Word Alive, The - Never Forget Lyrics

And now we're all finding out,
how hard it is to lose.
someone you never thought you'd live without.
Where have you gone?

We'll never get the chance.
To let you know how we felt.
To let you know what you meant.
And all the things you lived for.

The show must go on.
The show must go on.

They'll never be another one like you.
We'll never forget.
Moving on, we know that we have to.
You left behind a mourning world.

Now all your love, they sing your songs.
It's in memories, that you'll live on.

Your life wasn't wasn't in vein.
But without you here, nothing's the same.

Now I have the chance.
To tell them what (what) they mean, what I feel.
I can't leave these words unsaid.
Now I have the chance.
To tell them what (what) they mean, what I feel.
I won't leave these words unsaid.

They'll never be another one like you.
We'll never forget.
Moving on, we know that we have to.
You left behind a mourning world.

Now all your love, they sing your songs.
It's in memories, that you'll live on.

I keep replaying everything you said to me.
The stage is everything, these songs mean everything.
I keep rewinding the painful memory.
The day you left us will always haunt me.

They'll never be another one like you.
We'll never forget.
Moving on, we know that we have to.
You left behind a mourning world.

Now all your love, they sing your songs.
It's in memories, that you'll live on.

You'll live on.
You'll live on.

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Word Alive, The Never Forget Comments
  1. ShatterMusic

    Was all these person pictures in the video is RIP?

  2. aubrey reeves

    7 years ago I dedicated this to my uncle, soon my mother.. I love you, you’ll never leave my mind. You fought a good fight and I am so damn proud of you. You’ll always have a piece of me. I fucking love you mom .

  3. drummerjuans

    Wish I could find this on apple music! Really loved this song few years ago, but now it isn't avaible on Apple Music

  4. Mcfly Hoho

    Idk but this must called day of of the dead beside never forget... because in the Mexican culture we do that we never forget our dead family members, that’s we have respect on dead people and the Death it’s self.

  5. Darksolar7

    1:25 selfie

  6. Kosta

    R.I.P my best friend..

  7. David Šmehlík

    Damn..I never listened to Suicide Silence before..Mitch was such an awesome person. It's a god damn tragedy...

  8. Ophelia Voorhees

    R.I.P. Scott, my beloved little cousin, I love you so much and miss you everyday.

  9. Jeremy Mondragon

    Just lost my best friend today. Rest in peace Patryck Bass you will be missed brother ❤

  10. Lil Scremo

    R.I.P XXXTENTACION I love you Jahseh. You were gonna change rap and metal forever ur message and creation will live on through us.

  11. Jeremy Mondragon

    Song goes out to my pops 😔☝

  12. tristananvilcaster

    R.I.P. Grandpa 4/17/18, you were an amazing person and have always been there for me. You taught me how to fish, how to build things, they'll never be another one like you.

  13. Loosely Inclined Adult Male

    1:27 Wrong 'vein' :c

  14. Jeff Gin

    God, this is so sad ;-;

  15. Bryant Moop

    The song didn't hurt nearly as much as the video did. Thank you

  16. yzzeC

    R.I.P. Chester

  17. xMerterx

    RIP Chester Bennington :'(

  18. Leonardo Dellanoite

    beautiful song and the video added up to make that song more beautiful!

  19. pizaboi

    SS is ruined

  20. Sebastian Viuf

    This is how i remember a friend i lost the 4th March.. She is missed very much <3

  21. ___black.rosex_

    This song reminds me of my grandmother.. The last year she left us and I miss her so much. Thank you guys. Thank you for everything. With your song you help me everyday to make it through. I love you so much.

  22. Cc Titus

    This is for mcr.

  23. nicola morelli

    Mitch lucker brought me here in spirit he said go check out this AWESOME SONG!

  24. Ashley Jacques

    R.I.P Edward Chambers, you will be missed buddy. You shouldn't of gone so soon, you were only 15. I love you and won't forget you and remember that we will always be best friends.

