World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The - Dillon And Her Son Lyrics

Pleading graces for the youth
For making us make up the truth
Loading faces, sounding forced
We felt the whole went out of sorts

Grip the apple, stomp the snake
Clip our nails, give them a break
Give my life back within reason
Can my mind get over what we've become?

Do you know how to take this?
Is this our real life?
How easy is it to have fun?
Is this a movie
Where I'm not bleeding?
In a dream, I held the power of the sun
Give my life back if you believe us
Within reason

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World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die, The Dillon And Her Son Comments
  1. Wraith Syndicate

    This drummer deserves a medal

  2. Karla

    "Isso é um filme?" Noooo

  3. Evie

    wtf i just found out i can move the screen?! like i clicked to pause and noticed the mouse looked different and then i noticed it was like a grabbing motion when i clicked so i was like 'lol what if i dragged the image' and it fucking MOVED. lmao thats awesome :)

  4. jungelbobo

    is this a response to thirteen thirtyfive by Dillion?

  5. theawesomeANCAP

    dont ever talk to Dillon and my son ever again!

  6. ishaboi


  7. LunaIs OnFire95

    Oh wow this is beautifully different <3

  8. Brian Mendez

    This song makes me so effing excited!


    Oh cool!! You can move the screen!! XD

  10. Elena Kawa

    I've put my finger on the video by error, I've thought I've got magic powers :)

  11. Syke Throne

    Saludos, from Mexico🔥

  12. omghai2u

    one of the gayest bands ever

  13. Marissa De La Torre

    What is this song even about?

  14. 08bourquem

    The world is a beautiful place and I am no longer afraid to die vs. Capcom

  15. Rory Martin

    I never thought I'd see twiabp coming out with a two minute, verse/chorus track. Even their other singles have been these more indulgent multi-phasal pieces. I feel like this track had a load of momentum and grandeur but none of that lands when it comes out of nowhere. It needs that build and that ability to stay in a sound for more than 5 second which other twiabp tracks have always managed so well. I hope the album slows down and I hope this song fits a little better in the track listing to give it the punch it could have.

    Wrish Nish

    Rory Martin This track feels like it's a part of a longer piece. Kinda like how Picture of A Tree That Looks Okay, You Will Never Go to Space and The Layers of Skin We Drag Around, all connect.

    Rory Martin

    Yeah I totally agree. In Harmlessness the songs are all multi-phasal and bleed into each other in such a way that you don't know if what you're listening to is the end of one song or the beginning of another. Like I said in the initial comment. I hope this song fits better in the track listing because if it's properly contextualized by other songs I think this could be a fucking bopper!

  16. Shena Geronimo

    That shake of the lyrics ay the end. Thanks needledrop.

  17. Queen Unicorn

    i was waiting for like a minute for them to start singing but then i turned up the volume and relized they were i guess that's what i get for listening to screamo music at a low volume so my christian mother wont hear

  18. hollywoodraptor0016

    Been all over some of my emo favs recently. I am way in the market for this. Can't wait to get my ears on this.

  19. Michael Mitaritonna

    didn't think I would be so mehh about this but I unfortunately am :/ it's an alright track

  20. idiots

    Dillon - Thirteen Thirtyfive ?

  21. Jo lowkey lowvel

    Did anyone else touch there screen and freak out like how the hell did they do that it's beautiful

  22. Davie Davis

    The picture moves!!!! Like Google maps haha try it !

  23. Derk Ender

    Wait i am seeing this correct and listening to this right now right ? HOLY TITS

  24. andrewpaintball246

    The music sounds okay but it's just not for me

  25. Aaron Jimenez

    The 360 video idea is good but now I can't drag the video down and look for other videos.

