World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The - Haircuts For Everybody Lyrics

I'm afraid to think of ending it.
You'll forget to sleep.
You'll forget its name.
It gradually became obvious.
There is no us, but there is no I.
We believe, we deny.
We will change, we won't die.
We won't stay, just try to be OK.
A foot in the snow with no boot on its skin.
We have reason to stay, but we never commit.
Haven't you held someone's breath all along?
Hearing movement around us.
Change your life.
Please, change your life.
Change my life.
Please, change my life.
We spent the last twenty-three minutes hallucinating over the phone.
I kept both my hands still while we saw the same building explode.
Wreck this thing.
Please, take it off the ground.
Wreck this thing.

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World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Haircuts For Everybody Comments
  1. Shane V

    We are a group of music lovers nerding out over our favorite songs that fall under a new theme each day. Come show us what you got! Today’s theme is “Hair”.

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    Thanks Pewdiepie, very nice

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    Saw pewdiepie's screen and now I'm here.


    Same! Nice to see we're flooding over

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    Pew Die Pie was listening to this in the last video!

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    Change my life.
    Please change my life.

  7. soif_pls

    1:02-1:58 best part

  8. Doug Dimmadome, Owner of the Dimmsdale Dimmadome

    We spent the last 23 minutes hallucinating over the phone
    We kept both my hands still as we saw the same buildings explode

    A fucking +

  9. Kara Mitchell

    Avercado from vine brought me here, he's amazing.

    chloe bryant

    same with me i absolutely adore him

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