  25. Xade Gust

    R.I.P. Mitch. You truly were an amazing person that no one can replace. I still can't believe you're gone, but you're still alive in your music. Legends never die

  26. Kwame Coleman

    too bad they will never sound like this again

  27. TheEndOfAnEra

    FOR YOU CASSEY WE MISS YOU. #standuptocancer

  28. Phillip Clark

    you left behind your morning woooooooood.


    why i cant unhear that now


    well 1:57


    1:55 its awesome

  31. Hailee Green

    Every time I hear this song, two people come to mind. Mitch Lucker (obviously) and my Best friend who commited suicide almost a year ago. Once November hits, this will be my song on repeat just for Tyler. RIP bro, I miss you so much.


    R.I.P Olivia Rose Perryman 1/17/16

  33. Daniel Swartz

    Dedicate this song to Chasidy Cheyenne Smith rip 10-20-14 we miss you truly

  34. Heaven Leigh

    R.I.P Christina Grimmie. You'll always be remembered. She was such a beautiful and talented young women. It's just so devastating.

  35. spencer shapiro

    This isn't my kind of music but one of the pictures in the video was my girlfriend

  36. slushygirl20

    It's so weird to think we are all looking at just memories, just pictures of what was.

    The Spy

    Its The Others Memories That They Lost There Loved Ones
    But Our Memories Is What Keeps From Forget There Love

  37. Gromst3rr

    what... people are practically identical. Stop thinking you're a special snowflake and most importantly stop deluding yourself. Cool song though :3


    everyone is different, everyone is born with different genes and raised in different backgrounds, with different personalities and hobbies.


    whatever you say. maybe you tested your hypothesis, maybe you did not. i did my fair share of testing. im talking from that point, not the point of "my nose, eyes and ears are different, but our foreheads look similar"


    +Gromst3rr I can kinda see where you're coming from. Technically speaking, we all die, new generations form, we're all forgotten. In that sense, we all have the same outcome. I just think as people in general, we're not the same. I'm not saying people don't have similarities, because they do. I'm saying I don't think one person isn't the exact same as someone else, there's something that sets everyone apart from one another.


    +Hooligan ***is the exact same

  38. Dat Way

    IT G MA!!!

  39. Prometeo

    I don't know how does it feel to lose someone but I can relate this words ...

  40. James Bellamy

    i lost my mum in February of this year it was all unexpected i will miss her so much :'(

  41. wolfe Wardlow

    This is really good, and its so true there will be no one like the people we lost

  42. ZackyZack

    I'm not forgiving myself for hearing "morning wood" instead of "mourning world"

  43. Juan One

    R.i.p carl john salapare .. I love you and we miss u brother

  44. hapki9

    One year ago today, my grandma passed away. I dedicate this song to her because I know that in memories, she'll live on. Rest in peace, Grandma. There'll never be another one like you, we'll never forget

  45. Pedro Lopes

    Mitch and Matt Paquette :'(

  46. Lucas Wendler

    I love the comment section here, there's no hate towards the band or music, there's just people enjoying it while they remember their loved ones. ( Sorry for bad English)

  47. Dylan Borrelli

    Old friend just passed away, putting this on repeat

  48. KUB

    there will never be another like you and that's the purpose!

  49. PageBurner

    Reminds me a lot of We Came as Romans (p.s this song is awesome at 1.25 speed)

  50. Matt Pw

    R.I.P Mathieu Paquette
    "It's in memories, that you'll live on."

  51. Metal Head

    RIP Mitch ❤❤❤ still not over the fact you're gone. You were and will always be an inspiration. ily ❤❤😭😭

  52. ThatBritishGuy

    R.I.P uncle dave and phil

    "It's in memories, that you'll live on."

  53. Rescue22

    I've always loved Telle's screams. Pretty solid song, too.