  26. Toomas Hoydon

    Seriously can't stop listening. How they can make 8 minutes monsters that you want to listen to in full everytime, and 2 minute pop rocker bangers as well is incredible

  27. SmallvillenerdTwo

    When January 10th came out it underwhelmed me so Imm thinking maybe the same thing will happen with his album as I'll find it a strange different piece to their last albums but hopefully it'll grow on me like Harmlessness. However, January 10t had a lot going on in it which made repeated listens more rewarding, this new song is very underwhelming and a clearly undercooked song that sounds like they didn't know what to do with it because its just a fast, loud dull 2 minute track with lyrics that dont feel like they fit. I do hope this album is a surprise and blows me away cause so far i dont like this new song or the new album cover and title (whenever if ever and harmlessness shared equally awesome and similar artwork while this one sticks out but not in a good away. I am excited about the use of synthesisers on this album so hopefully they'll be some real classic TWIABP songs on here :D

    Toomas Hoydon

    They have always used synth


    yeah no shit mate but they really stressed how significant synths were gonna be on "LP3" so I was expecting a little more from this track.


    who's Dillon? the singer?

  29. Aaron Egerman

    These 360 degree videos really need to stop they accomplish absolutely nothing.


    "they accomplish absolutely nothing"
    really, the video takes longer to load that is something accomplish


    RoniiNN A. If you have a VR headset they're a whole other video

  30. yung crucifix

    don't like this new direction tbh. too poppy and by the numbers. hopefully the rest of the album doesn't sound like this.

  31. chris brandsema

    love this band to death but honestly....meh.

    Cj Taylor

    Song is epic. Sounds great, catchy as fuck.

  32. Ayomi Bhumi

    Watch it from phone cell and moved it.

  33. Andrew Taylor

    I just sat in my chair spinning round like 1000 times throughout the video to see what happened

  34. Colleen Keeven


  35. John Towey

    short sweet and to the point I love it

  36. Jeff Pence

    This is gimmicky as hell.


    Latent Soul great song though.

  37. Roz Is

    First song I've heard by this band, I don't typically listen to stuff this soft, but it's 👌!


    Roz Is 'Rage Against the Dying of the Light' is an excellent track aswell.

    Roz Is

    EarRegardless Thanks!

  38. aster b

    "kick it"

  39. Mattress Imprints Music Channel

    Absolute fucking rager. They are still so good at writing short poppy songs.

  40. yosua graziandi

    so sick

  41. Alexandre willy

    Bora br

  42. God Ssjvcole

    You can move around in the video!!!!!

    Jay Halestorm

    bryce cole shut up before you get shoot


    Jay Halestorm shot*


    that's real special.....

    dan man

    I mean i didnt know until i saw this comment

  43. ShadowofATheory

    This shit is awful

  44. Black Death

    CADÊ OS BRs???

    Marangoni Gameplays

    Legião Games Inc. Aqui

  45. Augusta


    kevenn paes

    Augusta oi

  46. Wonders Cx

    I'm sorry but, this isn't all that great, feelsbadman.

  47. Antonio Markinhos

    Yeah great song

  48. liam starrs

    The colors and art style is so pretty. Also very excited for this new album!

  49. Fede Nehuen

    Very long name 🤔

  50. Alex Hamm

    The World is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Put This Song On Repeat Until the Album Comes Out

    Justin Drzymala

    One of few I am afraid.

  51. Adam Toscani

    Fuck yeah!!!!

  52. An Gi

    I have never heard of this band before...

    (btw, such a good song)

  53. The Kim In The North


    Sergey Scherbina

    This is somehow feels longer

  54. fay settembre mae

    they're back

    they're fuckin' back

  55. Flying Croissant

    Long name

    jenna cabrera

    Fren Please 👌

    this account is so cringey lol sorry I was like 11

    I didn't expect to see the clique here l-/

  56. Yirplay

    Woow me encanta la imagen 360°

  57. Yazu

    Wow.. I like it. Also, I'm first.


    Wow.. Congratulation dude.


    Thank you. :)


    Somebody please send help.

    Flying Croissant

    Yazu for what

    Mesuri Heiwajima Killjoy!

    Yazu 😂😂😂