Word Alive, The - Room 126 Lyrics

There's no sign we'll survive
There's no sign we'll survive
Let me out
They've trapped me here and I'll waste away
While you figure this out
This room won't hold for long.

The world that we knew has come and gone
If we can't win, this will be the end
The world that we knew has come and gone
If we can't win, this will be the end

I never knew, I never knew that this could happen to me
I never wanted this
That something I read about was more than a story
I can feel this taking a hold of me.
Will we survive?
If we stop this now, there's a chance to break away

This is our chance to break away
Break away
This is our chance to break away

Break away

They keep circling around and round these walls
Their faces are cold and lifeless
As they stare back at me
Their only thought is to devour me

This is our chance, can we escape?
I never knew

I never knew, I never knew that this could happen to me
I never wanted this
That something I read about was more than a story
I can feel this taking a hold of me.
Will we survive?
If we stop this now, there's a chance to break away

I've never felt the fear of death, until it reached out for me
I've never felt the fear of death
I've never felt the fear, the fear of death

I never thought that this could happen
That something I read was more than a story

I can feel this taking a hold of me.
Will we survive?
If we stop this now, there's a chance to break away
There's a chance to break away
There's a chance to break away
There's a chance to break, to break away

I never felt the fear of death

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Word Alive, The Room 126 Comments
  1. dini mueter

    126th comment. whooooo

  2. Haze

    The song is room 126.
    there are 126 comments.

    the word alive confirmed

  3. angel ramirez

    set the lyrics :v

  4. Kmal Jackson

    love this album

  5. Santiago Campo Lizarazo

    Que buena cancion

  6. SpooN

    Won't let me reply to this: "J3wFro69
    1 year agoin reply to Dylan Ryshak
    That's because The Devil Wears Prada are awesome. One of the best vocalists by far in the genre at the moment"

    But no he is not even close. How the fuck is that vocalist good? It almost sounds like he sings with a prepubescent crackling voice.

  7. dark- phantazos

    lml yeahhh!!!

  8. ilikemusicalot5

    I love this album and empire was an awesome Ep I listen to it daily :)

  9. Aaron S

    TWA is far more talented than AA

  10. Jay Dub

    LOL thanks i needed a laugh

  11. Dash

    don't feed the troll, both are great bands

  12. Aaron S

    lol are you serious?

  13. Jacob Miller

    technical from a song writing aspect. as a guitarist, I can assure you. the guitar parts on deceiver as a whole are more difficult than life cycles. I love both albums, but as a guitarist I appreciate the musicality on deceiver more. this song being the exception. incredible solo. so fun to play.

  14. Kai Bass

    I don't know man. I really like the guitar parts in Life Cycles a lot. This song in particular has a ridiculous solo. When the whole song is one big melodic solo it gets kind of old. Its nice to see bands use a lot more different rhythmic techniques instead. I would argue that Life Cycles is extremely technical because of the amount of layering as a whole there is in each song.

  15. Jacob Miller

    not at all. technical means the musical talent. how skillful or interesting/dificult the parts are to play. melody is just how nice and...well melodic it sounds. lol. usually they go hand in hand though

  16. Betraying The Game

    Veil of Maya guitar groove, i like itt.

  17. Betraying The Game

    i like this album a lot more than Deciever. they sound a lot better in my opinion and their music isnt so damn generic anymore.

  18. Betraying The Game


  19. Jacob Miller

    Guitarists are going to like Deciever more, listeners like Life Cycles more. On life Cycles, their better songs. heavier, more melodic, more well written. but for guitarists like me, deciever was 10 times more technical and fun to play and try and figure out.

    Cameron Grimes

    Jacob Miller facts. I'd still learn every song on both albums or just the ones I like

  20. zach Gleim

    i prefer deceiver also but life cycles is still amaZing

  21. Jerrel Carpio

    Twa has so much originality in this genre. In my opinion

  22. Jackie Alexis

    The solo is epic

  23. ThePurestMayhem

    LOL gtfo, who gives a shit about vocals? instruments are why metal exists, not screaming or singing. the instruments on deciever weren't that great but are quite impressive on life cycles. the obvious better cd is obvious

  24. Mellow Yellow

    Still my favorite TWA song is from the Deceiver

  25. MrFluffypigeon

    You're kidding me right? They sound nothing a like ha ha.

  26. Isaac Gowan

    Schremo* He wants to start a new genre too.

  27. Owen Walker

    uhhh nope... to my current knowledge...

  28. Cory Walloch

    Tip #1 for trying to get people to join a band with you: Don't call it screamo

  29. Angelic Alien

    cannot stop listening to these guys, im trying to start a death metal schremo band, but everyone i know is acting like a buttmunch, to many negative thoughts.

  30. Ryan Porter

    You fucking destroyed on this album

  31. Jazz Manalo

    okay first of all, both albums are mind blowing, second both are soo much more different, that what makes them both amazing to listen to all the time

  32. Jellyboi911

    There is a difference between being incorrect and having an opinion.

  33. Roger attacku

    sounds like motionless in white to me

  34. DanceNickDance1

    Both are amazing, Telle's vocals were a bit better in Deceiver in my opinion though.

  35. JD Freeman

    Deceiver will always be my favorite (it's the first TWA album I ever got) but how bout all albums kick ass in their own special way

  36. JD Freeman

    really? THAT is the dumbest thing you've seen? have you been on the internet for five minutes total?

  37. Kingwadesky

    this is the most incorrect statement i have ever seen, and ive seen my fair share of internet stupidity

  38. Chris Watts

    I disagree with the disagreeing...\m/ All TWA KILLZ IT \m/

  39. Matthew d

    Did the cd quality sound kind of like a lot of static interference to anyone else?