  54. Josh Miller

    The lyrical content of this song is so awesome and heartfelt, but I'm really not a fan of the vocal melodies. They feel really awkward and forced

  55. Louie Warne

    ive never lost anyone i dont know how id cop

  56. Jorge Gutierrez

    So I just vocally covered this song, and I'm looking for constructive criticism. If anyone could check it out and tell me, or maybe teach me anything, I'd be greatly appreciated.

  57. Harley Quinn

    Your songs hit me so much. I'm glad my brother showed me your music, its amazing.

  58. Cohen Pope

    This song is dedicated to my Papa Jimmy who passed away this year. I love and miss you.


    +Cohen Pope you can only dedicate a song if it's yours


    +IxBreathlessx dude, chill. everyone else in the comment section is dedicating this song to their loved ones who are no longer with us and they're allowed. this song reminds them of lost loved ones so back off, let them mourn.


    IxBreathlessx you're just to stupid


    you just retarded

  59. Isaac Almeida

    traveling time of mano liked the band .. resembles a looser used the light on too footprint

  60. Ryan Sarver

    I dedicate this song to all that have come and gone. Passed away or alive.

  61. Carmine Daidone

    The guy at 1:30 looks like fronz

    Grant Pedersen

    It does...

  62. Ruqqaiyah Adia

    Hi guys, new fan/kind of a fan here. This song is great and is dedicated to a great cause. Of course, the ones like myself who have lost someone will feel emotions from this song. The bit about Mitch at the end was a pleasant surprise and triggered my years man. Anyway, I'm gonna go check out other songs. Recommend some of their heavier ones to me?


    awesome! it is a very great song. check out life cycles, 2012, hounds of Anubis, and light house. those are my personal favorite from this band. I'm seeing them life on Monday!!!

    Ruqqaiyah Adia

    @Haunted Hooligans thanks! Ahh hope you get to mosh!


    No problem haha and me too !


    My personal favorites are 2012, Bar Fight, Never Forget, The Wretched, Hounds of Anubis, Room 126, Life Cycles, Dragon Spell and many others. This band is amazing!

  63. Melinda B

    R.I.P Cristian, I love you man.

  64. bryson beert

    R.I.P Amanda Elaine Metcalf. We love and miss you so much.

  65. pat

    i really didn't like rock music like this or i haven't looked into it much, but listening to this song, i very much understand the lyrics and the meaning behind them and it is such a great song. and to everyone who has lost someone special to them, im sorry for your lose and stay strong!

  66. Leonardo H

    although i'd like this song i think they could do something a little more calm and acoustic about this kind of lyrics

  67. Black Piratis

    Mitch my Friend...I miss you ... THIS IS A LEGEND AND LEGENDS NEVER DIE !!!

  68. Neuro Lou

    Hey this might seem a little inconveint, just found out about an hour ago that my brother in law just passed away, he was young and lovable. I have been listening to this song and his death really just hit, hard. Even though, I haven't spoken to him in about 2 years, I am just in shock right now.

    I have been listening to this song, and I just want to say this. Be with the people you love the most, let them know you love them. I really regret, not saying that enough to this guy, due to family drama. But damn......

    I wish  I could tell him that I am grateful, but for now all I can do is listen to this song for it is the interpretation of whats going on right now. Basically this is helping me cope with his death.

    I love you David Meir. I love you so much man, and the fact your not here is more devastating. Thank you for everything you have done for my family, and for being an amazing person.

  69. Jon Covers

    Correct me if I'm wrong the lyric video says "Your life wasn't in vein" I think It's "Your life wasn't in vain" 

    Once again: Correct me if I'm wrong
    Don't hate haha

  70. Apple Pelaez

    As I'm listening to this song I remember the day my mothe passes away right before my eyes and regretting all the things that I didn't show her or make her feel that I love her and that I'm so proud of her. I love this song so much.

  71. MonsterBreeee Ö.ö

    the more i hear their songs and read their lyrics the more i love them ♥

  72. juul pierre polnareff

    My 3 best friends who are gone now...love you guys.

