Word Alive, The - Play The Victim Lyrics

You're the one who always falls apart
The one who plays the victim
Working on your latest tragedy
When you should want to fix it
You don't understand and
You won't listen!

Why do we do what we do?
We do it to ourselves!
When, when will it end?
We do it to ourselves!

I'm not the one you should be worried about
You're so lost, you're so lost
Why does nothing seems to get through you?
These are your problems, there's nothing I can do!
You don't understand it
You won't LISTEN

Why do we do what we do?
We do it to ourselves!
When, when will it end?
We do it to ourselves!

Knowing your tears are make believe
Snowflakes in the summer
It just doesn't add up, it just doesn't add up
Like icicles in spring


Why do we do what we do?
We do it to ourselves!
When, when will it end?
We do it to ourselves!

Why do we do what we do?
We do it to our...
Why do we do what we do?
We do it to ourselves!

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Word Alive, The Play The Victim Comments
  1. Tarang

    You came here for 2:06

  2. 박겐타

    His voice daenggggg man

  3. Mr. Man

    247 mfs

  4. Abhishek Kayasth

    Luke Holland is a beast 🤘🏿🤘🏿🤘🏿❤️

  5. jmora44ify

    Dope song

  6. Sophia Cummins

    when he hits that clean "why" and the "when" ,,,,,,, _my heart, bro I'm deadddd_
    _i cant explain how much i love his song aaaahhhh_

  7. Broseph Thomas

    One of the best drummers in metal hands down

  8. Prod. R X V B

    this band has the worst lyrics ever lmao

  9. Nerd Goddess

    I'm scrolling down the comments and most everyone is a critic and a negative one at that!! How about you Shut the Fuck up and just listen to the epic masterpiece that is The Word Alive and this song! If you don't like it then don't Fuckin listen! It's as simple as that! The Word Alive is the only band besides Die Antwoord that got me hooked within the first 30 seconds of hearing them! It was this song actually! They've been my all time favorite band besides Die Antwoord ever since! The Word Alive Fetish for life! Keep on Rockin guys! The

    Nerd Goddess

    *Didn't mean to write the at the end

  10. America Alitzel

    As cliche as this sounds , this song really did changed my perspective on many things , this song changed my life.

  11. Thor Bjelle

    Feminists favorite song

  12. Kyo kaze •


  13. Kristina Rice

    Saw them in concert last night (2017) new fave rock band!

  14. Arrayan Prawira Hardinata


  15. John Lewis

    Pretty good, but their new stuff is better.

  16. João Victor

    salveee Brasil karaaai

  17. jammydodger222Xxd

    I fucking love the lyrics to this it seems there is finally a metalcore band that's actually telling people to stop playing the fucking victim all the time. I'm sick of hearing I'm so fucked up, I need help. and then if you try to fucking help them they shit on you. I think it's about time people started growing the fuck up and realised there is no fucking saviour going to swoop down and solve all your problems. all people achieve when they look for that is dragging others down with you. bottom line if it's your problem then you find a way to fix it.

    and before I get all the shit for saying that yes I know what it's like to be depressed I have been suicidal before but guess what I fucking found the strength to drag myself out of it. I never fucking winged or put scars up on display for the world to see in a desperate fucking plea for attention I just shut the fuck and dealt with it. if only People could stop being sensitive snow flakes for once that would be great. I really like this song

  18. Xolcin

    I think this is their best song to date. It has some unique technical parts, yet remains accessible. There's a balanced mix of clean and unclean vocals. There's good progression and lots of instrumental layering. Overall I think this sounds unique and very refined.

  19. Arcane - Overwatch Content

    Does anyone else hear Yogg'Saron???

  20. Karynna Hill

    Oh wow, so apparently ive listened to this song before based on my old comment here. Same thoughts but i dont really care aBout the lyrics anymore.

  21. Leeym Kessler

    this song fucking rocks!!! 👌👌

  22. Music_is_my_therapy

    I adore the bridge part "like icicles in spring"

  23. Josh Taylor

    Can't wait to see these guys with Volumes Dec. 11th!!!!!

  24. Hansol

    Man this song reminds me of my ex that had bipolar disorder and always played the victim.
    Every word brings back bad memories. Great song nonetheless tho.