  40. Chris Watts

    Its like choosing titties or ass... either way you dont lose

  41. mattwest1234

    haha call me crazy but I think empires was the best. all of these dudes music is awesome

  42. RaineySydchu

    Can't we all agree that TWA is an amazing band? <3

  43. SpooN

    You've been playing a guitar for 10 weeks? Im proud of you, champ. :')

  44. gothsteeze

    Cant get enough of the small hardcore part at 1:25 sounds just like For The Fallen Dreams. Fucking love that shit :)

  45. Zuera willneverdie

    deceiver and life cycles have not compared the two are good with different themes, enough comparisons and we listen to the word alive again the best band in the world

  46. Tatia T


  47. Alvin Yang

    alright im gonna be serious, this song is the best song i've ever heard and its currently my favorite. the rest of the album is absolutely amazing. but this only has 27,000 views, they deserve MUCH more. i cant do much cuz my friends dont like metal, so SHARE THE SONGS FROM LIFE CYCLES ON FACEBOOK OR SOMETHING! thumbs up so everybody can see this and share the word alive's songs!!!!

  48. xMrWalkwayx

    I agree to an extent. Some songs i like better, but there's no beating the hounds of anubis. That shit is a masterpiece.

  49. Aaron S

    awesome thanks man

  50. joemcbobinite

    Said so on their FB page a ouple weeks back, hopefully it goes thru :)

  51. Aaron S

    they are making a music vid for this song? can you confirm that?

  52. joemcbobinite

    Can't wait for the music vid for this !!!!!

  53. chefdaddy

    why is the devil wears prada a top comment in a twa song ?

  54. malicenthmagnumheart

    nothing about this album sounds raw. both albums have had the shit produced out of them.

  55. RobbieBobby101

    TWA sweeps zac and tony are two of the best guitarist in the ganre

  56. BiPolar Flat Earth

    TWA totally outdid themselves on Life Cycles. I must disagree with you.

  57. Alvin Yang

    deciever made twa my favorite band, and now life cycles just made them go off the scales <3

  58. Die eier von Sahaytan

    I loved that part at 3:01

  59. Philip Röttger

    1:46 ... is this real?

  60. zayla

    This gave me the goosebumps <33

  61. colton zimmerman

    people only like Deceiver more because they produced the shit out of it. This is a way more raw sounding album. Its The Word Alive's sound. and it's fucking amazing.

  62. vitor kano

    What the fuck. Am I the only one that found this a Masterpiece?

  63. Jazz Manalo

    why the fuck are there dislikes on this?????

  64. Coco Zimme

    Give it 20 or 30 more listens.

  65. J3wFro69

    That's because The Devil Wears Prada are awesome. One of the best vocalists by far in the genre at the moment

  66. Bonehead8725

    Ok. I propose a solution, you know those bands you do like listening to? Go listen to them. You'll be much happier there.

  67. Dario Rivers

    its an amazing solo no doubt, but not the most technically diverse of the year bro, there's periphery's masterpiece of an album that tear these solos apart, again though, not downgrading TWA cause they're fucking amazing as well

  68. Alvin Yang

    ohhhh i should see the lyrics

  69. FearlessX7

    in fact .. this song is about zombies

  70. Aj Baker

    I don't really like this bands vocals at all...

  71. Alvin Yang

    the pic reminds me of human centipede

  72. Mikael Paczkowski


  73. jakasmalakas

    guitar solo much?

  74. Chad Gerritsen

    hard as my erection coated in mighty putty

  75. TheKalamarie

    The whole album is a masterpiece

  76. Josh Sullivan

    People like you are the reason I'm glad marijuana is illegal.

  77. Michael Arredondo

    for a second i thought your kind went extinct

  78. MiLLERBiRD

    The first dislike out of 2... what an accomplishment.

  79. rosesfornever

    Okay good. :)

  80. Relentism

    No theyre amazing

  81. Fritz Feguer

    This is my favorite song out of the album.

  82. Ghost

    vvvvv Fuck saying first idc what that guy said but it's so fucking old now it's not funny

  83. BananaMcSundae12

    Don't worry my friend, these people like to prey on innocent people, they seize every opportunity to get attention and they don't understand the consequences of their ignorant actions. They believe they are so high and strong behind that screen, but in reality, they're all talk. Be strong my friend, I respect your achievement of being first. :)

  84. rosesfornever

    Lol but do you really dislike TWA?

  85. Relentism

    I just wanted to be first D;

  86. Christian Smith

    @MrUberDevil geeez guys Its not my life to be first comment. Why so much hate :(

  87. TheMrFarmerJoe9

    True, and it was aptly tilted Zombie EP

  88. Dylan Ryshak

    The Devil Wears Prada made a whole EP about Zombies

  89. dtour2jtown

    Good lord that breakdown makes me wanna kill people

  90. Brandon Hartman

    i really hate the way this album was mixed and ive always hated zachs distortion. way to much mids and lows, and seems like he has no treble on it at all, and the bass on the distorion makes it sound... ehh, hazy when i hear it.

  91. sticktoyaguns

    not ironic, actually the opposite.

  92. Tyler Van Allen

    Double bass to kick off the song catches my attention immediately, and the fact this song is inspired by The Walking Dead is pretty sweet. Awesome guitar solo, even if it leaves you wanting more haha!

  93. IMIonsteR v2

    This is seriously one of my favorite songs off this album its great!

  94. Sierra Williams

    Fingers crossed they sing this live in the future! This is fucking sick!
    That guitar solo<3

  95. Alexander Silva

    THATS WHAT IM SAYING! That solo reminded me of their Empire EP this album is totally TWA material!

  96. Derek Bennett

    This video has 126 likes. Ironic??

  97. rosesfornever

    Hopefully that was an accident you moron -__-

  98. TheMrFarmerJoe9

    Zombies deserve a song too