  73. Birsiej

    Great song, proud of them boys

  74. Elliott Green

    This song is so powerful and honestly this video is so sad just thinking all those people in all the pictures (not just Mitch) have lost their lives, normal people with normal lives trying to survive in this world but being taken from it. A picture can say a thousand words, that's never been more true in this video each person lived a separate life with individual stories if each, it's terrible to think those stories can never again be told by the only people who fully lived them. To anyone who's lost anyone, you have my respect and sympathy, to anyone struggling, I hope you make peace with your pain.

  75. Jassim Phillip Tagarda

    fvck all you haters! this band is friggin' awesome and they have so much fun!

  76. Jorge Biersack

    ~ Mitch Lucker ~
    <3 Legends Never Die ......... <3

  77. Pete Ruska

    There's a slight chance I'm confusing these guys with another band but I'm pretty sure I knew of them before they got signed, they were one of them spamming YouTube bands. Feels so weird to see them as professionals now >_< They turned out well. A lot lot lot better than a lot of YouTube bands.

  78. Faith Reid

    This song is dedicated to my mom that past away in 2012 RIP Mom I love and miss you♥


    I'm sorry for your loss. May she rest in peace ❤

    Faith Reid

    +hapki9 thank you so much it really means a lot

  79. Mr.ReddBull

    The song would me much better without the growling

    MonsterBreeee Ö.ö

    +Mr.ReddBull haha xD for me it's the opposite


    I love it. to me it gives it that sense of emotion.

  80. hapki9

    This song is dedicated to my grandma who passed away last night. R.I.P Grandma Barbara I love you

    Rachel Adams

    @hapki9 I dedicated this song to my grandma too. she passed away last may. im sorry for your loss. stay strong<3


    @Rachel Adams Thank you so much. I'm sorry for your loss as well 💖

    Evan Faraday

    +hapki9 I dedicate this song to my fish that passed away.

  81. xSykezz

    We move on cause we know that, we have to.

  82. Shae Senpai

    R.I.P. Mitch and everyone who lost someone close to them, we are all here for you and love you ! 😘👌💯💯

  83. Sebastian Viuf

    My grandpa' died this wednes day just one day before his birthday.. It is devastating
    But his was sick unforturnatly that just how life works..

  84. NØTH

    you're awesome guys ! 

  85. Nik Golodnykh

    I would like to know all the stories about this video ...

  86. Kaleb Keicher

    These guys were the first band I saw live in Iowa a few years ago. And til this day I love this genre. I never used to understand some of the lyrics. But the messages in them hit home for me. So keep fucking rocking!!!

  87. Devon Grosstephan

    Vincent Esteves, the entire new Slipknot album was about dealing with the loss of Paul Gray...

  88. Emily Rene

    I was watching this and you know getting emotional but thinking "this is pretty good" but then that last picture showed up and I had to put my phone down in attempts not to start bawling.


    Damn..the feelings are intense. This is amazing

  90. Neon Crunkcoremonster

    Check out my band Saveing Sarah on Facebook

  91. Robert Benton

    OMFG! Amazing song and awesome video! Make me cry

  92. mitch_ydg

    My best friend committed suicide on Friday, this song has been on repeat for days. RIP Jordan McReynolds ❤

  93. Yellow Iron

    wasn vain spelled wrong in the video ???

  94. Asma

    The song was sad because I kept remembering the people I've lost but at the end when I saw Mitch, I just couldn't stop myself from crying...

  95. Mike Mfkn C

    awesome song

  96. pacxam11

    It's a great song and the lyrics are truly amazing. I love this, a year ago, I lost 2 uncles. 2 very beautiful people. I felt very sad, it was beyond devastating but this is how life works unfortunately. It's so unexpected, everything can change!

  97. 西川彩香



    西川彩香 best!

  98. StarToTheQ Verster

    this song helped me so much i love this song tnx so much for this song 

  99. Grant Jones

    That opening riff is so brilliant