    Chris Clagg

    I feel you bro, except im still there, best firemage world^

    drawlz lolwlz

    Hansol <3

    Ethan Hazelwood

    I relate hard to this

  25. lil creeker

    I'm going to the concert December 10

  26. Kyle Jackson

    awesome drummer he really makes this song come alive

  27. Ziqim Hakim

    I got that Oceans Ate Alaska vibe at the intro :)

    Death Metal Brotherhood

    Oceans Ate Alaska new stuff is fucking badass.

  28. Kalie Madison

    Got to thank Spotify for finding this band. Another band I must see live.

  29. MiensalTeam


  30. Auras

    Repetitive? I think that's called the chorus right?


    That's right. This is pop metal since it follows the verse chorus verse verse chorus ect. pattern.

  31. Lucas Fernandez

    alguien habla español??
    Amo TWA

    Alex soulkiller - en drogas ]

    hola prros

  32. Sarah

    Dedicated to a dumb bitch I used to call my one of my best friends claiming she "lost" me, this one is for her :)

  33. herc ules

    white guy version of tupac lyrics

  34. Void of Light

    we hurt the ones we love, nothing more true than this
    and we also do it to ourselves

  35. Idea phase

    I hope they do an aucustic version to this song... it has a beautiful message and I think it could reach more listeners that way...

  36. Atley Meow

    It's amazing what a good drummer can do for a band...


    +Atley Meow Play drums and you'll find the previous drummer was just as creative if not more. Luke is good, he has a different style though. (ghost note everything forever)

    Atley Meow

    @Shoryuken Hadouken
    Who said I don't? lol I've been playing since I was 12 :P


    dude luke holland is a fuckin boss, old dude doesnt even compare

    Aj E

    Justin Salinas was solid.

  37. Steak Knives

    There's 999 comments before mine!

  38. psimon

    wauw so edgy :o

  39. Дарья Горская


  40. Zy Xu

    it shows how important a band has a good drummer

  41. Sun Ra

    To me this song communicates empowerment through a recognition of our faults. And everytime I listen I feel that reassuring thought that maybe some of my dysfunction can be rearranged with the right intent of mind. Anyway, great song.

  42. Kinghs 97

    It's been 2 years..

  43. Marcus

    Keep burning shit.

  44. L3GeND VG


  45. L3GeND VG


  46. Madyson Weaver

    Amazing song! Guess who my new favorite band is?

  47. It doesn't matter who I am...

    Similar to linkin park... well his clean voice sounds almost like Chester.

    It doesn't matter who I am...

    +Raymond Nickolas lol really? I don't know maybe it's just me then.

    Cristian Andrade

    True actually especially on Glass Castle

  48. Arden Clark

    I am so happy that I got to see these guys play live. They were the only reason why I bought the tickets.

  49. cello silverstein

    Wake Up!! I'm not like you.

  50. Gino Simplicio

    I don't get what you guys are bitching about. I've listened to these guys since the Craig Mabbitt demos in 2008 and I have to say this is one of their best songs imo.

  51. Anne C.

    Spotify led me here and this song is really good.

    Hafsa Hacıoğlu

    +Anne C. lol me too xx

    Aj Bryant

    +Anne C. same here

    José Armando Franco Díaz

    Same here.

    Cade Gauthier

    same Here dude

  52. CyK Forever

    Mi canción favorita, simplemente la adoro *.*

  53. JerrellL Mckenzie

    Dallas come rock on

  54. Liili M. Lange

    damn, this band is so damn good!!!!

  55. Ryan Rodriguez

    Life cycles was better..

  56. plan3tcaravan

    They're sounding kinda like a more complex Secret & Whisper lately.

  57. Matt Bonkowski

    This is one of those songs that I feel like I've heard already , but I haven't. It's a great song. It's just odd that I felt like i already knew the whole thing. Anybody else feel like that ?

  58. Ophé Ly

    J'adore. Tout simplement.

  59. ccNuts

    luke keeps impressing me...

  60. Jagerz

    Man, heard your stuff 2 years ago and I thought "they're Ok right now and will be interested to see how they progress and grow as a band" but clearly Luke is the only one that has grown in this group. It's generic at best. Still excited to see if you guys actually can turn the corner. Maybe take on a leadership role and push the other members to be better. There's a lot missing in the bands progression as a whole. Maybe you're trying to appeal to a specific demographic? I don't know. There's so much room for improvement. Youth + talent is an amazing combination. Capitalize while you still can.

