyboard is drowning out other instruments. Otherwise awesome.

  11. Asonia


  12. Alara Blood

    Great song 👍

  13. MFTSTRIFE Legit

    Not what I was expecting but not bad

  14. Love Skittles

    Pretty cool

  15. 画伯


  16. Miguel Longoria

    buena cnacion para empezar el dia

  17. Buen Apetito Sabor Exquisito

    Hola Muy buen video .Bendiciones

  18. Jess

    what a powerful sound

  19. VJ Visuals by Jane

    *I think it's awesome upload.*

  20. Randy Mark

    So long feelings..

  21. Frank Ansley

    Very cool

  22. Stone Guest

    Good to wake up and find this posted

  23. Lilly :3

    Again first xDDD