  61. Misguided Ghostt_

    Everything The Word Alive does is great, tbh. <3

  62. morganwilleatchu lucker

    I don't care what you dumb fucking haters say this is a bad ass song and a bad ass band I love you guys so much I hope you go to warped tour in Cincinnati Ohio

  63. Mr.Po

    puto música

  64. Jonny

    This concert was great.

  65. Alex Menendez

    2:11 Fuckin' get 'em Luke!

  66. Armando Gomez

    I have no problem with ppl liking this type of rock but its not metal or hardcore please get that right ppl...

  67. Jasmine Ness

    This song is amazing

  68. brocki95xxx

    Am I the only one that thinks this sounds kind of like Periphery? Except the drums though. They are not quite the same.


    This album is like if Memphis May Fire and Of Machines had a baby.

  70. Jordan Poulding

    I heard this song on the Radio 1 Rock Show tonight... And I really enjoyed it. All this argument about "generic" shit annoys the hell out of me... Just listen. If you don't like it, don't listen. Simple.

  71. Caleb Astle

    ATH M50s!!! Don't think I didn't notice!

  72. Kathy Tzekou

    Great song!

  73. DiTzZ

    Definitely the best song off the new album, possibly the best song ever by TWA!

  74. Cecil Arenas

    oh look another talentless band, inb4 oh look another troll inb4 icant inb4

  75. amiionrbull

    This doesnt add up.....like iceciles in spring... XD

  76. Peachbxbe ox

    I always start screaming this "WHHHHHHY" with him, no matter where I am, feels like I have to.. weird

  77. Quentin Isbell

    My life would be complete if you guys went on Warped Tour for 2015! I have learned so much from watching your videos and you have inspired me to practice more. And you played freaking awesome this album. Great job Luke!

  78. bubble s

    I love this band so much ! I met Telle at Megafest, so nice!!!

  79. Paralize Demise

    found my new theme song...

  80. MegaMetalManX

    This is the kind of metalcore that I like. The melodic AND dirty vocals, like B4MV almost

  81. Alejandro Escobar

    where do you found the guitar tab?

  82. cassy gunderson

    The mixing on this whole album really disappoints me

  83. byob1423

    omglob i love this song to bits but unfortunately their trying to make people aware that the illuminati is out there and out to kill, time is running out guys , get ready :), (and your probably gonna say im a crazy motherfucker but do your research before you start laying replys thanks guys peace :)

  84. Vanitas VENTUS

    What do you guys call this genre? i'm really confused about metal, emo punk?, hardcore, trance, etc...




    I call it hardgenericelectronicpostmetalemocore

  85. theFailQuail

    the song and the lyrics seem really good, it's just the audio in this stream sounds SUPER compressed vs. the other streams posted for this album. I'll have to check out the album version away from youtube to see if it's any better.

  86. MSPD135

    Why is everyone so critical of music these days. If you don't like it then simply don't listen to it. No matter if you like this genre of music everyone has to agree that these guys are talented as fuck. 

    Jefferri Andrews


  87. ayyyyoub

    fuckking good song ^^

  88. WolfDemons

    Thins is one of the best bands that I have been  listing to the one i have  been with is Suicide silence for about 4 years now thins band for 1 year keep up the good work

  89. dowthin

    anyone get a 'of machines' vibe of this? love it!!!

  90. FearlessX7

    At first i was sceptical with this album, but now I can't stop listening, i'm listening every song at least 2 or 3 times per day. That guitar work is incredible. 

  91. Christian Santoyo

    This is different. I can't say it's bad at all. At least they're trying something new. It could be worse like capture the crown for example. Im not too much of a fan of them. These guys are doing great!!!

  92. Sphelpsx

    these guys remind me of This or The Apocalypse

  93. JAMES

     drummer is so amazing ...

  94. Muxy Lucker

    I sleep i awake i will sing this song! really love it

  95. Josiah Gibson

    Where is pull us out of the grave on this playlist?

  96. lucinda fairbanks

    i LOVE these new songs. especially Play The Victim. they sounded amazing live at warped tour.